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Spring 2014

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Devotion: Praying to Our Blessed Mother Inside this issue: Marian The Spiritual Benefits of Membership

After a long tough winter, get ready for some summertime fun!

Annuities: Tax-Deferred Growth, Income You Can’t Outlive!

Mensaje del Presidente

Mensaje del Presidente Al igual que muchos de ustedes, estoy impresionado con El Papa Francisco y su énfasis en el mensaje evangélico de amor y bondad. Recientemente, él nos ha llamado a ser conscientes de quienes sufren por falta de alimento. Incluso el papa ha proclamado como un escándalo mundial que un billon de personas aún padecen de hambre hoy. Nuestra causa fraternal común de servir a los pobres es coherente con el mensaje del Santo Padre. En la página 5 que hemos destacado nuestro apoyo para: • La Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl • Tornado, tifón, y ayuda a los damnificados por las inundaciones • Acabar con el hambre Ademas, las actividades dirigidas por miembros de nuestros sucursales (páginas 10-13) son los ejemplos más visibles de compasión y caridad de nuestra Sociedad. Durante la Cuaresma, es tiempo para reflexionar y acercarnos más a Dios a través de la oración. En esta edición usted podrá leer acerca de devoción mariana y el rosario: historias de miembros sobre la Cuaresma: y el Padre Robert Skeris, miembro y autoridad destacada el canto Gregoriano-un tipo de oración especial. Proporcionar un servicio excepcional al miembro es nuestro compromiso con ustedes. Alrededor del 25% de los nuevos miembros en el año 2012 y 2013 son de habla hispana, y la satisfacción de sus necesidades es muy importante para nuestro futuro. En la cubierta posterior, encontrara al equipo de asesores y asociados dedicados a servir a nuestros miembros Hispanos. Que nuestra oración y sacrificios durante el tiempo de Cuaresma nos acercan más a nuestro Señor resucitado. Le deseo a usted y a su familia una santa Pascua.

2  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

President and CEO Bill O’Toole is pictured with Betty Moix and Anita Tienken (right) at the Chapter 994, Conway, Ark., annual fall gathering.

President’s Message Like many of you, I have been impressed with Pope Francis and his emphasis on the Gospel message of love and kindness. Recently, he has called us to be mindful of those suffering for lack of food. The pope even proclaimed it a global scandal that one billion people still suffer from hunger today. Our fraternal common cause to serve the poor is consistent with the Holy Father’s message. On Page 5 we’ve highlighted our support for: • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul • Tornado, typhoon, and flood relief • Ending hunger Further, our member-led chapter activities (Pages 10 - 13) are the most visible examples of our Society’s compassion and charity. This Lenten season is time to reflect and draw closer to God through prayer. In this issue you’ll read about Marian devotions and the rosary; member stories about Lent; and Fr. Robert Skeris, a member and noted authority on Gregorian chant — a very special type of prayer. Providing exceptional member service is our commitment to you. About 25 percent of our new members each year are Spanish-speaking, and addressing their needs is important to our future. On the back cover, you’ll meet our team of advisors and associates dedicated to serving our Hispanic members. May our prayers and sacrifices during Lent bring us closer to our Risen Lord. I wish you and your family a Blessed Easter. Fraternally,

William R. O’Toole, Jr. President and CEO 800-927-2547

Spring 2014, Volume 5, Issue 1

MemberMAGAZINE Catholic Financial Life

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Serving the poor

21 Spiritual Benefits of Membership The power of prayer

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Serving our growing Hispanic membership

Board of Directors Executive Officers William R. O’Toole, Jr., Pleasant Prairie, Wis. President and Chief Executive Officer Allan G. Lorge, Cedarburg, Wis. Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Vice President Elected Directors Mary Baker, Wauwatosa, Wis. Carla C. Breunig, Menomonee Falls, Wis. Robert Dippold, Maria Stein, Ohio William C. Dreyer, New Berlin, Wis. Dennis Kabat, New Holstein, Wis. John Kenawell, St. Louis, Mo. Patrick J. Murphy, Milwaukee, Wis. Paul B. Pinsonnault, North Attleboro, Mass. David Singer, Kenosha, Wis. Mike Stivoric, Pewaukee, Wis. Thomas VanHimbergen, Shorewood, Wis. Arthur Wigchers, Brookfield, Wis. Appointed Directors

16 Commitment and Caring

2013 Catholic Financial Advisor Awards

18 Society News

Advisors Jim Piette and Ron Lester Mark 50 Years of Service

Robert Dippold Elected Chair of Catholic Financial Life Board of Directors

Kristin O’Connell Promoted to Regional Manager

Society Mourns Loss of Spiritual Leader, Rev. John Endejan

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Donald W. Layden, Jr., Milwaukee, Wis. Jay Mack, Hartland, Wis.

4 A Message from Our Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director


It’s all about ME (Member Experience): Members share their Lenten traditions

10 Serving God by Serving Others: Members giving back 14 A Teachable Moment: Fixed Annuities: the power of tax-deferred growth, an income you can’t outlive 20 Living the Catholic Life: Gregorian chant: an extraordinary form of sung prayer

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, Milwaukee, Wis.

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After a long tough winter, get ready for some summertime fun! See our summer events calendar on page 22. Pictured on the cover are members Monica and Juan Alvarez, and their children Abraham and Stephanie at a member appreciation event sponsored by the Central Agency and Chapter 110, Milwaukee, Wis.

Our Mission — Catholic Financial Life, a faith-based membership organization, puts Catholic values in action by: serving God through serving others; providing financial security; and enhancing quality of life. | 3


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Lent is a time of sacrifice through fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Even as children we came to understand Lent as sacrifice, as our priests and parents, sisters and teachers encouraged us to be sacrificial during this liturgical season — even if that meant giving up candy. As adults, we sometimes use this practice as an opportunity to achieve some of our goals, such as losing weight or giving up smoking. These things are important to our health and quality of life, and we use Jesus as a motivational tool to support us in these efforts. If we do this, however, it’s important to remember that during Lent our sacrifices must be tied back to prayer and charity. The true purpose of Lent should never be an afterthought. The sacrifices we make during Lent help us to distinguish what we can do without, from that which is essential in our lives — our relationship with God. It’s easy to get caught up in the trappings of day-to-day life. When we focus solely on the material world, we fail to see that we are experiencing only a portion of a greater reality, one that includes our connection with the Father. Prayer is one way to deepen that bond.

