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AMETUR COR JESU Loved be the heart of Jesus Founded in 1894 by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Catholic High School is an all-male college preparatory institution serving young men in grades 8 - 12.

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A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


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Gerald E. Tullier CHS President

AT THE END OF FEBRUARY, we mailed letters to the newly accepted CHS students for the 2016-2017 school year. I hope and trust that these newly accepted students are thrilled by their opportunity to attend CHS. I hope they are also a bit nervous because we fully intend to challenge them intellectually, spiritually and personally. On April 17, 2016, we will have a required meeting for all of these new students and their parents at which time we will explain in more detail the opportunity these young men have and the

them. Thankfully, the context within which we pursue our mission is not literally one of life and death. It is, however, of great significance because our mission involves the life-long formation of young men in light of their eternal destiny. In thousands of small ways over the course of their careers at CHS, we will ask these young men to deny the immediate gratification of their desires in order to achieve greater things with their lives and to

expectations we have of them.

“perfect their souls.” That expectation is, of course, very consistent

I thought about these new CHS students and the road that lies ahead

oneself in service of others which leads to the new life of Easter. So,

when I recently read a passage from Thomas Merton’s book, The Seven

when I say that I hope that these young men are also a bit nervous, it

Storey Mountain. “Souls are like athletes, that need opponents worthy

is because I hope they instinctively understand that being at CHS is a

of them, if they are to be tried and extended and pushed to the full use

big deal. It is important. It matters for life.

with Catholic faith and Lenten observance. Lent is a call to deny

of their powers,” wrote Merton. In this passage, Merton was reflecting upon the death of his father. He was comforted in the realization

In regard to this, one other thought from Merton strikes me as

that his father’s long illness and suffering served a valuable purpose

pertinent. In discussing his own recovery from physical illness and

in turning his intellect and will to God, and thus helping to “perfect

personal deliverance, he writes “It is through the prayers of other

his soul.” Merton’s father was obviously one of those people able to

men that these graces are given.” As we mature in life and faith, we

transcend suffering and recognize it as an opportunity to receive

all realize that we are not self-sufficient. We need others to guide,

God’s grace.

challenge, support and encourage us. Merton understood that to grow in faith we also need the prayers of others.

Our mission at CHS is essentially challenging all of our students to pursue high and worthy goals throughout their lives, helping them to

With that profound faith insight in mind, I ask that you remember

achieve their full potential and, in the process, showing that God loves

these newly accepted CHS students frequently in your prayers.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894



holistic endeavor as articulated by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The Brothers’ document titled Educational Mission and Ministry states, “Education according to the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is holistic education rooted in religious values, structured through friendly discipline, nurtured by personal attention and committed to academic excellence.” There is no doubt that religious values of our education are present daily in our classrooms, liturgies, extracurricular events and the day-to-day interactions within our school community. Lent provided one more opportunity to form our students in the gospel values that are at the core of our mission as we participated in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. On the first Friday of school after the Mardi Gras break, our campus ministry department coordinated a Lenten fast. In solidarity with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart mission in Mozambique, Africa, a simple meal of grits, red beans and greens was available during the lunch periods. Students and faculty had the opportunity to purchase a meal common for the students at Mission Amatongas in Mozambique, in order to gain an understanding of their daily experience. The other Brothers’ schools in the south also participated in this activity, further strengthening the bonds between Brothers of the Sacred Heart schools in the Province of the United States.

Holy Thursday experience was meaningful for our students and served as one more way to ensure that religious values are a daily part of our school life. Catholic High is blessed to have a campus ministry team, led by Scott Losavio ’95, who works tirelessly to provide students with opportunities to live and share their faith. Whether it is Lenten activities, service opportunities, retreats, mission trips, peer ministry, discussion groups on faith or a host of other faith-related experiences, our students have every opportunity to further their faith. Our students’ formation is the first priority of our dedicated faculty and staff. They work with students each day, ensuring holistic education within the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart continues at Catholic High School. Ametur Cor Jesu. Loved be the heart of Jesus.

All students and faculty were given a Rice Bowl to bring home to make contributions throughout Lent. The proceeds of the collection will go to Mission Amatongas, as well as to Catholic Relief Services. Our campus ministry team planned a different type of ritual for our students and faculty for Holy Thursday. During religion classes that day, students went to the gym where various areas were designated to represent different types of spiritual experiences. The choices included adoration of the Holy Eucharist, the sacrament of Reconciliation, and silent prayer and reflection on Stations of the Cross created by our art classes. As students entered the gym, they brought their Rice Bowl and placed it in the center of the floor as their offering for those in need. Faculty also participated in the experience. I know this


Lisa Harvey CHS Principal



CHS College Counseling Office your personal GPS for college admisisons

WOULD YOU TAKE A TRIP to a place you have

never been before without programming your GPS? Would you build a house without a blueprint or a list of essential materials needed to complete the project? You probably answered “no” to both questions. Believe it or not, you should approach the college admissions process in the same way – like a journey or a project that needs a well thought out plan of where to go and a comprehensive list of what you will need to get there. Unfortunately, many think the college admissions process is simply a one-time action of submitting college applications. While this is certainly one step in the journey, there are a number of steps you need to take long before you submit your first application. Fortunately at Catholic, you don’t have to figure out which steps to take and when to take them all by yourself. Over the last 14 years, Sherry Brouillette and Jennifer Thibodeaux have led CHS’ college counseling office, working diligently to develop and refine a comprehensive program to guide students and their parents through the college admissions process. In 2004, their office invested in Naviance/Family Connection, an online program that helps counselors and students search for appropriate colleges and scholarships, as well as keep track of submitted applications. The program also provides personality and interest assessments to help students identify potential college majors. Along with this powerful resource, the pair have created a detailed College Planning Handbook specific to CHS students. The guide outlines the college planning timeline, and provides information and resources to help students and parents navigate

the college admissions journey from beginning to end. Brouillette and Thibodeaux are also instrumental in planning and facilitating informational events for families on the college admissions process. Some of these events include the National College Fair, TOPS Seminar, College Planning Seminar and Application Day. In addition to individual meetings with students, the college planning office sends out a weekly e-newsletter updating students on deadlines and scholarships, along with other helpful information throughout the year. Both counselors view professional development as an important tool in staying on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of college admissions. Each are active in the National Association for College Admission Counseling and the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling, and attend these conferences annually. Through hard work and dedication, Brouillette and Thibodeaux have established a respectful and reputable rapport with college representatives from across the country, and are often invited to visit and experience college campuses firsthand. At first glance, the college admissions process can seem overwhelming. However, with a detailed map of where to go and what to do along the way, it can be an exciting and fulfilling journey for everyone involved. So, when it’s time to begin your college admissions journey, the first stop should be the CHS’ college counseling office - think of it as your personal GPS for college admissions.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894



Sherry C. Brouillette, LPC Senior Class Counselor Louisiana State University, M.Ed. Northeast Louisiana University, B.S.

