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SEPTEMBER 30 is the anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. In 1821, ten men climbed a hill in Lyons, France, to commit themselves to God and to one another through the bond of religious profession for one mission: to rescue young people from ignorance, to prepare them for life, and to give them a sound foundation in their faith. They wanted to reach out in a special way to youth who were poor and without hope, the young for whom no one else was concerned. It sounds easy. It sounds romantic. But it wasn’t back then and it isn’t so today. It’s demanding and challenging work, and the nearly 1,000 Brothers who continue that mission in 31 countries today, wouldn’t have it any other way! What better way to spend your life than by helping young people, especially the marginalized, to come to the knowledge and love of God, of themselves and of God’s creation? CHS is just one of the success stories of that mission. So are you!

- Brother Ronald Hingle, SC, Vocation Director, Province of the United States

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If you’re not already committed, won’t you consider life as a Brother of the Sacred Heart?


FALL 2016

Bear Facts - Fall 2016  
Bear Facts - Fall 2016