The sacrifices we make during Lent help us to distinguish what we can do without, from that which is essential in our lives — our relationship with God.

– Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki

This is a spiritually rich time of the liturgical year. I encourage you to take some time during Lent to contemplate the Stations of the Cross, the path walked by Jesus, and His passion. Or reflect on the mysteries of the rosary and the sorrows and sacrifices of Mary. Make a commitment to pray the rosary each day, if you don’t already. You may find that it’s a practice you will want to continue well past Holy Week. No matter where we are or what time of day it is, the rosary offers us a door to a multitude of graces. In Mark 9:7, Peter, James and John follow Jesus up a mountain where he transfigures. A voice from a cloud tells them, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” Prayer allows us to listen to Him, and to seek His guidance. If we hear what God is saying, we know that one of the most important things we can do is to help our brothers and sisters. Sometimes this is more difficult than giving something up because it requires that we give of ourselves. This is precisely what God asks of us, to put our faith into action. I encourage you to perform an act of charity in the name of Jesus each day during Lent. It can be something simple like offering a ride to a friend or helping a neighbor. Volunteer at a meal program or one of the many charitable events offered by local chapters of Catholic Financial Life. Listen with your heart and hear God’s command to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki Archbishop of Milwaukee 4  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

Making a Difference, Serving the Poor An important part of the Catholic Financial Life mission is “serving God through serving others.” Pope Francis has called us to follow Jesus in seeking out the poor and destitute, and make the effort and sacrifice to help and heal others. Catholic Financial Life is regularly involved in campaigns to help those in need. The past year presented several opportunities for associates and members to live our mission.

St. Vincent de Paul Since establishing a national partnership with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) in 2009, Catholic Financial Life has raised and donated more than $500,000 to SVdP. Members of Catholic Financial Life have also volunteered more than 45,000 hours of service, valued at close to $1 million based on a calculation by the Independent Sector. In 2013, 108 local chapters held events in support of SVdP and Catholic Financial Life was again a major sponsor of the SVdP annual “Friends of the Poor Walk.”

Disaster Relief Most of us cannot directly serve those in crisis after a natural disaster due to distance and the immediate nature of the need. Catholic Financial Life associates and members responded generously to three disaster relief efforts recently sponsored by the home office. • $6,410 was raised for Catholic Relief Services for Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines on Nov. 8, 2013. The home office provided a

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Catholic Financial Life Associates at the St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Friends of the Poor Walk. Dr. Michael Thio, president general international, SVdP, and his wife, Rosalind with John Borgen, senior vice president, who spoke at the National Assembly in Madison.

$5,000 match, bringing the total amount donated to $11,410. • $12,313 was raised for Catholic Charities in Oklahoma City due to a tornado that struck Oklahoma on May 20, 2013. The home office provided a $5,000 match, raising the total to $17,313. • At last year’s campout, $904 was raised for the American Red Cross — Grant County Chapter, to aid flood victims in Wisconsin. The home office matched that amount, bringing the total to $1,808.

Food for All On Dec. 10, 2013, Pope Francis launched Caritas Internationalis’ global anti-hunger campaign, One Human Family, Food for All. Catholics are invited to join in this global effort against hunger through long-term action such as raising awareness, advocacy, charitable work or other efforts supporting food security. The goal of the program is to

end hunger by 2025. Catholic Financial Life will coordinate our efforts in support of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Stop Hunger Campaign in response to Pope Francis’ call to action. Our food collection efforts will begin at regional conferences and additional food drives are projected to take place this spring and summer.

Soles for Catholic Education Catholic Financial Life became a proud sponsor of the Soles for Catholic Education Walk to raise awareness and funds for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. More than 7,000 people participated in this inaugural event and raised just under $350,000. One Step, One Soul at a Time is an effort to help families seeking a quality Catholic education by making it more affordable and accessible.

One Human Family, Food for All

Food is not just a basic need; it is a right. Every day 842 million children, women and men in the world lack food.

“We are in front of a global scandal of around one billion — one billion people who still suffer from hunger today. We cannot look the other way and pretend this does not exist. The food available in the world is enough to feed everyone.” – Pope Francis To learn more about this worldwide effort, please visit

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME...Member Experience

Members Share their Stories about Lenten Traditions Take Up Your Cross Daily Michael Wick, Mundelein, Ill.

A few years ago I wanted to do something special for Lent. Recognizing that meditating upon Christ’s Passion would probably be most spiritually beneficial, I decided to pray the Stations of the Cross daily. For as Jesus instructed, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) I must admit that as a child, the Way of the Cross was not my favorite Catholic devotion. For me the long drawn-out meditations recited aloud, constant standing and kneeling, and the somber singing of the Stabat Mater after each station complicated what should be a relatively simple prayer. Yet, I knew this devotion held the key to unlock the significance of the Passion for me. To help fulfill my commitment, I carried a listing of the traditional Via Crucis, something I wanted to memorize rather

6  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

than be dependent upon a devotional booklet. I also carried a small crucifix in my pocket as a tangible reminder of spiritual commitment. I chose a replica of the processional cross often used by Blessed John Paul II, who has always been an inspiration to me. For the next 40 days I purposely and prayerfully paused sometime during the day to meditate upon God’s merciful love made manifest by our Lord’s suffering and death. Whenever I could, I stopped in a nearby chapel to walk the Stations.

What initially seemed so burdensome soon became one of the highlights of my day. This decision to consciously pray the Stations of the Cross helped transform my spiritual life. This devotion deepened my love for Christ and is now something I continue to do. By committing myself to ponder the Passion, I have come to realize that the significance of Christ’s sacrifice can never be fully comprehended nor truly appreciated. Rather it is something that can only be experienced by a commitment to personal prayer.

Living By Example: Simon of Cyrene Carrie Jensen, Brookfield, Wis.

What a blessing it is to have the season of Lent to help us detach from the materialistic world we live in and offer up our sacrifices in union with Christ’s sufferings. One of the traditions that we’ve been doing in our home for the

past few years reminds us how Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry His cross and encourages us to think of others. Every week we become a “Secret Simon” for a fellow family member. Each Sunday during Lent we put all of our names into a hat. Then we take turns drawing a name out. If someone picks their own name or the name they had the previous week, they pick again. During the week that follows we are “Simon” for the person whose name we draw, doing something daily for that person to make their journey a little lighter and brighter. We may do things like make the person’s bed, do a chore they have assigned that day, write them a note of encouragement, or leave a small treasure on their pillow. This same idea can be used during Advent with “Advent Angels.”

