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AMETUR COR JESU Loved be the heart of Jesus

Founded in 1894 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Catholic High School is an all-male college preparatory institution serving young men in grades 8 - 12.

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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


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Gerald E. Tullier CHS President WITHOUT A MENTION of the word “Catholic,” Julie Lythcott-Haims articulately made the case for “Why Catholic Schools?” She did so in a TED Talk in 2015 titled “How to Raise Successful Kids—Without Over-Parenting.” At the conclusion of her talk, and in speaking about her role as a parent of her own children, she said, “My job is not to make them become what I would have them become, but to support them in becoming their glorious selves.” Leading up to that conclusion, she explained the importance of promoting “self-efficacy” in children—that is, helping them learn one’s own actions lead to significant outcomes—and she cites the long-term Harvard Grant Study to make two other critical points: first, that success in life stems largely from an individual’s willingness and commitment to contribute his or her efforts toward the betterment of the whole; and second, that real happiness in life comes from love, and the ability to love is learned from receiving unconditional love. Having completed this year’s Catholic Schools Week celebrations, the role of Catholic schools was on my mind when I happened upon Julie Lythcott-Haims’ TED Talk. It struck me that, from a completely secular perspective, she pinpointed the deepest insights and most significant characteristics of Catholic schools, namely, the conviction in God’s unconditional love and our call as Christians to reflect God’s love in relationship with others. Centered in the Person of Jesus Christ, Catholic schools have always emphasized God’s unconditional love. As stated in John 3:16, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life.” That is a message every Catholic school student has heard repeatedly and in a variety of ways. It is also the basis for

the insistence on respect for each individual and for all life itself— values upheld in every Catholic school. The faculties and staffs of Catholic schools intentionally strive to be the living, human expressions of God’s unconditional love for each student. Admittedly, flawed humans, even with the best intentions, can never perfectly reflect God’s love, but the corporate willingness of Catholic schools to strive for that goal and their witness to that ideal does faithfully communicate God’s unconditional love. In addition, Catholic schools challenge students themselves to be reflections of God’s love in their relationships with family members, neighbors and even strangers throughout the world. Yes, throughout the world! As a truly universal religion, Catholicism seeks to promote the Gospel values of respect for life and the dignity of each individual wherever they may be. With an emphasis on missions and service projects, Catholic schools have always been steeped in that Catholic worldview informed by the Gospel. Julie Lythcott-Haims is correct. She simply did not acknowledge that it is Catholic schools that teach and offer young people the experience of unconditional love, promote “self-efficacy,” form them in faith for service to others and help them become the people God created them to be. Today, there are almost 10,000 Catholic High School alumni, some scattered in more than 20 countries around the world, and many others in or near Baton Rouge. Catholic High School has played a significant role in helping these men become who God wants them to be. For this, and for all Catholic schools, we are grateful.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


PRINCIPAL’S UPDATE DESPITE THE DIFFICULT beginning due to the historic flooding in the Baton Rouge area, the year has gone exceptionally well. Our students are performing well academically and are busy with extra-curricular activities. There is literally never a day on the calendar when something is not going on at Catholic High. One of our proudest moments this year was the dedication of our Habitat home to the Perkins family on Feb. 24. This project was more than two years in the making and was a remarkable moment for our community. Please read the feature article included in this issue of Bear Facts. Even though this year is not quite over, we are already looking ahead to next school year. New to the multitude of course options is a STREAM curriculum that allows students to take electives in the engineering field. STREAM stands for science, technology, religion, art and math, and is a more holistic version of STEM programs typically found in public schools. STREAM incorporates artistic and religion components in which students evaluate the moral, ethical and social impact of science and engineering projects through the lens of Catholic teaching. In addition to the science and math course requirements, students will have the opportunity to pursue STREAM focused electives to complement the standard coursework.

In the opening statement of “Educational Mission and Ministry,” the Brothers of the Sacred Heart document used as the cornerstone of our educational philosophy at Catholic High School, it states, “We must continually adapt our curriculum and methodologies to meet changing needs.” We believe that the establishment of this STREAM curriculum is just one way this statement comes to life at CHS, as we continue to educate our students within the mission and charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. We are grateful to our Office of Advancement for their work in securing the needed funding to redesign the labs and to our Office of Alumni Relations for their fundraising efforts to support this new initiative. Special thanks to the Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation for awarding Catholic High School a grant for the STREAM project. I am excited about the future of this program and the opportunities it will provide for our students and I look forward to sharing that progress with you. Ametur cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.

The STREAM curriculum will be phased in over several years. For the 2017-2018 school year, students have available the following STREAM electives: intro to engineering design/media arts I, a semester engineering design course and a full year principles of engineering course. More electives will be added in subsequent years with the complexity of the engineering courses growing as well. Beginning with the class of 2019, students may choose to earn a STREAM certificate by following this curriculum. Students may also take available STREAM electives throughout their time at Catholic High School without working towards the STREAM certificate. The first phase of our STREAM program was completed last fall, when our computer labs were redesigned into STREAM labs. The labs were re-outfitted with furniture conducive to collaboration among students, including workspace for hands-on construction and building, along with enhanced technological capabilities.


Lisa Harvey CHS Principal WINTER/SPRING 2017


Habitat for Humanity 2016-2017

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


There’s No Place Like Home CHS Partners with Warrick Dunn ’93 to dedicate Habitat House WHEN THE CHS community gathered for a prayer dedication on the front porch of their sponsored Habitat for Humanity home on Friday, Feb. 24, there were a couple of surprises in store for homeowner Latrenda Perkins and her two children. Catholic High graduate Warrick Dunn ’93 partnered with CHS and Habitat for Humanity to provide the Perkins family with the surprise of a lifetime: a fully furnished home and a $5,000 down payment. Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. (WDC), with the help of CHS volunteers, spent countless hours to fill the home with everything the Perkins family would need. WDC partnered with Aaron’s, Inc. to fully furnish the house and Shoppers Value who provided all of the groceries for the Perkins’ home. The owners of Shoppers Value, Ted Harvey and Garnett Jones Jr., have a special commitment in supporting Warrick Dunn Charities in his local efforts in Baton Rouge because of their connection with Dunn’s mother, Betty Smothers. “I think it’s important. It’s vital that I come back and support a community that supported me all those years ago,” said Dunn, founder of Warrick Dunn Charities. “For me, it’s more important to set an example. Partnering with Catholic High School gives the young men the opportunity to put sweat equity into a project greater than themselves and give back to the community.”

CHS began raising money for this build during the 2015-2016 school year. During Challenge week 2016, students could donate $20 toward the build in exchange for a week of relaxed dress. For an extra $10 donation, students didn’t have to shave that week. “Catholic High School considers the relationship with Habitat of Baton Rouge to be a fundamental component of the holistic education of our students,” said CHS principal Lisa Harvey. “From the student participation in fundraising for the home, to our students and faculty building the house, our entire school has the opportunity to make a difference in our local community. Of course we were excited and grateful to partner with CHS graduate Warrick Dunn in this Habitat home and witness the life-changing opportunity this collaboration was for Latrenda Perkins and her family. Catholic High is committed to continuing our Habitat build project in the future.” Home owner, Latrenda Perkins, worked in the Early Childhood Center as a child care provider at St. Aloysius for the last 23 years. She was thrilled that some of the students she cared for at St. Aloysius helped her build her own home. “Even if they don’t really remember me, it is really special that they will be giving the same care back to me and my children.”

