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2012 report to Stakeholders

VISION: We see a world where each individual understands their God-given mission in life and is doing their best to fulfill it; a world where Catholic leaders are influential voices in society; a world where Jesus’ example of loving, servant leadership is modeled in every family, workplace, parish, and community.

PURPOSE: Catholic Leadership Institute provides bishops, priests, deacons and lay persons in the Roman Catholic Church with world-class, pastoral leadership formation and consulting services that strengthen their confidence and competence in ministry, enabling them to articulate a vision for their local church, to call forth the gifts of those they lead, and to create more vibrant faith communities rooted in Jesus Christ.

CORE VALUES: 1. Love of CHRIST and the Church 2. Highest Standards of Excellence 3. Care for the Individual

“Thank you for your vision, initiative, creativity and tenacity in crafting and presenting this valuable and necessary approach to inspired, Gospel leadership. Many thanks and appreciation to the staff, presenters and benefactors of Catholic Leadership Institute!” –Most Rev. George Rassas Archdiocese of Chicago

Dear Friends, Fiscal Year 2012 was a transformational year for Catholic Leadership Institute’s mission and ministry. In this second year of our Five Year Strategic Direction, we made significant investments of time, energy and talent in order to position our apostolate to meet the leadership formation and consulting needs of the Church. Fostering Vision: Catholic Leadership Institute’s service to bishops continued to expand with the significant response to our new consulting ministry for dioceses. We far exceeded our goal of beginning 3 diocesan consulting engagements, with 12 active engagements underway in Fiscal Year 2012 including Catholic Leadership Institute’s largest engagement to date, facilitating the Archdiocese of Miami’s Second General Synod, which you’ll read about in this report. Building Skill: Thanks to an alternative 7 residency delivery model, a partnership with Catholic Extension and the strategic decision to offer financial subsidies to Mission Dioceses, our core service, Good Leaders, Good Shepherds, experienced another banner year with 440 priests enrolled and a presence in more than 70 dioceses in the United States and Canada. Our priest satisfaction scores have never been higher (5.3 out of 6.0) and our annual attrition rate remains remarkably low at 8%. You’ll read about Fr. Friedel from the Mission Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri—just one of the priests who have benefited from this program. In addition, we invested significant time in reimagining and packaging our post graduate service to priests including training for their staff. We also made tremendous breakthroughs with respect to our virtual presence that will bear fruit for years to come. The newly invented “Graduate and Diocesan Services” launched just a few weeks ago and already three cohorts have asked to participate in this ongoing training. Strengthening Relationships: Catholic Leadership Institute would not be where it is today without you. We are so grateful for your prayers and support of our ministry, and value so much the relationships we have fostered with inspiring, faithful Catholic leaders like you across the country. We hope to show you in this report the tremendous impact you have made for our Church, and the difference you continue to make in building the Kingdom of God here on earth. Blessings in gratitude,

Timothy C. Flanagan Matthew F. Manion Founder & Chair President & CEO 2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 1

VISION 2012 See the Impact of Your Support Five Good Leaders, Good Shepherds graduates were elevated to bishop in Fiscal Year 2012:


Most Rev. Joesph E. Harris Coadjutor Archbishop of Port of Spain Most Rev. Charles Jason Gordon Bishop of Bridgetown/Kingston Most Rev. George A. Sheltz Auxiliary Bishop of Galveston-Houston Most Rev. Gregory Parkes Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee Most Rev. Raymond F. Chappetto Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn

12 bishops have engaged Catholic Leadership Institute consulting resources to help foster vision for the dioceses.



Photo courtesy of the Sun-Sentinal

FOSTERING VISION Archbishop Thomas Wenski looked out at the faces of his people at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Miami and proclaimed a vision of them becoming Disciples in Faith, Missionaries in Hope. He was announcing the theme as he convoked the second-ever Archdiocesan synod at their annual Chrism Mass. Archbishop Wenski, a longtime partner with Catholic Leadership Institute, represents one of 12 bishops who have engaged Catholic Leadership Institute’s consulting resources to help create a vision and plan for the diocese. Catholic Leadership Institute has contracted two full-time resources to staff the Synod Office in the Archdiocese, and to work alongside Catholic Leadership Institute consultants, Archbishop Wenski, and hundreds of faithful Miami Catholics throughout the synod process. As a result, Archbishop Wenski hopes to engage the people of God as they look towards the future and unite the diverse cultures of Miami in their love for the Lord and the faith.

