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2011 Report to Stakeholders

Catholic Leadership Institute kicked-off its 20th year of service to the Church with a Mass and Reception in Wayne, PA. Supporters, friends and graduates came out to celebrate the special occasion. Pictured with Founder & Chair Tim Flanagan (center) is Catholic Leadership Institute’s Leadership Team (L-R): Rick DeCarolis, Karen Walters, Fr. Bill Dickinson, Dan Cellucci and Matt Manion.

Since 1991, Catholic Leadership Institute has served more than 8,000 lay leaders, 2,000 priests and close to 100 bishops with world-class leadership formation. A sampling of those individuals positively impacted by the ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute are represented in the stained glass replica image (shown above). This gift was presented to Tim Flanagan in celebration of Catholic Leadership Institute's 20th anniversary.

Dear Friends,

Thank you! What a blessing it has been to serve the Church through this unique ministry for the past two decades. Reflecting back on those twenty years fills us with joy and thanksgiving. We recall your leadership, love and passion which have enabled Catholic Leadership Institute to serve bishops, priests and lay leaders in more than 60 dioceses across the country. As we continue to expand the ministry—and move another year closer to fulfilling our commitment of Fostering Vision, Building Skill and Strengthening Relationships at every level of the Church—your support and prayers become ever more critical. The ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute is unlike any other serving the Church today. Your support reflects an image of hope and vibrancy for the good leaders and good shepherds of our Church. Like each individual piece of a stained glass window, your impact is distinctly unique. In the pages ahead you will see examples of that impact and the beauty it is creating in our Church. You will see the excitement on the faces of the faithful of the Diocese of Laredo, as their shepherd Bishop James Tamayo proclaims a vision for their future. You will see Good Leaders, Good Shepherds graduate Fr. Richard Walsh collaborate with his staff to build a more vibrant faith community at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Orlando. You will see former Vatican Ambassador, Secretary Jim Nicholson strengthening relationships with Catholic leaders across the United States, as he extends his hand and an invitation for lay leaders to engage in this vital mission. What you will see is growth and impact, inspired by you and made possible because of the time, talent and treasure you have invested in the ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute. The new brand identity which we unveiled earlier this year represents our universal call as disciples to be both the sheep and the shepherd. Thank you for embracing that call through your support of Catholic Leadership Institute. We continue to feel humbled and privileged to serve our bishops, priests and all leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. God bless! Sincerely,

Timothy C. Flanagan Matthew F. Manion Founder & Chair President & CEO

2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute

“As your Bishop, I will seek to be of one mind and one heart with Christ, the Good Shepherd, that I may lead you, my beloved people of the Diocese of Laredo, in Building Unity within Our Diocesan Community.” – Bishop James Tamayo


Fostering Vision:

Bishop James Tamayo and the Diocese of Laredo On the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Laredo, Bishop James Tamayo - the diocese’s first shepherd – proclaimed these words: “I will seek to be of one mind and one heart with Christ...that I may lead you, my beloved people of the Diocese of Laredo, in Building Unity within our Diocesan Community.” The crowd of more than 8,000 celebrated. This young diocese had a clear direction aligned with the vision of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, and they had a good shepherd to lead them on the journey. They had a vision. Situated in South Texas, on the border of Mexico and the U.S., the Diocese of Laredo is considered one of the 83 mission dioceses in the United States. While rich in tradition, the diocese is under-resourced and its pastoral challenges are great. High quality skill-building and planning services were necessary in order for the diocese to thrive, but these were nearly unattainable. Because of your love and care for the good leaders and good shepherds of our Church, Bishop Tamayo was able to take advantage of Catholic Leadership Institute’s ongoing formation sessions for bishops. According to Bishop Tamayo, his experience at these sessions “triggered a personal response in recognizing the need to develop a

