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From the President

“In 2010 we will be holding an abbreviated convention in the northern suburbs.” We have just completed our 126th Annual Convention in our 131st year. Our gathering was again a testament to the efficiency and dedication of our members and employees. This fall, we are trying a slightly different approach to our Annual Convention coverage. Historically, the Catholic Aid News has carried all the proceedings, literally word for word, of the activities and presentations of this two-day event. In this issue, we are printing a summary of the pertinent events that took place at the convention. However, if you are one of those who need to know everything that is said, and that’s fine, the entire proceedings will be available to all on the Catholic Aid Association website. The idea was not to make less work for our staff but to control costs while still providing full service to those who are interested. I like to think of it as a good compromise with the use of modern technology.

As announced at this year’s convention, we will be changing the format of our yearly get-together next August. In the past 40+ years, we have been holding our conventions at either the University of St. Thomas or St John’s University in alternating years. Our constitution requires that we hold annual conventions and that has been the case over our 131 years with the exception of a few gatherings that were postponed or canceled during the war years. One of the goals of the Catholic Aid Association is to foster participation in Association activities. This is why we have awards such as the Gold, Silver and Platinum Council awards. Our convention on average hosts about 425 attendees annually and the average age is around 66. The people who attend are often our most active and dedicated members, but we often lament the fact that we would like more involvement. You know, those young whippersnappers in their 40s and 50s. Often the time commitment becomes an issue and for some of our more mature members who want to stay involved travel becomes an issue. So, the Board and the staff have come up with a plan to include many more members by accommodating these two groups. In 2010, we will be holding an abbreviated convention at a site in the northern suburbs on the freeway for easy access. The meeting will probably start with a Mass at a hotel with a luncheon and a business On the Cover meeting to follow. The usual speeches will be published in a booklet and the business of board On the Cover

Catholic Aid Association President/Chairman Michael F. McGovern, Northfield Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer Harald Dennis Borrmann, L. Olson, Vadnais St. PaulHeights Lead Director Frances M. Barten, Union Hill Board of Directors Bernard B. Bastian, North Mankato; George Gmach, Rogers; Joseph F. Kueppers, Mendota Heights; John W. Maile, Cold Spring; Deborah M. Pauly, Jordan; Gary E. Polaczyk, Woodbury Magazine Staff Publication No. 093500/Official Publication of the Catholic The Catholic Aid Association


Publisher Michael F. McGovern Editor Jared Roddy Marketing Director ofManager Marketing Steve Steve Wendorf Wendorf

Staff Susan Detlefsen, Rebecca Redlin

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September/October 2009

Photo: Bob Pearle

Climbing in the corn silo at theirKelsey farm Smith in Melrose, Photo: Minn., the Gieske kids John Nelson of Yankton, Taylor (back left), MiranS.D., and his aunt, Elsie, da, Cassidy and Shaylin organized a holiday food enjoy some of the last few drive for a food shelf in days of summer. November (see page 6).

“ The goal [of next year’s convention format] will be to greatly increase involvement; we are looking at 1000 to 1500 attendees combined with all our gatherings rather than the 400 we are now reaching. ” Michael F. McGovern elections and constitutional changes will be handled at the afternoon business session. The Constitution will be followed as to the format of the meeting; however, as a one-day meeting we will probably go from late morning to mid afternoon. Now, for the second phase of this plan we will be holding regional meetings in the fall in three areas, alternating throughout our five-state region. These gatherings will also probably include a mass, luncheon and then a series of educational workshops and maybe a charitable activity. The goal will be to greatly increase involvement; we are looking at 1,500 to 2,000 attendees combined with all our gatherings rather than the 400 we now reach. Also, because of the regional aspect, travel should be more convenient for most and with the shorter commitment time (rather than the previous two-day event) many who work or have other commitments will have a better chance to attend. In summary, we will try this format in 2010 and then we will have our regular two-day convention, to be held at St. Johns, in Collegeville, in 2011. After that we will evaluate the results to see if we accomplished our goal of a broader involvement of our members. If it goes well, I image we will continue with the alternating conventions schedule, half days with regional meetings one year and the full two-day convention the next. At this year’s convention, a question was asked why


14- 2009 18 Convention proceedings

A summary of the events of the 126th annual convention and the officers’ reports

in a 8 What’s Name?

CAA has produced a first-rate video explaining the history of Catholic Aid’s moniker and the reason some think it could use updating

we will not be holding next year’s meeting at a church. That is a good and certainly a logical question. The answer is that we could not find a church in the area that could accommodate 425 people for a luncheon and afternoon meeting that fit their schedule. They are really not set up to accommodate an event like this; you’ll notice that most large group meetings take place at a college or a hotel that can accommodate such an event conveniently. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this change in format, please contact me on our website under “Ask the President” and I’ll get right back to you. A big thank you to all who participated in this year’s meeting. From the beautiful Mass celebrated by Archbishop Nienstedt on Friday, the banquet and Casino night to the meeting, elections, constitutional change and finally the closing Mass with our spiritual Director Mgsr. James Habinger on Saturday, it was a wonderful, spiritual, fun, and productive weekend. May God bless you in every way.



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CAA is “Nuts for New Members”

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Catholic Aid pilots a new program to raise money for Catholic schools at no cost to them

Member Business Spotlight Returns with two Catholic Aid member-owned businesses in the Twin Cities area

Member stories, CAA tidbits and news headlines Recipes, sales news, board minutes, and memorials

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September/October 2009


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A158...159...160! ttention Council Re-Chartered in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Nominations After months of hard work, members of the Holy Rosary Parish in Detroit Lakes, Minn., were rewarded with the official re-chartering of the Holy Rosary Council #321. The ceremony took place August 25 and began with a Mass at Holy Rosary Church. The ceremony and banquet followed at the Speak Easy in Detroit Lakes. Several members of the Home Office, including Sales Director Tom Schisler and Fraternal Director Kathleen Moriarty joined President Mike McGovern and Senior Vice President Harald Borrmann to honor the council and welcome the new council members and officers. McGovern and Borrmann presented Council President Sheila Welle (in orange shirt) and Fraternal Secretary Mary Burnside (in pink) with the official chartering document. Congratulations, Holy Rosary, and good luck!

Jelly Beans make big money for St. Mary’s School For 14 years, Our Lady of the Runestone Council in Alexandria, Minn., has used its Jelly Bean sales Matching Grant fundraiser to raise more than $45,000 for St. Mary’s school. This year, the council raised more than $2,000, which was added to Catholic Aid’s $1,000 match. Pictured here delivering the checks to Principal of St. Mary’s Troy Sladek (right of center) are Fraternal Secretary Marlene Lorsung, Treasurer Mike Peck, and Field Representative Luke Bauman.


September/October 2009

Chastity and Abstinence Education A conference for teens and parents to learn how to talk about chastity and abstinence issues will take place Oct. 30 and 31 at St. John the Baptist Church in New Brighton, Minn. Catholic Aid has donated to support this event. Contact Robb Smith at 952-938-5859 for details.