Now halfway through the synod, Archbishop Wenski’s vision of unity and zeal for the Lord is already becoming a reality. Since the Chrism Mass, Catholic Leadership Institute has facilitated 14 listening sessions, drawing over 2,500 people to express to the Archbishop their joys, concerns and dreams—a vision for their beloved Church. “Being present with the people is important,” said Archbishop Wenski, “By baptism every member of the Church is called into communion with one another, many coming together as one body in Christ.” Catholic Leadership Institute helps strengthen this communion for dioceses across the country by equipping Church leaders with the process and tools they need to create a vision for their faith community. For Archbishop Wenski in Miami, the synod process will yield a unified strategic plan reflective of the voices of his people, and will create an actionable vision to unite these disciples in faith as they fervently proclaim Christ to the world.

“By baptism every member of the Church is called into communion with one another, many comping together as one body in Christ.” –Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Miami

2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 3

2012 See the Impact of Your Support More than 400 priests enrolled in Good Leaders, Good Shepherds in Fiscal Year 2012, raising the total number of participants to over 2,600.


Over 300 priests graduated from Good Leaders, Good Shepherds in Fiscal Year 2012, from 12 dioceses from around the country.


53 parish and key diocesan lay leaders completed Tending the Talents, bringing the total number of participants to 391.




BUILDING SKILL In May of 2011 a deadly tornado swept through Joplin, Missouri, killing over a hundred people and leaving the area in ruins. Many in Fr. J. Friedel’s congregation at St. Peter the Apostle Parish were grief-stricken as they faced devastating loss—the situation seemed hopeless. While Fr. Friedel clung to his hope in Christ and tried to help others do the same in the wake of the disaster, the thought of rebuilding seemed overwhelming. After all, he was already juggling two parishes, directing the campus ministry at Missouri Southern State University, and serving as the diocesan Director of Vocations and Seminarians. How could he work any harder than he already was? For Fr. Friedel, the answer was not in working harder, but in working smarter. Six months after the storm, Fr. Friedel and 20 priests from the diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau began Good Leaders, Good Shepherds, Catholic Leadership Institute’s leadership formation program for clergy. Through the program, Fr. Friedel and his brother priests experience a fraternity and fellowship that allows them to lean on

one another for support through difficult times. Together, they learn to engage in self-leadership, to empower others, and to build strong teams equipped to respond faithfully to the needs of their devastated community. “Good Leaders, Good Shepherds has made me rethink some of my approaches to the way I spend my time,” Fr. Friedel reflects. “Empowering other colleagues within the parish makes it easier for me to set things up and let them unfold, leaving me more time to multi-task between my various job responsibilities. It also makes more members of the parish leadership feel ownership for the direction we are moving in.” This opportunity to build skill wouldn’t have been possible without generous donors across the country, who helped provide scholarships for Fr. Friedel and his brother priests. Now halfway through the program, Fr. Friedel asserts, “I love my life and ministry, and want to serve the Lord as effectively as I can for many more years to come!”

“I love my life and ministry, and want to serve the Lord as effectively as I can for many more years to come!” –Fr. J. Friedel, Springfield-Cape Girardeau

2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 5

RELATIONSHIPS 2012 See the Impact of Your Support Out of 60,000 nonprofits in Pennsylvania, Catholic Leadership Institute was only the 56th to achieve the National Standards for Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO).


n Catholic Leadership Institute celebrated 20 years in service to the Church and her shepherds.

Good Leaders, Good Shepherds is now at work in over 71 dioceses nationwide, which constitutes over one third of the total dioceses in the United States.



S Strengthening Relationships Berni Neal recalls laughing around the dinner table at a small restaurant just outside the Vatican on a visit to Rome, listening to new friends swapping stories of joy, sadness, grace. “There was a wonderful feeling of trust and conviviality because of our mutual love for the Church,” says Berni. “It was a glorious dinner. A glorious night of forming deep friendships and fellowship in Christ.” Berni, a Catholic Leadership Institute Board member, experiences great joy in building relationships with those around her. She uses her gifts to connect others with the ministry of Catholic Leadership Institute, and helps to build up the Kingdom of God by supporting the good leaders and good shepherds who serve our Church. “As a lay leader, my involvement in Catholic Leadership Institute is a key way I serve our Church,” Berni explains. “Pope Benedict XVI has called us to be ‘co-responsible’ for the life of the Church and the proclamation of the Gospel, and Catholic Leadership Institute is a means for me to fulfill that responsibility. I’ve attended several training