vision and identify priorities within the Diocese of Laredo.” Over the course of a year, Catholic Leadership Institute facilitated a process for the Bishop and his Envisioning Leadership Team to listen to the people of Laredo, to prayerfully discern God’s calling for their diocese, and to clarify the Sacred Purpose, Values, and Vision as well as Pastoral Priorities to make that vision a reality within the Diocese. With a clear vision and plan for the future, Laredo can now better align their resources and roles toward achieving the shared vision. This is a time of celebration and hope, not just for the people of Laredo but for all who make up the Body of Christ. A clear direction leads to more participation in the life of the Church and the practice of the faith, both of which lead to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Fiscal Year 2011 Highlights • The Diocese of Laredo joined the Diocese of Kalamazoo, MI as the first dioceses to complete Catholic Leadership Institute’s Envisioning process. • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) engaged Catholic Leadership Institute as an “outside expert” to asses the effectiveness of its recent reorganization. • Archbishop J. Michael Miller, C.S.B. of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and Bishop John Kirby of the Diocese of Clonfert, Ireland became the first bishops from outside the United States to participate in the ongoing formation sessions for bishops. 2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute


“I can’t do it myself. I need a staff to support me in my role as pastor. I believe in shared decision making and I believe in the value of a staff that is equipped with good leadership skills.” – Fr. Richard Walsh

Building Skill:

St. Margaret Mary Parish, Diocese of Orlando Fr. Richard Walsh has been the Pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish since 1985. During those 25 plus years, he has built a new family life center, remodeled the church and the parish hall and expanded the adjoining school. He has built relationships with the more than 3,500 parish families and he has built a staff to support him and the faith community. Several years ago, he decided it was time to renew and rebuild his leadership skills and those of his 33 member staff. Enrolling in Good Leaders, Good Shepherds was an opportunity for Fr. Walsh to reflect on areas of leadership in which he needed further growth. By nature, he is not a planner and often lets himself get bogged down in the day-to-day responsibilities of his ministry. Setting a vision, a plan and priorities was a luxury Fr. Walsh just didn’t think he had time to enjoy. “For me, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds highlighted the importance of having a parish plan and the need to align my staff with that same vision,” said Fr. Walsh. So when Fr. Walsh was presented with the opportunity to enroll some of his parish staff in a similar leadership formation program, he jumped at the chance. He supported three key members of his staff in their participation of Tending the Talents. “Our staff was at a point in time where we needed to be challenged, we needed something to

take us to the next level,” said Lori Reinneck, Director of Family Ministries. “Tending the Talents was it.” As the team began to connect their leadership formation experience with that of Fr. Walsh’s, the dynamic of the parish staff began to shift. “We felt really inspired and focused and took some responsibility to share with the larger staff what we learned, what we were excited about and ways we could be more efficient,” said Reinneck. Led by Fr. Walsh and supported by his staff, the parish began an 18 month process of setting a vision and a mission. In November of 2010, Fr. Walsh unveiled that vision and mission and named four priorities— hospitality, liturgy, witnessing and sharing—by which all work of the parish would be guided. Through his investment in his own leadership formation and that of his staff, Fr. Walsh developed a community of leaders, focused and equipped to help build the Kingdom of God.

Fiscal Year 2011 Highlights • Good Leaders, Good Shepherds broke its enrollment record with 461 new priests from 11 new dioceses joining the overall participant pool of 2,000 priests. • Good Leaders, Good Shepherds graduates reached the 1,000 mark. • Catholic Leadership Institute formed a partnership with the Catholic Extension Society to help provide affordable leadership formation and consulting services to the Mission Dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church.

2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute

“Lay people have a critical role as leaders in the Church. We need to stand up for the Church, defend it and set an example by the practice of our faith.” – The Hon. Sec. R. James Nicholson



Strengthening Relationships:

Secretary R. James Nicholson Secretary Nicholson has been a life-long servant of his country and his Church. His distinguished public service career includes over thirty years of both active and reserve duty in the United States Army as well as his service as the Secretary for Veterans affairs and the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican. Most recently, he has been called to serve as an ambassador for Catholic Leadership Institute. In Fiscal Year 2011, Catholic Leadership Institute embarked on a national campaign to ensure the Institute can continue to serve the leadership formation needs of the Roman Catholic Church. To help support this initiative, Catholic Leadership Institute formed a National Advisory Board. Rooted in his love for the Church, Secretary Nicholson agreed to serve as the co-chair of this newly formed board. Alongside Cardinal Seán O’Malley, he committed his gifts and talents so that the ministry of the Institute would be strengthened and its support of the Church expanded.