Letters for Lent Marilyn Domke, Genoa, Wis.

Last year during the first week of Lent, I received a letter from my niece. She

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told me that she and her two young daughters were making it a Lenten practice to write a letter each day. I thought about that letter all day and about what a beautiful way it is for a young mother to teach and exemplify compassion and thoughtfulness. A letter can comfort a person who is lonely or suffering, show those who serve us that they are appreciated, or simply spread a bit of joy. I felt that this would be a good Lenten practice for anyone at any age, so I adopted it as my own. It was easy to think of people who would love to find cards or letters in their mail. I started by writing to our parishioners in nursing homes, to those going through cancer treatments, and retired Franciscan Sisters whom I know. I wrote to the pianist and the cantors who add so much to our Sunday Masses. My list was longer than the number of days of Lent. I therefore intend to make this a yearly Lenten practice.

Find the Radiant Cross

We have hidden black and white versions of the “Radiant Cross” icon — like the one you see on this page – somewhere in this publication. Members who correctly identify the location of at least one of the five Radiant Cross icons hidden in this issue will be eligible for a drawing to receive $25. Please note: the Radiant Cross featured on this page does not count. Submit your entry by June 1, 2014. Visit our website and click on the Spring Member Magazine link or mail your entry to: Member Magazine, Catholic Financial Life, 1100 W. Wells St., Milwaukee, WI 53233. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and the location of the Radiant Cross. The winner of our fall issue Radiant Cross activity was John Donaldson, Westfield, Ind.

Marian Devotion Praying to Our Blessed Mother, Spiritual Aid for the Soul One Chapter’s Dedication to the Rosary: Bob Grenier,

president of Chapter N001, Holyoke, Mass., has a special dedication to the rosary. Over the last 10 years, he and his crew of volunteers have made more than 116,000 rosaries that have been shipped to missions all over the world.

8  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

She was a teenager, pregnant and unmarried, who gave birth to her baby among farm animals. She and her child were refugees in a foreign land, her new husband finding only menial jobs to provide for his young family. She would be widowed at a young age and later tormented by the sight of her adult son murdered for a crime he did not commit. In spite of this difficult life, this remarkable woman is called to by hundreds of millions each day with the words, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. …” She is, of course, the Blessed Mother of our Lord. As Catholics, our devotion to the Blessed Mother is strongly tied to the teachings and traditions of our faith. And though we believe Mary was conceived without original sin (the Immaculate Conception), we look to her for inspiration, not as a “divine being” but as a human being, like us. In all circumstances, Mary chose to respond to the will of God with faith, love and obedience.

Mary is our role model, mother and friend. She intercedes for our needs before her Divine Son. Recall that it was Mary who prompted Jesus to perform his first miracle, turning water into wine, at the wedding feast in Cana (even Jesus couldn’t say no to his mother!). We need only ask for her intercession on our behalf. And there are many ways in which we can present our needs to the Blessed Mother. One of the most popular forms of Marian devotion is the rosary. Whether or not he truly “invented” the rosary, St. Dominic (d. 1221) is credited with having promoted this form of devotion as a means to

the conversion of sinners. Based on Scripture, the rosary is a contemplative prayer which helps focus our attention on the presence of Christ within us. Each decade of the rosary, grouped into the joyful, sorrowful, glorious and now the luminous mysteries, recalls an event in the life of Christ. The rosary’s popularity has continued to be strong over time. In fact, Pope Francis recently referred to the rosary as “spiritual medicine,” telling those gathered, “Don’t forget to take it. It’s good for your heart, for your soul, for your whole life.” Referring to the recitation of the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Holy Father said they are “a spiritual aid for our soul and for spreading love, forgiveness and brotherhood to everyone.”

Edmund Macewicz, age 99, of Chapter 60, Janesville, Wis., recently received his rosary celebrating 50 years of membership.

For members of Catholic Financial Life, the rosary has additional significance. For many decades, our tradition has been to honor 50-year members with the gift of a gold (plated) rosary in celebration of their loyalty and dedication to our Society. Seventy-five-year members

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receive a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of “The Immaculate Conception.” These gifts are treasured by honorees, who often pass them down to a beloved family member. Mary is identified and honored under numerous titles associated with the help she offers to each of us, such as Mother of Good Counsel, Comforter of the Afflicted, Help of Christians, Queen of Peace, and Mother of Perpetual Help. Some of her other titles pertain to the locations associated with Marian apparitions officially recognized by the Church, including Our Lady of Lourdes (France) and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico). She was declared patroness of the United States in 1847 and is recognized as patron saint of many other countries. Another form of Marian devotion, which gained even greater popularity during the recent Year of Faith, is making a pilgrimage to a Marian shrine. In the United States, there are numerous shrines dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. For many years, our members in New England have participated in the annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette in Attleboro, Mass. And in 2010, the Church officially approved the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wis., (near Green Bay) as the site of the first U.S. Marian apparition. An increasing number of chapters are organizing pilgrimages to these and other Marian shrines, for the benefit of Catholic Financial Life members.

The Catholic Financial Life home office in Milwaukee also features two chapels. The smaller, and first to be constructed (in 2000), is dedicated to Mary. “The Immaculate Conception Chapel” is open to home office associates and visitors for private prayer and meditation. Devotion to Mary is alive and well in our Church and in our Society. We encourage our members to grow in their knowledge of Mary, following her example, and reaching out to her as a mother and intercessor in any need.


Members Giving Back. “We are carriers of God’s love and whoever you are, you can become one also.” — Mother Teresa

A bench at the Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette in Attleboro, Mass., was dedicated to Bishop Louis E. Gelineau on the 40th anniversary of his installation as bishop. The dedication was in recognition of his 35 years as a spiritual advisor in New England with Catholic Financial Life. The bench is an expression of gratitude by the Society and its members for his dedication, outstanding support and spiritual guidance as the sixth bishop of Providence, R.I. The funding for the bench was largely provided by Catholic Financial Life chapters in the New England region.

George and Jacqueline Bouffard and Armande Thibaul of Chapter N35, Winooski, Vt., present a check to Father Charles Ranges, pastor of Holy Family and St. Lawrence parishes. The $4,000 from Catholic Financial Life will be used toward the construction of a new parish center.