sessions and have witnessed firsthand the impact this ministry has on the Church, and how it strengthens Catholics’ relationship with Christ as a result. I experience so much excitement participating in this important ministry and I love inviting others to do the same.” When we invite others into our faith and journey together as disciples, we are better witnesses of Christ’s love in the world. “There have been many beautiful moments of grace in my life because of my relationship with other believers,” says Berni. She asserts, “Christ dwells inside of each human being. He is the designer of every soul. We have the luxury of unwrapping every human being to find the gift within; everyone we meet represents Christmas morning!” Through the generosity of Catholic Leadership Institute supporters, the Church is strengthened, and Christ’s love is shared with others. Thank you for being our partners in faith as we make this journey together.

“Christ dwells inside of each human being. He is the designer of every soul.”

–Berni Neal, Catholic Leadership Institute Board Member 2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 7

statement of activities (Fiscal Years Ended June 30, 2012 and 2011) Support and Revenue For the sixth consecutive year, Catholic Leadership Institute experienced growth in participant fees for our programs and services to the Church and her leaders. Bishops and priests invested 6% more as participant fees reached a new record level of $3.8 Million. Catholic Leadership Institute was not immune to the economic downturn, however, as Revenue from Contributions and Special Events decreased significantly. This was primarily driven by a reduction in new multi-year pledge commitments. With two exceptions, all new donors made single year commitments to this mission. Catholic Leadership Institute is confident and hopeful that continued support from the donors listed in this report and broader national support for this apostolate will allow it to continue to invest in new services and financial aid. This funding remains a priority as it facilitates the ongoing development of Catholic leaders and fosters more vibrant faith communities following Jesus Christ’s leadership model.

Support and Revenue

FY 2011

FY 2012

Participant Fees Contributions and Special Events Investment and Other Income

$3,595,366 1,728,517 1,815

$3,814,021 1,043,600 2,208




3,379,126 702,855 760,164

3,428,054 547,187 935,022





Expenses Program Services Fundraising Management and General TOTAL EXPENSES INCREASE/(DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS •


Financial information is audited by Larson Allen, L.L.P.

$4.0 $3.5 $3.0 $2.5 $2.0 $1.5 $1.0 $0.5 $0.0




$1.7 $1.0

FY 2011

FY 2012

Participant Fees Contributions and Special Events $ in Millions

Expenses Management and General 19% Fundraising 11%

Program Services 70%

stakeholder listing Your generosity and stewardship have made a significant impact in the ministry that is building Catholic leaders for today and tomorrow. This report recognizes those individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations that have made a gift to Catholic Leadership Institute between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. The list also includes those individuals who have made multi-year commitments. Catholic Leadership Institute apologizes for any errors. Please call Emily Scarola at 610-363-1315 if an error is found.


Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Emmi

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Flanagan

Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch

$100,000 - $499,999 Anonymous Anonymous The Catholic Foundation for the Roman Catholic Church In Memory of Bo & Tess Connor Mr. & Mrs. James D. Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Donato, Sr. The Donum Dei Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Harry Halloran Mr. & Mrs. James Longon Mr. & Mrs. Eustace Mita Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Mullin Mr. & Mrs. Arnold C. Schneider Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor Mr. Vincent Viola

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Finley Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Geary, Jr. Mr. Gaetano Giordano Knights of Columbus The Lawrence H. Hyde, Jr. Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Manion Mr. & Mrs. J. F. McGlinn, II Mr. & Mrs. Brian McNeill Mr. & Mrs. Jacinto Oliver Our Sunday Visitor Institute Page Family Foundation Paul E. Kelly Foundation Mr. B. Francis Saul Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

$25,000 - $99,999

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Colligan The Colonial Oaks Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cook Mr. & Mrs. James Davis Mr. Sean Fieler

Mr. Richard J. De Carolis Mr. & Mrs. Jack Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Hanna, III Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Hyde Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lilley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lyles Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McInerney Mr. & Mrs. Greg O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Polett Savage Charitable Foundation

Mr. Robert J. Sims Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Stumpf Mr. & Mrs. David G. Fischer

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Beneficial Savings Bank Mr. James J. Bruder Mr. & Mrs. Michael Flanagan Mr. & Mrs. H. Edward Hanway Mr. & Mrs. James Mudd Mr. & Mrs. Steve Norman

