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PRINCIPAL’S UPDATE WHAT A BEGINNING to the 2016-2017 school year. With only five school days completed, Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes experienced historic flooding with damage at a level never seen before in our lifetime. When the flood waters finally receded, more than 100,000 homes had flooded and more than 400,000 people were affected. And while Catholic High School itself did not have any water damage, because of the effect of the flood on so many of our families and the amount of help needed by those flooded all over the area, we missed six days of school. Those six days, and so many since, have been a true testament to how a community comes together to support those in need. More than 100 CHS students and 20 faculty and support staff experienced flooded homes. Each morning during the week we were out of school, faculty and students and alumni gathered in the Union to organize work crews to go out and gut houses. The work was dirty, hot, and exhausting, but that didn’t stop anyone from doing what was needed, and going back again the next day to continue to help. In addition to Catholic High’s organized efforts, there were so many of our students and faculty who responded to the need in their own families, neighborhoods, and area shelters, including rescuing flood victims from the rising waters. The CHS Mothers’ Club organized a clothing drive for our students who lost their school clothes in the flood and they fixed meals to deliver to the CHS work crews spread throughout the area. The CHS Men’s Club spent two Saturdays cooking hundreds of hamburger dinners to distribute through local church parishes in the most devastated neighborhoods. I have received countless emails from families who are so grateful for the help they received from our school community. Our students, faculty, friends, and support groups represented us proudly in this great time of need.

Catholic schools around the country, to assist those in need. Brother Martin High School and St. Stanislaus sent students during the week to help gut houses. The response to help has been humbling. While the flood waters have receded, the effects of the flood have not. For those who experienced flooded homes, the tremendous task of clean-up and rebuilding continues daily. Many are displaced, living outside of their homes, and this certainly creates additional stress. Numerous CHS families now have additional family and friends living with them. This is undoubtedly a time of need and our community has responded. As so often happens, the worst of times brings out the best in people. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the Catholic High community. How blessed we all are to be a part of this amazing family. Ametur Cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.

In addition, Catholic High School established a Flood Relief Fund and thanks to the generosity of so many, more than $40,000 was raised. Both faculty and students who flooded have been the beneficiaries of this generosity by receiving funds to help them through this difficult time. And Catholic High School was humbled to receive hundreds of dollars in gift cards from other Brothers of the Sacred Heart Schools, as well as other


Lisa Harvey CHS Principal FALL 2016

Bear Facts - Fall 2016  
Bear Facts - Fall 2016