6:30- Registration

8:30- Registration

7:00- Opening Mass, Bishop Piche

9:00- Introductory comments, music

8:30- The Call To Build Fr. West

9:30 Obstacles to Building

Our dignity comes from being made in God’s image. With this dignity also comes the great commission to guard the dignity of all human beings. This call begins at Baptism, so no one is too

These break-out sessions will address parents (Fr. West), young men (Brad DuPont), and young ladies (Libby DuPont). It will address the obstacles involved for each group and how they might be overcome.

10:30 One Task, Many Hands Megan Noll

How to Contact your Field Representative: Look on the back cover of this magazine. Your Field Representative’s name and contact information should be listed with yours. Otherwise, visit, or call 1-800-568-6670.

Ministree keeps giving at St. Bonaventure Shared Ministry Facilitator Mary Petrie-Terry of St. Bonaventure Parish in Bloomington, Minn., wrote to Catholic Aid back in July: For the fifth year now, our parish has had the privilege of participating in your Catholic Aid Ministree program. Attached are the cards completed by our parishioners during the Lenten season, up to Pentecost Sunday, 2009... We are truly grateful for all the good you have brought to St. Bonaventure Catholic Community in Bloomington through this inspired giving program. Not only do we benefit from your generous monetary gift, but we also benefit from the many ways volunteers are able to show their love and support for their parish, their neighbor, and God. Enclosed is an article I wrote explaining to parishioners how wonderful your program is for everyone. Thank you again for offering us this fabulous opportunity to do God’s work on earth. Learn how you can get involved in this program that helps your parish in so many ways. Contact the Fraternal Department

Member Spotlight: Name: Marge Pribyl

Hometown: Elysian, Minn. Council: St. Andrew Achievement: Pribyl was named

Minnesota’s Outstanding Senior at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair.

“Marge is described by many as always having a friendly smile, she is able to find something good in everything, she puts others before herself and is the ‘go to’ person when someone is in need,” said the award presenters. Pribyl has received numerous awards for her many volunteer projects. Fifty countylevel outsanding seniors were in the running for the award. Congratulations Marge! Thank you members!

Stocking the Shelf – JHD

People of all ages helped the SS. Joseph & Catherine Council of Richmond, Minn., collect 749 food items and $407 for their JOIN HANDS DAY Project.

How to thank your active members: Follow the Mary Queen of Peace Council example from Rogers, Minn., host an appreciation breakfast!

Convention Proceedings

Turn to page 14 to read a summary of this year’s Annual Convention.

September/October 2009



As the Boy Scouts say: “Be Prepared” Be on the alert then, for you do not know the day nor the hour. — Matthew 25:1-13 Disasters often occur when we least expect them and when we’re Paul Naumann least prepared. It Executive Director was in the wake of a disaster that the Foundation was created, and it has been in response to many in the state that we’ve been called upon to act the most. Last year, the Catholic Aid Association voted to create a Disaster Response Advisory Committee to see what other services, besides our quick response grants, the Foundation could offer. For the past year, the Foundation and the Fraternal Department have been working with this Committee to develop a plan for helping our parishes, friends, neighbors and community members in times of need. Our goal has been to create a Catholic Response Team that can dispatch to areas of need and assist with the recovery. Every disaster needs help with rebuilding, cleanup, and hundreds of jobs that don’t make the news but are needed nonetheless. Where we could fit in has been what we’ve been working on throughout the year. Our fraternal history is neighbors helping neighbors and our biblical

call to charity, justice and peace claims not only each believer, but also each community where believers gather for worship, formation, and pastoral care. To accomplish our goal of developing a Catholic Response Team, we are forming a strategic alliance with Catholic Charities USA Disaster Response and the Catholic Charities offices throughout the Catholic Aid Association area. Catholic Charities USA is committed to helping local agencies prepare and respond to any disaster. The local agencies are prepared to help Catholic parishes develop their own disaster preparedness and response plan to meet local circumstances. Our vision for the Catholic Response Team is to assist in times of disaster and during the recovery with equipment and volunteers and working with the local Catholic Charities offices to help parishes prepare and plan for possible disasters in the future. To begin the process, Catholic Aid Association is hosting a training seminar for regional Catholic Charities offices in October. This will prepare staff and volunteers with the tools necessary to go out to

parishes and help them implement disaster preparation plans. With more than 74,000 members and 160 councils, we could help make a difference. We realize that parishes have limited staff available to create these plans but with our active councils, we could be a major factor in helping to develop these plans through volunteer efforts. Then when disaster does strike, each parish will be prepared to help itself and its community through the recovery. The goal of the Disaster Preparedness Plan is to assist diocesan staff, parishes, schools and the Catholic community in being well prepared for disaster and to guide collaborative relief efforts. The plan will help reduce human suffering, adequately protect sacramental records and church property and promote outreach efforts to assist our neighbors affected by the disaster. That is what sets Catholic Aid Association apart from other insurance companies; we are not only about selling product. We live to ensure the well being of our members, their families, and our neighbors.

Welcome Fr. Thompson! The Monsignor Richard J. Schuler Seminarian Charitable Trust Board of Trustees would like to welcome Fr. Thomas E. Thompson to the board. Fr. Thompson will be officially elected to the Board at the annual meeting on November 11, 2009. Trustees meet annually to discuss the administration of the fund and the distribution of grants to seminarian students in their priestly formation. Father Thompson is the Vocation Director of the Diocese of Superior, and the Pastor of three parishes, St. Joseph, Osceola, Minn.; Assumption East, Farmington, Minn.; and St. Anne, Somerset, Wis.


We are now accepting applications for 2009 Schuler Seminarian Grants through October 31. To learn more or to apply for one, visit or call the Foundation at 1-877-275-7145. September/October 2009

Credit Union

Catholic Aid Association Credit Union

Your Credit Union is getting better every day Nick Jaeger CAACU President It’s that time of the year again. The leaves begin to change, the kids head back to school, the excitement of holidays yet to come starts to take root, and for just a few more weeks, we still don’t remember just how cold our winters actually get. I’ve got good news, though: it seems as though the economy has pulled itself out of its dive and has at least for the moment leveled off. That news affects us all, but to our embattled automakers, it’s got to be music to their ears.

Great rates on car loans At the Catholic Aid Association Credit Union, we’ve been trying to come up with ways that we too could help the economy. There are some great car deals out there, we noticed, so maybe we could do our part to help put people into some new wheels. We’re now offering a 3.99 percent interest rate for up to 60 months on new car loans. We don’t discriminate against those who have a budget in mind either, so you can also find 4.99 percent loans for used cars, also up to 60 months. In fact, we decided if you’ve already got car loans at higher interest rates with someone else, you can refinance or consolidate them with us. A lot of people don’t realize it’s possible to refinance car loans, but it makes sense if you’re paying a higher interest rate. And

1 . 8 7 7. 8 7 1 . 8 3 13

everyone likes simplicity, so get a lower rate on both your cars and make just one payment every month. We have no prepayment penalty and even with a few hiccups in you your credit history, we have great rates. We want to help people turn that corner and get their credit rating up; paying back a car loan on time is a great way to do that.