Anonymous Anonymous Mr. Daniel Barr Dan & Tricia Cellucci

2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 9

Mr. Kenn Ricci Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Walsh

$1,000 - $4,999 Mrs. Helen Alvaré Anonymous Anonymous Ascension Press Archdiocese of Boston Archdiocese of Denver Archdiocese of Philadelphia Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. The Avery Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Byers Cabrini College Mr. N. Louis Capetola, CLU, ChFC Connelly Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Daly Mr. & Mrs. Zachary DeCarlo Rev. William Dickinson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Diulius Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Mr. & Mrs. Neil Dougherty Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Emmi ENDOW Mr. & Mrs. John Fiorillo Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fordyce Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gayhardt Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Genuardi Jr. 110

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gilmore Most Rev. Donald F. Hanchon Holy Family University Mr. John F. Horstmann & Dr. Helen Horstmann Mr. Rick Horstmann Mr. & Mrs. Roy Jackson John Patrick Publishing Company John Templeton Foundation Mr. George Johnston Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Karlson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Kicak Mr. & Mrs. John J. Killeen Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Lagan Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Eileen Latini Legatus Philadelphia Chapter Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch Malvern Retreat House Mrs. Dolores R. Manion Mrs. Rosemary McCarty Mr. & Mrs. Francis Consultants, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Rob Neal Neumann University The Nicholson Foundation Mr. Phillip G. Norton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Oakes, III Mr. William P. O’Neill Penn Liberty Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Pinto Mr. & Mrs. John J. Quindlen Mr. & Mrs. James P. Quinlan R&M International Sales Corporation Regina Coeli Academy Mr. & Mrs. David B. Ripsom Saint Joseph’s University

$500 - $999

Mrs. Diane Simowitz Society of the Holy Child Jesus Springfield Country Club Mr. & Mrs. William Stemper Mr. & Mrs. Doug Stephen St. Monica Parish Deacon Patrick & Mrs Joan Stokely Tegler McHenry & Associates

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Breaux The Caritas Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Castaldi Mr. & Mrs. J. Gordon Cooney, Jr. Diocese of Camden Diocese of Pittsburgh Ms. Jacqueline Dupont & Mr. Marc Carlson Deacon & Mrs. William Eckert Mr. Henry FitzPatrick, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Flynn

Mr. Michael Ahearn Mrs. Anita M. Alvaré Ave Maria School of Law Ave Maria University Rev. John Bambrick Mr. & Mrs. Sean & Mary Jo Bellew

Mr. Timothy W. Gavin Gwynedd-Mercy College Mr. & Mrs. C. Clark Hodgson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Horstmann Mr. & Mrs. John Hunt Immaculata University Mr. & Mrs. George J. Marshalek Mr. & Mrs. Matthew H. McCloskey Ms. Rachel McGonigle Mr. Anthony & Dr. Rosalie Mirenda Mr. & Mrs. John E. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah O’Grady Mrs. Ann H. Rafferty Mrs. Margaret M. Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schrieber Steamfitters’ Local Union 420 St. Joseph’s Preparatory School Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Albert Tegler Mr. Frederic S. Topor Mr. James J. White, IV

$250 - $499 Academy of Notre Dam de Namur Mr. & Mrs. Paul Adack Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Beston

Mr. & Mrs. James Bracken Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Breslin Bush Communications Cellucci/Foran Insurance Congress Asset Management Company Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Conway Mrs. Patricia Cooney Mrs. Patricia E. Corr Mr. & Mrs. Louis P. DeAngelo Mr. & Mrs. James Deever Diocese of Sioux City Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dolan Sister Ellen Doyle, OSU Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Karl W. Fehrenbach Mr. Louis N. Ferrero Mr. Harris Fishman, CLU, ChFC Mr. & Mrs. Terence Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hamburger Mr. Edwin S. Heins, Jr. Mrs. Eileen M. Hessman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Iepson Innovest Portfolio Solutions, LLC Rev. Msgr. John J. Jagodzinski Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kane Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kelly Mrs. Roseann L. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Neill C. Kling Ms. Carol Kodsi

