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IN THE EARLY WEEKS OF THE 2016 school year, our community witnessed incredible hardships with the catastrophic flooding that swept across south Louisiana. While the school itself received no direct damage, a number of our faculty, staff and students did. As often happens, times of crisis have a way of bringing out the best in people; of rallying communities for the greater good - and that was certainly the case at Catholic High School. As soon as the flood waters receded, groups of CHS faculty, staff and students gathered each morning and organized work crews to go out and help those in need. From gutting homes and delivering food to organizing a clothing drive for displaced students, Bear Nation exemplified one of Father Andre Coindre’s and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart’s core tenets: Respond to those in need with the spirit of compassion of Jesus Christ. We were also blessed with the outpouring of love and support our families, friends and alumni expressed for this institution in the aftermath. We were inundated with offers of help from across the country in just about every way imaginable. St. Pius Catholic High School in Atlanta, Georgia, raised $4,947 for our families. We also received donations from Chaminade High School in Mineola, NY., as well as from our fellow Brothers school, Mount St. Charles High School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. More than $40,000 was donated to the CHS Flood Relief Fund, directly assisting the 20 CHS faculty and staff members and the 102 students whose homes flooded.

Perhaps nowhere was this outpouring of love and commitment more intimately felt than on our first day back on August 22, as we gathered as a community with over 98 percent of our faculty and students present, and celebrated Mass together. Even in the midst of those dark days, we reaffirmed our belief in each other, in the mission of this institution and in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. The journey back has been a long one, but it’s one we have traveled together. And while many are still working to put their lives and homes back together, we, as an institution of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, will continue to respond to those in need with the spirit of compassion of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support for the Catholic High School community and for of all those who were affected.

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Bear Facts - Fall 2016  
Bear Facts - Fall 2016