(l to r) Labria Perkins; Warrick Dunn ’93, founder of Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc., Billy Perkins; Latrenda Perkins, homeowner; Lisa Harvey, CHS principal; and Lynn Clark, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge.



on c a m p us

Faculty focus Claudia Maxson Religion Department, Religion III Spiritual Director B.S. in textiles and business, University of North Carolina, Greensboro M.P.S., Loyola University New Orleans

“I HAD NO interest in teaching, it had never been on my radar.” That’s what Claudia Maxson thought 18 years ago as she sat across the desk from Brother Barry Landry, Catholic High’s academic assistant principal at the time. He had asked her to come in on a Friday afternoon to help him brainstorm about who might be interested in taking a temporary position teaching a scripture class. After a brief discussion, Brother Barry offered her the job instead. At first, Maxson said no. She had a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University and wanted to focus on marital relationships and counseling – not teaching high school students. He gave her the weekend to think about it, and said he would call her Sunday for her answer. “So, I went home and called a couple of close friends to ask their opinion, and they both thought it would be a good fit for me, so I said yes.” That was 18 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. “I am still temporary, probably the longest temporary position anybody has ever had.”

It wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning. Trying to make the adjustment of wanting to do adult ministry in a church setting, to teaching high school students had its challenges. “The first two weeks were difficult – just the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” But having faith in her life philosophy of “taking chances and being open to what happens,” she quickly settled in. “By the time a month passed, I called the friends who had initially told me to take the position, to thank them and tell them how right they were.” Maxson attributes the turnaround to her students. “Even though I never envisioned myself a teacher, the Holy Spirit moved me in the right place at the right time. It was a calling, and the students recognized that and accepted me without hesitation.” Each year Maxson discerns her calling to teach. “Every year I discern and every year I get the same answer, ‘you’re not ready to leave yet,’” said Maxson. “A big part of that is because of the wonderful people I work with.”

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


National Merit Scholarship Finalists Nine Catholic High School seniors have been named National Merit Scholarship Finalists for 2017. Matthew Berdon, Andrew Ford, Michael Krzystowczyk, Jordan LeBas, Brian Long, Dominic Maggio, Harold Miller, Nicholas Mueller and Andrew Schoonmaker were selected from a nationwide pool of 16,000 Semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors. As National Merit Scholarship Finalists, these talented young men have the opportunity to compete for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $33 million to be awarded later this spring. Merit Scholar designees are selected on the basis of their skills, accomplishments and potential for success in rigorous college studies. Three types of National Merit Scholarships will be offered in the spring of 2017. Every Finalist will compete for a $2,500 National Merit scholarship that will be awarded to 2,500 Finalists on a state-representational basis. About 1,000 corporate-sponsored merit scholarship awards will be provided by approximately 230 corporations and business organizations for Finalists who meet their specified criteria. In addition, about 190 colleges and universities are expected to finance some 4,000 college-sponsored merit scholarship awards for Finalists who will attend the sponsor institution.

Matthew Berdon National Merit Finalist, son of Deneen and Martin Berdon

Andrew Ford National Merit Finalist, son of Lisa and Milam Ford

Michael Krzystowczyk National Merit Finalist, son of Niomi and Douglas Krzystowczyk

Jordan LeBas National Merit Finalist, son of Andrea and Mitch LeBas

Brian Long National Merit Finalist, son of Suzette and Dr. James Long

Dominic Maggio National Merit Finalist, son of Teresa and Gary Maggio

Harold Miller National Merit Finalist, son of Margaret and Jeffrey Miller

Nicholas Mueller National Merit Finalist, son of Risa and Timothy Mueller

Andrew Schoonmaker National Merit Finalist, son of Sheri and Eric Schoonmaker



on c a m p us

Dominic Maggio Gazing Skyward

TIME: 2006

to use his love of rockets and engineering to attend college and

PLACE: A cattle farm in rural southeast Louisiana

fulfill his dream of working for NASA. This scene is the moment

SCENE: A young boy, maybe five or six years old, stands in an open field and gazes skyward. He listens and waits with anticipation. Suddenly, he hears it. A low deep boom that rattles the windows and shakes the foundation of his house. He smiles. Some are startled, but he is not. He knows it is the sound of the Space Shuttle’s sonic boom as it re-enters the atmosphere and streaks toward its landing site at the Kennedy Space Center. This profound moment ignites in him a passion for rockets and space that will drive him throughout his childhood and help forge a future he hopes will soar as high as the rocket overhead.

NO, THIS IS not a script treatment for a modern-day

when Catholic High School senior Dominic Maggio first discovered his love for rocketry and unknowingly set in motion an ambition that would launch him toward his unfolding future. Maggio was born and raised in Olive Branch, Louisiana, a small rural town in southeast Louisiana just north of Zachary. He lives on a small cattle farm on property that has been in his family for more than 100 years. Growing up in such a unique environment afforded Maggio an unusual but exciting childhood. “We were always building things – barns, catch pins, fences,” remembered Maggio. He credits growing up on a farm surrounded by tools and machines for nurturing his fascination of high powered rocketry,

remake of “October Sky,” the 1999 movie based on Homer

and he draws from these experiences to help develop and

Hickman’s best-selling book “Rocket Boys: A Memoir.” In his

improve his rocketry skills. “On the farm, things break and you

book, Hickman recounts how the launch of the Russian satellite,

have to figure out ways to fix them. I’ve used those same skills

Sputnik I, and the ‘race to space’ that followed, fueled the desire

in designing and building my rockets.” He custom builds every

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


rocket, fabricating each one out of carbon fiber and fiber glass. Each design and approach is based on lessons learned from previous models. “Even though it sounds counter intuitive, failure has played a major role in my successes in rocketry,” said Maggio. Nowhere is this more evident than in his on-going quest to set an altitude world record for his I-Class rocket. “When I first started trying to break the world record, it was at 10,500 feet. I would build a rocket and it would crash. I would learn from it, build another one and try it again.” This process went on for three years and included several rockets before Maggio achieved some success. “Finally, my seventh rocket flew to 11,761 feet.” Although it fell short of the new record that had been set by that time, it was the second highest flight ever made

by an I-Class rocket. He has also built and flown several rockets that have passed through the sound barrier. Maggio enrolled at CHS as an eighth grader. “Education has always been a focus in my family and there was no question that Catholic High would be my first choice when it came time for high school.” Maggio has made the most of his time at CHS. Through hard work and dedication, he has earned an exceptional GPA while taking the most challenging and rigorous courses the school offers – and the effort paid off. Maggio was recently accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the fall, and plans to study aerospace engineering. “When I started CHS, one of my goals was to get into a top college. I never imagined it would be MIT,” said Maggio. Being accepted to MIT is a remarkable achievement in and of itself, but Maggio has also been accepted to several other institutions including Vanderbilt University, where he was awarded the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship. Maggio attributes much of his success to challenging classes and incredible teachers. “I have had some pretty incredible teachers at Catholic. They pushed me hard in their classes, but it all paid off in the end – it was worth it.” Recently, he put his rocketry expertise to work to help the CHS Science Club form its first competitive rocket team. “We entered the Team American Rocket Challenge (TARC) for the first time,” said Maggio. “We just had our qualifying flight last month.” TARC is the largest student rocket contest in the world with 5,000 participants from across the nation competing each year. This year, competitors had to design, build and fly a rocket to safely carry a raw egg payload to an altitude of 775 feet without going over with a flight time of 41 - 43 seconds.

