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Creating Hope, Transforming Lives

Catholic Charities of Onondaga County ANNUAL REPORT 2015




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Dear Friends: Syracuse, NY is known for many things. Loyalty to our local sports teams, the State Fair, four beautiful seasons. Our ability to deal with snow. We recently received a distinction, though, that no city wants. A 2015 study on poverty in America ranked Syracuse first in the nation for concentrated minority poverty out of the 100 largest metropolitan areas. The study examined data from 2009-2013 and found 33.2% of Syracuse’s population lives below the federal poverty line. Those are a lot of numbers. Here’s the bottom line: in our city of 144,000 people, there are 48,000 individuals living in poverty. That’s one out of every three people. Catholic Charities has been working to alleviate poverty for decades. For us, these dispiriting numbers strengthened our resolve to carry out our mission. For others – including many of our donors – the study sounded an urgent alarm. In 2015, we began discussions with the Allyn Foundation about our burgeoning social venture initiatives. These programs, including Project Joseph and the Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency Program, provide a promising pathway out of poverty for some of the most vulnerable members of our community. In early 2016, we received some exciting news. The Allyn Foundation agreed to partner with us to strengthen these initiatives, starting with a grant of $85,000. Thanks to their support, we’re not just training workers, we’re creating jobs. Yet, tackling poverty requires sustained interventions at many levels. There is no single solution. We can’t ignore neighborhoods if we care about alleviating poverty. We know kids thrive if they have caring, consistent relationships with adults and access to healthy neighborhood institutions. Many of our donors agree. Last year, Sheila Austin, The Community Foundation of Central New York, the Greene Family Foundation, the Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation, and the John Ben Snow Foundation all stepped forward to fund desperately needed renovations and repairs at two of our neighborhood centers – Vincent House on Syracuse’s Near Westside and Bishop Foery on the Southside. Each year, we provide parent education and youth development programs for hundreds of kids and families at these Centers. We have seen the positive results. Thanks to this generous support, these families can continue to make the steep climb out of poverty and achieve stability. Make no mistake. The causes of poverty are many, the consequences long lasting. We know Syracuse is home to many people living in poverty. And yet, Syracuse is also home to people who are proud of their community and have deep reservoirs of resilience. You will read more about them in this report. You will also read about our staff, volunteers and donors who are pushing back on pessimism. Together, they are building a community not characterized by punishing poverty but distinguished by citizens determined to create lasting change. I am proud to be part of these efforts. Every day, I am humbled by our dedicated and talented staff. Every day, I am grateful to our volunteers and donors for their support and their unyielding commitment to Catholic Charities and all of the people we serve. Sincerely,

Michael F. Melara Executive Director





CRISIS A box of rigatoni. Two cans of black beans and a jar of peanut butter. Some cornflakes, toothpaste and three rolls donated by a local bakery. A quick pantry volunteer with the building’s layout memorized pulls these items and a few more off worn but neat shelves, packs them in a paper bag and ferries them to the waiting room of our downtown emergency services center. The people serviced by our Crisis Response programs often arrive in dire straits – they are out of food, their electricity has been shut off, they can’t come up with next month’s rent. However motivated they may be to better their situations, they are unlikely to overcome their immediate obstacles without assistance. Catholic Charities’ Crisis Response programs get at the heart of our mission to create hope and transform lives. These programs provide relief for individuals and families facing immediate crisis situations. They encompass food pantries, emergency shelters for men and families, relocation, homeless prevention and financial support for meeting immediate needs such as medical and utility bills. In 2015, we served over 2,000 people and distributed over 51,000 meals at our food pantries and shelters in Syracuse. Our shelters hosted an average of 186 people every night.




About 20% of the people who benefit from our emergency services are children under the age of 18. They are kids living in dire situations in some of our poorest neighborhoods. Children who experience extreme poverty are at high risk of living in poverty as adults; it is vital that they get extra support to navigate obstacles and find success. We met the needs of these children in new ways in 2015 when we transitioned our Dorothy Day House from hosting single women to hosting women with children. The grim reality of extreme poverty can be draining for Catholic Charities’ staff. Often, the need is great and the resources thin. But our work is possible because of the tireless support of our dedicated volunteers and donors. Together we give people the means to rise above their immediate crises and achieve stability. n

Door-Opening Experience “Hank’s incredible,” says Carol Schaffer, director of Emergency Services. “He’s been volunteering here for 30 years. And if that’s not enough, every Tuesday, he brings us coffee. So Tuesdays are good days to be here.”



When Hank arrives five minutes later, balancing the predicted tray of coffee, he shrugs off Carol’s praise and teasing. He says he was simply looking for something to do and a way to serve the community back in 1986, and helping people get food seemed like a sensible, direct way to do that. More recently, he joined the ranks of the Ignatian volunteers. The Ignatian Volunteer Core, or IVC, is a Jesuit organization that matches individuals age 50 and up with local volunteer options. Hank chose to remain with the food pantry. The value of Hank’s experience is evident as he interacts with staff and clients. He greets most people by name. He was born and raised in Syracuse – his family owned Centore’s Men’s Shop downtown – and his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of local streets and parishes comes in handy when people need to find pantries closer to their homes. He is quick to joke, laughing when he notices the sign on the front door is incorrectly flipped to “Closed.” Hank jumps up to fix the sign, noting as he does so that people are clearly accustomed to the door being open; the word “Closed” hasn’t stopped anyone all morning. When asked what has changed in his 30 years of volunteering, Hank says: “We have more case workers down here than we used to, which is nice, so we can get people other kinds of help. But apart from that,” he says, gesturing to the slowly filling waiting room, “the beat goes on.” The beat does go on; the stream of people in need at the pantry is steady and has been for years. But the response of volunteers like Hank has been just as consistent. Their dedication makes it possible for hundreds of people every year to work through their crises and move on to more stable lives. n




A Seat (and High Chair) at the Table Many are familiar with the preparations necessary for welcoming a baby into a home. Corners must be rounded, outlets covered and wobbly lamps secured, not to mention the necessary supplies, clothes and food. The staff at our Dorothy Day House recently experienced this on a large scale when the shelter was modified in November from housing single women to housing women with children. “The changes we made, it’s just incredible,” says Kathleen Hayden, director of our Dorothy Day House family shelter. “Gates on stairs, different food purchases, different clothes, getting cribs, bed guards, supplying diapers… everything one family would do for one baby, we needed to do for a house with 18 people.” The change has involved a lot of trial and error as staff members figure out which outlet covers and baby proof gates will effectively foil toddlers’ attempts at breaking through them. The staff rose to the task, and so did the donors and volunteers who support the shelter. Kathleen happily relays the aid they’ve received since making the change: donations of baby supplies, a play set in the backyard, toys, diapers and more. Kathleen, who has a background in maternal and child health, enjoys working with the kids and moms, and happily reports the shelter’s success. “We had one week with eight babies under age two,” she says with a laugh. “Eight! And they all need high chairs! We had to be very resourceful that week just to seat everyone at the table. We managed it, though – that was a proud moment.” n












STABILITY A day spent at our Northside CYO Refugee Resettlement Services can seem chaotic, but that’s understandable - there’s a lot going on. In 2015, we assisted over 1,600 refugees in Syracuse, almost a third of whom are children under 18. They came from 15 different countries and received assistance on site in 16 different languages. Almost all of this work takes place in our 16,540 square foot CYO building on North Salina Street. The chaotic surface belies the successful stabilization work done in this building. From the noise and rush, we work to create individual success. What looks for a moment like mayhem is neighbors greeting each other. It’s staff members hurrying to ease conversations by finding a colleague who speaks a newcomer’s language. For people who have just arrived in Syracuse, often leaving behind desperate living situations, the dense network of support at the CYO is vital to their comfort and success. In 2015, we helped more than 1,000 individuals achieve stability through our Refugee Resettlement Program. Refugee families had access to English classes, preschool and after-school programs, summer youth programs, as well as assistance with immigration and citizenship paperwork. A full suite of employment services was available including orientation to the world of work, job readiness training, assistance with resume preparation and interviewing skills, job search assistance, job placements, and more. This translated to jobs for refugees in hotel services, food services, cleaning and maintenance, auto maintenance, retail, medical offices and small manufacturing. All of this work coalesces around a single outcome – to give all refugees in

