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Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse 2015 Annual Report

A Message from the Bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, When we first began to celebrate the Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis reminded us that this Year is a time of grace, of peace, of conversion and joy. It is a time during which Christ desires to extend His mercy to everyone: young and old, poor and rich, Christian and non-Christian. In the midst of the bickering, violence and injustice that exist in the world, Christ calls us to extend His mercy to others as well. We begin to do this when we treat everyone - especially the poor - with dignity and respect. To this end, the work of Catholic Charities is about more than satisfying material needs. It is about helping the whole person to realize his or her full potential as a child of God. Reflecting on the work of Catholic Charities in 2015, it is clear that the selfless charity and generosity of so many members of our community was instrumental in allowing the charitable arm of the Diocese of La Crosse to provide food and shelter to over 900 homeless individuals at the warming centers in Wausau, Eau Claire and La Crosse. Working jointly with other agencies, Catholic Charities found permanent housing for many warming center guests. Simultaneously, more than 2,500 individuals and families within our Diocese received financial aid. Of these, more than 390 were families who received the rental assistance they needed to stay in their homes. Through its Disability Services program, Catholic Charities helped individuals with behavioral disorders, autism and other developmental disorders. They also provided legal assistance to immigrants from many different countries and assisted many women at risk of being abused. Our faith in Christ is inseparable from self-sacrifice and service on behalf of others. In fact, implicit in the word charity is the desire to love more than to be loved, for love "expects nothing in return" (Lk 6:35). This is why there is true joy in serving others, in giving of ourselves. We were created to live in community and to be responsible for one another. A false autonomy which imagines that we have no need for one another has no room for God either. The truth is that we need one another! Just as we are called to be instruments of God by helping the needy in various ways, we are called (and privileged) to receive from those we serve what we ourselves need to become more fully human. Saint John asks, "How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods, and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help?" (1 Jn 3:17). Yes, the word of God is demanding and challenging, but we find the answer to John's question in the book of Tobit: "almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin. Those who regularly give alms shall enjoy a full life" (Tob 12:9). How blessed we are to live in a community that has a big heart and is concerned about the well-being of others! Thank you for your generous support of the work of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse. Everything we do happens because of your generous financial contributions, volunteer efforts, prayers and commitment. Sincerely S inccerelyy in n the th he Heart Hea art rt of of Christ, Chri ris isstt,

Bishop William Patrick Callahan, OFM Conv. Diocese of La Crosse, WI

A Message from the Executive Director of Catholic Charities Dear Friends, We hear and talk so much about “Mercy” that it becomes just another nice word. But in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, the church guided by the Gospel is inviting us to go deep into its real meaning and enrich our lives. Pope Francis in his Apostolic Exhortation “Evangeli Gaudium” (188) says that Jesus explained “Mercy” clearly when He commanded his disciples to: “You yourselves give them something to eat” (Mk 6:37). Pope Francis continued: “We (that’s you and I) incarnate the duty of hearing the cry of the poor when we are deeply moved by the suffering of others” (193). These words came alive a few days ago at the Franciscan Hospitality House in La Crosse when one of our guests approached me and asked if I had a minute. We sat down and he told me that he was scared; the Warming Center was closing in a few weeks and he did not know where to go. He began to cry and felt so embarrassed that he hid his face. He is about my age, much taller, and I felt so small and powerless. I saw the tears in his eyes, heard his voice breaking down and felt the pain in his heavy heart. He was losing “HOPE”. The words Mercy, Love, Forgiveness and Hope all take a different meaning when we incarnate them, when they have a face, eyes and a heart. Pope Francis calls us to be a real community: to hurt if one of our members is hurting, to open our eyes and realize that it is Christ who is asking for housing, for employment, for understanding, for opportunity. In short, LOVE. The hundreds of volunteers that work with us know very well how difficult this work can be. It can be frustrating especially when we give our best and try to help, but we don’t see results and people continue to be who they are. What we fail to see at times is that every act of “Love” that we do for others is eternal. God sees it and in reality it saves us. The gospel tells us: “Blessed are the merciful, because they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7). In 2015 at Catholic Charities Sojourner House in Eau Claire, at the Warming Center and the Franciscan Hospitality House in La Crosse and at the Warming Center in Wausau, we provided food and shelter to more than 900 different men and women. We were also able to work in collaboration with many other agencies to find permanent housing for over 80 guests. Through our St. Lawrence program, we have assisted hundreds of families with their financial needs. In our work with immigrants, people with disabilities, adoption and women facing abuse, we see Christ face every day. None of this work could be done without the sacrifice of hundreds of volunteers and the generosity of our donors. Catholic Charities work reflects only the heart of our community and if more needs to be done, it is because we need to do more. Together we can eradicate poverty. I’m humbled by your generosity and support, and call on you again because there is much work that needs to be done. There are too many members of our community suffering and losing hope. They need us and we need them. Let’s answer Christ’s call “You yourself give them…….” In Christ,