TIME: May 2017 PLACE: A high school graduation ceremony SCENE: A young man stands in line beside a stage. He gazes over the crowd. He listens and waits with anticipation. Suddenly, he hears it “Dominic Rosario Maggio.” The applause rises and fills the room. He smiles and walks across the stage to receive his diploma. At that moment, he is taken back to where this journey all began - standing in a field gazing skyward.



on c a m p us

Things That Count ONE Mu Alpha Theta hosted its 18th annual math tournament. TWO Junior Ian Thompson was selected to attend the Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy at the NASA Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. THREE Senior Benton Alford was invited to join the International Business of the Americas (IBA) program at the University of South Carolina. FOUR Sophomore Lance Gaupp received First Honorable Mention at the LSU International Bass Festival Concerto Competition for Young Bassists at the LSU School of Music.


FIVE 15 seniors and juniors placed sixth in the 11th annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge.

2 5



6 SIX The CHS Marching Band marched in the Magic Kingdom parade at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, over Mardi Gras break. SEVEN The CHS/SJA Schola Cantorum and CHS Advanced Men’s Choir received the Sweepstakes trophy for their performances at the District IV Choir Assessment Festival.


8 A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

EIGHT Junior Nick Watson, 2017 tennis singles state champion, is ranked No. 43 in the nation for the class of 2018 among high school tennis players.


NINE Seven eighth graders attended the Regional Math Counts Tournament at the Transportation Training and Education TEN Senior Matthew Berdon was selected as a candidate for the United States Presidential Scholars Program. ELEVEN Student Ministry hosted Holy Thursday/Holy Hour experience for CHS students, faculty and staff.

9 10 12 14

11 TWELVE Senior Dillon Cain got a first place finish at the AMA District 19 Motocross Championship Race in Grand Cane, Louisiana. THIRTEEN French Club placed first in the beginner level skit and third place in the video competition in the ALCFES French Convention in Lafayette.


FOURTEEN Senior Byrne Kennedy was selected to participate in A Day with the Doctors at Tulane School of Medicine. FIFTEEN Students participated in the 55th Louisiana YMCA Youth Legislature Conference. Dalton Major, Evan Dille and Drake Brignac were elected to state board positions. Major was elected president of the senate, Dille was elected chief justice and Brignac was elected governor.



on c a m p us

Athletic Accomplishments BASKETBALL

State Quarterfinalist


State Runners-Up District Champions Undefeated Regular Season


State Runners-Up District Champions


2016 State Champions City Champions



6th Place - State Championship

2017 State Champions Regional Champions



State Quarterfinalist Undefeated Regular Season

8th Place - State Championship City Champions

INDOOR TRACK AND FIELD 2017 State Champions

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


SWIMMING 2016 State Champions

INDOOR TRACK & FIELD 2017 State Champions

TENNIS 2017 State Champions




2016 CHS Hall of Fame Michael A. Nola ’62 and Jeffrey D. Nola ’94

(l to r) CHS President Gene Tullier; 2016 CHS Hall of Fame inductee Michael A. Nola ’62; Laura Nola, accepting the award for her late husband, 2016 CHS Hall of Fame inductee Jeffrey D. Nola ’94; and Paul M. Nola ’90.

CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL welcomed father and son, Michael A. “Mike” Nola ’62 and the late Jeffrey D. “Jeff ” Nola ’94, into the CHS Hall of Fame on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016. The CHS Hall of Fame Induction and 32nd Annual Founders Banquet was held at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center in downtown Baton Rouge. CHS also honored the new individuals who have attained the status as a CHS Perpetual Founder as of June 30, 2016. They are men, women and organizations who have donated $100,000 or more to Catholic High School during their lifetime. Those recognized as a Perpetual Founder were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barfield Jr. ’82, Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ’64, the estate of Dr. Claude J. Patin, Mrs. Camilla R. Pugh, and Mr. John G. Turner ’78 and Mr. Jerry Fischer.

Musical entertainment was provided by pianist Michael McDowell ’13. Composer and virtuoso, McDowell delighted guests with his unique style of “playing on the edge” and seasonal improvisations. Membership in the Catholic High School Hall of Fame honors any person, living or dead, who has demonstrated outstanding ability, leadership, character, heroism, dedication and patriotism, and whose life and accomplishments can be an inspiration to the students of Catholic High School. The deadline to nominate someone for the 2017 Hall of Fame is May 15. For more information about nominations and to download a nomination form, visit our website at

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Catholic High School Hall of Fame members are (top, l to r) Francis C. Jumonville Jr. ’73, Brother Xavier Werneth, SC, J. Gerard Jolly ’70, Michael J. Acaldo ’85, J. Michael Lamana ’64, Pete Boudreaux ’59, Brother Ray Hebert, SC, Steve Fourrier ’61, (bottom, l to r) Ralph J. Stephens ’73, L. J. Dantin, Brother Eldon Crifasi, SC ’39, Carol G. Bonnecaze, Michael A. Nola ’62, Paula O. Melancon, Anthony J. Politz Jr. ’53 and Norman A. Deumite.

(l to r) Nicholas Nola, Laura Nola, 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Michael Nola ’62, Mary Nola, Luke Nola, Paul Nola ’90 and Jennifer Nola.

Pianist and composer Michael McDowell ’13.

(l to r) 2016 Perpetual Founder Mrs. Camilla Pugh and CHS President Gene Tullier.

(l to r) J. H. Martin ’55 representing 2016 Perpetual Founder, Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation, and CHS President Gene Tullier.

Mary (center) and Mark W. Heroman ’74 (left) representing 2016 Perpetual Founder, the Estate of Dr. Claude J. Patin, and CHS President Gene Tullier (right).

2016 Perpetual Founders Mary Jane (center), Paul M. Hebert ’64 (left) and CHS President Gene Tullier (right).

(l to r) CHS Director of Alumni Relations Glen Randow, Alumni Association Board of Directors 2015-2016 President Don Contine ’67 and CHS President Gene Tullier.

(l to r) Mothers’ Club moderator Tracy Ducote, 2015-2016 Mothers’ Club President Mary Claire Hotard and CHS President Gene Tullier.

(l to r) CHS Director of Communications and Men’s Club moderator Richard Beaugh, CHS Associate Director of Finance and Men’s Club moderator Jeffrey Hotard ’85, 2015-2016 Men’s Club President Kyle Huffstickler, and CHS President Gene Tullier.



bea r n a ti on

Jeffrey D. Nola ’94 2016 CHS Hall of Fame JEFFREY D. NOLA ’94 (Jeff) was born in 1975 in Baton Rouge to parents Mary and Mike Nola ’62. While at Catholic High School, he played in the jazz, symphonic and marching bands, and was captain of the drumline. Jeff demonstrated a fervent desire to help others less fortunate than himself while at CHS, and to set a spiritual and moral example to all people he encountered. An enthusiastic member of the Catholic church, Jeff participated in several student organizations including Student Ministry and Amnesty International. His senior year, he was named a CHS Man of the Year and received the highest award in band, The Golden Bear. In 1998, Jeff received a degree in English literature from Louisiana State University. He continued his spiritual development by minoring in religious studies, and his musical development as a 4-year member of the LSU marching band. After graduation, Jeff returned to Catholic High School as a religion and English teacher.