10  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

The 16th Annual Make a Difference Day was celebrated by Chapter 121, Lancaster, Wis. Members of the community, Boy Scouts and others come together to provide a fun-filled day of activities for the elderly, disabled and those with special needs. Volunteers made more than 100 blankets for participants to take home.

Members of Catholic Financial Life, along with their counterparts from other fraternal benefit societies in Wisconsin, met with Senator Lasee, the chair of the Senate Committee on Insurance and Housing. The meeting was organized as part of an advocacy effort by the Wisconsin Fraternal Alliance, a trade association representing Wisconsin fraternals. Several of these meetings are held each year to raise awareness about fraternal organizations and the good work they do in their local communities. Catholic Financial Life participants included Advisor Joe Steiner; and Chapter Leaders Bob and Carol Augustian, and Phyllis John (also a former board member).

Volunteers of Chapter 110, Milwaukee, Wis., prepare lunch for hundreds at the annual Member Appreciation Picnic. Pictured left to right: Laura Basurto, Angelino Munoz and Guadalupe Sanchez. Wilson Park was filled with families enjoying group games, activities and a piñata challenge.

President and CEO Bill O’Toole with Leona Katorski from Chapter 306, Milwaukee SE, Wis., at the 2013 Society of St. Vincent de Paul Friends of the Poor Walk.

Chapter MI02, Bay City, Mich., members Tom Wagner, Nancy Peebles and Mary Wagner (left to right) sort donations for Make a Difference Day. More than 700 items were collected, benefitting four food pantries.

Chapter ND01, Rugby, N.D., raised $500 to benefit the Pierce County Food Pantry through an annual food drive sponsored by Leever’s Food. Pictured are (left to right) Vonnie Degenstein, a representative of the food pantry; chapter member Leanne Pfeifer and Carla Bush from Leever’s Foods.

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Members of Chapter 223, St. Anna, Wis., present a check to Father Ron Smith and Joe Zenk, pastoral leader of St. Anne Church. Catholic Financial Life provided a $1,000 match to funds raised from a recent raffle. Members pictured are (back row) Larry Kempf, vice president and Kenneth Turba, president and (front row, far left) George Engel, secretary/treasurer of the chapter.

Advisor Karen Stiles was on hand (front row left) for gold rosary presentations to 50-year members in Chapter 278, Paris Wis. Members enjoyed brunch and a program that included a local attorney speaking to the group about estate planning.





4 1. Participants sign in for the Friends of the Poor Walk for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in New Holstein, Wis. Organized by Board Member Dennis Kabat, participating chapters were Chapter WI09, Chilton; Chapter 266, New Holstein; Chapter 194, Charlestown; Chapter 223, St. Anna; Chapter 109, St. Nazianz; Chapter 68, St. Thomas the Apostle; and Chapter 118, Charlesburg.


12  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

2. Chapter 137, La Crosse, Wis., members helped residents of a local nursing home hand out Halloween treats to trick-or-treaters during their annual community event. 3. Members of Chapter N147, Springfield, Mass., helped fundraise for Holyoke Catholic High School’s 50th Anniversary Gala. Present from left to right are: Augustine Stuetzel, Terri Stuetzel, chapter secretary; Marialyse Rivers, chapter president and her husband Will Rivers, chapter treasurer; Teresa Kitchell, Holyoke Catholic High School principal; Janice Eldridge, and Eva Stockhammer, Holyoke Catholic High School performing arts director and event coordinator.

5 4. Chapter 64, Kaukauna, Wis., helped raise $1,500 for St. Nicholas Parish through a harvest bazaar last November. Pictured are Jane Coffey, Debbie Murphy, Amy Lahay, LuAnn Van Beek, and Ann Van Hoof. 5. Chapter N441, Westport, Mass., held a yarn collection and donated over 12 bags of assorted yarn to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Chapter President Normand and Vice President Lynette Ouellette organized the collection which lasted three weeks. 6. Ernie Stetenfeld, associate executive director of the Madison, Wis., district council of the St. Vincent de Paul Society receives a donation of $1,500 from Catholic Financial Life Advisor Debra Hill and Judy Casper, a “ReMitt” mitten maker. Volunteer mitten makers raised over $29,000 last year “selling” handmade mittens for a $30 donation. The mittens are made from recycled wool sweaters and lined with warm fleece.



Richard Dujardin Honored by the Religion Newswriters Association Staff writer for The Providence Journal and president of Chapter N167, Providence, R.I., Richard C. Dujardin won second place in the Religion Newswriters Association’s Religion Reporter of the Year contest for metropolitansize newspapers. Dujardin was presented with the award at the association’s annual meeting in Austin, Texas. Three of his stories were recognized by the association:

3 1. Paul Rusk, executive director of the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin (center) accepts a $500 check from Chapter 261, Cross Plains, Wis. Pictured with him are Advisor Bill Klein, Chapter Vice President Robert Boehnen, Advisor Kyla Charles, and Secretary/Treasurer Paul Brunner. The presentation was made during the organization’s golf outing last August. 2. Chapter 307, Eaton, Wis., members Max and Emily Bonkowski present a $250 donation to Assistant Principal Terrie Kidder of St. Matthew School in Green Bay. The children and their parents volunteered for the school’s annual auction for education in November. The matched funds will be used to help replace old, crumbling tables in the school’s art room.

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4 3. Bob Schladweiler, president of Chapter WI43, West Bend, Wis., presents a $500 check to Karen Wysocky, West Bend High School choir director. The money was raised from a fashion show to help pay the costs of the choir to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. 4. Chapter 280, Ashton/Middleton, Wis., committee members and Jeremy Meinholtz’s family gathered at the Jeremy Meinholz Benefit. The chapter helped to raise $1000 which was matched by Catholic Financial Life. The funds will be used for medical and related expenses. Pictured are (Back Row) Albert Meinholz, Ron Endres, Dave Barman, Dan Acker, Jan Barman; (middle row) Linda Meinholz, Sherri Endres, Leo and Kim Acker, Mary Ellen Frey, Sherri Meinholz, Rhonda Meinholz; (front row) Louie and Joanne Meinholz; Jeremy, Sawyer, Isabel, Aiden and Cheryl Meinholz.

E-Easter — How three parishes in Rhode

Island are streaming services over the Internet to reach people who may otherwise never go to church.

Remember the Night — Rhode Island

Holocaust survivors remembered Kristallnacht 74 years ago and shared their personal stories.