Class of 2015 by the numbers

In recognition of “her years of outstanding leadership and dedication to her students and to the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling,” Mrs. Brouillette earned the Larry West Award, the highest award given by SACAC, in 2010. She recently completed a 2-year term on the Board of Directors for the National Catholic Colleges Admission Association, and is currently serving a three year term on the SACAC Board of Directors and a two year term on the Millsaps College Counselor Advisory Board.

Number of applications submitted

750 Number of applications accepted

Serving as a Senior Class Counselor and also the Director of College Counseling, she came to Catholic High School in 1998 with previous counseling experience at St. Jean Vianney School and St. John High School in Plaquemine.


Jennifer Thibodeaux Senior Class Counselor Louisiana State University, B.S., M.Ed.

Number of different schools accepted to

Mrs. Thibodeaux has served as a Senior Class Counselor since 2002 and as cheerleading moderator since 2004. Prior to coming to Catholic High School, she worked as an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Louisiana State University.

99 Scholarship amount awarded (excluding TOPS)

Thibodeaux has served as the Local Arrangements Chairwoman for the Baton Rouge National College Fair since 2006 and was a member of the University of Georgia High School Advisory Council for two years. In 2012, Thibodeaux received the President’s Award for Excellence for her outstanding contributions to the Southern Association of College Admission Counseling.


$20.9 million SPRING 2016

on c a m p us

things that

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club



took first place overall in the magnet school division at the Baton Rouge High Math Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 30.


Highlighting Students, Clubs & Activities

Braden Nyboer ’17 was elected as the new district president for the Louisiana Association of Student Councils and Lance Rodriguez ’17 was elected as the new LASC state vice president.

Seniors Brennan Burke, Davis Polito, Joseph Stassi, Dylan Thompson, David Toups and


Parkes Winder were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists.

Senior Joseph Stassi was selected as a candidate for the United States Presidential Scholars Program.


The CHS Jazz Band received an overall Superior Rating at the Loyola Jazz Festival on Friday, March 4.

Senior Brendan Hardin received

Juniors Ezra Grant and Zach Crawford

were selected to attend the Summer Leadership Experience at the United States Military Academy at West Point this summer.



a Congressional Appointment to the United States Naval


Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Hardin was

nominated by Congressman Garret Graves ’90.



video and piñata competitions at the annual

School Technology

Louisiana Spanish Clubs State Convention.


The CHS Spanish Club placed first in both the

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

CHS students participated in the 10th

annual Louisiana High


Faculty focus Susana Costela

Foreign Language Department Spanish II, Spanish III Honors Spanish IV Honors, Spanish AP

“If there is one thing I could impress upon my students, it’s that education opens all doors.” This isn’t just a saying for Susana Costela, CHS Spanish teacher, it’s a way of life. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Costela’s love of learning and passion for books have paved the way for some unique life experiences. “I’ve studied German, French, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Arabic, Latin and Portuguese. I love languages and learning about different cultures.” As a result, Costela has lived in several different countries including Spain, England and Ireland. In fact, it was her love for different cultures that led her to the United States eight years ago with her husband of 25 years and their two daughters. “I wanted my daughters to have an

international experience; to learn what it was like to be part of another culture.” Costela has been an educator for more than 30 years, teaching at both the secondary and university level. “My father was a philosophy professor, so my love for learning and education runs in the family.” For her, teaching is a very holistic profession. “When I teach, I have the opportunity to educate not only the brain, but the soul and spirit as well.” Her aim is to reach far beyond the classroom. “I want to open students up to the world, expand their horizons and mold them for the future. My students are like my children.”

Student spotlight Charles Daniel CHS Junior

Charles Daniel, a junior at CHS, has a secret that not many of his peers know about. Charles is a cross country marathon mountain biker. In fact, he is the top ranked cross country marathon mountain biker in the nation for the 18 and under division and recently picked up his first major sponsorship with Raising Canes Racing. Charles started biking his freshmen year with his grandfather. The two of them would do a 30-mile ride on Saturday mornings. “I eventually

decided to try an off road course. I got beat up pretty badly from it but I instantly took an aim for it.” Charles only started competing nationally about a year ago. His most recent race was the 2016 Mellow Johnny’s Classic in Henly, Texas, where he placed first in his division. His overall goal is to qualify for the Leadville Trial 100 MTB. Leadville is a 100 mile race across the high altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. Altitudes climb to more than 12,400 feet.



on c a m p us

Winter Athletic Accomplishments BASKETBALL 2016 LHSAA Class 5A Playoff Appearance BOWLING 2016 LHSAA District Champions INDOOR TRACK & FIELD 2016 LHSAA Division I State Runners-Up SOCCER 2016 LHSAA Division I State Semifinalist District Champions WRESTLING 2016 Baton Rouge City Champions

Head Track and Field and Cross Country Coach Pete Boudreaux ’59 will be inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame this summer, in recognition of his outstanding coaching career.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894



CHS SENIOR, IAN BRIAN, committed to play football

for the Southeastern Louisiana University Lions. Brian, who played quarterback for the Bears, capped-off an incredible career, leading CHS to its first state football championship in the school’s 121 year history.

In dramatic fashion, Brian played a key role in the Bears improbable championship run, highlighted by the come from behind victory in the semifinal game against 13-time state champions and second-

seeded Evangel Christian. After trailing 21-0 at half, Brian’s touchdown pass to Parker Sulik ’16, tied the score with just 14 seconds remaining. The Bears went on to win in overtime, earning a shot in the state championship game. In his final game as a Bear, Brian added an exclamation point to his career, when he set a school record completing 25 of 34 passes for 340 yards and three TDs in the Bears’ victory over number one seeded Rummel for the LHSAA Division I Football State Championship.





