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PHOTO BY TIM MUELLER. (l to r) Nick Bogan ’05, Robert Bogan IV ’04, Robert Bogan Jr. ’43, Pat Bogan ’78, Blair Bogan ’16 and Bob Bogan ’73.

Bogan’s long-time desire to give financially to his alma mater always returns to the idea of quality and an impact that lasts. Last fall, grandson Blair Bogan ’16 won a state title in football under coach Dale Weiner—whom he calls his greatest mentor— and Blair calls his family’s lineage at the school and their bond over it a very special thing. “At Catholic, you learn so much in the classroom, out of the classroom and on the field,” Blair says. “And you have brothers for life.” Growing up, Robert Bogan IV recalls weekend fishing adventures with his grandfather that would always end the same way, with the elder Bogan instructing the youngsters to clean the boat. Top to bottom. “He’s very education and discipline oriented,” Robert Bogan IV says. “Once I got to high school at Catholic, I saw where he got those values from, and that’s definitely been passed along. Cleaning that boat was hard work—all Sunday—but I appreciate it more now that I’m older.” Three generations of Bogans agree that the rigorous atmosphere of the school, inspired by the bedrock Biblical principals of its founding religious body, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, feels

now like a crucible that helped forge them as men. “They didn’t put up with any foolishness,” Pat Bogan ’78 says of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. “They were strict, but they were also your friends. You got a good education in humanity.” Pat’s son Blair says he knows the lessons he learned at Catholic will carry him well into the future. As for Robert Bogan Jr., the impact on his life is obvious in his continued admiration for his alma mater and in the respect and love the younger men of his family show him, though he has to have a laugh now as he thinks back on the discipline he received on occasion at CHS. As he does, he tugs at the cartilage on his right ear, and recalls that the teachers used to grab hold of it if he was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do. He chuckles.


VIDEO “That’s why this ear’s longer than the other!” For more information on how you can establish an endowed scholarship in honor or in memory of a loved one, please contact Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90 at



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