Syracuse a fighting chance to rebuild their lives. All of Catholic Charities’ Stabilization Services foster predictability in living conditions, income, and personal health. In addition to our Refugee Resettlement Program, this includes our: • Supportive Housing Program which helps homeless or formerly homeless individuals and families find and maintain safe and affordable housing; • Elderly Services to enable older adults to remain safely and comfortably in their homes for as long as possible; • Heath Services Coordination which gives low-income individuals and families access to a coordinated and comprehensive suite of behavioral and medical health care services. When individuals and families achieve stability, whole communities flourish. But we can’t do this work alone. All of our Stability Services rely on volunteers, donors, parishes and partnering agencies to achieve our goals. Each year, we work together to help thousands of individuals overcome crisis and achieve stability. In turn, the people we serve are building stronger and more stable communities. n









Sorting the Mail (for dozens a week) “Oh, that’s not important,” says Pinyon, a continuing case manager at our Refugee Resettlement Services. A young refugee woman is questioning him about a letter she received in the mail. Her eyes widen when Pinyon tosses the letter in the recycling. “Not important,” he repeats. “Junk mail. You will get junk mail all the time here.” She frowns in confusion. “Wisdom,” Pinyon says, “can you explain?” Pinyon appears to be appealing to a cousin of the seven virtues, but he is in fact asking Wisdom, a Burmese refugee turned volunteer, to translate. Wisdom nods and explains to the woman, in their shared native Burmese, that the piece of mail isn’t something she needs to worry about. She is relieved and returns to placing items from the mail in front of Pinyon. This is what Pinyon does every week. He sits in the middle of the CYO offices on the Northside and fields an endless array of questions about the myriad forms involved in life as a refugee in America. He helps enroll kids for school, set up health care, explain notes from teachers, complete housing applications, apply for library cards, and much more. Refugee arrivals in Syracuse are assigned a case worker for their first three months in the country, but after that, their case is closed. For many refugees, three months of support is not enough to get on their feet, which is where continuing case managers like Pinyon come in. At the CYO he and volunteers like Wisdom are available to assist any who walk in the door with questions about navigating life in America. “It’s fine you’re confused,” Pinyon assures the next client. “It’s confusing. But we’ll figure it out.” n




Refugee Resources “It is a vegetable, not money,” *Maya tells her older sister, Devi. Devi peers more closely at the image of celery on her computer screen, part of a program for learning English.


“You spelled ‘salary,’” Maya clarifies. “Is ‘celery.’” Devi brightens when Maya spells the word out for her and nods her thanks as she types it in. The sisters are working their way through a course in English at our Northside CYO, home to our Refugee Resettlement Services. Maya, who benefited from high school English classes in their native Nepal, is one of the star pupils in the class of seven. She has already finished the assignments for the day and has turned her energy to helping her classmates. Maya has been in Syracuse for five years. She doesn’t really like Central New York weather. She misses the sunnier skies of Nepal. But homesickness is outweighed by the fact that most of her immediate family is in Syracuse or relatively nearby in Toronto. Maya is a generous, somewhat teasing tutor. She coaches people gently but swipes away any cheat sheets she catches them referring to. “You cannot have just the words in paper, you need them in your head,” she reminds a young Ghanaian woman, Ami. Ami laughs and grabs for her cheat sheet, which Maya keeps behind her back until Ami correctly spells “pork.” Maya takes pride in using her knowledge of English to help her sister, family and classmates. She knows her English skills and experience in the U.S. are useful for more recent arrivals. As reported by Maya, the hurdles of immigration can be daunting, but given the kind of support she received and now gives to others, it is possible to clear those obstacles and start on a stable foundation for life in Syracuse. n *names have been changed







CAPACITY Many factors make it difficult for people living in poverty to reach their full potential. For kids in poverty, a lack of resources, safe spaces and adult role models can be devastating. For adults, language barriers and complicated personal histories can grind job searches down to a halt. Our capacity building programs help people overcome these barriers and live their fullest possible lives. These programs include pre-k, after school programs, parenting classes, counseling and social enterprises such as Project Joseph and Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency. The programs are diverse in design, but share the goal of enabling people to live hopeful, stable lives. We knew we had to leverage resources across many of these programs when we decided to undertake critically-needed renovations at our Bishop Foery neighborhood center in 2015. The center is an important place for children of Syracuse’s Southside and has seen a lot of use through the years. The facility, which has served as a neighborhood center since the mid-1970s, was in need of several upgrades. The initial work was completed by contractors with generous support from vital funders. As the scope of the work increased, however, we called in our Project Joseph team. Our Project Joseph workers are a unique group. Project Joseph is a social enterprise and offers on-the-job training to people struggling with homelessness, as well as to recent refugees. Team members gain valuable skills in property maintenance and repairs while earning income. Some Project Joseph clients transition easily to higher-paid employment outside of Catholic Charities, while others need on-going supportive service for a longer period of time. Many of the people we serve have complex needs that can’t be addressed by a single service or program. In response, Catholic Charities’ staff frequently collaborate, referring clients across programs and sharing knowledge and expertise. Our Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency program, for example, trains people in basic kitchen skills and is supported by our job readiness programs that help people navigate the job search process. In another case of symbiosis, clients accessing our Elderly Services can also take advantage of Project Fix, a program that helps seniors with minor home repair and, for larger projects, refers people to Project Joseph. Poverty is often cyclical – those born into it are at great risk of growing up into poverty – but support can be cyclical, too. Collaboration and cooperation are key to Catholic Charities’ success. A collaborative approach is resilient and sustainable. It gives the people we serve the best chance of achieving selfsufficiency and reaching their highest potential. n




The Ways of the Kitchen “They are determined to work; that’s what I really love about training them,” Gary Coe says, smiling as he watches his students exchange kitchen tips. “This is a great class. They’ve all been great.”

skills. Gary, a veteran of culinary arts instruction, is determined to give his students every opportunity to succeed. A chef himself, he knows what other chefs will expect of his students.

Gary Coe is the Program Coordinator of our Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency program (CASS for short). CASS is a social enterprise that teaches culinary skills to help students gain employment in the local food service industry. The program serves refugees living in Syracuse, and it recently expanded to include people born into generational poverty in Syracuse’s poorest neighborhoods. So far, over 170 people have completed the training through five-week, sevenstudent classes held in the industrial kitchen of our House of Providence headquarters.

“We spend a lot of time on knife skills,” Gary notes. “I mean – not every chef is like this, but some are; when they say they want medium diced potatoes, they want medium diced potatoes. Anything else is no good. So I make sure they understand all that, the ways of a kitchen, before they graduate, in addition to food safety. They’re better prepared that way.”

The program coordinates with other Catholic Charities programs to provide training in job searching, interviewing and resume writing, in addition to kitchen

Gary’s dedication pays off; he’s seen a lot of success in the first three years of the program. The job placement rate for graduates is over 88%. He stands taller when he says this, clearly proud of his students. “It feels good, you know?” he says. “It feels good to help people be successful like this.” n





Unforgettable Support “It’s a small building,” Sheila Austin says about our Bishop Foery Foundation, “but the benefit that comes out of it for these kids is huge.” Sheila Austin is one of many donors who made possible major renovations to the Bishop Foery Foundation on the Southside of Syracuse in 2015. The center – affectionately referred to simply as Bishop Foery – has been a community cornerstone for decades. It houses youth programs and mentoring, as well as a monthly fresh food market for the neighborhood. As Sheila notes, Bishop Foery is not large, and the small space has been well-loved and well-used for years. Thousands of kids thundering through take their toll, and by mid-2015, the center was in need of substantial repairs and remodeling. There was paint peeling, couches sagging and floors cracking. The bathrooms needed to be redone, including creating handicapaccessible stalls. The necessary repairs were a bigger project than our maintenance staff was able to tackle. Grants and funds from organizations and private individuals were vital to getting this work completed. Sheila understood the need at the center and the ability of supporters to make a difference. “An unbelievable amount of work is done at Bishop Foery to help the kids on the Southside,” says Sheila. “It’s a neighborhood that is, I think, in many ways forgotten. So when I had the opportunity to help, I knew I had to.” n