Check out our new website I wouldn’t be surprised if we have one of the best credit union websites in the state right now. We just finished a complete redesign, sort of matching it up to the new Catholic Aid site. It’s now much easier on the eyes, simpler to navigate, and best of all effortless to update based on your recommendations. So let me know what you think because this is your Credit Union, after all. While you’re at the site, check out the CU Succeed link at the bottom of the page. You may even be able to interest your kids or teens with this one — its got articles written by teens for teens and kids about not only money but also school and college and things they actually care about. Your kids can submit their articles if they want! You might even find yourself sneaking onto the site when you have free time — at least if you’re a fan of Pac-Man, Asteroids or other old-school video games. All in all, though, our site is

w w

a tremendous step up from the previous one. You can now easily find rates and policies, news and events and basically everything you need to know about our Credit Union and its products. I would never discourage you from calling in if you have questions, but if one hits you while you’re sitting in front of the screen, you can now just click your way through our site and find most of your answers in seconds — if you’re so inclined.

Adoption assistance loans

The last thing I want to bring up is something very special to us. It’s special because it makes a huge difference in people’s lives and from 20 years of experience in the business, I know of no other place that offers it. I’m talking about Adoption Loans. Adoption is an amazing gift, but like many gifts it costs money. Families spend thousands of dollars to go through the process, and the Catholic Aid Association Credit Union may be the only group that will lend you the money up front to help you through it. If you’ve wanted to adopt but the up-front cost has been too prohibitive, give me a call. Maybe we can help you build your family. After all, that’s what we want to do with our CAACU family too. September/October 2009



Excerpts of interviews from the “What’s In a Name?” video created by Catholic Aid Association Watch the video online at:

commercial companies in this country and they were not able to because they couldn’t speak the language. And so they got the notion that, gee, let’s start our own organization. Then what they did is they formed in 1878…the German Catholic Aid Association of Minnesota...that then evolved into what later on became our organization ever since.” Is it time to take the next step forward and update our name? It’s clear we have been down this road before and each time we’ve responded. We asked people from presidents and CEOs, to average Catholics on the street, what they thought of Catholic Aid’s name and the possibility of a name update. The message is clear. Together we have an opportunity to ensure the growth and vitality of our organization for the next generation of members.

What’s in a name? For many established members, the Catholic Aid Association stands for tradition and strong Catholic values. This is the story of our company taking the next step forward to update its image and name to remain relevant for the next 100 years. But in order to move forward with strength and conviction, we must look to our fraternal history to guide our decisions for the next generation. As Catholic Aid Association embarks on taking the next step forward, we first talked with F.L. “Flip” Spanier, retired past president and CEO of Catholic Aid, to give us an historical perspective on how the organization started and how it evolved. “When you go back to the 1850s to 1914, that span of time saw the largest influx of European immigrants ever, and they were recently arrived foreigners in this country. They tried to then buy insurance from the


Flip Spanier, past CAA president September/October 2009

Leaders, members and Catholics talk about a name update for Catholic Aid

Joe Schirmers, past Board Member, St. Augusta Council, St. Cloud, Minn. “Young people are now online with doing different things so it’s hard to get the young people to get involved…There’s a gap there. You’ve always got to change to invite the young people to come in. You’re not going to be there forever. They’ll have to take over.”

Joseph Annotti, President and CEO, National Fraternal Congress of America “That’s really up to the individual fraternals whether they are going to be relevant or not. I think there might be 90 total fraternal benefits societies in the United States. The other 25 that are not members of NFCA are extremely small, on their last legs as far as I can tell... The fraternal system could stick around for another 50 years on its own. If it’s going to stick around for another 100 years, we’ve got to figure out ways to grow... We’ve got to be out there in those arenas or we’re going to miss attracting the next generation of members. And if you don’t get the next generation in, you can write the end of the closing chapters of that book.”

Michael McGovern, President and Chairman of CAA “We aren’t necessarily looking at a total name change. We’re looking at an update, really. The issue becomes that we need to be more descriptive not for our members but for people who would want to join Catholic Aid...Many of the fraternals today are shrinking in membership size. We’re not growing, but we’re not shrinking either. We’re staying about Dr. Diane Hinds, profesthe same size all the time.” sional researcher, Employers Association, Inc. speaks on a

study of 2,400 non-member Catholics in Minnesota who were asked what they thought of CAA’s name. “They told us some interesting things. They mentioned that Catholic Aid Association was a word or phrase that they had heard, but only about 10 percent of the entire group were able to accurately describe what it was. More than 50 percent thought that is was a charitable organization. “What this says is that a large percentage of people that you would be marketing to when they first hear the term Catholic Aid are going to assume that you are a charitable organization and are not going to understand that you have insurance’re going to have to educate them. You’re going to have to take an additional step to educate them as to what the organization is all about.”

Peter Ryan, FIC, Catholic Aid Field Representative for seven years “If [our purpose] is part of our name, it’s a lot less to explain, a lot less to go

over. From my perspective people would see it in our name and go, ‘Wow, I didn’t know Catholic Aid did that.’ My opinion would be that we need to have something added or changed in our name to make it crystal clear.”

Kathleen Moriarty, Director of Fraternal, CAA “I think Catholic Aid like any business organization has to change and adapt to reflect the different audiences and the lifestyles of our members... We’re very conscious that young people today have access to many, many different activities beyond Catholic Aid. In order for Catholic Aid to be something that makes it onto their list, it has to be something that will include their friends, and fit well into their schedule and be meaningful to them.” How about you? What do you think of a name update? This is your time, your company and your future. Please let us know your opinion on the name update process. Call 651765-6555 or email September/October 2009


Top 8 things you need to know about the 2009 Membership Drive “We’re nuts for new members!” That’s the slogan for the 2009 Membership Drive and, yeah, it’s a little nutty. That’s because we truly are excited about bringing new members into our Association, and we hope that you are excited as well. We’ve collected 8 tips you should know about the membership drive – things to help you share the message and reminders about how everything works. So, are you ready to get a little nutty? Read on! It’s all about referrals. The most powerful message you can send to others about the worth of a business is to recommend it to a friend, neighbor or family member. A referral is an extremely powerful thing! If you’ve found the benefits of membership in Catholic Aid and ownership of our products worthwhile, why not share those benefits with people you know? Membership growth keeps us strong and active. The basic building block of Catholic Aid Association is the individual member. As a whole, we are an incredible force for good in our Catholic communities. One of the metrics that we use to judge the health of our organization is the rise and fall of our membership




September/October 2009

rolls. Catholic Aid’s membership growth has been flat for the last several years. While we are still recruiting new members every week, we also lose members through death or disassociation. The good news is Catholic Aid’s flat membership numbers are better than other fraternals, which have been shedding members every year. The bad news is a flat membership growth rate isn’t growth at all. Positive growth is our goal, and this Membership Drive is a simple way for you to help that cause. Share the message. So, you’re willing to be part of the Membership Drive, but you aren’t sure what to say. Take a tip from member Delora VanEyll from Waconia, Minn. Delora, a grandmother and fraternal secretary of St. Joseph’s Council, encourages other grandparents in her parish to make sure their children and grandchildren are insured. She shares with others her own desire to safeguard her family if the unthinkable happens, and that personal testimony has a powerful impact. Plus, she says that the good reputation of Catholic Aid piques the interest of non-members who like the fact they can secure their financial future, and help out


their Catholic community at the same time. Wear the message. Helping grow our membership can be as simple as wearing something with the Catholic Aid logo on it. Can you wear a Catholic Aid lapel pin? Did you receive one of the Membership Drive metal buttons in the kit that every council received in August? Do you have a Catholic Aid T-shirt or hat? When people see your CAA gear and ask what Catholic Aid is, your task is partly done! Need something Catholic Aid gear? Visit our online store for logo items: Keep the goal in mind. Our Membership Drive goal is easy to remember: 10 by 2010. This means we’re challenging every CAA council to recruit 10 new members by January 1, 2010. If every council meets this goal, we will add 1,500 new members to the Association.