He continued to enthusiastically pursue his spiritual growth during his 13 years teaching at CHS. He earned a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University-New Orleans, and continued to put others ahead of himself by serving as Campus Minister and band moderator in addition to fulfilling his teaching responsibilities. Jeff ’s strong faith in God, his genuine love for all people and his heartwarming smile touched many lives. He loved to serve through giving to the less fortunate. In fact, Jeff would carry bread and peanut butter around in his car so he could offer a sandwich to those he encountered who were hungry. For years, Jeff coordinated and led students on mission trips to New Orleans, Kentucky, Arizona and Mexico. Jeff was also a leader of the Habitat for Humanity Youth Build and made frequent visits to teach and minister to juvenile offenders at Jetson Correctional Institute. In 2010, Jeff married the love of his life, Laura Landry, and happily settled into their life together. He died peacefully on Sunday, May 29, 2011, on their first wedding anniversary. Following his passing, the Barefoot Pedals Foundation was formed to honor Jeff ’s legacy. The Foundation receives and distributes donations exclusively for charitable purposes, primarily for the Jeff Nola ’94 Memorial Scholarship Fund, and charities that exemplify the values and characteristics Jeff lived his life promoting.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


Michael A. Nola ’62 2016 CHS Hall of Fame MICHAEL A. NOLA ’62 (Mike) was born in 1944 in Baton Rouge to the late Paul and Lucy Nola. Mike attended St. Agnes Elementary School and graduated from Catholic High School in 1962. While a student at CHS, he was involved in the Beta Club, Biology Club and Glee Club. After graduation, Mike attended Louisiana State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1966. In 1969, Mike began what would become a very successful 42-year professional career with The Advocate. Starting as an advertising sales representative, he quickly moved up to national advertising manager. In 2001, he was named classified advertising manager and assistant advertising director, positions he held until his retirement in 2011.

campaigns and served on several committees with the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce. In 1993, he served as president of the Catholic High School Men’s Club, and was a member of the CHS Alumni Association Board of Directors from 2001-2003. Mike served as a volunteer for the CHS Senior Retreats from 1998 – 2011, was named president of the Manresa House of Retreats Board of Directors in 2001 and elected chairman of the St. Thomas More Pastoral Council in 2013.

During his tenure, Mike was involved in several professional organizations. In 2001, he was named president of the Marketing Managers Association of Baton Rouge, and in 2005, he served as president of the Classified Managers Association. He was also awarded the 2006 Durward Gully Award for Excellence in Sales & Marketing.

Currently, Mike is a member of the Catholic High School Men’s Club executive committee, president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul – St. Thomas More Conference, a retreat captain for Manresa House of Retreats and a volunteer for Our Lady of Mercy School’s 8th grade Bible study program, Come Lord Jesus.

Mike’s dedication and commitment reaches far beyond the workplace. Over the years, he has volunteered his time and talent to a number of organizations and causes across the city. He has been involved in a number of United Way

Mike and his wife, Mary (Blasco), have been married for 46 years. They have two sons who both graduated from Catholic High, Paul ’90 and Jeff ’94†.



bea r n a ti on

“The more I thought about it, I realized the time is right. I’m at peace with the decision and look forward to what is next.” A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


The End of an Era Dale Weiner retires as head football coach LONGTIME CATHOLIC HIGH School head football coach Dale Weiner retired as head football coach at Catholic High School. Weiner, who began his coaching career in 1975 as an assistant at Catholic High of Pointe Coupee, was named head football coach at Catholic High School in 1987. He will remain at Catholic High on staff as a full-time faculty member. “This was something I thought about and really prayed about,” said Weiner. “The more I thought about it, I realized the time was right. I’m at peace with the decision and look forward to what is next. It is time for me to serve the school in a different role. I owe so much to our school administration for their support with my decision.” “Dale has been an outstanding football coach at CHS for the past 30-years. More importantly, he is an outstanding man of character and I am grateful that even though he is retiring from the field, he will remain at Catholic High as a full-time faculty member continuing to teach classes and form students in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart,” noted Lisa Harvey, CHS principal. Succeeding Weiner as the next head coach is CHS offensive coordinator Gabe Fertitta. Fertitta, who played and coached at the collegiate level, coached the wide receivers and offensive lineman at CHS from 2007-2009. He returned to Catholic High in 2014, serving as Weiner’s offensive coordinator. In the last three seasons, the Bears’ offense has averaged 361 yards and 34 points per game. Fertitta expressed his gratitude this way: “I am so humbled to become the next head football coach at Catholic High School. Dale Weiner built this program in to what it is today and made it his life’s work for 30-years. Aside from my own father, Coach Weiner has influenced my development as a coach and as a man of faith more than anyone I’ve ever come in contact with.”


Weiner is credited with rebuilding the Catholic High football program, and under his 30-year leadership, has led the Bears to 18 district championships, 15 state quarter finals, eight state semifinals and two state championship appearances. Weiner’s success culminated in 2015 with winning the LHSAA Division I State Championship, the only football state championship title in the school’s 122-year history. Weiner’s CHS career record is 282-82. Over the course of his 41-year coaching career, Weiner has amassed an overall record of 317-109. He is one of only eight coaches in Louisiana high school football history to reach the 300th career win mark. Weiner has been named Louisiana State Coach of the Year three times and District Coach of the Year 15 times. He has coached four high school AllAmericans, had more than 140 athletes continue on to play collegiate football and 16 players play professional football. Weiner is a member of the Louisiana Weightlifting Hall of Fame and Catholic High School’s Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame. As important as his successes on the field, Weiner made a tremendous impact on a personal level with the young men he coached throughout his career. “Coach Weiner has achieved all there is to accomplish as a coach and has been an excellent educator for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart,” said J.P. Kelly ’92, CHS athletic director. “His humor, dedication, humility and most importantly his faith, are the lasting characteristics he has modeled to countless students and athletes through the years.” Gene Tullier, CHS president, echoed Kelly’s praise. “We are grateful for Dale’s service as head football coach, grateful for the positive impact he has had on so many young men and grateful that he will continue to witness faith and Gospel values to students and staff alike at Catholic High School.”



Architects Selected for New Student Center Project CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL has selected the team of Ritter-Maher Architects and Tipton Associates to design Phase 1 of the Master Plan. Principals of Ritter-Maher include Scott Ritter ’93 and Steve Maher ’94. Ken Tipton is the Managing Principal with Tipton Associates. Phase 1 will be a new Student Center that includes food service and dining areas, a faculty workroom, classrooms, an IT Quick Help Kiosk and Campus Ministry offices. The project will also include a central mechanical plant for the campus.

The Fund for Catholic High School includes gifts given to PAGE (Parents Annual Giving Event), AGE (Alumni) and FAGE (Friends). The chart represents total given and the number of donors during the current fiscal year for each fund as of April 26, 2017. Additional contributions to the Fund for Catholic High School for this fiscal year can be made through June 30, 2017.

During the design process, architects and school leadership will seek input from students, parents and alumni in addition to faculty and staff. Fundraising efforts continue as the school nears its goal of $6,130,000. To date, $4,000,000 in cash and pledges has been raised through the generosity of parents, alumni, friends and parents of alumni. The total number of gifts and pledges currently is 141.

2016-2017 Fund for Catholic High School

AGE$112,574.36 ALUMNI

6% - 389 DONORS

FAGE$66,813.07 Total Alumni Donations to All Funds

$1,182,158.92 12.3% - 815 DONORS


5.8% - 228 DONORS

PAGE$290,499.19 PARENTS

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

49% - 509 DONORS


A Fond Farewell Glen Randow, Director of Alumni Relations, to Retire

AFTER 40 YEARS of service at Catholic High School, Director of Alumni Relations Glen Randow will retire at the end of July. “The opportunity to be associated with Catholic High School for 40 years has been a fantastic experience. I owe so much to the Catholic High family: Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the faculty and staff, the students and athletes as well as members of the alumni association and alumni board,” said Randow. Glen Randow

Randow was the CHS head basketball coach for 23 years, and he remains the winningest basketball coach in Catholic High School history. His teams appeared in three State Final Fours, won two state runner up distinctions, made the playoffs 15 times and won four district championships. He was the 5A Coach of the Year in 1992 and was the Louisiana All-Star Coach in 1982. During his coaching tenure at CHS, Randow also served as assistant track coach, head bowling coach, head tennis coach and won two state titles as the head golf coach. In 2015, he was inducted into the Catholic High School Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame.