BUILDING A CULTURE OF Dear Friends, Every gift Catholic Charities receives helps build our financial strength, allowing us to quickly and effectively meet the needs of thousands of vulnerable individuals throughout Onondaga County. Your support demonstrates the value of our mission to care for those in need while promoting human development, collaboration, and the elimination of poverty and injustice. 2015 was a remarkable year for Catholic Charities. We helped people gain stable employment through our social ventures, Project Joseph and the Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency Program. We undertook criticallyneeded renovations at two of our neighborhood centers, Vincent House and Bishop Foery. We served


more than 1,000 refugees who arrived in Syracuse fleeing unrest and violence in their home countries, and we served more children through our pre-kindergarten programs. These accomplishments, among many others, were made possible by generous donors like you. We are always striving to expand our circle of friends and supporters. Whether you choose to make a gift, become a volunteer or decide to serve on our board, we need your help. Please consider joining us. On behalf of the Catholic Charities’ board and staff, thank you for your continued and past support, and for your steadfast commitment to our work. Sincerely,

Nora Heaphy Chief Development Officer







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1923 Society CIRCLE OF LIGHT $10,000 and above

Gifts made between January 1, 2015 December 31, 2015 The Honor Roll of Donors acknowledges the cumulative giving of all individuals and organizations that supported Catholic Charities of Onondaga County with a financial contribution during the period January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Donors are listed on pages 16 through 22. Special recognition is also given to members of our 1923 Society, our premiere gift society named for the year Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse was incorporated. 1923 Society members have made one or more unrestricted gifts totaling $1,000 or more annually. • Circle of Light Members have made an annual unrestricted gift of at least $10,000 • Leadership Members have made an annual unrestricted gift of at least $5,000 • Sustaining Members have made an annual unrestricted gift of at least $1,000 The publication of the honor roll is intended to publicly recognize and thank all donors to Catholic Charities of Onondaga County. We have made every effort to ensure this list is comprehensive and accurate. Any errors of omission or fact should be reported to Catholic Charities’ Development Office by telephone at 315-362-7579 or

Jim and Kathy Burns Ken and Molly Gray Dr. E. Robert Heitzman, Jr. Mary C. McGreal

LEADERSHIP $5,000-$9,999 Edward J. Barno John and Mary Jane Fennessey Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Larkin

SUSTAINING $1,000-$4,999 Eugene G. Armani Sheila I. Austin, R.N. Sandra L. Baker Dana and Brenda Bigelow Reverend Monsignor Ronald C. Bill Mr. and Mrs. William B. Burns, Jr. Patricia Callahan Sharon and Mike Campbell Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Caputo Peggy and Jim Carrick Joseph L. and Janice L. Charles Armand and Joan Cincotta Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cipro Jim and Christine Connors Dr. Peter J. Cronkright and Dr. Judith A. Setla Mike and Elaine Crough Martha J. Cuddy Christine A. Dalpan Patty Derycke John and Janet Drescher John and Anne Endries John F. Finkenstadt, M.D. Mr. Steven Ford and Mrs. Patricia A. Lynn-Ford Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Fust Mr. and Mrs. Roger Garner Dennis G. Gleason John and Sonia Godwin Stephen Gorczynski Stephanie and Mike Hausladen (Continued on page 14)




1923 SOCIETY SUSTAINING $1,000-$4,999 (Continued) Reverend Dennis Hayes David and Sally Heaphy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Helmer Stephen Hickey Anne M. Kemper John and Marcia Kirsch Jeanne Lawler William Lynn Reverend Frederick R. Mannara John F.X. Mannion John C. March Candace and John Marsellus Jerry and Mary Mathews Lisa and David Matto Daniel A. McMahon Michael and Susan Meath Michael and Lisa Melara Daniel and Kathleen Mezzalingua Julian and Jennifer Modesti Mr. William Mullin Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy, III William M. and Kathleen M. Murphy Anthony and Eileen Oliva Mark and Renee Pitonzo Place Family/Lead Brokerage LLC Peter E. Rhodes Matthew and Suzanne Schiro Walter and Nancy Shepard John and Cil Sindoni Jeannie Slauson James R. Smith Sharon D. Dettmer-Welch


IN HONOR OF Sandy Baker Daniel Buyer Toni Martin Martha Mulroy Mary Bowers Pamela Bowers Sister Dolores Bush, OSF James H. Cecile Paul T. Fallon, D.D.S., P.C. The Leading Element, LLC Toni Martin M.E. Burgess & Co. Mark Clary’s Retirement Mike and Lisa Melara Most Reverend Robert J. Cunningham Jacqueline Bressette Denis Donovan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Caputo Dr. James Dravek Richard S. Hargraves Maria and Ryan Drescher’s Wedding Debra Carolla Frances Malagisi Hank Fust Angela and Ed Bernat Peter J. Dilaura Douglas J. Logan Toni Martin Jules Gibbs and Bruce Smith Ellen Creaghead Michelle Haas Kathleen Coughlin Birth of Bryce Hudson Johns Randi Bregman and Ted Gottbrecht Sr. M. Barbara Kardos Barbara A. Donohoe Margaret Napolitano Kilmer Karen A. Regitano




Eileen Kilpatrick Paul S. Driscoll Mary King Peter and Margaret Tassini Mike and Lisa Melara Mrs. Peggy Lou Feldmeier Michele Minoque Karen A. Regitano The O’Brien Family Jonathan R. Falk Joseph Ranieri Richard L. Ranieri Sister James Peter Ridgeo, OSF James H. Cecile Paul T. Fallon, D.D.S., P.C. The Leading Element, LLC Toni Martin M.E. Burgess & Co. Anna Shaughnessy Nancy Lake Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Siefring Mary Roberts Bailey Nancy and Walter Shepard’s 50th Anniversary Susan Nusbaum Carter Strickland Edward J. Moses, Esq. Rev. Sean P. Toole S.T. James Carr Gaspar Genuardi Bernadette Hurst Gelsomino Venditti Mary Anne M. Venditti Vietnam War Veterans Ray Shertz Paul Welch Sharon D. Dettmer-Welch Peter and Joie White’s 50th Anniversary Bennett Levine



Bob and Vickey Allen Ms. Barbara Lindenmayer

Frances Coyne W. Carroll Coyne

Suzanne S. Honold David J. Honold, M.D.

Walter and Adelaide Anson Michael A. Campbell

The Cuddy Family Martha J. Cuddy

Victor W Hurst IV Mary Czelusniak

Frances D’Amico The Carmardo Family

Kenneth Galuppi Law Office of Donald R. Swete

Lucy, Stefan, Roman Baranski Reverend Andrew Baranski Charles Block Mr. Paul H. Young Jerry Bennigan Mary Czelusniak Anna & Lee Bill Reverend Monsignor Ronald C. Bill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Bishop Joseph and Marsha Bishop John E. Bowen Julie Albanese Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Bowen Mrs. Mary H. Bowen Mr. Robert Burwell Pat Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Fuller John and Ellie Mott Mr. and Mrs. Marc Nunez Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ray Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ryan Kay Merriman Capo Arlene M. Swete Lucien Carriere Alice Carriere Sean Chambers Mike Melara Louis & Angie Conniff Lawrence A. Redmond Patricia Conway Mr. and Mrs. James R. Conway Louis Corrigan Maureen C. Nosik John J. Costello Esq. Mary Louise and James Abbott Mary Ann Delaney Mary E. Egan Jack and Judy Varney Virginia Costello Jack and Linda Rade

Mrs. Domenico D’Angelo Anthony and Deborah D’Angelo

The Girard Family Jack and Lois Girard

The DeLuca Family The Camardo Family

Elizabeth J. Green Burton Green

Betty DeMatties The DeMatties Family

Loretta Jackson Dale and Ginny Mecomber

Josephine Ferry Downling Ms. Lorraine Pease

Julia Kondratowicz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kondratowicz

Mary Elizabeth Drecher Ms. Mary Ellen Drescher

Joseph & Dolores Lang Ralph and Dolores Gaiss

Allen W. Elliott Louise Elliott

Bernard Lawler Richard and Kathryn Lowenberg

Thomas Erwin Ms. Catherine A. Hubert Mr. John Wirth

Fr. Gregory LeStrange Robert and Sharon Schug

Cleo M. Esposito Francis and Mary Anne Giacobbi

Jon Loefstedt Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Mecomber

Rev. William Esposito Richard and Kathryn Lowenberg

Richard Mamorella Lianne Liberatore

Elizabeth “Betty” Flood Mr. and Mrs. Donald Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Braden Cadenelli Mary Anne Clark Ms. Maureen Dalton Mr. and Mrs. R. Wallace Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flood Ms. Marybeth Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. William King Ms. Michele Kornbluh Onondaga City Snowmobile Association Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John Sheedy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Talucci Mr. and Mrs. Keith Terrell Xylem Inc. Muriel and Henry Hall Patrick Hall Beatrice Herz Mr. Bob Herz