Sound doable? Absolutely! Use your tools. Catholic Aid staff has created simple tools that you can use to share the message. Contact your local council for convenient pocket guides, flyers, posters or buttons. Or call 651-765-6555 to speak to the Home Office about getting your hands on some of these materials. Connect with your council. Our councils are conducting several activities and fund-raising events this fall that will be perfect times to approach people to join Catholic Aid. These events present the core of Catholic Aid’s mission, to support the Roman Catholic Church in extending the faith. Council events are the perfect setting to encourage people to become part of something they



already believe in. You can find upcoming events in your diocese on page 27 of this magazine, or by visiting the “Datebook” page here: Going nuts for new members pays! We want to show our appreciation to the members who really do go nuts. The first-, second- and thirdplace councils that recruit the most members by the January 1 deadline will receive $1,000, $750 and $500, respectively. Every council that meets the 10 new member goal will receive $200. When an individual


member sends in a referral and that referral turns into a new member, the referring member will receive a $20 credit to our online logo store. Also, there are cash prizes for individual members who refer the most new members. See our web page for details on Membership Drive prizes: There you have it. Don’t forget these 8 tips as you go out into the world to spread the message. Thank you for your support. You can do it. Now, go get nuts!

September/October 2009


2009 Catholic Aid Association

Catholic Schools Raffle Providing for Catholic Education

All costs to be covered by Catholic Aid, all proceeds go to Catholic Schools Catholic Aid is up to its ears in big ideas this year, and this might be the biggest of them all. For the first time in our history and quite possibly the history of the entire region Catholic Aid works in, we are sponsoring a multi-school raffle to raise money for Catholic Education. By taking on all administrative costs, the price of the prizes, the distribution of tickets and materials and myriad details, Catholic Aid has gifted a turn-key raffle contest to all the participating schools. The best part for the schools: They collect all the money and keep every dime. “I read about a similar event held in Texas by another fraternal and I thought, why don’t we try this,” Sales Director Tom Schisler says. “The benefit for schools is obvious, and the benefit for Catholic Aid is good public sentiment and with any luck, a lot more name recognition.” Being the project’s first year, only a limited number of schools

are participating. Marketing Director Steve Wendorf – whose department assembled and created all the materials for the project – says the goal is to raise at least $100,000 across all the schools, which averages out to more than $5,000 per school. “It’s got to make an impact,” Wendorf says. “This will end up costing Catholic Aid a significant sum so we have to reach a breakeven point where it’s more beneficial to do the raffle than it would have been to donate to the schools directly.” He says the raffle has the potential to earn much more than any direct donation Catholic Aid might consider. Raffle tickets cost $5 each and were delivered to participating schools in August along with large kits that included flyers, posters, sealable envelopes and pocket guides about Catholic Aid. Students from the schools began selling the tickets September 14. Sales will

continue through October 28. A great sign for the hopeful success of the raffle was that almost immediately, Field Representatives began asking for more tickets. “We’ve already had to order an additional 30,000 tickets just for the Catholic Schools of Sioux Falls,” Wendorf says. “And we’ve had to get another 20,000 for everyone else. If all these tickets actually get sold, that would mean $400,000 going to Catholic Schools in Minnesota and South Dakota.” Tickets have already begun to pour into the Home Office.Several schools that are not participating this year have contacted Catholic Aid with interest in taking part in the 2010 raffle, if it is held. “We had to cap it at a certain point so we didn’t get over our heads on this first run,” Schisler says. “We’d love to include every Catholic school in our territory, but we had to try a small pilot run first to see if we could even

The Prizes... Granzde Pri

(1) 2010 Ford Edge or $20,000 12

September/October 2009

F i r szte Pri

(2) Vacation at Breezy Point

(4) 32” Samsung LCD TV

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2009 Catholic Schools Fundraising Ra ffle Drawing

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Drawing Oct 30

Ticket #:

30, 2009

MN Hills, Arden

Ticket #:

MN Hills, Arden

30 Oct30 DrawingOct Drawing

Ticket #:

Phone Email School Are you Catholic?

11 A.M. Oct

sung LCD uffles ALL pro Grand Prize: (1)go 2010 Ford Edge or $20,000 ceeds to your local Catho Mus be 18 to ente 1sttPrize: (2) r.Vacations For complete to Breezy Point lic school rules, visit www $5 .catholi 2nd Prize: (4) 32” Samsung 30, LCD TVs 2009 Oct . A.M 11 g win (25) Ipod Shuffles DraPrize: 3rd Edge or $20,000 Ford 2010 (1) e: Priz Grand ALL proceeds go to your local Catholic Point school Breezy $5 e: (2) Vacations to 1stbePriz Must 18 to enter. For complete rules, visit sung LCD TVs 2nd Prize: (4) 32” Sam ffles Shu 3rd Prize: (25) Ipod $5 olic school to your local Cath affle ALL proceeds go TVs 3rd Prize: (25 Drawing 11) A.M. Ipod ShOct 30, 2009

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Phone Email Schoo Name l Are you Address Catholic?


Name Address


Official 2009 Catholic Aid Catholic Schools Raffle tickets look like this. Catholic Aid designed and printed tens of thousands at no cost to the schools. The tickets are $5 each, and the school keeps all of the money raised by its students.


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Schools participating in the 2009 Catholic Schools Raffle


handle the administration and to gauge success.” Catholic Aid has purchased prizes to award raffle winners that include a Grand Prize Ford Edge, vacations, flat-panel LCD televisions and iPod MP3 players. They will be awarded during a live drawing on October 30, 2009 in the Catholic Aid Atrium. CAA staff are investigating the possibility of broadcasting the drawing live on our website. Even if that is not possible, the drawing will be recorded and posted online immediately following the event. Winners do not need to be present to win. Everyone involved in the project is optimistic that the raffle will mean big rewards for the Catholic Schools and for Catholic Aid. “Just getting our name out there, making all this effort and donating all this time and energy, I think that’s going to resonate with Catholics and make them more interested in learning ‘What is Catholic Aid, and what do they do?’” Wendorf says. If the raffle is a success this year, it will likely be expanded next year to include more schools. For this year however, supporting Catholic education is as easy as purchasing a raffle ticket from a child attending one of the schools listed on the right.

Must be 18 to enter.