Brian Hightower ’97


Since 2006, Randow has served as the director of alumni relations. Though not a CHS graduate himself, he has often and with gratitude referred to himself as “a Brothers’ boy.” “Glen’s evident embrace of the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart coupled with his affable, outgoing personality made him a perfect fit for the job, and the positive reception he has received from CHS alumni of all generations has repeatedly affirmed that,” said CHS Principal Lisa Harvey. “Thanks to Glen for his service to CHS and best wishes for a happy retirement.” Succeeding Randow as director of alumni relations will be Catholic High alumnus from the class of 1997, Brian Hightower ’97. In his 8th year of service at CHS, Hightower joined the faculty as a social studies teacher. He served as assistant principal for discipline for five years, and currently serves as assistant principal for instruction. “I am thrilled that Brian will be the next Alumni Director. While we will miss his significant contributions on the administration, I am confident that he will do an outstanding job for the alumni of Catholic High School, positively influencing the future of the school,” said Harvey. Hightower will begin his new role in the Office of Alumni Relations on July 1, 2017.


a dva n c em en t

The John James Maginnis ’66 Memorial Endowded Scholarship Fund IN CELEBRATION OF the 50-year anniversary reunion

the production of Gris Gris magazine, The Baton Rouge

in May 2016, the CHS Class of 1966 honored the memory and legacy of fellow classmate and Louisiana political journalist, author and commentator, John James Maginnis ’66 by establishing an endowed scholarship fund in his name. Maginnis died suddenly on May 25, 2014, of a heart attack at the age of 66.

Enterprise, Louisiana Political Review and LaPolitics Weekly.

His illustrious 42-year career following Louisiana politics started with humble beginnings here at Catholic High School as the first editor of the Bear Facts, the school’s newspaper established by Maginnis his senior year. With fellow colleagues Steve Constantin and Greg Politz, Maginnis and friends envisioned what a high school newspaper should be like. That year he was awarded the Golden Bear for Best in Journalism by Brother Adrian Gaudin, SC, who was also a scholar of journalistic talent. He went on to LSU where he was editor of the Daily Reveille student newspaper. A U.S. Navy veteran during the Vietnam War, Maginnis’ career included publishing in the 1970s and 1980s with

He authored three books, “The Last Hayride,” “Cross to Bear” and “The Politics to Reform.” He was a fixture at the Louisiana State Capitol roaming the halls of committee meetings and often hosted correspondents who covered Louisiana politics from a national perspective. Coordinated through the efforts of CHS 1966 classmates, led by Coleman Brown, The John James Maginnis ’66 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund has begun receiving financial support toward the $40,000 principal needed to assist CHS students with need base tuition assistance. Contributions to the scholarship fund is a fitting gesture to his lasting legacy that will live on in perpetuity. To support the John James Maginnis ’66 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund, please contact CHS Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90 at 225.389.0978 or for more details.

Possible Summer @ CHS ad A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894






1964 1961

1962 LOUIS DEJOHN and wife, Becky, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at a gathering of family and friends at Drusilla Catering on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016.

ITF is committed to helping participants have more energy and self-confidence for the things that really matter - family and friends.


1971 VAN R. MAYHALL JR. celebrated the release of the third book, “7,” in his Cloe LeJeune thriller series. Mayhall is teaming up with Film Incito producers, Jarred Coates and Lisa Arnold, for the film production of his debut novel, “Judas the Apostle.” Mayhall is the senior partner in the Baton Rouge office of Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P. where he practices corporate and business law and handles selective litigation. Mayhall is also listed in the 2017 edition of Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business for Louisiana.

P.M. LAROSE published his second novel in October 2016. “Bet on Beers,” a sequel to “First Case of Beers,” is a mystery set in Las Vegas. Department store detective Jim “Beers” Biersovich and cohorts try to track down a missing jade bathtub while dodging the deadly perils of the gambling mecca.

1977 BLANE CLARK and son, Hayden, are franchise owners of Iron Tribe Fitness Mid City (ITF) at 1176 S. Acadian Thruway. Hayden became a fan of ITF’s innovative fitness approach while working as an ITF coach in New Orleans.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

JAY BUTCHER, J.P. Kelly ’92 and Bradley Katzmarzyk ’14 were featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report about a new app they have launched, sLocal, which promotes local businesses, offers deals and discounts to users and supports education by donating a portion of the proceeds to local schools. The sLocal app is available on the App Store and Google Play.





MARTIN ALVAREZ joined G4S as regional president, Latin America and Caribbean. G4S is the world’s leading security solutions group with operations in more than 100 countries and 610,000 employees. Alvarez has extensive experience working and living in the Latin America Region for over 15 years and a wealth of experience in strategic commercial and operational roles. Martin has an MBA from IESE in Barcelona and a bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Finance.

JEREMY WOOLSEY served as art director for the Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, “Hidden Figures,” the true story of three African American women behind the scenes at NASA in the 60’s. Woolsey and the design team won the award for Excellence in Production Design at the 21st Annual Art Directors Guild Awards for their work on “Hidden Figures.” Woolsey’s resume also includes “Vacation,” “Dirty Grandpa,” Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm” and “Pitch Perfect.”

WARRICK DUNN is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Warrick Dunn Charities’ Homes for the Holidays (HFTH). In its 20 years, HFTH has assisted over 150 economically-disadvantaged single parents and their children with first-time homeownership.



SCOTT EMONET and co-owner Kelly Balfour have opened a new law firm, Balfour Emonet, located in downtown Baton Rouge. Emonet is also the co-owner of Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar in downtown Baton Rouge.

BRET MCCABE published his first book, “The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset.” The book details McCabe’s experiences as a clinical and sports psychologist, his playing days at LSU, and his experiences working with the world’s best athletes, from the University of Alabama, PGA players, and professional athletes. The book is now available on Amazon.

J.P. KELLY, Jay Butcher ’81 and Bradley Katzmarzyk ’14 were featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report about a new app they have launched, sLocal, which promotes local businesses, offers deals and discounts to users and supports education by donating a portion of the proceeds to local schools. The sLocal app is available on the App Store and Google Play.


TRENT GRIGGS received the most prestigious award offered for top producers in Verizon Wireless, the President’s Cabinet. Griggs’ nomination was based upon being in the top 1 percent of sales and production, and for his emergency response efforts during the Louisiana floods. Griggs was responsible for setting up mobile command and operations for the floods in North Louisiana in the spring and again in the summer for the Baton Rouge area.


a lum n i


1994 RHAOUL GUILLAUME JR., project manager for Gotech Consulting Engineers, a Baton Rouge company, has been developing Pointe-Marie over the past five years. Construction has begun on the first phase of the project, a $500 million traditional neighborhood development on 120 acres between River Road and Nicholson Drive.

CHAD MARTIN and his brother, Jason Martin ’02, are principals in the familyowned business Martin Ecosystems that manufactures and supplies environmental technologies, created from recycled plastics that provide natural solutions for coastal erosion and water quality improvement. Martin Ecosystems was asked to pitch its ideas to tackle water quality, land loss and storm water management to a panel of judges. The company won a $15,000 prize in the Water Challenge during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.


JEREMY ALFORD co-authored a new book, “Long Shot,” the story of Louisiana’s 2015 governor’s race between a scandalplagued U.S. senator and a little-known legislator. Alford is also the publisher and editor of the LaPolitics Weekly.