Andrew, Anne and Ted Marko Joseph and Elaine Scuderi Alice McCann Mr. Michael Sherman Mary Jane McCormick Anne M. Kemper McNulty Families Martha J. Cuddy Mary K. Merle Mary Louise Merle Jo O’Brien Ms. Corinne Tasker Kyle O’Neill Marge Pinkowski Edward J. Osada Mary J. Osada Jessica Pereira Ms. Lois Jean Agne Ms. Judith Antoine ARC Guardianship Committee Ms. Geri Archambeault Ms. Christine Austin

Sandra W. Baker Ms. Lorraine Baxter William and Joan Boyle Ms. Lisa Brownson Mr. and Mrs. John Buffa The Byam Family Ms. Nicole Capsello Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cerrone Ms. Lauren M. Cirulli Ms. Jane Crider Ms. Patricia Cridland and Mr. William Mangin Ms. Christine A. Cruz Frank and Donna Maffei D’Eredita Mr. Steven Davis Ms. Eileen R. Deuell Ms. Erin French-O’Carroll Ms. Patricia M. Giarrusso Ms. Kathleen A. Giblin Mr. and Mrs. Phil Goodrum GreeningUSA Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Grosso Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Harris Ms. Suzanne S. Heiligman John T. Helgren Ms. Judith Janaushek Ms. Jennifer Jackson Ms. Dolores A. Kadlubowski Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kinsella Ms. Suzanne Kowalczyk Ms. Karen J. Kutzer Mr. and Mrs. George Lederman Mr. Brian McGann Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McLane Ms. Dee Metcalf Ms. Janet S. Morgan Dr. and Mrs. John F. Mosher Susan Moskal Ms. Sandra Mueller Mr. William Mullin Ms. Donna O’Mahony Mr. Richard O’Neill and Ms. Pamela Percival Mr. and Mrs. Horst Oestreicher Ms. Barbara E. Peklo Ms. Susan Peraino Mr. John W. Przepiora and Ms. Carol Stark (Continued on page 16)





IN MEMORY OF Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Reger Ms. Barbara S. Rickord Ms. Judith Rooney Ms. Gayle A. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Russo Ms. Elizabeth Sacco Mr. and Mrs. Garratt M. Savage Ms. Rosalie G. Spitzer Ms. Helen E. Stagg Ms. Hollis A. Strong SUNY Cortland Mr. Robert Synakowski Syracue City School District ESL Department Syracuse Teacher’s Association Inc. Ms. Mary Ann TartagliaStraube Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Trump Mr. Billy Vinzant Mr. Calvin D. Voutsinas Mr. Robert J. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Wes Weiss Peter and Maureen White Ms. Alison M. Woods Ms. Flora Workman and Ms. Nancy A. Workman Vittorio Perotta Antoinette Perrotta

Joseph Shaffer Henry Q. Centore Richard Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. George Bellino Virginia Simiele Rocco and Dorothy Pirro Peter Sodja John Sodja Mary Lawyer Spano Jim Spano Harriet Spurr Ms. Laurie Traphagen John, Mildred, Robert Timson Sister E.J. Timson Ann Tobin Nicholas and Mary Ricciardi Mrs. Julia Tomazin Anthony and Deborah D’Angelo

Agens Pfeiffer Dr. and Mrs. David L. Hanselman

Robert F. Toole, Sr. Patricia Toole

Bryan M. Place Maureen E. Hanley Ellen T. McNeill Regina and Gary Place Steve and Susan Ricca

Edwin & Aana Urtz Sr.. Katherine Abbey

Ralph Remualdo Ms. Alberta Shouldice Charles Block Mr. Paul H. Young Mark Riley David and Lori Bachman-Oot Charles and Eleanor Rutkowski David and Kalyn Rutkowski


Joseph Scaravillo Ms. Anne Bregande Ms. Shirley Cavallaro Ms. Loretta Grillo Mr. and Mrs. Ada Lasken Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lindsay Jr. James and Mary Molloy

Perrin Families Jack and Lois Girard

James and Mary Powers Mary and David Kuss


Carmen and Angeline Santore Jane M. Santore


Msgr. Jospeh B. Toomey Mary Ellen McDonald

Hank Van Kesteren Lucerne VanKesteren Javier Valenzuela Ms. Christina Valenzuela Harold H. Wanamaker, M.D. Barbara B. Wanamaker Dietrich Wolfram Ms. Charmaine Jones James and Betsy Witte Carol M. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Steve Knowles

DONORS $10,000 and above Alden Street Foundation, Inc. Sheila I. Austin, R.N. Jim and Kathy Burns Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Estate of John F. Mislinsky Fust Charles Chambers, LLP Ken and Molly Gray Dr. E. Robert Heitzman, Jr. Mary C. McGreal NBT Bank P. Drescher Co. Inc. Pope John XXIII Roman Catholic Church SEFCU Skaneateles Vincent House Guild St. Joseph’s Health

$2,500 to $9,999 All Saints Church Edward J. Barno Bonadio & Co., LLP Boys and Girls Club Byrne, Costello & Pickard, P.C. Patricia Callahan The Dorothy & Marshall M. Reisman Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Caputo Peggy and Jim Carrick Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese Catholic Charities Oneida/ Madison County Central New York Community Foundation, Inc. Christopher Community Inc. Church of the Immaculate Conception Armand and Joan Cincotta CNY Property Management, Inc. Jim and Christine Connors John and Janet Drescher Empower Federal Credit Union Excellus BlueCross BlueShield The John Ben Snow Foundation, Inc.

John and Mary Jane Fennessey Franciscan Church of the Assumption The Gifford Foundation Dennis G. Gleason Green Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Helmer Holy Cross Church Holy Family Church Howard & Grayce Bendixen Memorial Unitrust L. & J.G. Stickley Incorporated Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Larkin Le Moyne College Mackenzie Hughes LLP The M&T Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy, III William M. and Kathleen M. Murphy Murphy and Nolan Inc. Anthony and Eileen Oliva Rothenberg Family Foundation The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities James R. Smith TOPS Markets Usherwood Office Technology Vintage Management LLC Wegmans Food Markets Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Wilmington Trust, N.A.

$1,000-$2,499 Acapella for the Fellas The Allyn Foundation Eugene G. Armani Sandra L. Baker Barclay Damon LLP Dana and Brenda Bigelow Reverend Monsignor Ronald C. Bill Blessed Sacrament Church Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC Mr. and Mrs. William B. Burns, Jr.

Burns Matteson Capital Management C&S Companies C.H. Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc. John H. and Patricia J. Callahan Sharon and Mike Campbell Catholic Schools Office Joseph L. and Janice L. Charles Christian Brothers Academy Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cipro Columbian Financial Group Corpus Christi Church and St. Patrick’s Dr. Peter J. Cronkright and Dr. Judith A. Setla Mike and Elaine Crough Martha J. Cuddy Christine A. Dalpan DeLaney & O’Connor LLP Patty Derycke EIS Syracuse LLC Elmcrest Children’s Center John and Anne Endries Fallingbrook Associates LLC Fayetteville-Manlius CSD High School Activities Fitness Technologies LLC Mr. Steven Ford and Mrs. Patricia A. Lynn-Ford Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse Frank and Frances Revoir Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Fust Mr. and Mrs. Roger Garner John and Sonia Godwin Stephen Gorczynski Hancock Estabrook LLP Harbridge Consulting Group Reverend Dennis Hayes David and Sally Heaphy Henry A Panasci Jr. Charitable Trust Stephen Hickey Integrated Industrial Services Inc. The Ironman Foundation Anne M. Kemper John and Marcia Kirsch Jeanne Lawler Lockheed Martin Employees Federated Fund