For complete rules,


visit www.catholicaid

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(25) iPod Shuffle September/October 2009


Proceedings of the 126th Annual Convention Editor’s Note: The following summary has been approved by Mr. McGovern and Mr. Borrmann as being thorough and including all key points of the discussion during the 126th Annual Convention of the Catholic Aid Association. For complete details, including the names of committee members, the identity of delegates making and seconding motions, and all other information pertaining to this year’s Annual Convention, visit The 126th The opening Annual ceremony began Convention of with Fraternal the Catholic Aid Director Association was Kathleen held on August Moriarty leading 7 and 8, 2009 at the delegates in the University singing “Holy of St. Thomas in God We Praise St. Paul, Minn. Thy Name.” Delegates from Retired board the councils began member Joseph arriving around Schirmers 2 p.m., registered called for the and visited the presentation of booths and flags and led displays set up by the delegates the Association. in the Pledge At 3 p.m., the President Michael McGovern makes his opening statements to the delegates of the Annual Conven- of Allegiance. Appeals, Good of tion on August 8, 2009, at The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. Moriarty the Association returned to and Resolutions committees held guest speakers Glenn Wilson, lead the singing of “America open meetings. Meanwhile, the commissioner of commerce for the Beautiful” after which Constitution and Nominating the State of Minnesota; and Joseph President McGovern recognized Committees met. The praying of the Annotti, president and CEO of the the veterans in the audience. Rosary was led by Joe Hemmelgarn National Fraternal Congress of Mr. McGovern called the at the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas America(NFCA.) They delivered convention to order at 9:30 a.m. preceeding the 4 p.m. Mass. statements that informed the Monsignor James D. Habiger, The Most Reverend John delegates of the precarious position spiritual director of CAA, gave Nienstedt, Archbishop of St. Paul the fraternal industry holds in the the invocation. Fr. John Malone and Minneapolis, was celebrant for insurance and political world. of the University of St. Thomas the Mass of Thanksgiving. After After dinner, the delegates Board of Trustees then spoke Mass, a banquet was held featuring filed downstairs for a casino night about the early history of the game event (with play money) Association and welcomed the refreshments and some high-stakes delegates. Msgr. Habiger returned excitement. Many people said they to provide spiritual guidance had a great time playing blackjack, focusing on Christian sensibilities poker, roulette and just hanging and left the delegates with the around the refreshment tables to message to love one another, as chat. There was also a video game the Lord loved each of them. room set up for young delegates to Next, Mr. McGovern introduced play throwback Nintendo games. the board and then took a moment to remember Fr. James Tingerthal, Session I Monsignor James Habiger gives his benediction who died July 10, 2009. Fr. Jim to the banquet guests. On the left is Archbishop Saturday, August 8, 9 a.m. was a guest speaker at Dennis of St. Paul and Minneapolis John Nienstedt, Editor’s note: All reports were accepted Olson’s retirement last year. Mike McGovern and Senior Vice President Harald by motion, second and voice vote. Mr. McGovern resumed Borrmann are on the right.


September/October 2009

introductions and announced the members of the Fraternal Advisory Committee and the Nominating Committee. The Credentials Committee presented its preliminary report of 352 accredited delegates. Mr. McGovern then asked all delegates to stand and take the pledge to respect and uphold the Constitution of the Catholic Aid Association, thereby making them eligible to begin deliberations. McGovern then announced that Robert’s Rules of Order Revised would be the parliamentary authority governing the convention. Mr. Borrmann asked the delegates to waive the reading of the names of committee members as they are read by each committee chairperson. (They are also published online.) He also asked to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2008 convention as they were published in the Catholic Aid News. He then read the communications received relating to the 2009 Convention. Mr. McGovern, Deborah Pauly, Frances Barten and John Giesen had each submitted letters of intent to run for election. A letter from Barbara A. Cheaney, chairman of the board of the National Fraternal Congress of America thanked and commended Catholic Aid’s outstanding fraternal efforts. First time attendees and guests were recognized and welcomed. The chair then turned the meeting over to Lead Director Francis Barten.

Officers’ Reports The President and Senior Vice President then gave their reports, the summaries of which can be found on pages 17 and 18 of this publication. The reports were accepted by the delegates.

Nominations The next order of business was to accept nominations for the

President’s position, two open board positions and four Nominating Committee slots. Director Barten accepted nominations for President; only Mr. McGovern was nominated and was elected unanimously. He gave a brief acceptance speech. Fran Barten, Deborah Pauly and John Giesen were nominated for the two open board positions. Judith Kimmes, Ronald Passe, Michael Schmitz, Geraldine Lachowitzer and Richard Kueppers were nominated for the four positions on the 2009 Nominating Committee. Nominations were accepted and closed by the delegates. Each board nominee then gave an address to the convention, Director Pauly’s by previously recorded video. Mr. McGovern instructed the delegates to bring their ballot cards to session II to vote after which the results would be announced in session III. The first session was concluded with a prayer led by Mary Wielenberg, and recessed until 2:15 p.m.

Breakout Sessions Three breakout sessions were available for the delegates to participate in during the break. Understanding Traditional and Roth IRAs led by Director of Sales Tom Schisler and Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff; Catholic Social Teaching: Building it into your Events was led by Faith Formation Director Geralyn NatheEvans of St. Cloud’s SS. Peter and Paul Council; and CAA Councils in Today’s Church Structure led by Fraternal Liaison John Sullivan.

Session II

Saturday, August 8, 2:15 p.m. President McGovern called the second session to order with an opening prayer led by Ken Schimnich. The final report of the Credentials Committee was

presented with an updated number of accredited delegates finalized at 354. The committee was thanked and dismissed. McGovern then called the Constitution Committee to present its report, which included a change to the Association Bylaws to include the following paragraph in Section 18 as paragraph 4: Section 18, insert new paragraph 4:

At the call of the President and Chariman of the board, the elected members of the Nominating Committee together with the President shall meet and scrutinize the character and qualifications of any member who has timely notified the Association that he or she will seek a director position in the upcoming election. In the event that the President and Chairman of the Board is a candidate for election, the Lead Director will serve in the place of the President and Chariman of the Board. The committee shall submit a report of its findings to the convention. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Nominating Committee shall not nominate a candidate for the Director position. The change was approved and the committee discharged with thanks. Mr. McGovern then spoke about the 2010 convention, explaining that the next convention would be a one-day event held at the Northland Inn in Brooklyn Park, Minn. Only the business sessions and a Mass will be on the schedule. In the fall, all members of the Catholic Aid Association will be invited to regional meetings focusing on the social and fraternal events with the hope of 1,500 to 2,000 attendees. Mr. McGovern went into more detail September/October 2009


about the reasoning behind this change in his report on page 17. The Election Committee and marshalls then collected the ballots for the nominating committee and the board of director positions. Mr. McGovern then recognized the Silver, Gold and Platinum councils and thanked them for their commitment to fraternalism. Kathleen Moriarty then took the podium to announce the winner of the Fraternalist of the Year as William Schwartz from New York Mills, Minn. John Sullivan then announced the winner of the Youth Volunteer of the Year as Kayla Yarusso of Lake Elmo, Minn. Both winners are profiled on page 24 of this publication. Next, Paul Naumann, executive director of the Catholic Aid Association Foundation, was called forward to accept a check for $3,650 donated by the 50-year members of the Association. Director of Sales Tom Schisler and Director of Marketing Steve Wendorf then took the stage to introduce the “10 by 2010” membership drive campaign. A kit has been created and was given to each council to promote Catholic Aid and encourage referrals. Mr. McGovern then called for a short break before Session III.

