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Faculty focus Susana Costela

Foreign Language Department Spanish II, Spanish III Honors Spanish IV Honors, Spanish AP

“If there is one thing I could impress upon my students, it’s that education opens all doors.” This isn’t just a saying for Susana Costela, CHS Spanish teacher, it’s a way of life. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Costela’s love of learning and passion for books have paved the way for some unique life experiences. “I’ve studied German, French, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Arabic, Latin and Portuguese. I love languages and learning about different cultures.” As a result, Costela has lived in several different countries including Spain, England and Ireland. In fact, it was her love for different cultures that led her to the United States eight years ago with her husband of 25 years and their two daughters. “I wanted my daughters to have an

international experience; to learn what it was like to be part of another culture.” Costela has been an educator for more than 30 years, teaching at both the secondary and university level. “My father was a philosophy professor, so my love for learning and education runs in the family.” For her, teaching is a very holistic profession. “When I teach, I have the opportunity to educate not only the brain, but the soul and spirit as well.” Her aim is to reach far beyond the classroom. “I want to open students up to the world, expand their horizons and mold them for the future. My students are like my children.”

Student spotlight Charles Daniel CHS Junior

Charles Daniel, a junior at CHS, has a secret that not many of his peers know about. Charles is a cross country marathon mountain biker. In fact, he is the top ranked cross country marathon mountain biker in the nation for the 18 and under division and recently picked up his first major sponsorship with Raising Canes Racing. Charles started biking his freshmen year with his grandfather. The two of them would do a 30-mile ride on Saturday mornings. “I eventually

decided to try an off road course. I got beat up pretty badly from it but I instantly took an aim for it.” Charles only started competing nationally about a year ago. His most recent race was the 2016 Mellow Johnny’s Classic in Henly, Texas, where he placed first in his division. His overall goal is to qualify for the Leadville Trial 100 MTB. Leadville is a 100 mile race across the high altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. Altitudes climb to more than 12,400 feet.



Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.

Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.