Loretto Management Corporation William Lynn M&T Bank Reverend Frederick R. Mannara John F.X. Mannion John C. March Candace and John Marsellus Jerry and Mary Mathews Lisa and David Matto Daniel A. McMahon Michael and Susan Meath Michael and Lisa Melara Daniel and Kathleen Mezzalingua Julian and Jennifer Modesti Mr. William Mullin National Philanthropic Trust O’Brien & Gere Paul T. Fallon, D.D.S., P.C. Place Family/Lead Brokerage LLC The Pluff Hooley Group Mark and Renee Pitonzo PurEnergy Management Services, LLC Research & Marketing Strategies Inc. Peter E. Rhodes Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC Rue21 Matthew and Suzanne Schiro Walter and Nancy Shepard John and Cil Sindoni Jeannie Slauson St. Ann’s Church St. Lucy’s Church Summerwood Pediatrics Sharon D. Dettmer-Welch

$500-$999 Mary Louise and James Abbott Actuarial Pension Analysts, Inc. Americar Rental System Anaren Microwave, Inc. ARC of Onondaga County B R Johnson, Inc. Bank of New York Mellon Mr. and Mrs. John Baringer Thomas Barkley

Mr. Michael Becker Bousquet Holstein PLLC Randi Bregman and Ted Gottbrecht Janet D. Callahan Mike and Liz Cartini Julie and James Cecile Central New York Services The Church of St. Michael and St. Peter Commercial & Residential Painting, Inc. W. Carroll Coyne CR Fletcher Associates Crouse Hospital Michael and Mary Beth Curry Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs, LLC Digital Analysis Corporation Peter J. Dilaura Frank and Kim Discenza Ebersole Family Tom and Leanne Fiscoe Food Bank of Central New York David A. Furman Michael Gambuzza Thomas J. Gaughan Geddes Federal Savings & Loan Association Dr. Murray Grossman Patrick Hall Haylor, Freyer & Coon Inc. John and Mary Beth Henneberry Richard and Janice Hezel Hopeprint Inc. Hueber-Breuer Construction Company Insurance Auto Auctions Steven and Elaine Jacobs Patricia H. Keefe Ali and Margery Keskin Kathleen Khouri Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub Koolakian’s Menswear Liftech Equipment Companies Paul D. Madden and Maureen Clark Thomas and Patricia Maroney John and Carol Marshall Mark E. McAnaney John P. Tracy and Maureen McCarthy Tracy

Elizabeth J. McHugh Mike and Sue McKean Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, P.C. Lisa A. Mercer Salvatore Mineo Anthony and Joan Minieri MKS Industries Inc. Edward J. Moses, Esq. Francis and Sally Nichols Joe and Ann O’Hara Onondaga Flooring, Inc. Park Central Presbyterian Church Robert Pomfrey Sharon and Edward Poplawski Monsignor Neal Quartier Nicholas and Mary Ricciardi Rich & Gardner Construction Co. Ms. Barbara S. Rickord Russo Produce Company, Inc. The Saarie Family Bethany Samuels Jane M. Santore Christin Schaefer St. James Church St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Foundation St. Margaret’s Church St. Patrick’s Church Synapse Partners LLC Syracuse Exterminating T.H. Kinsella Inc. Ms. Kimberly Townsend James and Salli Tuozzolo United HealthCare Services, Inc. C. Brian Walton and Ellen Golden Ms. Janice Whitcraft Juanita Perez Williams James S. Young

$100-$499 A Custom Family Memorial Katherine Abbey Christopher Abbott Mr. Sean Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Ivan O. Ace Mr. and Mrs. Wahid Akl Mary Allen Therese Allison Steve and Sue Anagnost (Continued on page 18)




DONORS $100-$499 Mr. Gary Anastiso Eileen Anderson (Exeter HS Teachers) ARISE Incorporated Kate and Rick Artessa Ms. Deborah Ashmore Assemblyman William Magnarelli, D-129 Thaddeus J. Astemborski Avalon Document Services AXA Advisors, LLC David and Lori BachmanOot James C. Baglio Baldwinsville Theatre Guild Chauncey A. Ball Mr. Michael Ball Julius W. Balogh Ms. Deborah H. Bandera Bank of America Reverend Andrew Baranski Rick and Susan Barry Helga P. Beck Bell Tenant Champions Ms. Doris Bella John J. Bellardini Mr. and Mrs. George Bellino Caitlin Bennett Mary Newman Bennett Chet and Ellie Benoit Angela and Ed Bernat Ms. Susan Bertrand Cindy and Dan Bird Cynthia Bishop Bishop Grimes Timothy and Deb Bobo Mr. Brett Boismenu Reverend William J. Bosch Miles M. Bottrill Robert and Annette Boulware Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Bowen Ms. Pamela Bowers Bowers & Company CPAs, PLLC Sandor and Romana Bozo Virginia A. Brennan Ms. Lisa Brownson Charles A. Buckley Patricia A. Bullard Mr. Richard H. Bunce The Honorable William J. Burke Daniel Buyer Margaret Byrne




C.T. Male Associates Kathleen Cahill Michelle and Timothy Callahan The Camardo Family Dom Cambareri and Valerie Ellen Cambareri Patsy and Joseph Cambareri Michael A. Campbell Mr. Alfred Cappuccilli Paul and Marcia Cappuccilli The Catholic Sun Centerstate CEO Ms. Peggy Chase China Towne Discount Furniture Citizens For DeFrancisco City Hardware Dianne S. Clark Mark A. Clary Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Coggins Jess and Jane Collen Contemporary Personnel Staffing Inc. The Coppo Family Chris Cosco Peter and Elizabeth Costello Bishop Thomas J. Costello Ms. Kathleen Coughlin Council of Parishes Upstate New York Doug Craner & Anne Milewski Craner Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Craner Ms. Ellen Creaghead Dennis Cudzilo Thomas and Maureen Curran Joseph G. Curro Chris Curry Mr. James Curtin Pat Curtin Mary Czelusniak Judy D’Amore Anthony and Deborah D’Angelo Ms. Karen M. Dahl Michael and Elizabeth Daly Michael Davis Jack and Dorothy Dee George S. Deptula John and Connie DeRosia Peter L. Derrenbacker Ms. Julia M. Devers Kenneth J. Dodge Daniel and Myra Dombroski Linda Dombrow

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Donnelly Barbara A. Donohoe Ms. Deborah Doran Bob and Katie Doucette Florence G. Douque Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Inc. Downtown Dental Syracuse PC Ms. Mary Ellen Drescher Mr. and Mrs. Paul Drescher Driver’s Village Inc. Mr. Kevin Dudash Dianne M. Duerr Brigid and Peter Donald and Suzanne Dutkowsky Jean and Joyce Early Charles H. Eckermann Edward J. Ryan & Son, Inc. Bill and Pat Edwards Lisbeth Ehrlich Tom and Nancy Eron Ervin for County Legislature Ms.Irene Erwin Elizabeth Espersen Essilor of America, Inc. Michael J. Fabisiak Fidelis Care New York Marijane and Scott Finlay Firley, Moran, Freer and Eassa CPA, PC First United Church of East Syracuse Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fitzgerald Carolyn Fitzgerald Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fitzgerald Henry J. Fleischman Daniel P. Fletcher Lawrence O. Fletcher Ms. Mary Fortino Christa Foster John and Jutta Fowler Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park Gage Plumbing Service Ralph and Dolores Gaiss Vince and Anita Genecco Carl Germain Grace and Reno Ghezzi Francis and Mary Anne Giacobbi Julie C. Gibbs John J. Gibson Louise M. Gilhooley Jim Gill Ms. Mary Giroux Margaret A. Gorham

Brian D. Gorman Grace Episcopal Church John and Carol Graham Graham, Newton & McMahon, Inc. Arthur and Cheryl Grant The Greater North Salina Business Association Mr. Mark Greene and Mrs. Cynthia Dowd Greene GreeningUSA Inc. Ray and Sue Grimaldi Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Grosso Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Group Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Haher Daniel and Diane Halsey Lt. Jonathan Hamblin Maureen E. Hanley Dr. William Hannan Kip and Teresa Hargrave Harrigan & Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Harris Donald and Cheryl Haswell Ms. Denise Headd Diane M. Heaphy Gail A. Hefferon Paul and Nancy Hefti John T. Helgren Mary Jane Hennigan Ms. Lorraine Henry Dotti Barraco Hetnar Carl W. Hibbard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoesly Brian P. Hoke David J. Honold, M.D. Mr. Dan Honors The Horowitch Family Foundation Mr. Christopher T. Hucko John and Donna Iannuzzi IV 4, Inc. Ms. Jennifer Jackson William E. Jackson Ralph Jahnige James Street United Methodist Women Nancy FreeboroughKaczmar, D.V.M. Bob Kawa Joseph W. Kelly Scott Kelso Michael J. Kendrick, M.D. Gregory Kenien Mary E. Kennedy Robert E. Kick, Sr. Myrtle and Tyson King Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kinsella Ms. Wendy Kinsella Ms. Michelle Kirk