Session III

Saturday August 8, 3:15 p.m. Mr. McGovern called the third session of the Convention to order and invited the Good of the Association Committee to present its report. Its suggestions are printed in full online, but are summarized here:

Good of the Association Committee Report

• A job description of the


September/October 2009

committee should be given out to delegates when assignment notices are mailed out. • The Home Office should go to parishes to explain Catholic Aid’s advantages not only in insurance but the fraternal benefits. This could be biannually at the request of the council. • A “Share the Success” column for the official publication so other councils can benefit from ideas for successful events and member generation. • 10 extra copies of the Official Publication should be sent to each council for distribution to non-members. • Providing “What Is Catholic Aid?” explanation sheets to show the history and benefits for distribution to parishes by councils.

announce the winners of the two open board positions and the four nominating committee positions. The 2010 nominating committee shall be Judith Kimmes, Ronald Passe, Michael Schmitz and Richard Kueppers. The committee reported that Deborah Pauly and Frances Barten were both re-elected to the position of Board of Directors. Barten gave brief acceptance speech A video created by the Marketing Department entitled What’s in a Name? was presented to explain the reasons for undertaking a possible name change. Mr. McGovern stressed that member guidance would be key throughout the process. He then announced the 2010 Convention would take place at the Northland Inn, Brooklyn Park, Minn., on August 7, 2010. With no further business to discuss, President McGovern announced the 2009 Convention closed. He ended with a quote by St. Thomas Aquinas. “Seek after the good that is absent, and rest in the good possessed.”

The report was accepted and the committee discharged with thanks. The Resolutions Committee was then called upon to make its report. The resolutions accepted by the 2009 delegate convention can be found online and on the back cover of this publication. Mr. McGovern then introduced Respectfully Submitted, the three chairs of the Mission Harald E. Borrmann Committee. According to their Senior Vice President and report, cash donations at this year’s Secretary/Treasurer convention totaled $1,080; the silent auction and mission sales brought in $2,086, and the quilt raffle raised $1,191. This year’s mission sales total was $4,357. The report was accepted and the chairs dismissed with thanks. The election committee The Mass for Deceased Members was held after the business sessions conthen took cluded on August 8 at the beautiful Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas. Msgr. Habiger was the celebrant. Next year’s one-day convention will be on August 7. the stage to

Officer’s Report: Michael F. McGovern President and Chairman of the Board President and Chairman of the Board Michael McGovern’s report to the 2009 Convention revolved around a theme: Catholic Aid is strong, full of rich tradition and empowered by involved and caring members, but it will have to adapt to factors outside its control if it is to survive. “We are the envy of many in our industry as we have found that in these turbulent times, other fraternals are coming to us for support as they struggle to survive,” McGovern began. In viewing the state of the economy, and the state of the spiritual fiber of our country, it’s up to organizations like Catholic Aid to lead the way. The Catholic Aid board voted to support presenting a new name to the members in 2010. It will be a big change and many long-time members may have difficulty accepting the new moniker, but the Association will still be the same, and you can be assured that the name will still contain the word “Catholic.” “Catholic is the essence of our identity and if we ever lose that, we’re doomed to extinction,” he said. Next was the issue of board elections. Catholic Aid has been blessed with great leadership. Next year, two long-standing board members will retire and two years later two more will go. Anyone interested in running for the board should get involved with their local council or volunteer for a committee. CAA is a $600 million company with more than 100 employees and 74,000 members. That being said, this is why the constitutional amendment was made. Prospective board members can be assured that no matter what is revealed in a background check, the Nominating Committee

will not disclose the past of the nominee to the membership, just whether the committee believes the candidate is fit to run. As for next year’s convention, instead of a two-day event, the August meeting will be business only. Later in the fall months, we plan to host several large local events. The goal is to get many more people involved in the fun part. We hope up to 2,000 will participate. There was a great deal of positive news to report. The scholarship program gave away its 2 millionth dollar this year; Catholic Aid held events at the Basilica Block Party and half a dozen minor league ballparks over the summer; we’ve compiled a list of more than 100,000 non-members for mailings; we reached more than 300,000 people with our advertising so far; and this fall we’ll sponsor every detail of a 18-school raffle to raise money for Catholic schools. “Sales are experiencing a banner year,” he said. “The tough economy has caused a flight to safety, and we fit the bill perfectly.” Catholic Aid has asked each of its Field Reps to bring in 56 new members this year and several have already met that goal. Eight new field reps have also come on board. In other good news, the Credit Union is expanding and will acquire a small credit union of priests in North Dakota. The regulators there have agreed to let any Catholic there become a member. The Foundation, too, is doing well with more than $3 million in assets after 12 years of service. This year, they will partner with Catholic Charities to work on a disaster preparedness initiative for the entire Midwest. And the Schuler Trust for Seminarians awarded 90 grants last year bringing the total to 527 since its inception.

President McGovern delivered his State of the Association address to the delegates Saturday morning, August 8, at his alma mater. Here, Director of Marketing Steve Wendorf, McGovern, and Director of Sales Tom Schisler present the Membership Drive kit.

McGovern also reported that he had attended a mergers and acquisitions class at the University of Chicago because an opportunity to acquire another fraternal had arisen. There are two ways to grow, he said, organically or through mergers. The former is slow and tedious, but controllable, and the latter is fast and often tough to control. For the particular opportunity presented to the board earlier this year, it was decided we could do it, but that it was too risky. “We are strong, but we are not muscular,” McGovern said of the deal. “We could have taken a hit and kept on smiling, but it was the train we couldn’t see that had us worried.” In the end, the possible negative effects on the membership prompted the board to decide to wait. “If we do find a great fit, you will be well informed. The protection of our 74,000 members is always our ultimate responsibility,” he said. Editor’s Note: This text is a summary of President McGovern’s Report, approved by him for publication. Find the full text at September/October 2009


Officer’s Report: Harald Borrmann Senior Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer

Senior Vice-President Borrmann took the podium after McGovern’s speech to deliver his report on the financial strength of the Association.

Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer Harald Borrmann gave his report to the delegates following Mr. McGovern’s report. Rather than work from prepared comments, he prepared a visual presentation to illustrate the financial state of the Association. He began by discussing the economy, stating that the U.S. is experiencing the most turmoil and deepest slump it has in 80 years. Many traditional economic rules were broken, bringing on a time of great instability and wide market fluctuations. Although the situation persists, recently there has been more stability and less volatility. In that context, Catholic Aid’s assets engender stability. We have highly rated bonds, we maintain a very strong cash position with lots of liquidity, and our mortgage portfolio is secure - we’ve never dealt in sub prime. In fact, these assets showed growth in late 2008 through mid 2009 just as they have in years past and as we anticipate they will continue to do. Our liabilities show steady growth in keeping with our asset growth.


