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THERE ARE MANY special occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. The following are acknowledged for their gifts to Catholic High School from May 10, 2016 through Sept. 23, 2016 in honor or memory of loved ones. Please remember these alumni and friends, as well as their families, in your prayers.

Memorial Gifts Mrs. Emily Alley Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Bonnecaze ’65 Radiology Associates Mr. and Mrs. Stewart W. Wilson Mr. John H. Barber Sr. Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Roy Beaugh Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brouillette Mr. Gordon M. Blanchard Sr. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Blanchard ’01 Mr. Frank M. Bologna ’45 Mrs. Maria P. Bologna Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Samson Breen Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Benjamin C. Brown ’99 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Balhoff Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Blanchard ’01 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70 Mrs. Abby McCurry Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Moscona ’00 Mr. Harry K. Brown Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. William P. Bryan Jr. ’50 Mr. G. Corky Bryan ’56 Mr. Robert L. Cangelosi Jr. ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cangelosi Sr. ’57 Mr. Leo A. Cavell ’44 Anonymous Mr. Ronald Joseph DeLouise ’72 Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. Benny Drago Sr. ’37 Mrs. Belinda Merritt Mr. Alton C. Ducote Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Braud Mr. William A. Efferson Sr. ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. McHardy Sr. ’47

Mr. Frederick W. Frey Jr. Ms. Anamarie B. Bratcher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kendrick Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Long Mr. and Mrs. Lee F. Parker Mr. J. Micah Gardemal ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Bourque Mr. Louis B. Gaudin Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Marchel Brennan Heurtey Petrochem John Adkins Tax Accounting Service, Inc. Ms. Frances Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John J. LaCour ’81 Dr. and Mrs. Edward McLaughlin Mrs. John M. Melancon Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Ramirez Roth Pump Company The Neuromedical Center Mr. James P. Giblin II ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Carville Jr. ’95 Mrs. Grace Graugnard Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. Thomas Joseph Guercio ’34 Mr. and Mrs. C. Philip Guercio ’69 Mrs. Martha Haase Mrs. Lolita D. Tilley Mr. Alfred S. Heroman Sr. ’45 Dr. and Mrs. Adam J. Broussard ’01 Mr. Jorge Hidalgo Mrs. Robbie Wand Mr. Otis S. James Jr. Mrs. Mary E. Barber Mr. Paul P. Bologna ’78 Mr. and Mrs. J. Pierre Boudreaux Sr. ’59 Ms. Kate E. Brady Ms. Cheryl Burnett Dr. and Mrs. J. Roy Chustz Jr. ’55

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. del Rio ’58 Mr and Mrs. David James and Family Mrs. Mary Lou James Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lynch ’88 and Family Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Molesini and Family Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Mr. James W. Jolly Sr. ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ’74 Mr. Gordon L. Jones ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70 Dr. James A. Laville Sr. Arthrex, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Laville Jr. ’78 Mr. Jerry T. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Stephan M. Hillman ’90 Ms. Stephanie M. Levert Mr. Mark J. Maggio ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Gagliano ’74 Mr. Benny McArdle Anonymous Mrs. Marta H. McCarron Ms. Nancy P. Herin Mr. Patrick O. McCarron ’93 Mr. Robert L. McCarron Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. McCarron III ’89 Mr. Thomas L. McGuire Jr. ’59 Mrs. Julia B. McGuire Mr. Falcon A. Morgan ’53 C. Richard Atkins, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer CC’s Coffee House, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hannie Jr. ’55 Mr. Wayne Vignes Mr. Jeffrey D. Nola ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Fetterman ’94 Mrs. Louise Kilshaw

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Bear Facts - Fall 2016  
Bear Facts - Fall 2016