1997 BIRTH


Kate and MATTHEW VON GRUBEN, daughters Adeline Clare, Abigail Elizabeth and Allyson Rebekah


Ashley and STEPHEN RICE, son Covey Christopher

Alyson and KOSTAS PLAKIDAS, son Jack Kostas

1998 BOBBY MORRIS was named to the 2016 Baton Rouge Business Report’s 40 under 40. Morris is the owner of Morris Farms Partnerships in West Baton Rouge Parish. Morris won the Louisiana Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award in 2012 and currently serves as treasurer of the West Baton Rouge Farm Bureau Board and is involved with the American Sugar Cane League and the LSU AgCenter.

1997 MAJOR APPLEWHITE was named the next head football coach at the University of Houston. Applewhite, who served as offensive coordinator for the Cougars under former Houston coach Tom Herman, played quarterback for the Bears from 1993-1997.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Following graduation from Catholic High, Applewhite had a successful career at the University of Texas, playing quarterback for the Longhorns from 1998-2001. He has had previous coaching stints at at UT and Rice.







Alicia and KASEY BRAND, son Eli Weldon

Rachel and DR. MICHAEL VON GRUBEN, son Luke William

Katrina and JACOB GWIN, daughter Lane Marie

JASON MARTIN and his brother, Chad Martin ’93, are principals in the familyowned business Martin Ecosystems that manufactures and supplies environmental technologies, created from recycled plastics that provide natural solutions for coastal erosion and water quality improvement. Martin Ecosystems was asked to pitch its ideas to tackle water quality, land loss and storm water management to a panel of judges. The company won a $15,000 prize in the Water Challenge during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. (PHOTO)

2001 BIRTH

Emily and CHRIS HESTER, son Hayden James

2003 MARRIAGE KELLY BRAND and Ali Hudson

HUNTER TERRITO has been named president and an equity partner of Xdesign, Inc. Territo will lead the company in its creative strategy and execution, as he has for the past several years. As a part owner and president, Territo will bring Xdesign into a second generation of ownership, a goal the company has had since it began in 1990.

2005 BIRTH Kelly and KEVIN BEARD, son Noah James

2007 CLAY ACHEE ’01, a filmmaker and puppet maker, and BARTON GILLEY ’03, an artist and the creator of the animatronic puppet, Twiggly, collaborated on the short film, “Twiggly’s Battle.” The film earned the pair an honorable mention in a Jim Henson short film contest. Because of Twiggly, they have been invited to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Los Angeles to meet other talented puppet makers and tour Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

DANIEL LOUP has been named manager of project controls with Jacobs Engineering. A graduate of LSU with a B.S. in construction management, Loup will be responsible for home office and Field Project Controls, Planning/Scheduling and Cost.



a lum n i



COLE GULINO was one of 40 students to earn admission to the graduate program at Carnegie Mellon, where he will complete his master’s of robotic system development in December 2017. Gulino also accepted a position as software/ perception engineer with Uber where he will be developing the software for self-driving cars. OFFICER HERMAN OSBY KELLY III was awarded a Unit Citation from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department for service to the citizens of District 7 in Washington, D.C.



CHRIS SOLLIE is a Louisiana State Trooper with Troop L located in Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, Washington and St. Helena Parishes. Sollie graduated from the Academy in 2015 with LSP Cadet Class No. 94.

JOHN STEITZ joined the legislative staff of U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) in Washington, D.C. Prior to his new position, Steitz served as a staff member of the small business and entrepreneurship committee in the U.S. Senate.

ALEX BONNECAZE graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on May 21, 2016, with a B.S. in management and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army within the Infantry Branch. Bonnecaze reported to Fort Benning, Georgia, to begin the Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course (IBOLC) and will report to Ranger School upon graduation.

JOHN PAUL LUCKETT III and Kathryn Louise Olivier

2011 TAYLOR BALKOM, chief photographer for Ketchikan Daily News (KDN) in Ketchikan, Alaska, received a first place Alaska Press Club award for KDN for work produced in 2015. Balkom received the award for Best Scenic Photo with his March photo of the northern lights taken from the Rainbird Trail in Ketchikan. Several of Balkom’s photos have been picked up by the Associated Press and New York Times including his most recent photo of the Women’s March in Ketchikan.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

JONATHAN CARY announced a rebrand of his agency, Giant Leap, a marketing and design firm specializing in ultra-fast websites, social media and marketing campaigns. Located in downtown Baton Rouge, Giant Leap serves clients nationwide from the Fortune 500 to small businesses.

2012 MARRIAGE HUNTER KELTNER ’12 and Kaitlyn Bourgoyne



HUNTER KELTNER joined the United States Air Force and is stationed in South Dakota.

2013 DAVID DOIRON graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2016 in actuarial science. Doiron has taken a position at Milliman Actuarial Firm in Chicago.

JAKE CAMPESI is a junior chemical engineering student at LSU where he was the recipient of the LSU Flagship Scholarship and National Merit Scholarship. Campesi was also awarded the BASF Team Chemistry Scholarship, the S & B Brookshire Scholarship, the Leo Broering Memorial Scholarship, the Society of Sugar Cane Technologies Scholarship and the Gene Purdue Lowe Scholarship. Campesi completed a Co-Op with BASF this past year.

BRADLEY KATZMARZYK ’14, J.P. Kelly ’92 and Jay Butcher ’81 were featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report about a new app they have launched, sLocal, which promotes local businesses, offers deals and discounts to users and supports education by donating a portion of the proceeds to local schools. The sLocal app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

(l to r) CHS senior Dillon Cain, ERIC ANDRIES ’13, AUSTIN CAIN ’15, ANDREW LEBOEUF ’15 and TAYLOR PASTOREK ’16 competed in the South Central Area Qualifier in Centerville, MS, for the 2017 Rocky Mountain ATV/ MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.

Hey Bears, What’s Your News?

Marriages, Births, Promotions, Graduations, Accolades, Relocations, Highlights, Photographs Contact the CHS Alumni Office with your latest and greatest. 225.383.0459 |



a lum n i

Class Ring Project CONSTRUCTION ON THE new class ring display case wrapped up in fall 2016. Located in the Main Hall across from the front office, the display case features senior class rings from as early as the CHS class of 1913 through today. The Class of 1996 initiated the ‘Class Ring Project’ under the leadership of David Beach ’96 and in coordination with the Alumni Association and Archives Department of Catholic High School. The concept of the project began on Sept. 6, 2006, after class members celebrated their 10-year reunion. Through the last decade CHS has collected approximately 100 class rings from alumni and their families.

It is with great gratitude that we recognize the following companies for their dedication to the construction and completion of the display: Cangelosi Ward General Contractors, LLC Diniz Design Inc. FMM Maintenance and Construction Himmel’s Architectural Door & Hardware, Inc. Lanehart, Inc. Louisiana Glass, Inc. Ritter Maher Architects

The purpose of this display is to preserve history and symbolize the common bond among graduates of all classes. It also represents the Brothers of the Sacred Heart as the core of Catholic High School from its origin into perpetuity. Furthermore, it demonstrates the long-standing tradition of Catholic High School and encourages prospective students to become a part of its heritage. The CHS Alumni Board of Directors and the Archives Department would like to invite alumni, family and friends to help secure the following class rings currently not included in the display: 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1933, 1941, 1943, 1949, 2010, 2011, 2012

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


It’s your year to come home. Class Reunions 1977 • 1987 • 1997 • 2007 Check the CHS website for more information about upcoming reunions.