A House Divided: Fault lines among the faithful — One priest’s journey to help two Catholic parishes in Pawtucket, R.I., merge into one. Located just two blocks apart, they were historically very distant. Dujardin has been a Catholic Financial Life member for 40 years.



Fixed Annuities:

The Power of Tax-Deferred Growth An Income You Cannot Outlive

Annuities, employer-sponsored retirement plans, life insurance, savings, investments and Social Security are all components of a comprehensive retirement plan. Fixed annuities are financial products that offer a variety of features to fit individual situations. For most people, an annuity is one option that provides tax-deferred growth, safety and the potential for a guaranteed retirement income.

Planning for the Future “Critics of fixed annuities warn investors to be wary of tying up their money in a contract when they might earn more in the market. Well they might earn less, too,” says Vice President of Sales Rogelio Cabral. “For many people, especially those nearing retirement, a guaranteed monthly income stream— free from market volatility — can offer peace of mind. A fixed annuity’s reliability and guarantees make it an important conservative asset, offering stability to a diversified retirement portfolio.”

Tax-Deferred Growth With a Catholic Financial Life fixed annuity, funds grow taxdeferred, allowing your money to grow more rapidly than in a 14  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

taxable product. (See the table on the facing page to compare tax-deferred equivalency rates.) Under current tax law, you are not required to pay income taxes until funds are withdrawn.

Safety A Catholic Financial Life fixed annuity is safe from declines in the market since its value is not directly connected to the market. The credited interest rate may change from time to time, but it will never pay less than the stated rate guaranteed in the annuity contract. A Catholic Financial Life annuity will always be worth more tomorrow than today as a result of daily compounding. Currently, Catholic Financial Life’s single premium deferred annuity (SPDA-5) offers a guaranteed rate of three percent the first year and a two percent guaranteed interest rate for years two through five. After the fifth year, the rate can increase or decrease, but it is guaranteed to never fall below one and one quarter percent.1 These are extremely competitive interest rates in today’s low interest rate environment!

Guaranteed Retirement Income Do you have pension envy? If so, you are not alone. Half of

Unlike other currently taxable investments, such as mutual funds and CDs, as long as the funds are kept inside the annuity, there is generally no federal income tax liability. 2 This tax-deferred feature allows your money to grow more rapidly. The tax “bite” is deferred until the funds are withdrawn from the contract. Depending on how and when the funds are distributed, the income and/or estate tax impact can vary.

Tax-Deferred Equivalency Rates Tax-Deferred Rate






Taxable Equivalent Rate Needed to Match Tax-Deferred Rate*






*Assumes 31% combined tax bracket. Does not take into account the taxes that must be paid when the tax-deferred account is distributed.

“For many people, especially those nearing retirement, a guaranteed monthly income stream— free from market volatility — can offer peace of mind. A fixed annuity’s reliability and guarantees make it an important conservative asset, offering stability to a diversified retirement portfolio.” Americans in the private sector workforce are not covered by any retirement plan, and only 22 percent of full-time workers participated in a pension plan in 2012.3 The old-fashioned lifetime pension where a retiree receives a fixed income each month for the rest of his or her life is disappearing. For the majority of people who do not have access to a defined benefit plan at work, annuities can be a self-funded “pension plan.” With a Catholic Financial Life deferred annuity, there are a variety of payout options, including one you cannot outlive. If you die early, your annuity will continue to provide the same monthly income to your beneficiaries for the balance of a guaranteed period. Catholic Financial Life also offers an “Income Annuity” which can provide an immediate retirement income stream. The income annuity even has an option to help protect your annuity payments from the effects of inflation.

annuities offer can be good options as you look to build a financially solid retirement. A Catholic Financial Life Advisor can help you select the best annuity to fit your needs and situation. Now is the time to call, as our rates just increased on March 1! If you would like to learn more about annuities, please see page 23, or contact your Catholic Financial Advisor or our home office at (800) 965-2547.


$25,000 minimum deposit. 2State and local income tax law can vary. Under federal income tax law, the deferral of tax is, with a few narrow exceptions, not permitted if the annuity owner is a non-natural person such as a corporation or trust. 3 Bureau of Labor Statistics Not all products are available in all states. Prospective members have the right to obtain a copy of the Buyer’s Guide to Annuities and a Preliminary Contract Summary prior to any annuity sale.

An Advisor is Your Best Guide The tax-deferred earnings and guaranteed income that fixed

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Catholic Financial Life Advisors

Commitment and Caring

2013 Leading Total Producer Cory Gates, FIC

2013 Leading Life Producer Cory Gates, FIC

Putting members first is a key trait shared by Catholic Financial Life Advisors and is at the heart of their successful careers. In February, Catholic Financial Life brought its advisors together in Madison, Wis., for a day of recognition and education.

2013 Michael Stivoric Fraternal Life Award

Recognizing the achievements of our top advisors was the focus of the 2013 awards program that brought both veteran and new advisors on stage in front of their peers. This annual event is Catholic Financial Life’s opportunity to thank advisors for their commitment to the Society and our members.

2013 Rookie of the Year

A highlight of the meeting was the Society Update presented by President and CEO Bill O’Toole; Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Vice President Al Lorge; and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Tilley. Their presentation touched on highlights of 2013 and corporate goals for 2014. In addition to an overview of Society operations, insurance industry trends and economic forecasts were also discussed. An educational workshop was conducted by Joe Sweeney, best-selling author, investment banker and business coach. Sweeney presented his time-tested habits for creating meaningful connections with people that will bring success in every aspect of life. His best-selling book “Networking is a Contact Sport” outlines his philosophy of networking; that it is about giving and not getting. Sweeney stressed that to be a master networker, one must first be a selfless giver as expressed in the Prayer of St. Francis. The meeting concluded with psychic entertainer Ross Johnson. Combining elements of extrasensory perception, magic and mind reading, Johnson energized everyone in attendance for the year ahead. 16  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

Francisco Hernandez, FIC

Bridget Long, FIC

2013 Roger Holthaus Rookie of the Year Eleazar Lopez, Jr.

2013 John Schneiger Rookie of the Year Randall Quiring, CLTC

Million Dollar Roundtable

John Augustine, FIC, LUTC Rick Kremel, CLU, ChFC, FIC, LUTCF Bill Klein, CLU, ChFC, FIC, LUTCF Mike Dougherty, LUTCF, FIC