Roberto Partarrieu Catholic Charities Executive Director

A look back at 2015 The Franciscan Hospitality House Opens! The Franciscan Hospitality House in La Crosse opened its doors on July 1, 2015. Bishop William Callahan, Diocese of La Crosse and Bishop Jim Arends, ELCA Bishop of La Crosse Area Synod both offered a blessing on this new facility as we opened the doors to serve those in need in our community. The Franciscan Hospitality House is a collaborative effort to provide services to the homeless or those at risk of homelessness. The house offers availability to social services such as mental health support, legal consultation, job training referrals, and other community resources. The house also offers the opportunity for guests to receive assistance with personal care services such as laundry and shower facilities, hair care, foot care, and other basic services. In the first six months the facility was open, 311 individuals received a variety of services. The house is a coordinated community effort to offer a place of welcome, acceptance and hope in overcoming homelessness.

Other Service Numbers $250,000 of direct aid was dispersed to community members needing assistance with rent, utilities, food, medication and other basic human needs. 45,704 Volunteer hours were provided to the various programs and offices across the diocese that help Catholic Charities provide help and hope to those in need. 23,324 Sheltered nights of service were provided to the many poor, hurting, homeless, and often “faceless” people in our communities through our La Crosse and Wausau Warming Centers and the Sojourner House in Eau Claire. 25,739 Hours of service were provided to students with behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and other developmental disabilities to help them stay in their homes and be successful in school with the help of our Disability Services Program.

283 Homeless individuals or those living on the edge of homelessness were able to shower, wash their clothes, get a haircut, or receive some type of community service at the new Franciscan Hospitality House. 22 Birth parents supported through pregnancy to live birth through our pregnancy support program. 67 Children found forever families through our birth parent, relative adoption and international adoption programs. 292 Immigration clients from over 31 different countries received legal services in their quest for U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. 4,418 Families and individuals benefited from the encouragement and instruction received through our Post Adoption Program.

5,216 hours of certified staff time was dedicated to advocacy, bankruptcy and housing counseling, forclosure prevention, and financial education and enrichment through St. Lawrence Community Services. 501 Individuals received confidential and supportive assistance with budgeting their fixed income to meet their basic needs while planning for future goals through our Representative Payee Program.

“To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but profound ly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely. And you are, dear brothers and sisters, the face of Jesus.” (Pope Francis, Address during Visit at the Homeless Shelter “Dono Di Maria,” 5/21/13)

In grateful appreciation of its benefactors, Catholic Charities is pleased to acknowledge your gifts. It is only through your generosity and this financial support that Catholic Charities is able to continue its care to those in need in the Diocese of La Crosse. Your support serves as the heart and hands of Christ. We compile the lists in our annual report with care. If you find your name has been omitted or misspelled, please accept our apology. Any errors or omissions are inadvertent and we would be grateful if you notify us so our records will be correct in the future. Unfortunately space would not allow us to list all of our generous donors. To see a complete list, please go to $10,000 and above Anonymous Donor Blessed Sacrament Parish Edward and Roseanne Buchberger Diocese of La Crosse Mark and Karen Drazkowski Evelyn Franz Estate Marlene Fredrich Estate Raymond and Marie Goldbach Foundation, Inc. Hansen Family Foundation Deena Hatch Foundation Rev. William Matzek Nesnah Ventures, LLC Newman Parish - Eau Claire North Central Community Action Program, Inc. Noel Smith St. Olaf Parish - Eau Claire