STREAM dream

THERE’S A BUZZ word going around education these

days. That word is STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) In 2012, U.S. high school students ranked 27th in math and 20th in science among high schoolers from 34 different countries. According to a study released by the Pew Research Center in June 2015, international students make up more than half of science, technology, engineering and mathematics advanced degrees earned at American colleges and universities. In recent years, the Department of Education has pushed to get the U.S. more competitive in the world of STEM. In Baton Rouge, a number of schools have already adopted the STEM program. Catholic High School plans to take that initiative one step further by adding the areas of religion and arts to the formula – STREAM. “Incorporating both religion and art takes the traditional STEM program and integrates it with our mission of providing a holistic education at Catholic High School,” said CHS Director of Advancement Jamie Segar ’90. “We want our students to have real-world experiences and be well prepared for life after high school.” All great ideas start with vision. If there is a problem to solve, one has to be able to conceptualize a potential solution before the work can begin – that approach is developed through the arts. Religion is fundamentally the most important part of the Catholic High experience. By adding it to the STEM formula, it will serve as a moral compass for our students as they develop their skills. “Our

responsibility as human beings is to help one another. To serve a cause greater than yourself,” said Bill DeVillier, science teacher at CHS. Our goal is to create a STREAM space where students can think and work differently. A typical education environment is where the teacher delivers the information and the student repeats it back. STREAM uses that traditional delivery system, but requires an additional hands-on experimental step. Students must be allowed to try practical applications and fail, in order to achieve success. Instead of working individually in rows of desks, they will be placed in groups and work together as teams. “We want our students to have a place where they can interact like engineers, or scientists, or mathematicians,” said Assistant Principal for Instruction and Technology Jared Cavalier. “Kids tend to think parallel. It’s our job as educators to challenge them to think sequentially – from the top down – and STREAM allows us to incorporate that methodology in the classroom.” Another goal is to develop a STREAM manufacturing lab on campus. The lab would house equipment such as state-of-the-art 3D printers, 5 axis CNC machines, plasma cutters and water jets, all of which would help our students test and develop their ideas into tangible applications. The STREAM dream is to incorporate the program into the 20172018 school year curriculum. The program would be available

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


across multiple grade levels. One idea for the program would be to have students complete a capstone project. The projects would encompass all elements of STREAM, and be connected to a mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart or a community project. The benefits that will come from adopting a STREAM program are undeniable. Graduates who complete the program will be more competitive for admissions to selective universities and

will have the training and skills necessary for the high tech jobs of the future. As an educational institution, we have the responsibility to do all we can in preparing our students for life after high school. Our STREAM dream will not replace what we have, but rather move it forward. After all, we are a five time National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence — we must be doing something right.

Conceptual rendering of a STREAM lab.



bea r n a ti on

We Will Rise Again The Story Behind the Music AT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, we begin each

day with prayer. We never walk on the grass and don’t even think about coming to school without a haircut. We also end every Mass with the choir leading us in the song, “We Will Rise Again,” by David Haas. For alumni who graduated in the early 1990s and later, you probably know what song I’m talking about. “We will run and not grow weary, for our God will be our strength.” Since its introduction on campus, those lyrics have become ingrained in the overall experience young men receive at Catholic. “And we will fly like the eagle, we will rise again.” But how did it become such a staple of the CHS community? It all started, surprisingly enough, in Exult – the church choir at Our Lady of Mercy in 1990. CHS Choir Director Stephen Galliano, who came to Catholic in 1987, was in Exult when the song was introduced. “At the time, there were four or five of my school choir students who were also in Exult and who knew the song,” said Galliano. When Galliano was asked to provide music for the football team’s morning prayer service, the decision was to send the handful of choir students who were also members of Exult and have them perform one of their standards; “We Will Rise Again.” “It has a catchy refrain and the words certainly have application to the contest on the field,” said Galliano. “That was also the year the football team went to the state championship game in the Superdome for the first time and so it became a tradition for us

to sing it during every game day prayer service as the team kept winning. The rest is history.” Brian Galante ’92 was one of Galliano’s choir students who also performed as an Exult member the year “We Will Rise Again” was first introduced to CHS. “The piece became sort of an anthem after that year and we frequently sang it for liturgies — whether or not it fit — because it was the one piece that the rest of the student body would sing with abandonment,” said Galante. Dr. Tom Eldringhoff, current CHS assistant principal for academics, was also instrumental in the song’s start at Catholic. And I mean that literally. Since the song’s introduction in 1990, Eldringhoff has provided guitar accompaniment for the choir. “It’s Catholic’s unofficial Alma Matter,” said Eldringhoff. “It’s the only church song that I’ve ever heard our kids break out into spontaneous singing outside of Mass. When the swim team won the state title this year, they sang it as a team in the pool. When our football team defeated Evangel this year sending us to the championship game, I could hear our players singing it on the field.” Some traditions are intentional and some are spontaneous. Some are seasonal, generational and some last forever. This 26-year-old tradition, is one that will forever be engrained in the Catholic High experience. What may have been coincidental in the beginning is now embedded in the minds and hearts of the entire Catholic High School community.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


“Like a shepherd I will feed you; I will gather you with care. I will lead you and hold you close to my heart.

We will run and not grow weary, for our God will be our strength, and we will fly like the eagle, we will rise again.”



bea r n a ti on



“DO YOU SEE that young man over there? He just got back from a two-year mission trip to Argentina, you should talk to him.” That’s how I first met Anthony Brock ’10, as he was warming up for the CHS Basketball Alumni game. I walked across the court, introduced myself and asked if he would be interested in sharing his mission experience in an upcoming edition of Bear Facts. “Yes sir, that would be great,” he said. “But I need to be up front with you,

After attending St. Alphonsus Catholic School, Anthony enrolled at Catholic High as an eighth grader. Like most young men at that age, he saw athletics as a way to get involved and meet new people. He played basketball all five years for the Bears, but quickly realized the lessons he was learning reached far beyond the court. “The coaches I played for – Coach Butcher, Coach Randow, Coach Kenny – they all placed an emphasis on building values and character before

I’m not Catholic.”

any win loss record. I really appreciated that feeling of concern.”

While his frankness caught me a bit off guard, I assured him that

Mangum, my Spanish teacher, and Taylor Murphy were also great

was not an issue. I was more interested in learning how a 21-year-

examples of that same concern.”

