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feature The Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny Striving to do a little good through prayer and service


e are a missionary congregation of about 3,000 sisters working in the five continents of the world. In the Pacific, the sisters work in the Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Philippines, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands. We strive to do a little good

wherever we work and aim to promote peace, justice and dignity of the human person. Our missionary life of prayer and service expresses our love for God and people. In the Hamilton Diocese, we offer our service in any way we can. We specifically serve the Parish of St Thomas Aquinas, Tauranga by helping in the parish office, visitation of the sick and housebound, offering spiritual guidance and administering a retreat centre. We also walk beside the staff and students of St Mary’s School as a living presence of Cluny Charism. Here in New Zealand we also serve in the Auckland Diocese. Our service involves kindergarten administration, nursing, parish sacramental and pastoral programmes, visiting the sick and offering spiritual direction. Please see our province website for further information:

L-R: Sisters Allison Macalister (Provincial Leader) Joan Van der Zyden (General Councillor) Gabrielle O’Neill and Emeli Marafono. The Congregation of Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny was founded in 1807 in Chalon, France, by Anne-Marie Javouhey. The Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny are apostolic religious, rooted in personal and community prayer, united in communities of Sisters, attentive to the signs of the times, listening to the ‘cries’ of our world, open to the world and inserted into the local community, available for the Mission.

The Cluny Sisters play an active role in Tauranga, where they work with teachers and staff at St Mary’s School and provide guidance and a haven of peace at the Cluny Retreat in Thirteenth Avenue (left and above).

CATHOLIC FUNERAL DIRECTOR Ana-Maria Richardson Hamilton Diocese Parishioner

I am dedicated to providing Catholic families with genuine personal care consistent with the tradiions and praccces of the Catholic Church.

DD: 07 211 4654 Mobile: 021 881 229 Phone: 07 855 1878

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Kete Korero August 2015  

Publication of the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand

Kete Korero August 2015  

Publication of the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand