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“DO YOU SEE that young man over there? He just got back from a two-year mission trip to Argentina, you should talk to him.” That’s how I first met Anthony Brock ’10, as he was warming up for the CHS Basketball Alumni game. I walked across the court, introduced myself and asked if he would be interested in sharing his mission experience in an upcoming edition of Bear Facts. “Yes sir, that would be great,” he said. “But I need to be up front with you,

After attending St. Alphonsus Catholic School, Anthony enrolled at Catholic High as an eighth grader. Like most young men at that age, he saw athletics as a way to get involved and meet new people. He played basketball all five years for the Bears, but quickly realized the lessons he was learning reached far beyond the court. “The coaches I played for – Coach Butcher, Coach Randow, Coach Kenny – they all placed an emphasis on building values and character before

I’m not Catholic.”

any win loss record. I really appreciated that feeling of concern.”

While his frankness caught me a bit off guard, I assured him that

Mangum, my Spanish teacher, and Taylor Murphy were also great

was not an issue. I was more interested in learning how a 21-year-

examples of that same concern.”

Anthony experienced that feeling in the classroom as well. “Brent

old man, one semester shy of graduating, reaches the decision to put his education on hold, leave his family and dedicate two years

It was with Murphy that Anthony had his first mission trip

of his life to serving others. As we sat down to discuss his life-

experience in the summer between his junior and senior year.

changing experience, Anthony explained to me he was a member

“The trip to Honduras with Mr. Murphy was my first mission

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. During our

experience and trip out of the country. I had a desire to see the

conversation however, it became clear that while he is committed to

bigger picture in terms of humanity and caring for one another.”

his Mormon faith, his experiences at Catholic High School played a

During the trip, Anthony and other CHS students lived and

major role in re-enforcing his spiritual formation, and set in motion

worked at an orphanage. It was here, he was first introduced to the

the changing power of living one’s faith.

life changing power of serving others, a theme that would repeat itself on future trips. “In the moment, we thought we were helping them, but in reality, the experience was much more beneficial for

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Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.

Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.