Anthony experienced that feeling in the classroom as well. “Brent

old man, one semester shy of graduating, reaches the decision to put his education on hold, leave his family and dedicate two years

It was with Murphy that Anthony had his first mission trip

of his life to serving others. As we sat down to discuss his life-

experience in the summer between his junior and senior year.

changing experience, Anthony explained to me he was a member

“The trip to Honduras with Mr. Murphy was my first mission

of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. During our

experience and trip out of the country. I had a desire to see the

conversation however, it became clear that while he is committed to

bigger picture in terms of humanity and caring for one another.”

his Mormon faith, his experiences at Catholic High School played a

During the trip, Anthony and other CHS students lived and

major role in re-enforcing his spiritual formation, and set in motion

worked at an orphanage. It was here, he was first introduced to the

the changing power of living one’s faith.

life changing power of serving others, a theme that would repeat itself on future trips. “In the moment, we thought we were helping them, but in reality, the experience was much more beneficial for

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  -Henry David Thoreau

us.” The experience inspired Anthony to read Mountains Beyond

like my coaches, he was genuinely concerned with the well-being

Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would

of young men. I really appreciated that. I think the world of all

Cure the World by Tracy Kidder. In his book, Kidder traces the

the Brothers.” Anthony isn’t the only one in his family to have the

life of physician and anthropologist Dr. Paul Farmer and his work

opportunity to benefit from the Brothers — his younger brother

fighting tuberculosis in Haiti, Peru and Russia. The book had a profound impact on Anthony, and began to shape how he thought about the world and his role in it. “In the book, Dr. Farmer is quoted as saying ‘The only real nation is humanity.’ I really liked that quote and it has always stuck with me.” Growing up, Anthony’s parents instilled in him values grounded in the teachings found in the scriptural theme of living in the world, but not of the world. Throughout his career at CHS, he found many ways in which Catholic High School supported those same values. One of the most obvious, was his interactions and relationships with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. “Brother Ray, Brother Barry and Brother Xavier were great examples of living

Austin is currently a senior, and his youngest brother Aaron is a member of the class of 2020. After graduating from Catholic, Anthony enrolled at LSU in the fall of 2010, and eventually settled on biological science as his major, with minors in chemistry and business management. Even though he was busy with the day-to-day grind of college, he still continued to look for opportunities to serve others and live his faith as the Brothers had modeled for him while a student at CHS. “When I was at LSU, I got involved with Health Initiative Abroad, a non-profit organization founded by Catholic High graduates.” HIA was founded in 2008 by 12 members of the Catholic High

what you believe. They lived their values and that’s honorable to

class of 2008. Influenced by CHS’ teachings of service to others,

see from anyone.” Anthony also found support from the Brothers

the non-profit organization was dedicated to making a difference

in helping direct his own spiritual journey. “Whenever I had faith

in people’s lives through healthy and sustainable communities

questions, Brother Barry was always willing to answer them, and

across the globe.



bea r n a ti on

In the summer of 2012, Anthony traveled with HIA to Mozambique, to work with Brother Chris Sweeny at the Brothers of the Sacred Heart mission and school in Amatongas. The work was demanding, but extremely fulfilling. From painting the schoolhouse to building a playground, Anthony and the HIA team worked tirelessly to make a difference. “There was usually some sort of physical project we worked on, but at the end of the day, it was so much more than that,” noted Anthony. “To be exposed to a different culture and see life through individuals’ eyes from the other side of the world was a holistic experience.” Once again, like his mission trip to Honduras, Anthony experienced the changing power of living one’s faith. It was that feeling of being a part of something bigger – of making a difference in someone’s life – that led Anthony to make the decision to do full-time missionary work. “While I was working with HIA, I was attending LSU. But after my experiences in those three and a half years, I decided to make the commitment to full-time missionary work for the church.” So, at the age of 21, Anthony withdrew from school, put his life on hold and dedicated the next two years to serving others. He was assigned as part of a group to the Rosario Mission in Argentina, covering the provinces of Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and Santa Fe. “The mission work was 24/7 for two years. I didn’t have a personal cell phone or a computer, we just kind of disconnected from worldly things and focused on the spiritual well-being of others.” The days were long and usually began around 7 a.m. After morning exercise and scripture study, Anthony and his mission partner would spend the rest of the day and evening meeting and visiting with families. “We weren’t obligating families to anything, but offering to individuals who were searching for more faith in

their lives the opportunity to hear the Gospel and bring them closer to Christ.” Their day would usually end around 10 p.m., when they would go back to their apartment, get a little rest and reset to do it all over again the next day. Like his previous mission work in Honduras and Mozambique, Anthony’s experience in Argentina revealed that serving others is a two-way street. “Having experienced other cultures and after living in Argentina for two years, you realize that all people generally have the same values. At the end of the day, people love and want to care for their family.” Being able to live within that culture and recognize that, opened a whole new perspective for Anthony in how he saw and interacted with people. “It makes you a lot less critical of why people do certain things.” Instead of generalizing an experience across an entire culture, Anthony began to see any negative encounter with a family or individual

Students at the Brothers of the Sacred Heart school in Amatongas.

Anthony (left) and his fellow missionaries assigned to the Rosario Mission in Santa Fe, Argentina.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


as an opportunity to help and serve. By offering himself in this way, he soon realized he was the one actually receiving the gift. “I began to learn how to look at people as Christ looked at people, and that was a huge blessing.” There’s no question Anthony’s mission experiences had a profound impact on his life and how he plans to live it moving forward. “I don’t think there is any better feeling than realizing you have a higher purpose, that you are an instrument of something that’s greater than you as an individual,” commented Anthony. “It was an incredibly fulfilling experience and a mindset I hope to continue for the rest of my life.” When he returned to Louisiana in December 2015, Anthony reenrolled at LSU and continued his studies in biological sciences. He is on track to graduate this year. While unsure of what the immediate future holds after graduation, at some point, he would like to further his education. For now though, he’s focused on preparing for his next journey. “In the church, much like my experience at Catholic High School, we believe family is the center of God’s plan for us. So when we’ve completed our two years of service, we come home and begin to prepare to be the kind of man our future family deserves.” As we closed out our interview, I was impressed by Anthony’s young spiritual and personal journey. The breadth and scope of his life’s influences and experiences go far beyond those of a typical 23-year-old. Even though it’s been six years since Anthony graduated, and he has had the opportunity to travel the world and live and breathe different cultures, it is obvious the people and influences he experienced at Catholic High School played an important role in the direction of his life. “I will always be grateful for the education I received at Catholic High School. Hands down, it’s one of the biggest things that has continued to serve me throughout my life.”