Rev. Sylvester Kwiatkowski Mr. John A. Lelii Rev. Msgr. David LeSieur Ms. Sandra R. Lovascio Mr. Michael J. Luby Lyons Companies Mr. Kieran T. Mahan Malvern Preparatory School Mr. & Mrs. Paul Manion Mr. & Mrs. Bill Matakas Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. McCarthy Ms. Patricia J. McFillin Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGuire Mr. & Mrs. James M. McMonagle Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Murtagh Mr. & Mrs. Michael Peters Mr. & Mrs. Jack Pfeffer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Polakovic Province of St. Augustine The Rocco & Barbara Martino Foundation Rosemont College Rosemont School of the Holy Child Mr. & Mrs. James Schenck Mr. & Mrs. Edward Seidl Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silbaugh Mr. Robert B. Simpson Ms. Lucille K. Smith Mr. Richard C. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Squarcia Stewart Enterprises, Inc. St. Katherine of Siena Parish Rev. William Trader The Ulderico & Anna C. Milani Charitable Foundation Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, P.C. Rev. Thomas P. Whittingham Hon. & Mrs. Michael W. Wynne

$1 - $249 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mr. Don Beilman & Mrs. Stephanie A. Beilman Mrs. Pauline Bell Ms. Maureen Bergmaier Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bernardo Rev. Ramon Bolatete Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel F. Bosio

Ms. Margaret M. Boylan Mr. & Mrs. James J. Broussard Mr. & Mrs. James E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. William Brown Deacon & Mrs. Peter H. Burghart Mr. & Ms. Arthur J. Burke, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Byrnes Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Carroll Ms. Kathleen B. Callow Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Cianfrani Rev. Joseph Coffey Mr. Frank Congilose Rev. Christopher R. Cooke Mrs. Gloria Coyne Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Cullen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Cuozzo Mr. & Mrs. Louis Di Cerbo Dr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Dionne Ms. Nancy-Anne L. Doll Mr. Mark Dosen

Mr. & Mrs. Fenton J. FitzPatrick Ms. Pauline FitzPatrick Mr. James A. Fitzsimmons, III Rev. Brian M. Flanagan Rev. Francis A. Frankovich Mr. Vincent M. Fratini Mr. & Mrs. John R. Freas Mr. Joseph D. Freney Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Fullam Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Gaul Rev. Gaspar A. Genuardi Ms. Ann Gillespie Mr. Michael Gould Msgr. Thomas J. Green Dr. & Mrs. William H. Green Mr. & Mrs. William F. Goepfrich Ms. Alison Gordon Ms. Irene Hannan Ms. Christina Hannon Ms. E. Carolyn Hazell Mr. & Mrs. John Henkels Rev. Norbert Herman Rev. Thomas M. Higgins Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hilberts Rev. Lawrence R. Hoffmann Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horstmann Rev. Dennis Jaspers Rev. William T. Joseph Mr. Charles Kahn, Jr. Ms. Eileen Kearny

2012 report TO Stakeholders catholic leadership institute 11

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Keegan Mr. Thomas J. Kelleher Marilyn & Richard Kelly Mr. William E. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kerr Ms. Diana T. Kilarjian Ms. Karen Krasznavolgyi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Linnen Mr. James J. Lehr Mr. Frederick C. Maguire Mr. & Mrs. John Manion Ms. Maryann Marcantonio Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Matarazzo Rev. Msgr. James P. McBride Mr. Paul McConnell

Very Rev. John McEvoy Ms. Mary J. McLaughlin Sr. Pauline McShain, SHCJ Rev. Msgr. Stanley Milewski 12

Mr. & Mrs. F. Paul Mita Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Motley Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mucchetti Mr. Anthony J. Mullen Mr. & Mrs. L. Francis Murphy Nana Ann Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Noonan Ms. Maryanne O’Donnell Mr. & Mrs. Olson Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Pfeiffer Mr. Joseph A. Powers Ms. Julia Rafferty Mr. Edward Roach Ms. Elizabeth J. Robb

Ms. Margaret M. Robinson Rev. Msgr. Arthur E. Rodgers Mr. & Mrs. Ted M. Rogers, Jr. Ms. Patricia C. Rowley

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Scarola Mrs. Sherry Mr. John W. Siebenson, II Rev. Charles Sikorsky Mr. & Mrs. John A. Simkiss Mr. & Mrs. John Squarcia Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Stanton St. Philip Neri Rear Adm. & Mrs. John J. Sweeney Ms. Roseann B. Termini, Esq. Mr. Robert J. Terzuoli Very Rev. Dwayne Thoman Rev. Randy Timmerman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Trice Mrs. Mary E. Turnbull Rev. Stanley Ulman Rev. Francisco Valdovinos Mrs. Mary Ann Valentino Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. VanAuken Dr. & Mrs. Richard Vassallo Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Vizza Ms. Rosemary G. Watson Mr. & Mrs. Frank Weil & Mr. & Mrs. John R. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Othmar W. Winkler Miss Dorothy G. Wolper Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Young Mr. & Mrs. Wendell W. Young, III