$5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Donors Dillman Family Endowed Fund of Greater Cedar Rapids Kristina’s Grace Foundation Ron and Jeanette Hammes Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire Kenneth Komro Jim Schauls Tom and Amy Hansen-Strom

$1,000 to $4,999 Anonymous Donor Sophia Tirtilli Adams Aegis Therapies Mary Kelly Anderson Virgil and Judith Arrowood Mary Baron The Benevity Community Impact Fund Jon and Kimberly Bowe Kurtis and Angela Breiling Tim and Mary Brennan Brickner Motors, Inc. Robert and Carol Bronski Paul and Julie Bunczak John Calvert Mark and Minda Chamberlain Chris and Reyne Check Chart Energy and Chemicals, Inc. United Way of Metropolitan Chicago

Fred Crandall Harry Doweiko Robin and Becky Drout Ron and Bobbi Farley Daniel and Gail Filzen Annette Friedewald Francis and Arlene Furlano Thomas and Elizabeth Gillett Janice and Charles Goethel William and Sarah Goff Joan Hamblin and David Schifeling Mark and Deborah Hansen John and Donna Hansen John and Mary Hartwig C. Steve Henry Robert Hollern Immaculate Conception Parish, Eau Claire Jessica Irwin David and Nicolle Johnson Thomas and Mary Jones June OneFive Foundation, Inc. Samuel and Phyllis Kaiser Thomas and Maureen Kieffer James and Patricia Kirchner Kathy Kovell Cyril and Lelah Krista Chad Kritzberger Steven Kuderer Brian Larson Kevin and Renee Leidel Rose Marcou Connie Marshall Angus and Jill Marshall Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, La Crosse Donald and Leatrice Mathison Jill and Duane Meyer Peoples Bank Midwest Lawrence and Sue Mitley Dr. Sheila and David Momont Barbara Murphy Raymond D. and Mary J. Nass Charitable Gift Fund La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, Inc. Gary and Elizabeth Peckham Peoples Bank Midwest Michael’s Place Dr. Michael and Mary Price Graham Holdings Matching Gifts Program Intel Volunteer Grant Program Edward and Sheila Riley Paul and Mary Therese Rinzel

James and Barbara Roberts Daniel and Nancy Robinson Mary Ann Rogers Linda and Sam Scaffidi Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning Charitable Adult Rides & Services, Inc. David and Barbara Skogen Bernice G. Smith Douglas and Mary Koller-Sperle Walter and Jean Susdorf Charles and Becky Thurner Fred and Marilyn Tiller Cheree Tiry Truist Mark Glendenning and Margaret Webster Mary Jo Werner Kathleen and Case Wewerka Jerry and Susan Wirtz Rev. Eugene Wolf Richard Ziemann

$500 to $999 Anonymous Donors Susan Abing Alcam Creamery Co., Inc. Philip Anderson Karen Atkinson Dr. Dennis and Jean Bardelmeier Randolph and Lynn Barr Tamara and Allen Becker Carol Blashaski Lou Ann Bohn William Boylan, DDS Marian Braun Delrosa Bruns Linda Byrne Dick Cable Mary Carlson Sandra Carr Catholic Financial Life Coulee Bank Culvers of Onalaska Gregory and Ann Dachel Lester and Rosemary Davis Donald Delebo Donald Ziel, Sr. and Lisa Dohve Harold Dolan III Dorothy Drout Wettstein Brothers Electric

Joseph and Theresa Engman Norman and Mari Erickson Michelle Farrow Eugene Fisher Baird Foundation Marine Credit Union Foundation United Health Foundation Gerald and Susan Fox Ellen Funk David and Velma Geraldson Gibson’s Watercare Service Thomas and Kim Gonyo Gerald and Mary Guentner Sandy and Brian Gumness Camille and David Guth Brian and Roxanne Hafner June Hanesworth Lewis Hemstock Betsy Jane Holland Holy Trinity Parish, La Crosse Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Home Keith and Susan Imm Barry and Marjean Irons Scott and Donna Johnson Mary Johnson Timothy and Regina Johnson Betty Justen John A. Kaiser Law Firm John Kebel Thomas and Lisa Kratt Vivian Krieg Thomas and Nancy Kryshak Karen Kuczynski La Crosse Area Realtors Association Ladies of Columbus Marlys Larson David and Darlene Lee Carmel and Wally Lewitzke Jacqueline Lindner Eau Claire Seymour Lions Club Len and Ellen Lipinski Susan Losching William and Mary Mahony Ralph and Norma Marking Gladys Martin Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Laurel J. McEllistrem Richard McLoone Patricia A. Melcher Beverly Miller