President’s Club

Cory Gates, FIC Kristin O’Connell, CFP®, FIC Karen Stiles, FIC, LUTCF Rick Kremel, CLU, ChFC, FIC, LUTCF Francisco Hernandez, FIC Gabriel Rivera John Augustine, FIC, LUTC

Vice President’s Club

Bill Klein, CLU, ChFC, FIC, LUTCF Matthew Tomlinson Randall Quiring, CLTC Ida Martinez Eleazar Lopez, Jr. Bridget Long, FIC

Director’s Club

Joseph DeSimone, LUTCF, FICF Jim Piette, CLU, ChFC, FIC Debra Hill Laura Adame

Manager Qualifiers of Leader’s Conference at President’s Club Level

Michael Soczka, CLU, LUTCF, FICF Stephen Mathie, FICF

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100 Lives Club

Cory Ruefer Karen Stiles, FIC, LUTCF Eleazar Lopez, Jr. Ida Martinez Gabriel Rivera Francisco Hernandez, FIC

William L. Eimers Award

Bonnie Drzewiecki, FIC Bill Klein, CLU, ChFC, FIC, LUTCF Ida Martinez Gabriel Rivera Joe Steiner, FICF Karen Stiles, FIC, LUTCF


5 Year Dalila Diaz-Dirnbauer Curtis Eberle, FIC Ed Fons, FIC Cory Gates, FIC David LaCroix, Jr. Megan Sargent, FICF 10 Year Laura Adame Michael Behringer Tyrus Cobb, Jr.

15 Year Stephen Mathie, FICF 20 Year Mary Ann Wagner, LUTCF, FICF Edward Skwarek, FIC 25 Year James Doro, FIC 30 Year Rick Kremel, CLU, LUTCF, ChFC, FIC 45 Year Joseph O’Leske, LUTCF, FICF 50 Year Ron Lester, FIC, LUTCF Jim Piette, CLU, ChFC, FIC

Society News Advisors Jim Piette and Ron Lester Mark 50 Years of Service

The year was 1964 and America was entering a time of great change. The Civil Rights Act was signed into law. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Vietnam War heated up. The Beatles took the United States by storm. Ford introduced the Mustang. Like the Mustang, two classics blessed with staying power began their sales careers with the Society. Jim Piette

Beginning his career as an advisor 50 years ago this April, Jim became agency manager for the Green Bay, Wis., agency in 1967. When asked how to become successful in the life insurance business, he said, “It’s really simple. It takes dedication, hard work and always putting your clients’ needs as your number one goal.”

Jim, a native of Algoma, Wis., is a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table and holds Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designations, among others. He credits much of his success to hiring good people, such as advisors like his brother, Joe Piette, and Jim Rabideau; and office manager Mary Gillis. When asked why he stayed in the life insurance business for 50 years, he said, “Life insurance became a passion with me after my first death claim was paid.” According to Jim, the needs for life insurance vary greatly, from paying for funerals and home mortgages, funding college educations, and providing lifetime income for survivors. “The life insurance advisor is the only one who brings money when someone dies,” Jim said. “Nothing can take the place of life insurance.” Jim would like to thank his clients for the trust they have placed in him for the last 50 years and promises to continue providing the best service possible.

It’s really simple. It takes dedication, hard work and always putting your clients’ needs as your number one goal.

– Jim Piette

18  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

Ron Lester

Over the past 50 years, when not offering financial solutions for his clients, Ron could be found testing his mettle at breathtaking altitudes by scaling the world’s most iconic mountains, including Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Rainier in Washington State; and Elbrus in Russia, Europe’s tallest peak. Ron, based in the Southeastern Wisconsin Agency, built a personal philosophy of hard work and dedication from his mountain-climbing exploits, stating “The act of climbing mountains makes the view from the top all the more exhilarating.” A native of the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Ron spent two years in the U.S. Army, and Ron Lester August, 2000, on ascent of Europe’s tallest earned his bachelor’s peak, 18,540-foot Mt. Elbrus in western Russia. degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ron also holds a Fellow, Life Underwriting Training Council (LUTCF) designation. A Million Dollar Round Table member over the years, Ron has been active in the leadership of several professional insurance associations. In addition to hard work and dedication, Ron believes the secret to his longevity and success has been to “consider your client a personal friend and make certain you put his or her needs first.” Caring for his health both mentally and physically has been a big part of Ron’s staying power. “I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and as I have with my mountain climbing expeditions, I continue to challenge myself to go above and beyond,” Ron said. He plans on servicing his clients for years to come admitting, “If you love doing something and you’re good at it, keep going!”

Robert Dippold Elected Chair of Catholic Financial Life Board of Directors

Elected Chair of Catholic Financial Life Board of Directors at the Board’s quarterly meeting in September 2013, Robert Dippold began his term in January 2014. A retired executive with 35 years in manufacturing management, Dippold has been a member of the board since 2007 and has served on the sales/ marketing and membership committees. “Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position,” said President and CEO Bill O’Toole. “His 35 years of corporate experience combined with his passion for our fraternal mission make him an excellent choice to help lead the Catholic Financial Life Board of Directors.” In his new role, Dippold oversees the board’s activities and responsibilities and facilitates board and executive committee meetings. “I am extremely humbled to have been elected by my peers to this key leadership position for the Society. “I look forward to working closely with the 12 board members in concert with our President and CEO Bill O’Toole,” Dippold said. A member since 1976, Dippold served on the leadership board of his local chapter and at the state level for many years. A resident of Maria Stein, Ohio, Dippold’s community involvement has included Eucharistic minister for his parish and shut-ins, parish planning committee representative and financial assistant, library trustee, membership chair of the local community development organization, officer roles for both the local high school’s athletic and band

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booster clubs, and past president of the local volunteer fire company. Dippold and his wife, Katie, have four children and nine grandchildren.