Legacy Gifts Catholic Leadership Institute is grateful that the following individuals have chosen to include Catholic Leadership Institute in their estate plans.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Emmi Mr. Louis N. Ferrero Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Flanagan Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Manion Ms. Kelly Pruden Rev. David P. Vivero

Leaving a Legacy Leaving Catholic Leadership Institute a legacy in your will is powerful way to leave a lasting impact on our Church for your children and grandchildren. With your help, we will realize our vision of a world where Jesus’ example of loving servant leadership is modeled in every family, workplace, parish and community, and God will be praised! A legacy gift can take many different forms, including money, assets, shares, insurance policies or personal property, and can be personalized to accommodate your needs and wishes. For more information, please contact Emily Scarola at 610-363-1315 or escarola@catholicleaders.org, or speak to your financial advisor.

“I would recommend this formation curriculum to any diocese or presbyterate that desires to grow in both unity and fraternity.” –Most Rev. Gregory M. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans, LA

Episcopal MODERATOR: Most Rev Gregory M. Aymond Archbishop of St. Louis

Episcopal Advisory Board: His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O’Malley Archbishop of Boston Most Rev Robert J Carlson Archbishop of St. Louis Most Rev Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S Archbishop of San Antonio, TX Most Rev Jose H Gomez Archbishop of Los Angelos

National Advisory Board:


His Eminence, Sean Cardinal O’Malley Co-chair The Hon. R. James Nicholson Co-chair

Timothy C. Flanagan

Arthur Birtcher Edward Cook James Davis Jaqueline Delaney James Delaney Frank Hanna

Admiral Thomas Lynch Arthur Mullin Bernarda Neal Diana Simowitz Phyllis Taylor

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Thomas Colligan Lawrence Donato Michael Emmi Terrence Finly Paul Geary, Jr. Thomas Heule Stephen Hyde

James Longon Arthur Mullin Bernarda Neal Elizabeth Oliver David Savage Stephen Stumpf

president and ceo: Matthew F. Manion

Leadership team: Daniel Cellucci Director, Learning and Curriculum Rick DeCarolis Director, Finance and Operations Sister Ellen Doyle OSU- Learning Leader Manager Barbara Eckerdt Managing Consultant to the Leadership Team Rev. William Dickinson, National Director, Leadership Development

Most Rev George J Lucas Archbishop of Omaha Most Rev Thomas G Wenski Archbishop of Miami Most Rev Kevin Rhoades Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend Most Rev William S Skylstad Bishop Emeritus of Spokane Most Rev David A Zubik Bishop of Pittsburgh Most Rev Daniel E. Thomas Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia

Catholic Leadership Institute is grateful for the opportunity to serve bishops, priests and lay leaders from across the United States and beyond. Thanks to your support, there are stronger Catholic leaders in: Arlington, VA

Gary, IN

Sacramento, CA

Austin, TX

Grand Island, NE

Salina, KS

Baltimore, MD

Houma-Thibodaux, LA

San Angelo, TX

Baton Rouge, LA

Jefferson City, MO

San Antonio, TX

Beaumont, TX

Joliet, IL

Scranton, PA

Bismarck, ND

Kalamazoo, MI

Seattle, WA

Boise, ID

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Shreveport, LA

Boston, MA

Lafayette, LA

Sioux City, IA

Bridgeport, CT

Little Rock, AR

Springfield, IL

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Camden, NJ

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Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO

Cincinnati, OH

Madison, WI

St. Augustine, FL

Denver, CO

Miami, FL

St. Louis, MO

Des Moines, IA

New Orleans, LA

St. Petersburg, FL

Detroit, MI

New Ulm, MN

Stockton, CA

Dodge City, KS

Norwich, CT

Toledo, OH

Dubuque, IA

Oklahoma City, OK

Trenton, NJ

Fall River, MA

Omaha, NE

Tulsa, OK

Fargo, ND

Orlando, FL

Vancouver, BC

Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN

Palm Beach, FL

Venice, FL

Fort Worth, TX

Philadelphia, PA

Wichita, KS

Fresno, CA

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Winona, MN

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Providence, RI

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