All people generally have the same values. At the end of the day, people love and want to care for their family.



a dva n c em en t

Spring 2016 CHS Alumni PHONE-A-THON Thanks to so many CHS alumni who believe in and support the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Catholic High School continues to build on the legacy and tradition of academic excellence and spiritual formation for its students.

CHS relies on the participation and financial support of its proud Alumni for the 2015-16 Fund for Catholic High School. It is critical toward helping current students become the young men that God has created them to be.

PHONE-A-THON CALLING DATES The goal is to increase alumni support from eight to 25 percent. Through your 100 percent participation we can achieve this goal.

March 21 and 22

1961 thru 1970

April 5 and 7

1971 thru 1980

April 11, 12 and 14

1981 thru 1995

May 2, 3 and 5

1996 thru 2010

Give Today! • • • • •

Support academic excellence Embrace holistic growth Instill Gospel values according to Catholic tradition in the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart Continue the tradition of Catholic education Cultivate the potential of each student

Make a gift to CHS that is right for you. Make a difference to the Fund for Catholic High School. CHS Office of Advancement O: 225.389.0978 | | 808 Hearthstone Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


CHS Corporate Partners Program When you become a Corporate Partner, your company will directly support and help fund expanded opportunities for our students. From technology enhancements to need-based tuition assistance, your partnership will play a vital role in the celebration and recognition associated with the success of our students. SHARE IN THE SUCCESS - BECOME A CORPORATE PARTNER TODAY!

As a Corporate Partner, here is what you will receive: • • • • • • •

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For more information Contact Jamie Segar ’90 Director of Advancement 225.389.0978



1978 FLINT VIRGETS was promoted to senior vice president of Lipsey’s, the nation’s leading wholesale firearm distributor. Virgets also serves as a general manager for Lipsey’s and is a member of the CHS Alumni Board of Directors.

A&M University in January 2016. Woodward, who currently serves as the director of athletics at the University of Washington, will succeed Eric Hyman who has served as Texas A&M’s AD since 2012. During Woodward’s tenure as AD for the University of Washington, the athletic department captured seven national championships and multiple conference titles.



MARK EMONET was promoted to senior vice president of Lipsey’s, the nation’s leading wholesale firearm distributor. Emonet also serves as the chief financial officer for Lipsey’s and is a member of the CHS Alumni Board of Directors.

BRIAN BILETNIKOFF, former Baton Rouge Police Officer and Marine veteran of the Iraq War, has been appointed Special Agent In Charge of the Tucson, Arizona Office of ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Federal Agency).

1992 BRETT BLANCHARD was promoted to president of BancorpSouth for its Baton Rouge market. Previously, Blanchard served as senior vice president and commercial lending division manager. Blanchard has been with BancorpSouth since 2005.

HORACE CROCHET was selected as a Distinguished Graduate of Holy Family Catholic School.

SCOTT GREMILLION, co-owner of Olive or Twist, has announced the expansion of the bar to become a full service restaurant called Olive or Twist Bar + Kitchen. The expansion will take place at their current location in the Perkins Palms Shopping Center.




SCOTT WOODWARD was named the new director of athletics for Texas

JASON CLOESSNER was promoted to vice president of Lipsey’s, the nation’s leading wholesale firearm distributor. Cloessner also serves as product development manager for Lipsey’s.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894





BRAD HERNANDEZ, PE was promoted to Project Manager with AECOM (Dallas) and was elected president of the ASCE Dallas branch. Hernandez was also chosen as one of the “Top 20 Under 40” by the Engineering News-Record for the Texas and Louisiana Region which includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

FRANZ BORGHARDT was elected as chairman of the Louisiana Legislature Law Enforcement Taskforce on Body Cameras to research statewide policy and implementation of body cameras for Law Enforcement in the state of Louisiana. Borghardt was elected to the office of secretary for the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Board of Officers.

FRANK “SKI” BETANSKI completed his residency in Family Medicine at the LSU Family Medicine Residency Program in Lafayette. Betanski took a position as a physician at the Baylor Scott and White Clinic in Killeen, Texas. Betanski and his wife, Gina, reside in Austin, Texas.

BIRTH PAUL ORR assisted with the production of After the Spill, a documentary featuring the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its impact on Louisiana’s coastline, economy and people. Through his work with Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), Orr assisted filmmaker John Bowermaster in establishing connections with and interviewed those most affected by the oil spill as well as those fighting to save our coast. After the Spill premiered to sold-out crowds at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge and The Joy Theatre in New Orleans.

BRIAN HIGHTOWER published an article for the National Catholic Educational Association’s magazine: Momentum. The article “Is There a Place for Random Drug Testing in Mission-Driven Catholic Schools?” is in the winter 2016 edition.


KEVIN ROGERS was selected as a Distinguished Graduate of St. Alphonsus Catholic School.



Megan and SIMPSON BORENS, son Carter Reid

2001 MICHAEL BRASSETT was named a partner with the firm of Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea LLC. Brassett is a partner in the Baton Rouge office, where he maintains a practice focused on energy. Brassett’s experience includes civil and mineral practice, focusing on oil and gas title examination, transactions, litigation and environmental regulation and compliance. Brassett also serves as a member of the CHS Alumni Association Board of Directors.

a lum n i


STEPHEN MERRICK obtained licensure as a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. Merrick serves as director of Energy Technical Services for Capital One in Houston. Merrick also served on the LSU Petroleum Engineering Industry Advisory Group, Recent Graduates Committee for two years.

MARRIAGE DR. ADAM BROUSSARD and Jessica “Nikki” Johnson

BIRTH Jocelyn and STEPHEN MCGUIRE, son James Edward

MICHAEL ORR assisted with the production of After the Spill, a documentary featuring the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and its impact on Louisiana’s coastline, economy and people. Through his work with Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), Orr helped filmmaker John Bowermaster establish connections with and interviewed those most affected by the oil spill as well as those fighting to save our coast. After the Spill premiered to sold-out crowds at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge and The Joy Theatre in New Orleans.