Klineberg Photography Daniel Kveselis Sharon Kyle Laboratory Alliance of Central New York, LLC William F. Larkin Latorra, Paul and McCann Advertising Law offices of William J. Nealon, III Frank and Denise Lazarski The Leading Element, LLC Jeremy Lebediker Joan M. Leskoske Ms. Karen Linderman Katie Lindsey Mary C. Lindsley Zalie Linn Mr. Vincent Lobdell Douglas J. Logan Dr. and Mrs. James A. Longo Ginnie Lostumbo Lourdes Camp Richard and Kathryn Lowenberg Ms. Constance A. Lowery Mr. Martin F. Lowry and Ms. Ann Park Raymond G. Luber M. Walker Sprinkler Co. M.E. Burgess & Co. Dan and Babe Magaro Bill and Karen Magnarelli Ms. Therese M. Maher and Ms. Mary A. Maher Bernard Mahoney Robin and Maggie Malloy The Maloney Family Mr. Robert S. Maloney Ms. Marietta Mancini Mr. Fred Mangine Manlius Pebble Hill School The Manning & Napier Foundation Reverend John D. Manno Ms. Lorraine Manzella Marie Mariani James F. Marquardt Marquardt Switches Inc. Toni Martin Nick Masterpole William H. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. John P. McAuliffe Monsignor James A. McCloskey Ryan McDermott Mary Ellen McDonald Mr. Brian McGann Fred and Kathy McManus Mary Helen McNeal Ellen T. McNeill

Dale and Ginny Mecomber Carl A. Mellor Meridian IT Sarah G. Merrick Frank and Nola Messere Ms. Jo-Ann Michaud James R. Mitscher Monaco Family Francis L. Moran John G. Moreland Mr. Daniel Morgan Bobette Morin Dr. and Mrs. John F. Mosher Kenneth L. Mowers, Jr. Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse Honorable Martha Mulroy Mr. and Mrs. William G. Munroe Stephen R. Nagen Kevin S. Neary Mr. Daniel Newell Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Nolan Northland Communications Northside UP Margaret O’Connell William J. O’Connor John and Mary Ann O’Hern Onondaga Alarm Service, Inc. Onondaga City Snowmobile Association Inc. Onondaga Community College W. Dennis Owen Joan and Lawrence Page Ronald J. Panek Mr. & Mrs. Rob Parmele Richard T. Pasinski William M. Patrick Ms. Susan Peraino Joanne S. Pettit David and Kathleen Piper Mr. Rich Pitcher Regina M. Place Mr. Michael J. Platt Kenneth Polosky Mr. Thomas Powell Francis D. Price, Jr. Pro Air Plus, Inc. Mr. John W. Przepiora and Ms. Carol Stark Pyramid Brokerage Companies R.F. Toole Associates LTD Jack and Linda Rade Kevin G. Ragosta, DO

Dominick and Monica Rappazzo The Rau Family Mr. Kevin Reagan Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Reger Karen A. Regitano Rita Reicher Rescue Mission David and Jocelyn Richards RJR Associates Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Leo A. Roberge Steve and Sally Romano Ms. Judith Rooney Joseph and Ann Roos Ms. Cheryl Rosati Susan M. Rose Rudy Schmid Body & Frame Shop David and Kalyn Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ryan Jr. Tia R. Sales Ms. Alisa R. Salibra Arlene Sardo Peter F. Sarver Mr. and Mrs. Garratt M. Savage Roger and Elizabeth Schafer Ms. Pamela B. Schmid Robert and Sharon Schug Joseph and Elaine Scuderi The Honorable and Mrs. Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. Seven Pines Consulting Group Inc Msgr. Sheehan Mr. Jay Sherman Mr. Ray Shertz Joan Q. Simmonds Dr. and Mrs. John H. Sipple Judith A. Skelton Catherine T. Smith John Sodja Solid Cactus Cares Fund of The Luzerne Foundation Solvay Bank Sonbyrne Sales, Inc. John Sopchak Jim Spano St. Camillus Foundation St. Charles Food Pantry St. Charles-St. Ann Church St. Joseph’s Church St. Patrick’s Church St. Vincent de Paul Church Thomas F. Stairs Mary Stapleton Mr. William Steinbacher

Mr. and Mrs. James Stoddard Joyce E. Stores Mr. & Mrs. Martin Strodel Sun Auto Warehouse Frank Swierk Mr. Robert Synakowski Syracue City School District ESL Department Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union Syracuse Glass Company Inc Syracuse Police PBA Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. Syracuse Zonta Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Talomie Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tamburro Ms. Mary Ann TartagliaStraube Peter and Margaret Tassini Sheila J. Taugher Patrick and Christine Taylor Richard and Bonnie Taylor Joe and Adele Teich Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tesori Marianne A. Thibault Carl A. Thomas Rebecca E. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Thornton Ms. Suzanne Thornton John and Carolyn Tierney Tindall Funeral Home Inc. Tipperary Hill Athletic Club Toomey Residential & Community Services Gregg A. Tripoli The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Reverend Richard G. Tucker Kathleen A. Tynan The United Methodist Church of Fayetteville United Technologies Charity Trust Unity of Syracuse Universal American Universe Companies Inc. Upstate Medical University Jack and Judy Varney Ms. Mary Anne M. Venditti Mr. Billy Vinzant Mr. Louis Viviani Rita Vollmer (Continued on page 20)




DONORS $100-$499 Reverend Wilbur J. Votraw Ms. Diane Waldon Mr. Robert J. Wallace Hope Wallis Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Walsh Barbara B. Wanamaker Andrea B. Wandersee Shambo Mr. and Mrs. Paul Waverchak James W. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Wes Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Welsh Chris Welter Whelan & Curry Construction Services, Inc. Steve Williams Robert and Kay Wilson Richard and Judy Wittenburg Henry L. Wood Xylem Inc. John and Delores Yandon YMCA of Greater Syracuse Kate and Jeff Youle Mr. Paul H. Young

$99 and Under Ms. Lois Jean Agne Julie Albanese Mr. Rodger Albert Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Allen Amazon Smile Ms. Judith Antoine Ms. Geri Archambeault Carol A. Arman Ms. Arlein M. Arnold Domenica T. Artini Mr. and Mrs. Donald Atkinson Ms. Christine Austin Christopher Baker Sandra W. Baker John and Nancy Bandoblu Ms. Rosemary Bannon Pimentel Mr. and Ms. Carmine Baratta Ms. Rosemary Baratta Jean Bassett Ms. Lorraine Baxter Ms. Kelly Bayne Ms. Frances Belge Chris Benjamin




Mr. Bob Herz Dave and Kate Bidwell Kate and David Bidwell Carol Binsley Joseph and Marsha Bishop Ms. Rita Bonaccio John E. Bowen Joyce A. Bowes William and Joan Boyle Ms. Anne Bregande Ms. Jacqueline Bressette Charles W. Brooks Mr. James Brown Mr. and Mrs. James Bubnack Mr. and Mrs. John Buffa Ms. Elizabeth Burke Ms. Patricia W. Burke Russell T. Burlingame Mr. Robert Burwell The Byam Family Mr. and Mrs. Braden Cadenelli Sara E. Caliva Edward M. Campagna Rosanna Capozza Jason Capron Ms. Nicole Capsello Cardiovascular Group of Syracuse Georgina Carmichael Ms. Debra Carolla Mr. and Mrs. James Carr Alice Carriere Sarah Castilano Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Caswell Ms. Shirley Cavallaro Ms. Rose Marie Cazzola Henry Q. Centore Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cerrone Stephen C. Chambers Modesto Chemotti Gerald Chmielewski Church of Our Lady of Pompei Mr. and Mrs. James Ciccone Ms. Lauren M. Cirulli Mary Anne Clark CMB Sportswear Mr. Michael Colucy Ms. Maureen Conklin Richard J. Conte Mr. and Mrs. James R. Conway Ms. Shirley Copley Gary Corbett Mary Cormier Mr. and Mrs. James P. Costello