Since taking on this new role, Secretary Nicholson has worked to engage and encourage national Catholic leaders to connect their passion for serving the Church with a mission and ministry that is working hard to support its shepherds. “Catholic Leadership Institute is a gift God has given us in the Church. Tim Flanagan and those who lead this have provided an organized approach to the way it's going about trying to enable and empower priests and religious in our Church. It is really fulfilling a critical need.” Secretary Nicholson is fulfilling a critical need as well: the need for Catholic leaders to be, as the Holy Father Pope Benedict said, “co-responsible for the being and action of the Church.”

Fiscal Year 2011 Highlights • In Fiscal Year 2011 Catholic Leadership Institute received its first three $1M commitments. • Catholic Leadership Institute added three new ambassadors to its National Advisory Board: James and Jacqueline Delaney of Philadelphia and Phyllis Taylor of New Orleans. • The 2010 Awards for Outstanding Catholic Leadership welcomed a record-setting 650 guests— cardinals, bishops, priests and national leaders—from around the country. The event sold-out for the first time in its 11 year history.

2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

statement of activities Support and Revenue


$6.0 $5.0 Program Services

$1.7 $4.0



$3.0 $2.0 $3.2

$3.6 Fundraising



Management & General

$0.0 FY 2010


FY 2011

Fundraising Program Services $ in Millions

Catholic Leadership Institute reports its financial information on an accrual basis. In Fiscal Year 2011, Catholic Leadership Institute donors committed a record-breaking $3.8 Million in cash gifts, multi-year pledges and deferred gifts to the mission of building Catholic leaders for today and tomorrow. Those commitments translate to $1.7 Million on an accrual basis as shown in the table below. We are grateful to all of the Catholic philanthropic leaders who contributed to this incredible witness of generosity.

Support and Revenue

FY 2010

FY 2011

Participant Fees Contributions and Special Events Investment and Other Income

$3,221,040 1,587,441 1,876

$3,595,366 1,728,517 1,815




2,898,749 761,334 693,543

3,379,126 702,855 760,164





Expenses Program Services Fundraising Management and General TOTAL EXPENSES INCREASE/(DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS

• Financial information is audited by Larson Allen, L.L.P.

stakeholder listing Your generosity and stewardship have made a significant impact in the ministry that is building Catholic leaders for today and tomorrow. This report recognizes those individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations that have made a gift to Catholic Leadership Institute between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. The list also includes those individuals who have made multi-year commitments. Catholic Leadership Institute apologizes for any errors. Please call Maureen Bergmaier at 610-363-1315 if an error is found.


$10,000 - $24,999

$1,000 - $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Emmi Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Flanagan Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch

Anonymous Apple Vacations Dan and Tricia Cellucci Mr. James Davis Mr. Richard J. De Carolis Mr. and Mrs. Louis Di Cerbo FDV Orlando Diocese In Memory of Paul Henkels and Gloria Sims/ From the Lilley Family

Mrs. Helen AlvarĂŠ Anonymous Archdiocese of Philadelphia Ascension Publishing LLC The Avery Foundation Mr. Edwin J. Bernau, Jr. Bloomer Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. John Brady Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Byers Cabrini College Mr. N. Louis Capetola, CLU, ChFC Mr. and Mrs. John Cellucci Communications Test Design, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Marty Connor Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Daly Mr. and Mrs. Zachary DeCarlo Devine + Powers Communications Group, LLC Diocese of Austin Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dougherty Ms. Nancy Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. John Fiorillo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fordyce Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilmore Holy Family University Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson John Patrick Publishing Company John Templeton Foundation Mr. George Johnston Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Karlson Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kicak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Latini Legatus, Philadelphia Chapter Mr. Charles E. Long Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lucey Malvern Retreat House Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manion Tom and Sarah McCarthy The Ulderico & Anna C. Milani Charitable Foundation

