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New Faculty...New Faces

Catholic High School welcomes new faculty for 2016

Michael Billings ’06

Cason O’Banion

Leanna Cupit

Gerren Porch

Christopher Davis

Jarrod Quebodeaux

George K. D. Hopkins

Pegeen Romero

Kaia Lo

Tim Waller

Taylor Messenger ’94

Ian Widdick

Physical Education, Sports Medicine I Assistant Baseball Coach

Biology, Physical Science 4-H Club Moderator

Civics I, Religion II Campus Ministry

Geometry, Algebra II Lacrosse Head Coach

Fine Arts Survey, SAS Band, Advanced Band - A Assistant Director of Bands

Intro to Algebra, Algebra II Ultimate Moderator


English II, Western Civilization Speech and Debate Moderator

Music & Technology, Assistant Librarian Band Moderator

Western Civilization Bruin Broadcast Network, and Youth and Government Moderator

Religion I, Religion II Campus Ministry, Respect Life Moderator

American History, Civics II Assistant Basketball Coach

English II, Speech Assistant Bowling Coach

FALL 2016

Bear Facts - Fall 2016  
Bear Facts - Fall 2016