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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  -Henry David Thoreau

us.” The experience inspired Anthony to read Mountains Beyond

like my coaches, he was genuinely concerned with the well-being

Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would

of young men. I really appreciated that. I think the world of all

Cure the World by Tracy Kidder. In his book, Kidder traces the

the Brothers.” Anthony isn’t the only one in his family to have the

life of physician and anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer and his work

opportunity to benefit from the Brothers — his younger brother

fighting tuberculosis in Haiti, Peru and Russia. The book had a profound impact on Anthony, and began to shape how he thought about the world and his role in it. “In the book, Dr. Farmer is quoted as saying ‘The only real nation is humanity.’ I really liked that quote and it has always stuck with me.” Growing up, Anthony’s parents instilled in him values grounded in the teachings found in the scriptural theme of living in the world, but not of the world. Throughout his career at CHS, he found many ways in which Catholic High School supported those same values. One of the most obvious, was his interactions and relationships with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. “Brother Ray, Brother Barry and Brother Xavier were great examples of living

Austin is currently a senior, and his youngest brother Aaron is a member of the class of 2020. After graduating from Catholic, Anthony enrolled at LSU in the fall of 2010, and eventually settled on biological science as his major, with minors in chemistry and business management. Even though he was busy with the day-to-day grind of college, he still continued to look for opportunities to serve others and live his faith as the Brothers had modeled for him while a student at CHS. “When I was at LSU, I got involved with Health Initiative Abroad, a non-profit organization founded by Catholic High graduates.” HIA was founded in 2008 by 12 members of the Catholic High

what you believe. They lived their values and that’s honorable to

class of 2008. Influenced by CHS’ teachings of service to others,

see from anyone.” Anthony also found support from the Brothers

the non-profit organization was dedicated to making a difference

in helping direct his own spiritual journey. “Whenever I had faith

in people’s lives through healthy and sustainable communities

questions, Brother Barry was always willing to answer them, and

across the globe.



Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.

Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.