$100,000 - $499,999 Anonymous The Catholic Foundation for the Roman Catholic Church In Memory of Bo and Tess Connor Mr. and Mrs. James D. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Donato, Sr. The Donum Dei Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Geary, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Longon Mr. and Mrs. Eustace Mita Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C. Schneider Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor Mr. Vincent Viola

$25,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barr Chiaroscuro Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Colligan In Memory of Arthur & Alice Hannan and Edward & Susan Cook Mr. Louis N. Ferrero Mr. and Mrs. Terry Finley Mr. Gaetano Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Hyde The Kelly Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Manion Mr. and Mrs. Brian McNeill Mr. and Mrs. James Mudd Mr. and Mrs. Rob Neal Mr. and Mrs. Steve Norman Mr. and Mrs. Jacinto Oliver

The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities Riverside Consulting Group, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Sims

$5,000 - $9,999 The Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Beneficial Savings Bank Charles A. Sullivan Charitable Foundation Rev. William Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gayhardt Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Henkels The Lawrence H. Hyde, Jr. Charitable Trust Pemcor, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Quinlan

Schneider Capital Management Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Doug Walters

2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute

Mr. Joe Miller Mr. Julian Miraglia Mr. Anthony and Dr. Rosalie Mirenda Mr. Colin Moran Mullin Management Consultants, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Murray Mr. William P. O'Neill Neumann University Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Polett Prosit Print Solutions Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quindlen R&M International Sales Corporation Mr. David B. Ripsom Riverside Consulting Group, Inc. Mrs. Diane Simowitz Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Smith St. Joseph Carpenter Society St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral Parish Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Stefan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Stemper Deacon Patrick and Mrs Joan Stokely Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Tegler McHenry and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. VanAuken

$500 - $999 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baiada Ballard Spahr LLP Mr. and Mrs. Paul Breaux Mr. and Mrs. John Castaldi Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cloud Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dellemonache Diocese of Camden Domenica Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donnelly D. Thomas and Accociates, Inc. Deacon and Mrs. William Eckert Mr. Robert English Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Federico Mr. James A. Fitzsimmons, III Mr. Michael P. Fullam Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Genuardi Jr. Gwynedd-Mercy College Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Hanway Mr. and Mrs. C. Clark Hodgson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hogerty Holy Innocents Parish Immaculata University

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Ioffredo Rev. Msgr. John J. Jagodzinski Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lagan Leadership Legacies, LLC Mr. Michael J. Luby Malvern Consulting Group Mr. and Mrs. George Marshalek Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. McCloskey Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McCormick Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP Kay and Jerry O'Grady Mr. and Mrs. Claudio Recchilungo Regina Academies Mrs. Margaret M. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robinson Saint Joseph's University Mr. and Mrs. Edward Seidl Steamfitters' Local Union 420 Political Education Fund St. Monica Parish United Floral Service, Inc. Villanova University Mr. James J. White, IV

$250 - $499 Mrs. Anita M. Alvaré The Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities Dr. and Mrs. L. Stewart Barbera Mr. Neil R. Brown Camden Catholic High School Cellucci/Foran Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Cellucci Dr. Mariette Danilo Mr. Louis P. De Angelo Mr. and Mrs. James Deever Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Duffey Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dugan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dunn Mr. Harris Fishman, CLU, ChFC Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Gallagher Mr. Timothy W. Gavin Mr. Mike Gillespie Dr. and Mrs. Sean Grady Msgr. Thomas J. Green Mr. John J. Griffin Mrs. Eileen M. Hessman Mrs. Roseann L. Kennedy Mr. John A. Lelii Legatus Magazine

Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lewis Liberty Property Trust Malvern Preparatory School Mr. and Mrs. John Manion The Rocco and Barbara Martino Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bill Matakas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Gerard McShane Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Murtagh Mr. and Mrs. Scott Myers Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. O’Neill Mr. John H. Pfeffer Mr. Peter Rawson Regina Coeli Academy Mr. Sean Rooney Mr. Robert Silbaugh Ms. Lucille K. Smith Mr. Richard C. Smith St. Katherine Drexel Parish St. Thomas of Villanova Parish Mr. and Mrs. James L. Squarcia Mr. and Mrs. E. Joseph Steier III Miss Dorothy G. Wolper

