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Fraternal Dispatch

March - April 2009

Ten JOIN HANDS DAY Events You Can Do

Join millions of other fraternal society members by holding a JOIN HANDS DAY event or fundraiser. Read Kathleen Moriarty’s column on page two for specific criteria about JOIN HANDS DAY events. Stumped for ideas on how to hold a meaningful, energetic JOIN HANDS DAY event? Check out the list below from for suggestions on fun events that, with a little planning, can make a big impact. 1. Visit hospitals or nursing homes with cards and reading materials for the patients. 2. Paint and/or repair flagpoles and donate flags to organizations that need replacements. 3. Host an afternoon homework help or reading tutor session for school children. 4. Make meals and deliver them to shut-ins, the sick or needy. 5. Host a job search day. Help unemployed people in the community with online job searches, resume proofreading and printing, and/or practice interviews. 6. Collect old eyeglasses or cell phones for non-profit groups that recycle these items. 7. Hold a child-oriented food/toy/book drive for local food shelves and shelters. 8. Host a fishing, hunting or orienteering class to help young people appreciate the outdoors. 9. Create a garden or monument memorial for veterans, police, firemen or other neighborhood heroes. 10. Operate a free, “thank you” car wash for teachers at a local school in appreciation for their work.

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Save the Date!

CAA Foundation Golf Tournament Monday, May 18, 2009 To sponsor a priest, councils can contact the Foundation 1-877-275-7145 or the Fraternal Department

The pri e the Fou sts golf, and ndation wins!

The Director’s View Kathleen Moriarty Fraternal Director Many thanks to council officers, especially fraternal secretaries, for your work in submitting annual reports, election reports and yearend forms for fraternal benefits. I know that our Administrative work comes at the same time that you are dealing with holiday activities, preparing your taxes, and adjusting to the demands of a new year. Please know that we in the Fraternal Department are grateful for your dedication and diligence. Now, on to less mundane chores! I want to encourage your councils to consider participation in JOIN HANDS DAY this year. This initiative is designed to: 1) bring the generations together, giving seniors and youngsters the chance to work on a joint project; 2) give Catholic Aid members the opportunity to join with other volunteer groups in your communities to tackle local needs with combined resources; and 3) increase the visibility of Catholic Aid in your parish and larger community because of your volunteer work. The components of JOIN HANDS DAY are similar to those for any event in your parish or school, namely: 1. Create a committee and brainstorm about project ideas. This is the time to involve other groups in the planning. Talk to your youth minister or religious education coordinator. Perhaps involve the Confirmation students as a support to them in their service requirements. 2. Choose a project that is manageable, yet will benefit a significant number of people. While JOIN HANDS DAY is Saturday, May 2nd, your project can take place at another time if it’s better for the council or other organizations. 3. Spread the word. Because this activity March - April 2009

may involve multiple groups, you have more opportunities to reach more people! Start posting flyers at parishes, coffee shops and local restaurants asking for volunteers. Contact your local newspapers, schools and community service centers. Tell them the details of the project and the impact it will have in the community. This is the perfect event to invite local and regional politicians to attend. 4. Catholic Aid wants to know about your project and so does our trade association, the National Fraternal Congress. Register your project at or talk to Heather or John for help in registering. And that same web site has project ideas and a 2009 JOIN HANDS DAY Action Guide and brochure available if you want some guidance. The Fraternal Department is here to help however we can. Good luck with your planning and let us know about your outcomes. Thanks in advance and have fun!

Seminars increase interest in CAA CAA seminars provide useful financial information to both members and non-members alike, in a friendly, low-pressure way. Contact your Field Representative to schedule a seminar in your parish in the Spring.