Kristin O’Connell Promoted to Regional Manager

Promoted to regional manager of the Northeastern Wisconsin Agency starting May 1, Kristin O’Connell shares traits found in Catholic Financial Life’s legendary sales leaders. Having celebrated her 10th anniversary in February, she began her sales career with Catholic Family Life Insurance the same year she graduated with a degree in personal finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Like other successful sales professionals Kristin enjoys educating her clients on their finances and helping them achieve their goals. Though 10 years might seem like a brief time in the insurance industry, only the most driven achieve that milestone in what is considered a rewarding yet demanding career. Fiftyyear veteran Jim Piette once commented that “this business is easy if you work hard.” Kristin credits her ability to remain self-motivated and to “never have failure as an option.” Kristin holds, among others, the highly prized CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) designation. Throughout her career she has been an award-winning advisor and for the last three years has earned a place on the Society’s President’s Club. In 2011 she was the Society’s leading total producer was 2012’s leading life producer. Looking ahead, Kristin said the challenge of managing the agency based in Green Bay will be trying to fill the ”big shoes” of Jim Piette, who successfully directed

operations for many years. She expects to be up to challenge, however, and will make certain that the Society will continue to be proud of the agency’s accomplishments. A native of Green Bay, Kristin and her husband, Judd, have an 18-month-old son, Blake. Of her son, she admits, “becoming a mom has been my single greatest achievement.” With such a positive family attitude, Kristin is sure to make certain her agency provides the kind of financial security families need and in the process, continue to be successful.

Society Mourns Loss of Spiritual Leader

The Society mourns the passing on Jan. 13, of the Rev. John Endejan, pastor emeritus of the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, Milwaukee, who served for 30 years as national chaplain of Catholic Family Life Insurance. Following the 2010 merger, “Father John” as he was affectionately known, continued to attend Catholic Financial Life events including the annual Campout held in Columbus, Wis., at which he celebrated Mass for members and their families. Born in Fond du Lac, Wis., in 1931, he was ordained into the priesthood in 1957. Prior to becoming pastor of the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in 1991, he had served at Saint Anne, Old Saint Mary, and Saint Matthias parishes, all in Milwaukee. Though he retired from active ministry in 2001, he continued to work in many area parishes. He celebrated his 50th anniversary of ordination in 2007.


Gregorian Chant: An Extraordinary Form of Sung Prayer Member is world-renowned expert on prayer form

“Sacred music is not like prayer, it is prayer,” said Father Robert Skeris, a Sheboygan, Wis., native who returned to his hometown in the late 1990s after running the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music at the Vatican. As spiritual director of Chapter 13, Sheboygan, he has a rare skill set.

We used to sing it when I was a kid in the 1940s and 1950s. It’s a simple, unison music. It’s one voice. It’s just words and melody.

– Father Skeris

An internationally recognized expert on Gregorian chant, Father Skeris has traveled the world, lecturing, teaching and promoting the study of this age-old form of prayer. Gregorian chant is the monophonic liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church. It is named after Pope Gregory I, also known as Saint Gregory the Great, during whose papacy from 590 to 604 it was collected and codified. “We used to sing it when I was a kid in the 1940s and 1950s,” he remembered. “It’s a simple, unison music. It’s one voice. It’s just words and melody.” Father Skeris said the church embraced it as the best expression of the holy words of the Mass. Gregorian chant, he explained, has eight different scales, which gives the music a different sound than modern music and provides the opportunity for more expression. Because experts in Gregorian chant are hard to find, Father Skeris continues to be in demand. But as his 80th birthday approaches, he said he feels the need to slow down. “In spite of being retired, I’ve been teaching part time at Catholic University of America in Washington, where I’m the head of the Centre for Ward Method Studies in the School of Music,” he said. He has spent summers the last decade teaching master classes in Gregorian chant in Portugal and Lithuania, noting there are sparks of interest in this extraordinary form of sung prayer in other parts of the world. He has been happy to educate people interested in obtaining a serious background in Gregorian chant and is widely published on the theology of worship and its music and hymnology. He is also a founding member of the Church Music Association of America. Fortunately for Chapter 13, Father Skeris chose to retire to Sheboygan, a place where familiarity brings contentment. “I was born here and I came back here,” he said, completing a circle that has led him to beautiful and exciting places along his journey. “I spent a lot of time outside this country, but in the end, you’re always the outsider. I wanted to come home.” Whether at the Vatican, teaching at Catholic University of America, or providing spiritual guidance to the members of Catholic Financial Life’s Sheboygan chapter, the prayer form he loves stays close to his heart.

20  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

Spiritual Benefits of Membership As a Catholic organization we support the spiritual growth and development of our members through a series of faithbased benefits.

Catholic Summer Camp

Going to camp can be a favorite part of summer for children, and Catholic Financial Life wants to help kids experience the fun of camp. Members are eligible to apply for up to $100 toward the cost of attending a Catholic summer camp.

Prayer Network

We are believers in the power of prayer. Intentions are submitted to our online prayer network and are remembered in special Masses. Go to


We are all on a journey of faith. Retreats can be times of discovery, prayer and spiritual growth. Members are eligible to apply for for $100 annually toward the cost of a Catholic retreat.


We are a sacramental people. The sacraments of baptism, First Communion and matrimony are recognized with a commemorative gift. Confirmands are eligible for $100 toward the cost of their confirmation retreat and seminarians are eligible for scholarships. Apply for member benefits online through Account Access.

Members First Prayer: A Prayer of Comfort and Hope All powerful and ever-living God; Alpha and Omega; Source of comfort and hope: Hear the prayers of Your disciples. Throughout history Your people have turned to You when they were worried, afraid or uncertain, and every time You have provided reassurance. After Moses died and Joshua became leader of the Israelites, You told him to be strong and courageous and to not be frightened or dismayed. When the storm on the sea was so great that the apostles were overcome with fear, Your Son calmed the storm and provided them with peace. When those who knew Him best did not recognize Him walking on water and became terrified, Your Son Jesus said to them “Take heart, it is I. Do not be afraid.” Today, once again, Your people are suffering. Uncertainty is prevalent. Fear is pervasive. Anxiety persists. Calm our fears. Quiet our doubts. Comfort our pain. Protect us from all worry and anxiety.

The Power of Prayer Prayer is an important part of our faith-life as Catholics. We worship and give thanks to God; and we ask for help and His forgiveness through prayer. To those facing life’s challenges, Catholic Financial Life offers an online prayer network as a way to share prayer intentions with our online community. At the site, you may view and pray for the prayer intentions of others or post your own request at catholicfinanciallife. org/prayer. Prayer requests are generally posted within 48 hours of submission Monday through Friday. Intentions are prayed for by the seminarians at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee and during quarterly masses held at the All Saints Chapel located at the Catholic Financial Life home office.