$1 - $249 Ms. and Mr. Josephine Adimando Alvernia University Msgr. Edward Arsenault Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Auslander Mr. Don Beilman and Mrs. Stephanie A. Walsh Beilman Mr. and Mrs. Sean Bellew Ms. Maureen Bergmaier Rev. Ramon Bolatete Ms. Allison Boles Rev. Msgr. Richard T. Bolger Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Borneman Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel F. Bosio Rev. Carl Braschoss Mr. and Mrs. James J. Broussard Rev. Msgr. John J. Brown Mr. Martin Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Sr. Barbara Buckley Deacon and Mrs. Peter H. Burghart Mr. and Ms. Arthur J. Burke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Carroll Ms. Anne Marie Chiaravalloti

Rev. Brian Clary Mr. Dennis J. Colgan, Jr. Mr. Blaine Conover Connelly Foundation Rev. Christopher R. Cooke Mrs. Patricia Cooney Mrs. Gloria Coyne Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cuozzo Mr. Patrick Curry Mr. and Mrs. David D'Agostino Ms. Mary K. Damian Mr. John D'Anastasio Rev. Michael Dandurand Ms. Gina DeMarco Mr. and Mrs. Jay Devine Mr. and Mrs. John M. Devlin, Jr. Ms. Bernadette Dierkes Ms. Claudine Dolberry Sister Ellen Doyle, OSU Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Duzy Mr. and Mrs. Alan Epps Rev. Christopher Fagan Rev. Brian M. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. John T. Flannery Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Flynn Rev. Francis A. Frankovich Mr. Vincent M. Fratini Mr. Kenneth M. Glenn Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Goepfrich Ms. Alison Gordon Mr. John E. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greiwe Mr. Brian M. Hanlon Ms. Christina Hannon Mr. John Herrick Rev. Thomas M. Higgins Rev. Lawrence R. Hoffmann Rev. Msgr. Robert P. Jovanovic Rev. Soane T. Kaniseli Ms. Denise Kassekert Rev. Mathew Kavipurayidam, T.O.R. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kelly Mr. Richard Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kerr Ms. Rosalie Kline Hon. and Mrs. Michael L. Krancer Mr. and Mrs. John Lerro Rev. Msgr. David LeSieur Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Linnen Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Liss, CLU

“It has been exponentially fulfilling to work with the Church and organizations like Catholic Leadership Institute.”

- Berni Neal

Board of Directors

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lowry Mr. Frederick C. Maguire Ms. Maryann Marcantonio Mr. Amado Martinez Rev. Msgr. James P. McBride Mrs. Rosemary McCarty Dr. and Mrs. Donald McCrabb Mr. and Mrs. Norbert McGettigan, Sr. Mrs. Mary Lou McGill Mr. and Mrs. James M. McMonagle Rev. Msgr. Stanley Milewski Mr. Harry Miller Mr. Daniel Moran Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Motley Rev. Msgr. Ignatius L. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Nichols Dr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Connor Rev. William J. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Francis O'Keefe Ms. Cabrini Pak Robert H. Palestini, Ed.D. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Patten Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peters Mr. and Mrs. James Phelan, Jr. Mr. Thomas P. Phiambolis Mrs. Ann H. Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. David Rahr Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reid Ms. Dorothy Reilly Ms. Elizabeth Robb Rev. Msgr. Arthur E. Rodgers Mr. Ray H. Rogers, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Rogers, Jr. Ms. Patricia Saybolt Mr. Frederick E. Scardellette Mr. Michael Seibert Rev. Phillip Sladicka Rev. Manuel E. Sousa Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stanton St. Cyprian Parish Rev. Michael Steele Mr. and Mrs. William Stumpf Rear Adm. and Mrs. John J. Sweeney Ms. Lisa Thomer Rev. D. Timothy Thompson Mr. James P. Tully Rev. Stanley Ulman United Way of Lancaster County United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Dr. and Mrs. Richard Vassallo Rev. Ronilo A. Villamor Mr. Angelo Villaralvo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vizza Rev. Christopher M. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William T. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. John R. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Othmar W. Winkler Rev. Vaughn Winters Mr. and Mrs. John Woynicz Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Young Mr. and Mrs. Wendell W. Young, III Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zancey