September/October 2009

Our surplus has been on the rise for five years, up until the end of 2008 where it reduced from about $30 million to $24.8 million. The reason for this loss was in large part because of the down market which increased our pension liability and because of a single transaction made a few years ago that decreased in value. Our surplus is there for just such instances and sudden costs; it did its job and we took care to conservatively value these payments so there should be no related future losses. In mid2009, our steady surplus growth resumed. Over the past five years, including year-end 2008, our surplus has grown by more than 10 percent, something very few fraternals have been able to do. During the past year, premium

Borrmann’s first report as senior vice president and secretary/treasurer illustrated the Catholic Aid’s financials with the help of PowerPoint slides and graphs.

and investment income grew steadily. Due to our large and intentional cash position (liquidity,) our investment rate of return declined modestly. But our life insurance in-force now exceeds $1.95 billion – an all-time high. We also gave out the secondhighest allotment of fraternal expenses in our history. We have a

very high rate of giving compared to other fraternals, which is a sign of our commitment to our members. As always, the Home Office has had a “hold the line” mentality on expenses and our expense ratio is lower than many other companies. Throughout the next year, we will focus on four areas: improved IT administration; a new medical director; making improvements to the physical plant (Home Office); and risk management. One note about the Home Office: it is a 30-year-old building and is beginning to show signs of wear. Some upgrades need to be made in order to maintain a safe and efficient environment. Borrmann then went on to describe the concerns that our organization faces. Stagnant membership has been a problem for many years, and we are all aware of it. To grow for the future, despite our strong financial record, we must add new members. Accepting the status quo is a sure recipe for eventual demise. We’ve begun moving in the right direction with our membership drive, sales, marketing and members working together. This is the most important thing to remember: we can remain relevant and grow, and it’s up to all of us to make it happen. Mr. Borrmann thanked the Home Office staff for the warm reception he has received in his first year; the board of directors for their leadership and guidance; and in particular Denny Olson, for his past leadership, the knowledge and skills he passed along to his successor and the example he set for his commitment to the members of the Association. Editor’s Note: This text is a summary of Senior Vice-President Borrmann’s Report, approved by him for publication. Find the full text at visit

CAA Cookbook

From our kitchen to yours! About These Recipes: Fall is here and there’s no better way to welcome it than to finish the grilling season strong. Killer Ribs is one way to get your friends to take some time out of their busy schedules to come over. Another way to get friends over is to bake caramel bars – they are fast, delicious, and look great! It is tempting to eat the whole pan yourself – but restrain yourself to share with friends. Happy fall cooking and baking!

Caramel Bars

Cowboy Beans

Ingredients Ingredients


8 oz bacon, about 10-12 slices 1 lb lean ground beef 1 c chopped onion 1/2 c brown sugar 1 tbsp dry mustard 2 cans pork and beans 1 can lima beans, drained 1 can kidney beans, drained 1/2 c ketchup 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp vinegar

Brown bacon, ground beef and chopped onions. Combine drained ground beef mixture in slow cooker with remaining ingredients; cover and cook on low for 3 to 5 hours. Cook Time: 3 to 5 hours

Killer Ribs Ingredients 4 lbs country style port ribs 1 c ketchup 1 c brown sugar 1 c water 1/4 c lemon juice 1 large diced onion 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp mustard salt & pepper to taste

Preparation Roast the ribs uncovered at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Drain off fat. Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour sauce over ribs. Cook uncovered for 45 mintues, turn ribs, cook another 45 minutes. Cook Time: 3 hours

If your family has a recipe that you or your friends rave about, send it to us to share with the whole CAA neighborhood:

20 caramels 1/3 c butter 2 tbsp milk 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 c flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt


In a saucepan, cook and stir the caramels, butter and milk over low/medium heat until the caramels are melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat; stir in sugar until smooth. Add eggs and vanilla into caramel mixture. In a large bowl mix flour, baking powder and salt. Stir into the Caramel mixture by tablespoons until blended. Pour into a greased 8 inch square baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 24-28 minutes. Cut into bars

Servings: 24

The new fad of being healthy is hitting us all. Buying healthy organic and all-natural foods doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, if you know where to shop. The best place to start is local farmers’ markets. A food cooperative is another option for finding fresh and local products. What you can’t find there, head to your health- and natural- food stores. Enjoy those organic food choices all season long! September/October 2009


Minutes of the

CAA Board of Directors

The 2009 Board of Directors: President & Chairman Michael McGovern, Senior Vice President & Secretary/Treasurer Harald Borrmann, Lead Director Fran Barten, Bernie Bastian, George Gmach, Joseph Kueppers, Deborah Pauly, Gary Polaczyk, John Maile

June 11, 2009 The meeting opened at 9:55 a.m. at the Archdiocesan Offices in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with a prayer led by Secretary Borrmann and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. All directors were present. Chairman McGovern moved and Mr. Kueppers seconded that the minutes for the May Board meeting be approved as written; the motion was approved unanimously. Bishop Listecki joined the Board for remarks. His focus was on our Catholic identity. He stressed that Christ should be the motivation for our words and actions. He spoke of what we must do–evangelization–and how we must do it–stewardship–as a way to demonstrate who we are –Catholics. He was extremely gracious in his remarks about the Catholic Aid Association and very encouraging of our work. He then left us for the balance of the business meeting although he invited the Board to join him for lunch later that day. The Investment Report was discussed. CAA continues to follow its policies very strictly. The Board was reminded that the Investment Policy be reviewed after the Investment Committee meets in July. Approval of the report was moved by Ms. Barten and seconded by Mr. Bastian; motion was passed unanimously. Mr. McGovern updated the Board on Counsel’s memorandum regarding the request of a Tolling Agreement from Wells Fargo. It was agreed this is a good strategy and staff will pursue it. With regard to Policy Governance, Mr. McGovern reviewed the following: • Treatment of Members, Chairman’s Role and Lead Director’s Role Mr. Borrmann then led a review of CAA measured against a group of fraternal peers. It was suggested that in-depth peer reviews be done annually in the future. Mr. McGovern led a discussion of the May meeting process of reviewing other fraternal insurers regarding potential


