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CHS Board of Directors CHS PERPETUAL FOUNDERS One of the main reasons for Catholic High School’s eminent success as a Catholic educational institution is the large number of those who support it. There are literally thousands of people – faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, parents of alumni, interested citizens and other friends – who pray, work, or share their gifts to promote the school and its mission. One group deserves very particular recognition, those whom we call Perpetual Founders. They are men and women who have donated $100,000 or more to Catholic High School during their lifetime.

Dr. Richard R. Vath - Chairman Mr. Gerald E. Tullier - President Mrs. Lisa Harvey - Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Carol G. Bonnecaze Mr. G. Blane Clark ’77 Mrs. Gwen Cotton Brother Ronald Hingle, SC Mr. Douglas J. Nelson ’79 Mr. John W. Perry Jr. Mrs. Marlene D. Sheely

Catholic High School humbly acknowledges the following benefactors who have been identified as Perpetual Founders:

CHS Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. and Mrs. David Arrighi ’73 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bernhard Jr. Brother Donnan Berry, SC † Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bologna ’45 † Dr. and Mrs. Redfield E. Bryan Jr. ’55 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burke ’86 Mr. Roe F. Cangelosi ’22 † CHS Alumni Association CHS Men’s Club CHS Mothers’ Club Dr. Michael S. Crapanzano ’80 and Dr. Kathleen Crapanzano Mr. and Mrs. Danny A. Daniel Sr. ’56 Dr. and Mrs. Jacques de la Bretonne Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Deumite Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Ellis Sr. ’65 Dr. and Mrs. Quentin D. Falgoust ’61 Faulk & Winkler LLC Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fischer Dr. Daniel J. Fourrier ’28 † Mrs. Lorraine D. Fourrier Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Gaudin Mrs. Margaret Womack Hart Mrs. Glynn R. Heroman Mr. John B. Heroman Jr. ’29 † Mr. and Mrs. H. Guy Hopkins III ’76 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gerard Jolly ’70 Mr. Ryan D. Jumonville ’91 Mr. D. Ben Kleinpeter Lamar Corporation Mrs. Frances L. Landry †

Mr. Gerald E. Tullier - President Dr. Gregory A. Brandao ’73 Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Thomas A. Barfield Jr. ’82 Mr. Maurice J. Coleman ’82 Mr. John J. Devlin Mr. J. Gerard Jolly ’70 Mr. Francis C. Jumonville ’73 Mr. Frederic W. Kearny Jr. ’74 Mr. Michael P. Kirby ’80 Mr. J. Jay Rousseau

Mr. Richard H. Lea Jr. ’77 Mrs. Shirley LeBlanc Mr. V. Price LeBlanc Sr. † Mr. and Mrs. Ulyesse J. LeGrange ’48 Mrs. Linda K. Marchand Mr. Gerald H. Marchand ’49 † Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Melancon Jr. Mr. Daniel R. Murray ’63 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ourso † Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Ourso Sr. ’26 † Dr. Claude J. “Pat” Patin † Mr. and Mrs. William W. Pecue II ’78 Dr. and Mrs. Claude B. Pennington † Irene W. and C. B. Pennington Foundation Mr. and Mrs. George H. Reymond ’14 † Dr. Fred J. Ruiz Sr. ’45 † Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Salmon Mr. L. J. Sevin, Jr. ’47 † Mrs. Jo Sevin Dr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Sheely II Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Sykes Jr. ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Jorge L. Tarajano ’80 Mr. Charest D. Thibaut Jr. † Mrs. Charest D. “Pigeon” Thibaut, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Toups Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Valluzzo Mr. Milton J. Womack Sr. † † Denotes deceased

INVESTMENT Committee Mr. J. Gerard Jolly ’70 - Chairman Mrs. Margie Alexander Mr. Maurice J. Coleman ’82 Mr. Michael P. Kirby ’80 Mr. J. Jay Rousseau Mr. Gerald E. Tullier

2014-2015 Annual Report


2014-2015 Annual Report  
2014-2015 Annual Report