Legacy Gifts Catholic Leadership Institute is grateful that the following individuals have chosen to include Catholic Leadership Institute in their estate plans. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Emmi FDV Orlando Diocese Mr. Louis N. Ferrero Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Geary, Jr. Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Manion For more information on including CLI in your estate plans, contact Dan Cellucci at 610-363-1315 ext. 234.

2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute



Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond

Timothy C. Flanagan

Archbishop of New Orleans, LA Episcopal Moderator

His Eminence Seán Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap. Archbishop of Boston, MA

Most Rev. Robert J. Carlson Archbishop of St. Louis, MO Most Rev. Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S. Archbishop of San Antonio, TX Most Rev. José H. Gomez Archbishop of Los Angeles, CA Most Rev. George J. Lucas Archbishop of Omaha, NE

Most Rev. Thomas G. Wenski Archbishop of Miami, FL Most Rev. William S. Skylstad Bishop Emeritus of Spokane, WA Most Rev. Jaime Soto Bishop of Sacramento, CA Most Rev. David A. Zubik Bishop of Pittsburgh, PA Most Rev. Daniel Thomas Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, PA


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Helen Alvaré Thomas Colligan Lawrence Donato Michael Emmi Terry Finley Paul Geary, Jr. Jill Lynch Graham Thomas Heule Stephen Hyde James Longon Bernarda Neal Elizabeth Oliver James Quinlan David Savage Stephen Stumpf



His Eminence Seán Cardinal O’Malley, OFM, Cap. Co-chair

Daniel Cellucci

The Hon. R. James Nicholson Co-chair

Rick DeCarolis Director, Finance and

Arthur Birtcher Edward Cook James Davis James Delaney Jacqueline Delaney Frank Hanna Admiral Tom Lynch Arthur Mullin Bernarda Neal Diane Simowitz Phyllis Taylor

Director, Philanthropy


Rev. William Dickinson Director, Ministry Development

Karen Walters Director, Learning and Curriculum


partner dioceses

Since 2009, Archbishop Gregory Aymond (pictured above) of the Archdiocese of New Orleans has served as Episcopal Moderator for Catholic Leadership Institute. Alongside nine other bishops, this body seeks to provide support and guidance to further enhance Catholic Leadership Institute's leadership formation programs serving bishops, priests and lay faithful throughout the country.

Leadership 2011 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute

partner dioceses Arlington, VA

Madison, WI

Austin, TX

Miami, FL

Baltimore, MD

New Orleans, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

New Ulm, MN

Beaumont, TX

Norwich, CT

Bismarck, ND

Oklahoma City, OK

Boston, MA

Orlando, FL

Bridgeport, CT

Palm Beach, FL

Brooklyn, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Camden, NJ

Pittsburgh, PA

Cincinnati, OH

Port of Spain, Trinidad

Denver, CO

Providence, RI

Des Moines, IA

Sacramento, CA

Detroit, MI

Salina, KS

Dodge City, KS

San Angelo, TX

Dubuque, IA

Scranton, PA

Fall River, MA

Shreveport, LA

Fargo, ND

Sioux City, IA

Fort Worth, TX

Springfield, IL

Fresno, CA

St. Louis, MO

Galveston-Houston, TX

St. Petersburg, FL

Gary, IN

Stockton, CA

Grand Island, NE

Toledo, OH

Houma-Thibodaux, LA

Trenton, NJ

Jefferson City, MO

Tulsa, OK

Joliet, IL

Vancouver, BC

Kalamazoo, MI

Venice, FL

Kansas City, KS

Wichita, KS

Lafayette, LA

Winona, MN

Little Rock, AR

Yakima, WA

Los Angeles, CA

440 East Swedesford Road, Suite 3040 Wayne, PA 19087 www.CatholicLeaders.org

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