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Faculty focus Mark Primeaux ’07 Social Studies Department

Psychology, Psychology AP, Schola Cantorum Moderator of Cycling and Show Choir

“TEACHING AT MY alma mater is like seeing the other side of a magic trick. You figure it all out – in a good way of course.” Mark Primeaux, a graduate of the CHS Class of 2007, began his teaching career at CHS in 2013 after graduating from LSU with a bachelor’s degree in social studies education and a minor in music. Like many, he had a preconceived idea of what teaching would be like. “As a kid in high school, you don’t really understand the ‘bigger picture’ your teachers try to instill in you constantly. When you’re older and you see it from a different perspective, you suddenly realize what they meant all along.” “A ‘bigger picture’ I try to impress upon my students is to be critical consumers of information. We live in a world where many of our questions can be answered in an instant with a click of a mouse, but not all information we receive is factual. I want to teach my students to use critical thinking skills in discerning what’s credible and what’s not. They should form their own opinions based on those skills and what they believe to be true.”

An avid triathlete, Primeaux began taking triathlon racing seriously while attending college. Just one race shy of reaching professional status, Primeaux had a decision to make. He had to choose between competing as a professional triathlete, or begin a career in teaching. Needless to say, Primeaux chose teaching and is currently one of 25 faculty alumni at CHS. Although Primeaux is running a different race as a teacher, he still enjoys biking, swimming and running. He also has a great love for music and performance. While a student at CHS, Primeaux sang in the choir and performed on stage in various school musicals. Today, he serves as the assistant choir director for the CHS/SJA Schola Cantorum and is the lead singer of a band outside of Catholic High, BEAUCOUP BOOGIE.

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