MARRIAGE JOHN CAMBRE and Amy Christine Hymes

2003 BIRTH Amanda Collura-Day and CHRIS DAY, daughter Victoria Patricia

2007 MARRIAGE BRADY HOTARD and Amanda Gustin

2008 MARRIAGE ALEX HURST and Katherine Raymond


DIXON MCMAKIN was selected as a Distinguished Graduate of St. Aloysius Catholic School.

2002 BIRTH Kristen and DANIEL BOURGEOIS, daughter Charlotte Elizabeth

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

ALEX HURST was named program manager of MD Anderson’s End Tobacco Program. Hurst and his wife, Katherine, reside in Houston, Texas.







CHRIS HANDY received the LSU Discover Scholar Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research for Political Communication. The award recognizes students who exemplify the potential for undergraduate research and creative endeavors at LSU.

CHANDLER BUECHE is a sophomore senator in the Student Government Association at Spring Hill College. Bueche is a healthcare administration major and also serves as a Springhillian Ambassador.

MICHAEL BRUMFIELD earned his associates degree in criminal justice in May 2015, attended and graduated from the Capital Area Regional Training Academy and is now a full time police officer with the City of Denham Springs Police Department.


KURT RISTROPH received the LSU Discover Scholar Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research for Chemical Engineering. The award recognizes students who exemplify the potential for undergraduate research and creative endeavors at LSU.

MICHAEL KRON earned his undergraduate degree in graphic design from LSU in May 2015.

2015 JOSHUA MATTHEWS graduated from U.S. Army boot camp on Jan. 22, 2016 at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.

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Contact the CHS Alumni Office with your latest and greatest. 225.383.0459



Marriages Births Promotions Graduations Accolades Relocations Highlights Photographs

a lum n i (L to R) Lisa Harvey, CHS Principal; Matt Moscona ’00; Bishop Robert Muench, Diocese of Baton Rouge; Dr. Melanie Verges, Catholic Schools Superintendent

Matt Moscona ’00

honored as Distinguished Graduate  CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL graduate and sports

talk radio host Matthew Moscona ’00, was honored by the Diocese of Baton Rouge as Catholic High School’s distinguished graduate during its annual Distinguished Graduate Awards Dinner on Feb. 1, 2016.

Moscona, is gracious in giving his time and talent to several worthwhile causes throughout the Baton Rouge area, including the Wounded Warriors Project and the awareness of the prevention of heart disease. In addition, he serves as the voice of the Catholic High Bears each Friday night during football season, calling the school’s radio broadcast.

In his address, Moscona reiterated his commitment to his Catholic faith and Catholic education. “Catholic education is much more than just simply an education, it’s a way of life,” he noted. “I wouldn’t be who I am today without my years in Catholic schools nourishing the seeds of faith that my parents planted during my childhood.”

In addition to Moscona, three other Catholic High School graduates were among the distinguished graduates recognized by the Diocese – Dixon McMakin ’05 (St. Aloysius School), Dr. Kevin Rogers ’99 (St. Alphonsus School) and Horace Crochet ’92 (Holy Family School).

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894


It’s your year to come home. 50-Year Reunion Class of 1966 April 30, 2016 | CHS Gym Also honoring the Classes of 1941, 1946, 1951 and 1956.

Class Reunions 1976 • 1986 • 1996 • 2006 Check the CHS website for more information about upcoming reunions.

For information about your class reunion, contact the CHS Alumni Office at 225.383.0459.



a lum n i

Warren Capone ’70 IN CELEBRATION of its 50th Super Bowl, the National Football

League honored those players and coaches of the past 49 Super Bowls, and their high schools and communities that have positively impacted the game of football. Nearly 3,000 players and head coaches, and more than 2,000 high schools were recognized this season.

As a member of this special group, Catholic High School received a commemorative Golden Football in honor of CHS graduate and Grizzly Great Athletic Hall of Fame member, Warren Capone ’70, who played in Super Bowl X for the Dallas Cowboys.

I’m awed that I’m being honored in this way and had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. This tops off just about any of the other recognitions I’ve received as a player.

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894



AS OF FEB. 15, 2016, the following alumni and friends of CHS have passed away since the last issue of Bear Facts. Please remember them and their families in your prayers. Paul Louis Abel II

Robert Andrew Landry

Sam Bass III

Thomas A. LaPorte Sr.

Elaine Theresa Torres Bergeron

Br. Warren Laudumiey, SC

Samson Breen

Norbert R. “Buck” Langlois ’49

Roy Frank Cangelosi Jr.

JoAnn Rivet Loubiere

Frances Pitarro Catalano

Dr. Carl Bryan Luikart Jr.

Thomas A. Champagne ’60

Michael Robert Ragusa ’05

Adene (Sellers) Didier

Dr. Maurice Pierre Pomes Jr.

Troy Edward Ewing

John Anthony Schneller

C. Farrell “Benny” Fruge’

Donald G. Songy ’51

Carolyn Hohensee Garon

Patricia Ann Martinez Tessier

Allen J. Gautreau Jr.

Rodolfo N. “Coco” Valenciano

Patricia Copponex Hannie

Margaret Carlino Young

Karl Erich Krousel ’81



g r i z zly s oc i a ls



2 3

1 CL ASS OF 2011:


Photo 1 Classmates (l to r) Brandon Rollins ’11, Jonathan Fontenot ’11, Michael Kron ’11 and Jeremy Kleinpeter ’11 spent more than six months traveling through France, Italy,

Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

2 & 3 ALUMNI BASKETBALL REUNION: Photo 2 (front, l to r) Evan Wampold ’13, Austin Wilson ’13, Tony Pocorello ’15 and Bobby Miketinas ’13. (back, l to r) Coach Jay Butcher ’81, Anthony Brock ’12, Quentin Virgets ’12, Philip Brignac ’12, Myron Hogan ’02 and Ben Schexnayder. Photo 3 (front, l to r) Cody Hoover ’08, Tyler Pecue ’08, Ben Stove ’02, Jonathan Nunez ’15 and Steele Robert ’14. (back, l to r) Brad Moses ’06, Trent Hilse ’08, Kirkland Gauthier ’03 , Jordan Hultberg ’04 and Coach Jay Butcher ’81. 4 & 5 BROTHER ELDON 5K: Photo 4 (l to r) André Aguillard ’16 and Brother Eldon Crifasi ’39, SC. Aguillard finished first in the overall male category (1 Mile), the 16-19 age group (5K) and was the first CHS student to finish the 5K. Photo 5 On your mark. Get set. GO!