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Help us to remember that You have promised to be with us always until the end of days and to live as a people trusting in that covenant. St. Joseph, patron saint of all workers, and St. Cajetan, patron saint of all job seekers, intercede on behalf of those for whom this prayer is offered. Through Christ our Lord, Amen. Timothy Cardinal Dolan Catholic Financial Life Spiritual Director Emeritus

2014 Member Events

Mark your calendar for some great family-friendly events this summer. Be sure to check our website for additional information on these events and more! Society–Sponsored Events Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Major League Baseball Milwaukee Brewers vs. Baltimore Orioles May 26, 2014, Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wis. Minor League Baseball July 12, 2014 — Timber Rattlers, Appleton, Wis. July 12, 2014 — Portland Sea Dogs, Portland, Maine July 26, 2014 — Eau Claire Express, Eau Claire, Wis. (New!) August 17, 2014 — Pawtucket Red Sox, Pawtucket, R.I.

22  Catholic Financial Life Spring 2014

45th Annual Catholic Financial Life Family Camp Out July 18 - 20, 2014, Columbus Fireman’s Park, Columbus, Wis. Come to Columbus, Wis., for some old-fashioned family fun! This is one event you won’t want to miss. At only $30 per campsite, you and your family will enjoy kids’ games, horseshoes, bingo, arts & crafts, bocce ball, entertainment, a pancake breakfast, and much more! An aquatic center is also adjacent to Fireman’s Park. Wisconsin State Fair Aug. 10, 2014, State Fair Park, West Allis, Wis. For $5 each, members will enjoy admission to the fair and the Catholic Financial Life hospitality tent which offers guests a complimentary soft drink or water, along with a cream puff!

59th Annual Pilgrimage Sept. 7, 2014, National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, Attleboro, Mass. A day of worship and family activities surrounded by the beauty of the La Salette grounds makes this an annual tradition for our New England member families.

Chapter-Sponsored Events Madison Area Chapters Member Event July 27, 2014, Madison Mallards Baseball Game, Madison, Wis. Southern Wisconsin Area Chapters Member Event - 7th Annual Zoofari July 30, 2014, Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee, Wis. Green Bay Area Chapters Member Event Aug. 7, 2014, Bay Beach Amusement Park, Green Bay, Wis.

Fixed Annuities ...the power of tax-deferred growth income you cannot outlive Worried about planning for retirement especially in our turbulent economy? While some things are out of your control, Catholic Financial Life annuities can provide a guaranteed income in retirement for life — offering you control and confidence in planning for your retirement. New in 2014!

Tax-deferred growth: Your money grows tax-deferred, allowing your funds to grow more rapidly than in a taxable product.

Safety: The credited interest rate is not tied to the markets and is guaranteed by Catholic Financial Life. We have a tradition of financial strength due to our long-term conservative approach to financial management. We have been caring for Catholics and their families since 1868.

Catholic Financial Life’s new single premium deferred annuity (SPDA-5) offers a guaranteed interest rate of 3% the first year,* a competitive rate in today’s low interest rate environment. (The guaranteed interest rate for years 2 through 5 is 2%. After year five, the rate may increase or decrease, but is guaranteed to never be below 1.25%.) Interest rates on Catholic Financial Life’s Income Annuity have also increased!

An income you cannot outlive: Your income checks will never decrease even if market rates go down. If you die early, your annuity can continue to provide the same monthly income to your beneficiary. Think of it as building your own pension.

To see if a fixed-rate annuity is right for you, contact your Catholic Financial Life Advisor or our home office at (800) 965-2547. Not all products are available in all states. Prospective members have the right to obtain a copy of the Buyer’s Guide to Annuities and a Preliminary Contract Summary prior to any annuity sale. *Rates effective March 1, 2014, and are subject to change. Introductory rates guaranteed for the first five years. Renewal rates fluctuate, with a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 1.25%. $25,000 minimum deposit required. ICC10 SPDA-5

What are the tax advantages of an annuity? Scan this code to compare the tax advantages of a tax-deferred annuity to an account where the interest is taxed each year.

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We’re Here When You Need Us

Estamos Aquí Cuando Nos Necesite

As the fastest growing minority in America, it should come as no surprise that a growing percentage of Catholic Financial Life members are Hispanic. As our Hispanic members have become a significant part of our family, we have added specialized services to better serve them. Bilingual associates in all service areas, product materials in Spanish, and advisors dedicated to serving the Hispanic community are just some of the ways we put our members first.

La minoría de más rápido crecimiento en los Estados Unidos, debe ser ninguna sorpresa que un porcentaje cada vez más grande de miembros de Catholic Life Financial son hispanos. A medida que se han convertido en una gran parte importante de nuestra familia, hemos puesto servicios especializados para mejor atender a ellos. Asociados bilingües en todas las áreas de servicios, materiales del producto en español y asesores dedicados a servir a los hispanos en sus comunidades, son formas que ponemos a nuestros miembros en primer lugar.

Wherever you are in life, we’ve got you covered.

Donde quiera que estés en la vida, lo cubrimos.


(Left to Right) Vice President of Sales Rogelio Cabral, FIC; Senior Executive Assistant Milly Gonzalez, ACS, FIC; Laura Diaz and Carmen Rojo of the Records Department (Left to Right) Senior Underwriter Emma Santiago, FALU, FLMI, CLU,ACS; Field Office Associate Yumari Ortiz; Vilma Hernandez of the Underwriting Department; and Karina Orozco of Member Services


Regional Manager Ismael Cardenas Central Agency 414-918-1002 Vice President of Sales Rogelio Cabral 414-278-6590, 1-800-927-2547, Ext. 6590


(Left to Right) Regional Manager Ismael Cardenas, FIC, MBA, Milwaukee, Wis.; Laura Adame, Chicago, Ill.; Dalila Diaz-Dirnbauer, Milwaukee, Wis.; Nancy Gonzalez, FIC, Chicago, Ill.; Armando Gonzalez Cortes, FIC, Beloit, Wis.; Francisco Hernandez, FIC, Chicago, Ill.

(Left to Right) Efren Loera, Chicago, Ill.; Eleazar Lopez, Jr., Milwaukee, Wis.; Ida Martinez, Milwaukee, Wis.; Gabriel Rivera, Milwaukee, Wis.; Roger Uriostegui, LUTC, FIC, Chicago, Ill.

Catholic Financial Life Member Magazine, Spring 2014  

Read the Spring issue of Catholic Financial Life's Member Magazine. Inside this issue: Summer Events Calendar, Marian Devotion, The Spir...