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as an opportunity to help and serve. By offering himself in this way, he soon realized he was the one actually receiving the gift. “I began to learn how to look at people as Christ looked at people, and that was a huge blessing.” There’s no question Anthony’s mission experiences had a profound impact on his life and how he plans to live it moving forward. “I don’t think there is any better feeling than realizing you have a higher purpose, that you are an instrument of something that’s greater than you as an individual,” commented Anthony. “It was an incredibly fulfilling experience and a mindset I hope to continue for the rest of my life.” When he returned to Louisiana in December 2015, Anthony reenrolled at LSU and continued his studies in biological sciences. He is on track to graduate this year. While unsure of what the immediate future holds after graduation, at some point, he would like to further his education. For now though, he’s focused on preparing for his next journey. “In the church, much like my experience at Catholic High School, we believe family is the center of God’s plan for us. So when we’ve completed our two years of service, we come home and begin to prepare to be the kind of man our future family deserves.” As we closed out our interview, I was impressed by Anthony’s young spiritual and personal journey. The breadth and scope of his life’s influences and experiences go far beyond those of a typical 23-year-old. Even though it’s been six years since Anthony graduated, and he has had the opportunity to travel the world and live and breathe different cultures, it is obvious the people and influences he experienced at Catholic High School played an important role in the direction of his life. “I will always be grateful for the education I received at Catholic High School. Hands down, it’s one of the biggest things that has continued to serve me throughout my life.”

All people generally have the same values. At the end of the day, people love and want to care for their family.



Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.

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