For information about your class reunion, contact the CHS Alumni Office at 225.383.0459.



a lum n i (l to r) CHS Principal Lisa Harvey, Dr. Melanie Verges, 2017 Distinguished Graduate Maurice Coleman ’82 and Bishop Robert Muench.

Maurice Coleman ’82 Catholic High School’s 2017 Distinguished Graduate CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL alumnus Maurice Coleman ’82 was honored by the Diocese of Baton Rouge as Catholic High School’s 2017 Distinguished Graduate during its annual Distinguished Graduate Awards Dinner on Jan. 31, 2017, at the Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel.

CHS Foundation Board Investment Committee and a 2014 Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame inductee.

After graduating from CHS in 1982, Coleman attended LSU where he earned his Bachelor of Science and MBA.

“No task is too big or too small for Maurice and he accomplishes all with a warm smile and positive attitude,” said Principal Lisa Harvey. “He is sincerely a man of outstanding character and this is demonstrated through his faith-filled and wise counsel to CHS and to his community.”

Currently, Coleman serves as the Deputy Chief Investment Officer for the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana. A past president of the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business Dean’s Advisory Council and a 2009 Hall of Distinction inductee, Coleman also serves as an adjunct finance instructor for the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business. He is a member of the Catholic High School Foundation Board, a member of the

Other CHS alumni recognized as a 2017 Distinguished Graduate were Jimmy Lamy ’86, St. George School; Patrick Reames ’94, St. Theresa School; Michael Shingleton ’03, Our Lady of Mercy; and Alec Daniel ’07, St. Jude School. Also recognized as a Distinguished Graduate was CHS faculty member and head baseball coach Brad Bass, Holy Family School.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


CHS Archives

Treasures of the Past Terry Daffin’s ’77 1976 football plaque. Donated by Todd Atchinson

Terry Daffin’s ’77 La. Classic 1977 Javelin Champion. Donated by Todd Atchinson Terry Daffin’s ’77 1976 District 7 - AAA 1954-1955 Catholic High School Handbook.

State Champions plaque.

Donated by Harold C. Arbour ’57

Donated by Todd Atchinson

SMTC Patches. History of the patches are unknown. If you have any information about SMTC at CHS, Letterman Jacket donated by Warren Capone ’70. (l to r) Director of Legacy Gifts and Grants Margie

contact Margie Alexander at Donated by Betty K. Kershaw

Alexander and Warren Capone ’70.

To donate an item from the past to the CHS Archives, contact Margie Alexander at or 225.381.9114. BEAR FACTS MAGAZINE


g r i z z ly s oc i a ls



3 4


Photo 1 18TH ANNUAL BROTHER ELDON 5K: Division winners, Tré Hendry ’90 (left), Michael Hendry ’03 (right) and Brother Eldon Crifasi ’39 SC (center) at the 18th Annual Brother Eldon 5K on Saturday, March 11. Photo 2 MOTHER-SON BREAKFAST: (l to r) Ramona and Taylor Fontenot ’17 were two of the approximate 1,300 to attend the Mother-Son Breakfast hosted by the CHS Mothers’ Club on Sunday, Feb. 19, at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Photo 3 GRANDPARENTS DAY: (l to r) Major Johnson ’18, Wayne Browning, Janice Browning and Ben Johnson ’20 attended Grandparents Day on Sunday, March 19, at CHS. Photo 4 LIP SYNC BATTLE WITH THE BEARS: The CHS coaches’ team, Coach It Like It’s Hot, won the People’s Choice Award at the inaugural Lip Sync Battle with the Bears hosted by the CHS Mothers’ Club on Saturday, March 11. Coach It Like It’s Hot team members were (top, l to r) Doug Logsdon ’02, Dale Weiner, (bottom, l to r) Ben DiPalma ’00, George Hopkins and J.P. Kelly ’92. Photo 5 GRIZZLY GREATS ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME: Sonya Virgets and Flint Virgets ’78 accept the Grrizly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame trophy for their late husband and father, Warren Virgets ’48, at the induction banquet on April 1, at De La Ronde Hall.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894







Photo 6 GUYS’ NIGHT OUT: (l to r) Dixon McMakin ’05, Ben McArdle ’05, Josh Houston ’03 and Adam Morgan ’02 attended the CHS Men’s Club Guys’ Night Out on Thursday, Feb. 16. Photo 7 COLLEGE PLANNING SEMINAR: F. King Alexander, president of LSU, was a guest speaker the 10th Annual College Planning Seminar hosted by CHS and SJA on Sunday, Feb. 12. Photo 8 2017 DISTINGUISHED GRADUATE BANQUET: At the Diocese of Baton Rouge’s 2017 Distinguished Graduates banquet on Jan. 31, were (l to r) Glen Randow, CHS director of alumni relations; Don Contine ’67, Alumni Association Board of Directors past president; Jimmy Lamy ’86, St. George School distinguished graduate; Alec Daniel ’07, St. Jude the Apostle School distinguished graduate; Michael Shingleton ’03, Our Lady of Mercy distinguished graduate; Maurice Coleman ’82, CHS distinguished graduate; Lisa Harvey, CHS principal; and Gene Tullier, CHS president. Photo 9 GRIZZLY GREATS ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME: (l to r) Dr. Michael Blanchard ’90, Wesley Salmon ’91 and Jonathan Pixley ’92 were inducted into the Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame at the induction banquet on April 1, at De La Ronde Hall. Photo 10 GOLF CLASSIC: CHS Director of Alumni Relations Glen Randow (center) presents a check for $16,347 from the Golf Classic proceeds to CHS Principal Lisa Harvey (left) and CHS President Gene Tullier (right) to go toward the CHS STREAM initiative.




THERE ARE MANY special occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. The following are acknowledged for their gifts to Catholic High School from Sept. 24, 2016, through March 10, 2017, in honor or memory of loved ones. Please remember these alumni and friends, as well as their families, in your prayers.

Memorial Gifts Mr. John Abate Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Quinlan III ’87 Mrs. Genevieve Abel Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Dr. E. Henry Amos ’60 Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Conger Mrs. Mary Ann Antrobus Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. David Assaf Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David Assaf IV ’89 Mrs. Edith L. Assaf Dr. and Mrs. David Assaf IV ’89 Dr. Bruce L. Baer Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. Harold I. Bahlinger Jr. ’82 Dr. Gary P. Mayeux and Dr. Allyson B. Mayeux Mr. Peter F. Bahlinger Sr. ’42 Mr. and Mrs. S. Vincent Arbour III ’72 Dr. Gary P. Mayeux and Dr. Allyson B. Mayeux Mrs. Eloise Selig Mr. Roland N. Selig Mr. Adam M. Barksdale ’02 Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Ferdinand J. Bello Jr. ’41 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Domas ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dupuy Sr. ’40 Mr. and Mrs. Norman V. Ryan Sr. Mr. Francis L. Bergeron Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Allen Mr. Thomas L. Bernard ’40 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dupuy Sr. ’40

Mr. Derric L. Blanchard

Mr. Denver R. Denison ’16

Mrs. Jan M. Blanchard Mr. Eugene M. Bologna ’69 Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Frank M. Bologna ’45 Mrs. Mary Lou James Mrs. Maria P. Bologna Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Byron J. Bourgeois Jr. ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Jess C. Arceneaux ’56 Epsilon of Kappa Delta Mr. Francis P. Bowers Jr. ’65 Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Ellis Sr. ’65 Sr. Kathleen Brogdon, CSJ Dr. and Mrs. Williams D. Wall IV Mr. Sanford J. Broussard Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Giblin Mr. Benjamin C. Brown ’99