$500 to $999 continued Marie Miller Jean and Randall Mundt Eugene and Lois Murphy Tim and Lois Murphy Steven Bircher and Deborah Nissen Nelleen Noack James Novak Mark and Pamela Outzen Katherine and Tony Patterson Charles and Jennifer Peters Brendan Pratt Richard Rady

Chester and Margaret Raschka Red Balloon Child Care Jerome and Kathryn Reinecke Dr. Robert and Deborah Ridenour Mark and Karen Ritter Roncalli Newman Parish, La Crosse Charles and Patricia Sans Crainte Nohre & Co., S.C. Deacon Samuel and Judy Schmirler Mark and Margaret Schneider

Rick and Casey Schneider Sonja Rose Scholz George and Mary Schrabeck Sandra Schumacher James and Ann Seubert The ShopKo Foundation Joseph and Audrey Somers St. Stephen Lutheran Church St. James the Greater Parish, Eau Claire St. Joseph Parish, Stevens Point St. Michael Parish, Wausau Bradley and Lynn Sturm Brian and Diane Sullivan

Matthew and Christine Thill Lois Umhoefer University of WisconsinMadison Nicholas Veverka Viterbo University Gordon and Janet Vittone Dr. Timothy Wengert Joyce and Raymond Wichelt Daniel and Mary Wieser Duane and Margaret Wolding Woodman’s Markets Barbara and Tuenis Zondag

Grantors B. A. and Esther Greenheck Foundation Edina Realty Foundation La Crosse Kiwanis Foundation Robert & Eleanor Franke Charitable Foundation, Inc. Dudley Foundation, Inc. Union Pacific Foundation Russell L and Vera M. Smith Foundation, Inc. Gannett Foundation US Bank Foundation Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin Wisconsin Public Service Foundation WE Energies Foudation County of Eau Claire Otto Bremer Foundation

Catholic Charities USA The W. O’Neil Foundation National Foundation for Credit Counseling City of Wausau State of Wisconsin City of Eau Claire Arnold and Lois Domer Foundation Raskob Foundation Edward & Hannah M. Rutledge Charities Wells Fargo Foundation Capital One Services Blanche M. Walsh Charity Trust Catholic Campaign for Human Development Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc. Green Bay Packers Foundation

In Memory of... Edwin Ahrens Todd Andrews Bridget Anne Lori Sage Ballard Art Barbier Myrtle Berg Geri Besl John Braun Ruth Brinkman Jeanette Brown Bridget Brueggen Gena Bubbens Mary Burns Leonard Byrne John Carlson Shirley Cooper Bill Craig Rae Freiday Doris Fries Mark Fuchsteiner Chris Giles Ralph Greene Mary Grelle

Guilford Hanesworth Wendell Hilton Jay Lowell Joseph Robert Krocker Jim Lichtie Al Mathews Father Bill Matzek Arlene McClelland Lorraine Meyer Jimmy Mitley Phyllis Molzahn Beverly Nordlund Angie Repinski George Rogers Jay Schafer Ann Schaller Grace Schilling George Schwabenbauer Jay Tuma Marie Wettstein Serene Ann Wolf Becky Zimmerman

Abbotsford Story Inc. AnnMarie Foundation, Inc. Paul and Ruth Schultz Foundation Citi Eau Claire Community Foundation-Lois and Arnie Domer Fund Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration-Ministry Grant Fund United Way of Greater Chippewa Valley United Way of Marathon County United Way of Prairie du Chien Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation Women in Action

Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse Judd Alexander Foundation La Crosse Community Foundation-June Kjome Justice and Peace Fund La Crosse Community Foundation-La Crosse Knights of Columbus Charity Fund La Crosse Community Foundation-Mary Grace Sieber Fund La Crosse Community Foundation-Richard W. Brown Family Fund Mayo Health SystemFranciscan Healthcare