Upcoming Estate Planning Seminars March 15, 11:30 a.m. at St. Charles Church Hall, Winona, MN March 26, 7 p.m. in Elysian, MN March 29, 1 p.m. in Mankato, MN April 10, in Centerville, MN

Upcoming Youth Seminars April 6, 7 p.m. at St. Anthony’s Church in St. Cloud, MN April 22, 6:30 p.m. at St. Ambrose Church in Wabeno, WI

Heather’s Corner

Youth and young adults need to be equal partners when it comes to development initiatives, and we might have to rethink about how we engage them in Heather Vargo planning, program development and implementation. Youth Fraternal Liaison To move the “rethinking” process forward, the nal Department is in the beginning stages of creating the Young Adult Advisory Panel. The panel will come up with ideas on how Catholic Aid can increase visibility, promote volunteerism, and foster spirituality in Catholic Aid young people. In the future, the panel will discuss how to assist councils in strengthening their relationships with youth and young adults. If you would like more information on this panel or you would like to nominate someone for this panel, please see the enclosed nomination form. National Catholic Youth Conference The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) is a bi-annual conference that brings together over 20,000 Catholic teenagers from throughout the United States to a wonderful venue in Kansas City. Catholic Aid Association encourages Catholic spirituality and volunteerism, so keep an eye out for what Catholic Aid will be offering our youth members for this event. More information will be in the next Fraternal Dispatch.

Foundation News: Councils give generously in 2008

As the graph to the right shows, councils gave generously to the CAA Foundation in 2008. The Schuler Fund received the most donations, for a total of $4,310.00, followed by a Donor Advised Fund with $2,000.00.

Foundation Disaster Team stepping up to challenge

The Catholic Aid Association Foundation is moving forward in coordinating the new Disaster Response Advisory Team. The idea for the team came from Paul Naumann, Executive Director of the Foundation, while working with CAA Field Representatives Jeff Plank and Roger Reitmaier during the flood relief efforts in southeast Minnesota in 2007. Grants from the Foundation brought some relief to CAA members, but there was an obvious need for volunteer efforts to assist in clean up and recovery. There was no coordinated Catholic presence in the relief efforts. The creation of the Disaster Response Team will enable Catholic Aid Association to take a leadership role in providing relief and recovery aid.

“The objectives of the team are to help recruit and supervise volunteers for relief efforts when disasters hit our members,” said Naumann. “We also expect to partner with other organizations and nonCAA members to get relief to people as fast as possible. Considering the last few disasters we’ve gone through, we know that every moment counts.” The team’s first official meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 20 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Among several topics, members will discuss creating a base of volunteers and how to generate resources for relief efforts. For more information call the Foundation, 1-877-275-7145.


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St. Paul, MN 55126

Fraternal MVPs: Cheryl Griese and Jan Hemmingsen

The Fraternal Department congratulates Cheryl Griese and Jan Hemmingsen for their selection as Fraternal MVPs by the National Fraternal Congress of America (NFCA) for the weeks of January 5, 2009 and February 23, 2009 respectively. Cheryl has been Fraternal Secretary for St. Stephen’s Council in Anoka, Minn. since 2006, and Jan is fraternal secretary of St. Mary’s Council in Fosston, Minn. “The NFCA wishes to salute those individuals as true fraternalists,” said NFCA Chair of the Board Barbara A. Cheaney. Congratu- Jan Hemmingsen Cheryl Griese lations to Cheryl and Jan!

Young people! Earn up to $600 for youth ministry programs Congratulations to the following councils who were awarded $100 as part of the youth grant drawings!

St. George #15 – St. George, MN St. Mary # 172 – Bird Island, MN St. Mary of Mt. Carmel # 367– Long Prairie, MN St. Andrew # 388 – Elysian, MN Keep in mind that this program is now ‘Project: Multiply’ and the 20 percent bonus on monies raised

increased from $100 to $500 for events in 2009! Last year only 25 councils participated in this program; let’s see if we can double (or triple!) the amount of councils involved in this program! This year, instead of random drawings, we will give out two $100 awards to councils whose projects excel in creativity, either in the publicity of the event or the unique aspects of the fundraiser. Remember, $500 can help your youth group go on the mission trips and activities planned by the parish!

Fraternal Dispatch March-April 2009  

March-April edition of Fraternal DIspatch, for Catholic Aid Association council officers and liaisons

Fraternal Dispatch March-April 2009  

March-April edition of Fraternal DIspatch, for Catholic Aid Association council officers and liaisons