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Ainsworth Mr. and Mrs. Hugo N. Andricain Jr. ’89 Anonymous Antique Pine Products Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Balhoff ’81 Dr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Bella ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Bertrand Mrs. Margaret Bologna Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bourgeois Sr. Mr. Chase C. Brouillette ’16 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Mr. Sanford J. Broussard Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Calahan CHS Honor Board CHS National Honor Society Dr. and Mrs. V. Dale Coffman Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70

Miss Kendall Coffman and Family

Ms. Brenda LeBoeuf

Mr. George E. Core III ’13

Mr. Christopher S. Callegan ’84 Dr. and Mrs. Jon Traxler Mr. Robert L. Cangelosi Jr. ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cangelosi Sr. ’57 Mrs. Audry Cashio Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. LeBlanc II ’95 Mr. Robert Clements Mr. Scott Clements and Dr. Kelly Clements Ms. Kacey Lyn David Mr. and Mrs. Donny David Mr. Thomas M. DeBlanc Jr. ’87 Mr. and Mrs. George Bofinger

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

Mr. Philip A. Core ’16 Mr. and Mrs. L. Sterling Core Crazy Dave’s Daiquiris LLC Dr. Emily Creekmore Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Cronan Dr. and Mrs. S. Carter Davis Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John A. Dean Mr. and Mrs. Scott Deranger Dr. and Mrs. Kraemer L. Diel ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Cid Dillard Mr. Hieu Do Mr. and Mrs. Phillip T. Doiron Ms. J. A. Edwards


Brother Virgil Harris, SC

Erdey Insurance

Ms. Lindsay Talley

Mr. and Mrs. Mack D. Faul

Ms. Shirley Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Ira R. Feld

Mr. Peter R. Tumminello ’16

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Ferachi ’84

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent V. Tumminello Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Flieg

Mr. Carlos A. Turner III ’16

Miss Elizabeth Foshee and

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Turner Jr.

Margaret A. Heffron

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine

Mr. Norman C. Heffron

Miss Lauren Foshee Dr. and Mrs. C. Farrell Frugé Jr. ’78

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Williams

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Mrs. Mary Lou James


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AS OF MARCH 13, 2017, the following alumni and friends of CHS have passed away since the last issue of Bear Facts. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Genevieve Robinson Abel

Jennifer B. Gauthier

Rose Culotta Oakley

Mary Ann Antrobus

James Randolph Gray

Felix Dewey Paille ’40

George J. Arceneaux

Monsignor William L. Greene ’42

Gloria Oschwald Peltier

Bruce L Baer M.D.

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Bernice Cantrelle Kathleen Champagne

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Norton T. Coco

Josephine M. Messenger

Denver Ross Denison ’16

Tammy Andree Messenger

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Thomas A. Miller Jr.

Mark G. Trepagnier ’73

Audrey Marie Fry

Steven Brock Mix ’05

Winton J. Waguespack

Janith Latil Garon

Gaye Lynn Luquet Murray

Conway G. Yarbrough D.D.S. ’61


Cecil C. Ranzino Sr. ’45 Jackie Kroll Reine Brother Marcel Riviere, SC Paula Mansur Roblin

Shirley Price Shingleton Mark Andrew Smith ’03 Alexander Spano ’10 Janice Trosclair Sweeney Henry H. Tolusso Jr. ’65 Cecilia Tramonte


Sports in the By David Butler ’77

THIS SUMMER, Raymond Didier ’37, will be posthumously inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches, Louisiana. He will be the fifth Catholic High School graduate and the sixth member of the Catholic High School Grizzly Greats Athletic Hall of Fame to achieve that honor. He joins his brother, Mel Didier ’44, Gayle Hatch ’57, Pete Boudreaux ’59, Warrick Dunn ’93 and George Elwood “Doc” Fenton in the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. While at Catholic High, Raymond competed in football, basketball and American Legion baseball. He received a football scholarship to Southwestern Louisiana Institute which is now the University of Louisiana Lafayette. From 1948 – 1956 he served as the head baseball coach at USL, winning five Gulf States Conference titles. He coached the football team for six seasons winning one conference title. He then moved to LSU coaching the baseball team from 1957 – 1963, winning the SEC Championship in 1961. Didier then moved on to Nicholls State coaching baseball and eventually becoming athletic director. Under his leadership, the baseball team flourished and he led Nicholls State’s transition from the NAIA to the NCAA. Mel Didier, like his brother Raymond, achieved his notoriety in baseball. He served as the assistant general manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Baltimore Orioles and director of minor league operations and society director for the Montreal Expos and Seattle Charmers. He has been a professional baseball scout for more than 60 years. While at Catholic High, Mel formed a baseball team that he coached.

Pete Boudreaux has led Catholic High to 45 State Championships in cross country, and indoor and outdoor track. He has been recognized for his accomplishments both on the state and national levels. He has been a pioneer promoting cross country, and track and field in the state of Louisiana. In July 2016, Boudreaux was inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame. Warrick Dunn played quarterback, running back and corner back for the Catholic High Bears. He went on to help lead the Florida State Seminoles to a national title in 1993. Dunn was a second team All-American in 1996 and an All-American on the 4x100 meter relay team at FSU. He was a first round pick in the 1997 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During his pro career with the Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons, he was a five-time 1,000 yard rusher and went on to rush for 10,967 career yards - which is 22nd on the NFL’s all-time list as of the 2016 season. George Elwood “Doc” Fenton is the one non-graduate of Catholic High to achieve this honor. His story is somewhat hidden from modern times. He was perhaps one of the first LSU greats in football and is a member of the National Football Hall of Fame. In 1925, while working at Standard Oil, he was approached by team captain Simon “Kid Four” Mansur who was looking for someone to help coach St. Vincent’s Academy, the predecessor to Catholic High School. He would take the train from work to the school downtown where he would practice the team. He coached for eight years leaving a lasting impression on those he coached.

“The six athletes that are in both the Grizzly Greats Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame are tremendous examples for our current students,” said CHS Athletic Director J.P. Kelly ’92. “Their lofty accomplishments create a high standard of excellence Gayle Hatch competed in football, basketball and track at CHS. and have created rich athletic history for our school. I predict that In the 1957 state basketball playoffs, he averaged 35 points and in the near future more of our Grizzly Greats will be inducted into 23 rebounds per game. In 2004, Hatch served as the United States the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Catholic High congratulates Olympic Weightlifting coach. He was also inducted into the USA the Didier family for Mr. Ray Didier’s posthumous induction to the Strength and Condition Coaches Hall of Fame. Through his career, he won 12 National Coach of the Year titles from USA Weightlifting. Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.”

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


IS THERE SOMEONE you know who has the heart, but needs a push, an invitation from you, to pursue God’s call? The world and the Church are in need of more Brothers of the Sacred Heart - men who are willing to reach out in compassion to make the love of Christ real and effective in the lives of young people. Could you muster the courage to invite or encourage someone to seriously discern a vocation and respond to God’s invitation? And what about you? Could you be one of those being called to embrace the life of a Brother of the Sacred Heart on behalf of young people, especially those who are poor and without hope?

Where are you being called?

The world, the Church and we need you. But most importantly, young people need you. Please give it some prayerful consideration, and give us a call if you would like to discuss it further.

(732) 718.8559

- Brother Ronald Hingle, SC, Vocation Director, Province of the United States

(504) 913.0005


FALL 2016

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CHS Parents: If your son no longer lives at home, please send us his new address. If you also wish to receive Bear Facts, please phone 225.389.0978 and let us know. Thank you.


THE MISSION of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

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Bear Facts Magazine - Winter/Spring 2017  

A special combined winter and spring edition.

Bear Facts Magazine - Winter/Spring 2017  

A special combined winter and spring edition.