Ms. Jane Crider Ms. Patricia Cridland and Mr. William Mangin Ms. Marilyn Crosby Mr. Alif D. Crowley Ms. Heather Crowley Ms. Christine A. Cruz Dr. and Mrs. John J. Cucinotta Mr. James J. Cuddy Ms. Margaret Czarniewicz Frank and Donna Maffei D’Eredita Mr. Thomas D’Onofrio Marilyn R. Daley Ms. Maureen Dalton Mr. Richard Davis Mr. Steven Davis Mr. George Deangelo Gary and Eileen Deckman Mrs. Barbara Delaney Barbara Delaney Mary Ann Delaney Mr. David J. Demarchi Mr. and Mrs. Felix DeMott Eileen M. DeRycke Ms. Gloria DeStaffan Patte DeStaffan Ms. Eileen R. Deuell Edward J. Dienst Douglas Dixon Anne B. Doherty Mr. James F. Doherty, Jr. Mr. Russell Dombrow Ms. Virginia Donovan Robert K. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. R. Wallace Doyle Lee Dreamer Ms. Barbara Dubiel Betty J. Duxbury Ms. Margaret A. Dwyer Ms. Rose Eason Mary E. Egan Louise Elliott James A. Emmons Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Erno Peg Eron Father William Esposito Sheila and Ernie Etoll Mrs. Mary E. Extale Jonathan R. Falk John A. Farnach Ms. Courtney A. Farranto Louis J. Farrell Mrs. Peggy Lou Feldmeier Marcia Ferber Martha and Michael Ferrell Reverend John Fetcho Mr. Terence Fitzgibbons Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flood

Mr. Philip Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fragnito Ms. Erin French-O’Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Fuller Ms. Antoinette Gaffney Ms. Marybeth Gaffney John Gamage Mr. and Mrs. James S. Garvey James F. Gaul, Esq. Mary Ellen Geglia Mr. Patrick Geloff George and Lena Gelsomin Reverend Gaspar Genuardi Rezar Gera Ms. Patricia M. Giarrusso Ms. Kathleen A. Giblin James and Susan Gillen Mr. David J. Gillespy Jack and Lois Girard Norman and Annie Gitzen Mr. and Mrs. Phil Goodrum Rosemary Gorman Edward and Marie Grabowski The Graf Family Burton Green Mr. Henry Green Rich and Kathy Green Ms. Karly Grifasi Ms. Loretta Grillo Frances and Emilia Grimaldi Ms. Virginia S. Grosso Ms. Cynthia M. Guertin William A. Gutowski Ms. Susan S. Haggett Elaine B. Halladay Mr. Arthur Hallatt Dr. and Mrs. David L. Hanselman Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Hargraves Ms. Bernice Harrington Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Harris Timothy T. Havener Barbara J. Hayes Cynthia Haythe Mr. John W. Heesemann Ms. Suzanne S. Heiligman Margaret M. Hennigan Carol J. Hester Mr. Theodore Hochenberger Margaret Hoffman Ms. Linda M. Houseman Ms. Catherine A. Hubert Joseph A. Hubert

Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes Mr. George J. Hunter Ms. Bernadette Hurst Mr. Samuel Iacone Tino and Phyllis Imbesi Mr. Robert Jachim Jadak Technologies Ms. Judith Janaushek Helen H. Jennings Ms. Margaret M. Johnson Ms. Charmaine Jones Ms. Roberta Jones John and Mary Jureller Ms. Dolores A. Kadlubowski Mary M. Keck Thomas and Michaela Kelly David F. Kennedy Steven and Margaret Kenyon Mr. and Mrs. William King Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Klein Christine Klik-Zalewski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Knowles Reverend Thomas P. Kobuszewski Barry R. Kogut Mr. Allan Kolsky and Ms. Ellen Somers Ms. Deborah Kopel Ms. Michele Kornbluh Kenneth and Kathleen Kotwas Ms. Suzanne Kowalczyk Mary and David Kuss Ms. Karen J. Kutzer Mr. Hal LaForce Ms. Nancy Lake Robert J. Lalley Mr. and Mrs. Ada Lasken Ms. Christine L. Lauri Law Office of Donald R. Swete Monica Lawton and Helen L. Parker Mr. and Mrs. George Lederman Bennett Levine Lianne Liberatore Ms. Barbara Lindenmayer Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lindsay Jr. Samuel and Susan Lipari Mr. Francis Lipski Maryanne Lorenz Rich and Liza Lowery Joyce Luczkowiak Ms. Elizabeth R. Lyons James and Patricia MacKillop

Don and Pat MacLaughlin Mr. Joseph F. Maione Ms. Janet Maksut Ms. Frances Malagisi Reverend Kevin Maloney Mary Ann Mannara Ms. Gladys Mantione Mr. Jeffrey Manzene Elizabeth L. Marten Gary and Rosalie Mason Masters Supply LLC Mr. and Mrs. Nate Mastro Mr. Charles D. McCarthy Ms. Mildred P. McDermott Elizabeth McKee Lynne and Tom McKeown Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McLane Noreen McLaughlin Ms. Patricia Merante Mary Louise Merle Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Merrill Mr. Larry P. Messina Ms. Dee Metcalf Helen F. Mierzwa Mr. Richard A. Milazzo Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Miller Edwin Miller Sally Mitchell Mr. Daniel Mody James and Mary Molloy Carl and Clara Monz Mr. Walter Moore Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moran Ms. Janet S. Morgan Susan Moskal Liz Mossotti John and Ellie Mott Ms. Sandra Mueller Lawrence and Sandra Mulhern Ms. Molly M. Mulvihill Mr. Thomas J. Murphy Bill and Anna Murphy Candace and Jason Murray Mary Kay Musyt Bonnie Nash Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Neal Mr. Rob Neimeier Judith Nemecek Mr. Christopher Nomura Ricky and Lori Noreault Maureen C. Nosik Mr. and Mrs. Marc Nunez Ms. Susan Nusbaum Reverend Monsignor James T. O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. John A. O’Brien, Jr. Ms. Donna O’Mahony Mr. Richard O’Neill and Ms. Pamela Percival Mr. and Mrs. Horst Oestreicher Cathy Ormsby Carl M. Oropallo Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Orzell Mary J. Osada Ms. Ally Osborne Ms. Elaine F. Ozolins Anne Palermo Ms. Sandra Panek Mr. Michael Paparo Helen L. Parker P. Daniel Parkes, D.D.S. Ms. Catherine Parrillo and Ms. Nancy A. Parillo Ms. Joan M. Passage Ms. Patricia A. Peach Ms. Lorraine Pease Ms. Barbara E. Peklo Antoinette Perrotta Vittorio Perrotta Ms. Elizabeth S. Perry Mr. Kristian Peterson Mr. Joseph Pidkaminy Ms. Kathleen Piechowicz Denise Pieklik Mr. and Mrs. John C. Pierce Rose M. Pinkasewicz Marge Pinkowski Ms. Sheila M. Piraino Lucy D. Pirro Rocco and Dorothy Pirro Julie and Leon Plochocki Jean M. Podkowinski Angeline Anne Porcello Mr. Roger H. Praetorius Mr. and Mrs. John Puopolo Ms. Nancy Putnam Rodney and Sheila Putnam Dr. and Mrs. C. Barry Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ray Mary E. Read Ms. Taylor Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Reilly Michelle Ribarovski Steve and Susan Ricca Ms. Teresa A. Riccardi Rite Aid Ms. Michelle Roback Ms. Mary Roberts Bailey Edmund and Bernice Romocki Mr. John D. Roock R.E. Rosenberger