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894



6 8




6 & 7 MEN’S CLUB GUY ’S NIGHT OUT: Photo 6 (l to r) Pat Bogan ’78, Chris Crifasi and Brad Smith. Photo 7 Dr. Bill Poche ’63. 8 CL ASS OF 1982: Photo 8 (left side of table, front to back) David Broussard ’82, Sonny Chastain ’82, Glen Randow, Trey McCowan ’82, Dan Bankhead ’82 and Archie Kranske ’82. (right side of

table, front to back) Jim Dantin ’82, Chris Politz ’82, Chris Crick ’82, Kirk Patrick, Andy Adler ’82, Kenny Shutt ’82 and Tim Barfield ’82.

9 & 10 MOTHERS’ CLUB MOTHER-SON BREAKFAST: Photo 9 (l to r) Michael Woolverton ’19, Stephanie Reigel, Elliott Greenwood ’17, Evelyn Greenwood, CHS Head Football Coach Dale Weiner, Mary Claire Hotard, James Feezel ’17, Jenny Ridge and Will Ridge ’18. Photo 10 (front, l to r) AJ Thomas ’17 and Terrel Thomas. (back l to r) Hall Michael Braud ’17, Sydney Braud, Laurie Berrigan, James Berrigan ’17, Jake Schexnaydre ’17, Leigh Schexnaydre, Blake Bean ’17 and Susan Bean.

11 GRANDPARENTS DAY: Photo 11 (l to r) Gordon Robertson ’50, Elliott Greenwood ’17 and Betty Robertson. BEAR FACTS MAGAZINE SPRING 2016


THERE ARE MANY special occasions during our lives when we choose to memorialize or honor in a special way those we hold dear. The following are acknowledged for their gifts to Catholic High School from Dec. 1, 2015 through Feb. 12, 2016, in honor or memory of loved ones. Please remember these alumni and friends, as well as their families, in your prayers.

Memorial Gifts Dr. Paul L. Abel II Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague Dr. John B. Atkinson Sr. ’48 Mr. James T. Furrate ’76 Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Zielinski ’77 Mr. Harold I. Bahlinger Jr. ’82 Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Cazayoux ’51 Mrs. Catherine Balhoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Balhoff Mr. Henry Joseph Bellaire Mrs. Gina B. Clark Mrs. Elaine Theresa Torres Bergeron Mr. and Mrs. Sherie LeBlanc Ms. Jewell C. Riecke Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Silvio ’61 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. Bienvenu Jr.

Mrs. Faith Crifasi Mr. James Radosevich

Ms. Alma Boyter

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy M. Vidrine Mr. Robert L. Cangelosi Jr. ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cangelosi Sr. ’57 Mr. Louis A. Clouatre ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Bienvenu ’79 CHS Men’s Club Ms. Agatha D. Cockerham Mr. Timothy J. Cockerham ’74 Mr. J. Quincy Cockerham Mr. Timothy J. Cockerham ’74

Dr. and Mrs. Hubert J. Waguespack Mr. Chris P. Hansen

Mr. Christopher J. Dimattia ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Balhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Christian P. Hansen Jr. ’48 Mr. Francis C. Jumonville Sr. ’39

Ms. Lucy DiVincenti Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culotta Jr. ’70

Mr. Gabriel J. Jumonville Sr. ’42 Mrs. Margaret S. Jumonville

Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr. Mr. Robert S. Dolese

Mr. Gabriel J. Jumonville Sr. ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Keller Jr. ’40

Mrs. Camilla R. Pugh Mr. Raymond J. Drago ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dupuy Sr. ’40 Mr. Patrick B. Kennedy Sr. ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Hatcher Mr. David A. Fontenot ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Clarke H. Williams ’75

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague

Mr. Warner J. Delaune III ’12

CHS Men’s Club

Mr. Samson Breen

Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Peno

Mr. James Radosevich

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dupuy Jr. ’75

Mr. Timothy J. Cockerham ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Johnson

Miss Faith Ann Crifasi

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Bienvenu ’79 Mr. Valley Bowman

Mrs. Patricia Copponex Hannie

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ’64 Mr. Brandon M. Kling ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Campbell ’95 Mr. Norbert R. Langlois ’49

Brother Felician Fourrier, SC ’31 Dr. and Mrs. D. Gerard Fourrier ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. McHardy Sr. ’47 Mr. Thomas A. LaPorte Sr.

Mrs. Carolyn Hohensee Garon Mr. Paul P. Bologna ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. Fryou ’56 Mr. Van R. Mayhall Sr. ’37

Mr. M. Clyde Garrison Jr. ’40 Mrs. Joanne Garrison Mr. Allen Gautreau Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Kleinpeter Jr. ’65 Mrs. Marta H. McCarron

Ms. Jewell C. Riecke

Ms. Nancy P. Herin

Mrs. Mary Delle Gerald

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman E. Thornton III

Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Gerald ’79 Mrs. Jodi A. Griffon

Mr. and Mrs. Juan M. Vara Mr. Linton J. W. Naquin III ’87

Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr. Dr. William P. Hackney

Mr. and Mrs. Linton J. Naquin Jr. Mr. Jeffrey D. Nola ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Hackney ’88

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Balhoff Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Fetterman ’94

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894

31 Mr. Alvin J. Ourso Jr. ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Jake Netterville Ms. Leola Ourso Mrs. Margaret P. Paille Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dupuy Sr. ’40 Mrs. Sharon Patton Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr. Mr. Brent D. Pecue ’80 Mr. and Mrs. C. Roby Shields Mrs. Danni Bourgeois Pecue Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Gerald ’79 Dr. Maurice Pomes Jr.

Mr. John Louis Ribes

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Root

Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr.

Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips

Mr. Louis Jay Ribes

Mr. Smith Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr. Mr. Jordan T. Rourke ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Guy H. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Francis St. Blanc

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Saia

Mr. and Mrs. Brent J. St. Blanc ’76 Mr. Joseph W. Starring Jr. ’48

Mrs. Rose S. Brian and Ms. Theresa Saia Mr. John A. Schneller

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke H. Williams ’75 Mr. Doyle J. Suarez Jr. ’40

Rep. Charles E. Bruneau Jr.

Mrs. Nancy Suarez

Mr. Donald G. Songy ’51

Ms. Corine Tuminello

Airtrol, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tuminello ’82 Mr. Rodolfo N. Valenciano

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Brandao ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bogan III ’73

Mrs. Josie Daniel

Dr. and Mrs. Polyet M. Breaud ’43

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Borgmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray Heil ’56

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Drago ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Fauveau

Ms. Virginia S. Lowery

Ms. Jonna Fremin

Mr. Eric Paul J. Fauveau ’02

Tucumcari Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Wilbert

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Tujague

Mrs. Beverly Hulin

Mr. Jared V. Rachal ’99 Dr. and Mrs. Vincent O. Rachal Mrs. Anna Mae Ribes Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr.

Mrs. Rosemary H. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Irvin J. LeBlanc Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. Loup Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke H. Williams ’75 Ms. Candace Ribes Young

Manda’s Packing and Fine Meats

Mr. and Mrs. Otis S. James Jr. Mrs. Margaret Carlino Young

Miss and Mrs. John C. Miller Mr. James Nunnally and Dr. Donna G. Nunnally

Ms. Jewell C. Riecke

Honorary Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Donald Leslie Mr. Benjamin F. Bishop ’18 Mrs. Katherine C. Bishop Mr. Joshua W. Bishop ’15 Mrs. Katherine C. Bishop Mr. Noah Bishop Mrs. Katherine C. Bishop Mr. Jared Cavalier Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine Ms. Fiona Conroy Ms. Diane Bynum Mr. Benjamin D. Crifasi Sr. ’41

Mrs. Lisa Harvey

Mr. Eugene O. Ponti

Mr. Timothy Ducote

Mr. and Mrs. Erich E. Ponti ’83 Ms. Jewell C. Riecke

Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hebert Jr. ’64

Ms. Diane Bynum Mr. Jake A. Rovira ’17

Mrs. Barbara H. Magruder Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. McCowan Jr. Mr. Brian W. Hightower ’97

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Rovira Mr. Garret M. Tate ’17

Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tate

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kitchell

Mr. James D. Tate ’19

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Funes ’89 Mr. Christian P. Leger ’19

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tate Mrs. Edith Thornton

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Leger Mrs. Claudia Maxson

Ms. Diane Bynum Mr. Gerald E. Tullier

Mr. James Radosevich

Ms. Diane Bynum

Dr. Thomas W. Eldringhoff

Mrs. Peggy B. Patout

Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine

Ms. Diane Bynum

Ms. Diane Bynum

Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine Dr. and Dr. Robert Gaston Dr. and Mrs. C. Verne Brian

Mrs. Janet E. Vidrine

Ms. Nancy Patout Ms. Diane Bynum

Mrs. Theresa Saia



Sports in the By David Butler ’77 THROUGH THE YEARS there have been many families who have impacted the Catholic High School Athletic Program, but as Coach Pete Boudreaux ’59 recently stated, “You have to begin with the Didiers.” In 1936, Irby Didier decided to move his family from Marksville to Baton Rouge. The oldest son, Bob Didier, graduated from Marksville High School before the move, but the rest of the Didier boys, Raymond ’37, Clyde ’39, Pearce ’41, Mel ’44 and Gerald ’50, made their way to Catholic High. “Dad sent all the boys to Catholic High because of Brother Peter,” said Mel. “Dad had gone to St. Stanislaus as a young boy and knew Brother Peter. When we came to Baton Rouge, we went to Catholic High because of that relationship.” Raymond was only at CHS for one year, competing in football, basketball and American Legion baseball. “At that time, CHS did not have organized high school baseball, but played American Legion ball which was school based,” commented Gerald. Raymond received a football scholarship to Southwestern Louisiana Institute, which is now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He eventually became the head baseball coach and then athletic director at Nichols State University. Clyde competed in football, basketball and was a catcher in American Legion baseball while at Catholic. He also participated in the National Catholic Basketball Tournament, hosted by Loyola University in Chicago. After graduating from Catholic High, Clyde received a football and baseball scholarship to Southwestern Louisiana Institute. His sons, Clyde Jr. ’65, Daryl ’70, Gary ’73, and Brian ’77, all graduated from Catholic High. Pearce Didier is best known for his quarterback play and kicking in Catholic High’s upset over the 1940 St. Stanislaus team led by Doc Blanchard. With seconds left in the game, Pearce kicked a 16-yard field goal giving Catholic High a 16-13 win. After graduation, he attended Louisiana Tech University on a football and baseball scholarship. World War II broke out and Pearce was drafted.

Fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, he was captured by the Germans and held prisoner. After the war he returned to Louisiana Tech making Little All-American as a tailback. Mel Didier is in his 60th year as a professional baseball scout. While at CHS, Mel played football, basketball and baseball. In football, Mel made All-State and All-Southern States teams as a center, and received a football scholarship to LSU. During his senior year at CHS, Mel approached Brother Ralph to form a school baseball team that Didier played on and coached, advancing to the State tournament. Mel signed a professional contract with the Detroit Tigers, but after injuring his arm, returned to coaching. In 1953, he coached Catholic High to its first State Baseball Championship. Gerald was the last of the Didier’s to graduate from Catholic. “I started Catholic High in the fourth grade which back then was the earliest you could start,” noted Gerald. “Sports were all I knew. I would watch my brothers play and practically lived in the school gym.” Gerald lettered three years in baseball, basketball and football. In football, he scored a touchdown in Catholic High’s 1948, 14-6 upset over national powerhouse, St. James, from Port Arthur, Texas. In 1948, the Catholic High baseball team won the prestigious Houston Chamber of Commerce Prep Baseball Tournament and Gerald was named to the All-Tournament Team. He signed a basketball and baseball scholarship at Southwestern Louisiana Institute. In 1952, Gerald signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers where he spent five years in the organization. Raymond, Clyde and Mel were each inducted into the Catholic High Grizzly Great Athletic Hall of Fame. “In the 1930’s and 40’s the Didiers were a major part of Catholic High athletics. There was always a Didier in school and they were all so good,” said Boudreaux. “The greatest thing that happened to our family is that mom and dad made us go to Catholic High,” said Mel. “We learned great discipline in life and how to be men. The Brothers were all great teachers and wonderful role models.”

A Brothers of the Sacred Heart School Since 1894




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THE MISSION of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

“Dialogue of the Heart” sculpture in the CHS Centennial Courtyard donated by Francis L. Landry in memory of her husband Jules F. Landry ’23.

Profile for Catholic High School

Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.

Bear Facts Magazine - Spring 2016  

A quarterly magazine highlighting the news and events of Catholic High School.