Thank you Catholic Charities. You put food in my tummy, gave me a place to rest my head, and a bed to rest my body and soul. I am grateful. God Bless. Thank you. - A Sojourner House Guest In Honor of... Judith Albert Scott and Becky Alexander Allan Betty’s retirement Sister Clare Billmyer Bill Brendel’s retirement Marjorie Bushek Bishop William Patrick Callahan Mary Fitzpatrick Pope Francis Ralph Greene Mary Ann Gschwind, FSPA Megan Hannon Chris Holland

Lawrence and Gen Karl Barbara Knudtson Mike and Carol Mader Ralph Mikshosky Karen Neuser, FSPA Packaging Tape, Inc. Employees Gary Peckham Skip and Eileen Richie Deacon Richard Sage’s retirement Julie Steuck Ellie Tippett’s baptism Sister Julia Walsh’s final vows

Catholic Charities by the Numbers ASSETS Current Assets (cash, accounts receivable, prepaids) Property & Equipment (net of depreciation)

REVENUE 1,093,659 937,141

Other Assets (assets whose uses are limited) Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust




LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Current Liabilities (accounts payable, deferred revenues)


Unrestricted Net Assets



Temporarily Restricted Net Assets


Permanently Restricted Net Assets




Program Fees Contributions & Grants Investment & Other Income TOTAL

1,877,625 2,121,003 (75,302) 3,923,326

PROGRAM EXPENSES Adoption Services Community Homeless Facilities Disability Services Domestic Abuse Fundraising & Development General & Administration Legal & Immigration Assistance Disaster Assistance St. Lawrence Community Services TOTAL

522,459 674,583 1,304,669 54,303 316,842 7,605 254,119 6,342 1,221,389 4,362,311

Making a Difference...Offering Hope!

Angie Garavalia volunteers to offer hope! She started volunteering for

Catholic Charities in 2012 because she wanted to help others and do something constructive with her time. She volunteers three days a week as a Receptionist in our Downtown La Crosse office greeting people and helping out staff when needed. Angie is kind, considerate and happy. She is just one of the many volunteers that cumulatively worked over 45,000 hours supporting the work of our mission and helping serve so many in need. We could not do it without Angie and our hundreds of volunteers. We need everyone to join with us; whether it is through volunteering time and talent or offering treasure. Pope Francis states, “True charitiy requires courage: let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need� (Twitter, 2013). We need everyone to help make a difference; to help those in need; to offer hope to so many in need.

We invite you to join us in serving others! Visit our website at or call 1-888-212-4357 today to learn how you can become involved. Donate and/or volunteer today! A Letter from a Warming Center Guest

Catholic Charities 2015 Board of Directors Most Rev. William P. Callahan, OFM Conv Diocese of La Crosse Chairman of the Board: Rev. Msgr. Michael Gorman Diocese of La Crosse Vice Chair of the Board: Christine Heinzl - Necedah, WI Treasure of the Board: Brad Sturm - La Crosse, WI Secretary of the Board: Christopher Ruff, S.T.L. Diocese of La Crosse Toni Buck - Eau Claire, WI Rev. William Dhein -Diocese of La Crosse

Office Locations

Dorothy Flees - Marshfield, WI Sr. Catherine Kaiser, FSPA - La Crosse, WI

EAU CLAIRE 448 N. Dewey St. Eau Claire, WI 54703 (715) 832-6644

LA CROSSE DOWNTOWN 413 Third Street South La Crosse, WI 54601 (608) 782-0710

EAU CLAIRE Sojourner House 618 S. Barstow St. Eau Claire, WI 54701

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN 104 East Blackhawk Ave. Prairie du Chien, WI 53821 (608) 326-1616

LA CROSSE 3710 East Ave. South La Crosse, WI 54601 (608) 782-0710

WAUSAU 540 S. Third Avenue Wausau, WI 54401 (715) 849-3311

Robert Laubach - Black River Falls, WI Steven Lipowski - Wausau, WI Julie Manas - Eau Claire, WI Gary Peckham - Richland Center, WI Tom Tiggelaar - La Crosse, WI

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2015 Annual Report  

2015 Annual Report