Ms. Janet Roshia Ms. Gayle A. Ross Robert J. Ross Joyce A. Roy Mr. Paul Rupert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Russo David Rustay Ms. Patricia I. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ryan Sandra M. Ryan Ms. Elizabeth Sacco Mr. Dan Salamida Stephen Salatti Kay Satterfield Ms. Kay Satterfield Anita V. Savage Ms. Cornelia Scaia Ted Scallon Ms. Dorothy H. Schafer Nancy F. Scheutzow Mr. James H. Schiffhauer Arnold and Kathleen Schmidt Ms. Sharon Scott Charles and Anne Seereiter Marguerite M. Shaffer Mansukh J. Shah James T. Sharpe Patricia A. Sharpe Robert and Amy Shattell Sandra L. Shea Mr. and Mrs. John Sheedy Mr. Michael Sherman Mr. Troy Shirley Ms. Alberta Shouldice Mr. Steven Siano Henry C. Sienkiewicz Silicon Valley Communtiy Foundation Susan Sindoni Brandon M. Singleton and Chris Welch John and Joan Sinnett The Siracuse Family Sarah Skvarch Joe Slavik Dr. Zella M. Small Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith Jr. Richard and Esther Smith Michelle A. Speach Ms. Rosalie G. Spitzer Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Spuches Ms. Helen E. Stagg Mr. and Mrs. James Stagnitta (Continued on page 18)




DONORS $99 and Under Martha Starkey Sally Starr Ms. Rita Stone Ms. Mary Rose A. Strano Francis and Margaret Straub Ms. Hollis A. Strong Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Surace Walter and Jane Sweeney Arlene M. Swete Mr. and Mrs. Peter Swords Syracuse Teacher’s Association Inc. Mrs. Lorraine Szul

Ms. Anna M. Tabolt Mr. and Mrs. Carl Talucci Carl A. Tartaglia Ms. Corinne Tasker Mr. and Mrs. Keith Terrell Mr. Carl A. Thomas, Jr. Chris Thome Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Thome Patricia Tierney Sister E.J. Timson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tipper Patricia Toole Ms. Laurie Traphagen Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Trump Ms. Katrina Tulloch Unity Kitchen Community Uzoamaka Unobagha

EMPLOYEE GIVING COMPANIES AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Exelon Corporation Give With Liberty Employee Donations Honeywell International Charity Matching IBM Corporation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Truist United Technologies Charity Trust Verizon Foundation Your Cause

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Argonaut Management Services, Inc. AXA Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program O’Brien & Gere The Bank of New York Mellon The GE Foundation

Drew and Jacqueline Utton Rafa Vada Ms. Christina Valenzuela Lucerne VanKesteren Margaret Visco Andrew and Shirley Voninski Mr. Calvin D. Voutsinas Ms. Mary Wagner R. Mark and M. Denise Walker Mr. Ben Walsh Ms. Lauren Walts Mr. William A. Waters Priscilla and John Watson Ms. Sharon Weir Mr. Gary Weiss Catherine R. Wenthen Cadley Ms. Christine Werbeck

Peter and Maureen White Ms. Margaret M. Wilder Ann V. William John and Anita Williams Karen A. Williams Rosita M. Williams Mr. Timothy D. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Wilson Mr. John Wirth James and Betsy Witte Ms. Alison M. Woods Ms. Flora Workman and Ms. Nancy A. Workman Ms. Danielle L. Yanulis Sherrie Yarn Sara D. Yurkon Gary and Elizabeth Zimmerman

IN-KIND DONORS: Catholic Charities of Onondaga County would like to thank the multitude of in-kind donors who generously gave everything from a few cans of peas to entire layettes for new moms in 2015. Your donations are so frequent and generous we would need another booklet to list every name. Without you, our programs would not have the resources to serve nearly 20,000 people every year. Your thoughtful generosity is deeply appreciated. United Way Agencies Thank you to the donors who have given through the following United Way Agencies: Nationwide United Way Campaign United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut United Way of Central New York United Way of Greater Oswego County United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley To the generous supporters of United Way of Central New York in 2015, thank you. Catholic Charities appreciates the countless donors who support our organization through gifts to United Way.*

*Individual United Way donors who designated their gifts to Catholic Charities of Onondaga County are not included in this report unless they also made a direct gift to Catholic Charities.





Support, guidance and practical assistance for people in crisis.

Supportive Services for Veterans

Supportive services for low-income veterans and their families experiencing housing crises.

Food Pantry

Emergency food for families and individuals in need.

Dorothy Day House

Shelter for women and children who are homeless.

Men’s Shelter

Shelter for men who are homeless.

STABILIZATION SERVICES Area North Transportation Service

Transportation for seniors to medical, shopping and nutrition sites in the towns of Clay and Salina.

Neighborhood Advisors

Information and referral services to assist seniors.

Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly

Case management and personal care services for non-Medicaid individuals.

Adult Aides

Intensive home visitor program to victims of elder abuse/neglect.

Project Fix

Minor home repair services for seniors.

Retired Senior Volunteer Service

Volunteer referral program for persons age 55 and older.

Refugee Resettlement Services

Relocation services for refugees from countries in distress. Case management services focus on housing, health care, employment and education.

Refugee Youth Services

Provides recreation, tutoring, homework assistance and other supports to refugee children.

Opportunity Center for New Americans

Assists refugees and immigrants to attain English Language Proficiency and prepare for for citizenship and employment.

Housing Initiatives

Subsidized housing and case management for individuals and families leaving homelessness.

Health Services Coordination

Health care management, care coordination and health promotion for Medicaid-eligible adults who meet qualifications.


Intensive home visiting to teach parents community living and parenting skills.

Healthy Start

Case management for pregnant and/or parenting women with children under two years old.

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies

Infant care classes and supportive counseling for young moms and dads.

Parenting Classes

Classes for parents or caregivers of infants and children up to 12 years of age.

Parent Success Initiative

Employment assistance for non-custodial parents.

Culinary Arts for Self-Sufficiency

Five-week course in basic food service skills to prepare refugees and people born into generational poverty for employment.

Mental Health Counseling

Low cost/no cost therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Better Beginnings

Home-based therapy and child development for families with a chronically mentally ill parent and a child five years of age or younger.

Hope Connections

Peer recovery coaching for people affected by substance use and/or in search of mental wellness to connect with their life passions while building a network of social and wellness support.

Project Joseph

Hires recent refugees and people who are homeless or housing-vulnerable, providing them an entry into employment market. Project Joseph work crews perform property maintenance tasks under the supervision of experienced professionals.

Youth Development Programs

Youth Development Programs are provided at several locations including neighborhood centers, libraries and school (in conjunction with Say Yes to Education) to provide secure, supportive environments for children and teens, including pre-K, after-school and summer programs.

Respite Program

Integrated recreational and social activities for children with intellectual disabilities which provide respite for their parents or caretakers.





FINANCIAL SUMMARY January 1, 2015 - December 31,2015

Health Home



Project Joseph

Hope Recovery



Children Services


Management & General

Fund Development


10% Parent Education


Hospitality & Basic Needs

Clinical Services



Elderly Services


Residental Services for the Homeless

Refugee Services



Supportive Housing Services

Special Events & Contributions



Donations In-Kind


Hope Appeal


United Way Program Service Fees



Rental Income


Management & Accounting Fees

4% Government Support







$11,702,770 $1,225,366

Donations In-Kind


Hope Appeal


United Way


Investment Income Program Service Fees

$66,665 $1,108,155



R. Michael Campbell President

Michael F. Melara

Dennis Gleason Vice President Patrick Taylor Treasurer


Rental Income


Management & Accounting Fees

Mark Pitonzo Assistant Treasurer

Christopher Curry Chief Program Officer


Deb Welch Secretary

T. Scott Kelso Chief Financial Officer

Julian Modesti, Esq. Assistant Secretary

Nora Heaphy Chief Development Officer

Cindy J. Bird

Tia Sales Chief Human Resources Officer

Consulting & Other Income TOTAL

$82,888 $16,594,981

Joseph L. Charles


Dennis DePerro, Ed.D. 1,416,352

John Godwin

Residential Services for the Homeless


Supportive Housing Services


Refugee Services


Elderly Services


Clinical Services


Parent Education


Children’s Services


Project Joseph


Health Home


Hope Recovery


Management Fund Development TOTAL

Michael P. Dresher

Lt. Jonathan Hamblin Reverend Joann Hicks

Candance E. Murray Chief Compliance Officer Judy D’Amore Executive Director, Toomey Residential and Community Services

Kathryn Lindsey Ryan McDermott John Sindoni, Esq. Joseph Slavik Juanita Perez Williams

1,580,308 378,106 16,065,466 ANNUAL REPORT 2015




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