September/October September/October2009 2009

business combinations. It was agreed that the process was sound and similar processes might have value in the future. An amendment to the charter for the Mary, Queen of Peace Council #374 in Winona, Minn., was proposed by Mr. Borrmann. It was approved unanimously. Mr. McGovern then led a discussion of the work of the Nominating Committee as respects Board members. Mr. Polacyzk moved, and Mr. Bastian seconded, that the Constitution Committee review our Bylaws for the purpose of amending them to perform such a review of Board Candidates by the Nominating Committee. This motion was approved unanimously. A discussion ensued of the need for Board members to proactively seek candidates for future openings on the Board of Directors, and to encourage potential new candidates to become involved in CAA committees prior to Board candidacy. This will be mentioned to our Delegates at the Annual Convention in August. The NFCA Annual Meeting will be in San Antonio, Tex., from Sept. 17-19. Chairman McGovern delivered the President’s Report. Mr. Borrmann reported on the ongoing efforts of Risk Management at CAA. Mr. McGovern led the closing prayer. The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Aug. 7, 2009, in St. Paul, Minn., during the Annual Delegate Convention at the University of St. Thomas. Respectfully submitted, Harald E. Borrmann, Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer Aug. 7, 2009 The meeting opened at 11:30 a.m. at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minn., with a prayer led by Mr. Kueppers and was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. All directors were present. In addition, Mr. Joseph Annotti, president and CEO of the National Fraternal Congress

of America (NFCA) was present for lunch and the first portion of the Meeting. Mr. Kueppers moved and Ms. Pauly seconded that the minutes for the June Board meeting be approved as written; the motion was approved unanimously. It was agreed to table the NFCA Peer Report and the review of the Business Strategy Document until the September meeting in the interests of time. The Investment Report was discussed. CAA continues to follow its policies very strictly. The Report now includes historical cost as well as market value on mutual funds. CAA’s investments continue to perform relatively well. CAA also monitors its securities closely and the number of securities on its “watch list” is decreasing as market values continue to rebound. Approval of the report was moved by Mr. Bastian seconded by Ms. Barten; motion was passed unanimously. Mr. Borrmann led a review of the Investment Committee report. Although no major changes in investment policy were made, several minor clarifications were approved by the Committee. Mr. Joe Annotti then spoke to the Board with an update of the NFCA, the upcoming Annual Meeting and the status of fraternals and potential regulation. He complimented the Board on its approach to governing CAA, and reconfirmed his views that CAA is one of the best-run fraternals in the country. Mr. Annotti concluded his remarks, and excused himself to prepare for his speech at the dinner. Regarding Securities Lending, Mr. McGovern updated the Board on Counsel’s memorandum regarding the request of a Tolling Agreement from Wells Fargo. Mr. Borrmann then led a review of the second quarter financial report. CAA’s surplus is increasing from its yearend level, and asset growth remains strong. Investments are rebounding in market value. Overall, CAA is on target. The Pension Committee report was discussed by Mr. Borrmann and other Board members sitting on that committee. The Committee reconfirmed its

In loving memory of our deceased members July 2009 Caroline V. Anacker, 79 Madelia, MN St. Joseph

Rose Y. Arnold, 89 Sauk Centre, MN Our Lady of Angels

Michael E. Baune, 60 Bird Island, MN St. Mary

Robert J. Bendel, 83 Madison, MN St. Michael

David P. Berger, 41 Kimball, MN Holy Cross

Michael M. Breth, 96 Holdingford, MN St. Joseph

Mary Kay Feldewerd, 43 Holdingford, MN St. Joseph

Frances R. Fischer, 102 Aberdeen, SD SS. Joseph & Ann

Isabelle Haverkamp, 81 Callaway, MN St. Joseph

Nikki Hemmesch, 29 Paynesville, MN St. Louis

Agnes Hiltner, 92 Melrose, MN SS. Bernard/Elizabeth

Gregory Hoffman, 55 New Ulm, MN St. Joseph

Irene Hoffman, 85 Rollingstone, MN SS. Nicholas/Theresa

John Hofman, 79

Teresa E. McMullen, 82

Joseph C. Sellner, 82

Marie Gitter, 85

Lillian Maxa, 85

Albany, MN St. Joseph

Madelia, MN St. Joseph

Searles, MN St. John the Baptist

St. George, MN St. George

Shakopee, MN St. John the Baptist

Adeline Hortsch, 78

Elmer J. Miller, 83

Joan M. Skalbeck, 49

Lawrence J. Grimm, 84

Margaret McGinnis, 87

St. Cloud, MN St. Michael

Johnsburg, MN St. Theresa

St. Cloud, MN St. Augustine

Bemidji, MN Our Lady of the Snow

Caledonia, MN St. Elizabeth

Robert Kemper, 92

Donald G. Odette, 80

Nic J. Spanier, 94

Florence Heuring, 83

Michael Meyer, 37

Zimmerman, MN St. Pius X

Jordan, MN St. John the Baptist

Luxemburg, MN SS. Theresa/Wendelin

St. Michael, MN St. Michael

Sauk Centre, MN St. Paul

Anthony Kerber, 97

Alice Portner, 85

Raymond Tauer, 88

Germaine Hilgers, 93

Cecilia Nundahl, 77

Victoria, MN St. Victoria

New Ulm, MN St. Elizabeth

Sleepy Eye, MN St. Mary

Cologne, MN St. Bernard

Perham, MN Holy Family

Wanda Klecker, 94

Leonard Rizzo Jr., 52

Alfred Vogel, 83

Eileen Hommerding, 66

Donald Odette, 80

Ellsworth, WI St. Joseph

St. Paul, MN S. Anthony-Maria Hilf

Avon, MN St. Benedict

Cold Spring, MN St. Boniface

Jordan, MN St. John the Baptist

Elizabeth Klinger, 84

Donald Roemer, 95

Andrew Wersal, 61

Adeline Hortsch, 78

Veronica Ripka, 90

Rollingstone, MN SS. Nicholas/Theresa

Wabasha, MN SS. Joseph/Kunigunda

Litomysl, MN Holy Trinity

St. Cloud, MN St. Michael

Sauk Centre, MN St. Paul

Irene Kuffel, 89

Leon Lewis Kieffer, 87

Genevieve Rothstein, 87

Leonard Ruprecht, 84

Margaret Wurscher, 95

Holdingford, MN St. Joseph

Anoka, MN St. Stephen

Lucan, MN Our Lady of Victory

Philip Kunz, 82

Dorothy C. Saiko, 87

August 2009

Callaway, MN St. Joseph

Alexandria, MN Our Lady/Runestone

Gilbert Lanners, 73

Olivia Salzl, 74

St. Leo, MN St. Leo

Watkins, MN Holy Family

Wilfred P. Louis, 83

Donald C. Schlechter, 77

Waconia, MN St. Joseph

Waconia, MN St. Joseph

David H. Maas, 56

Paulinus Schleper, 90

St. Bonifacius, MN St. Boniface

St. Cloud, MN St. Anthony

John Dennis Malone, 86

Willard Schmidt, 88

Wadena, MN St. Joseph

Sleepy Eye, MN St. Mary

Mathias May, 89

Gertrude V. Schutz, 93

Hampton, MN St. Mathias

term intention to hold fixed income and equities in approximately a 50/50 proportion. The necessary deposits to the Pension funding are being made, bringing the funding fully into line with the amounts recognized at year-end. Mr. McGovern led a discussion regarding the Constitution Committee and its proposed wording to address a qualification review of future Board candidates. He also provided an update of staff’s work on the naming issue, including the video to be presented during the Convention. Mr. McGovern delivered the President’s Report. Highlights include: • Sales continue their brisk pace, both in life and annuities

Eden Valley, MN SS. Joseph & Mary

Frances Berscheit, 81 Melrose, MN SS Bernard/Elizabeth

Lawrence Bruemmer, 87 Farming, MN St. Catherine

Gertrude Bruender, 95 Mankato, MN Holy Family

Janice Burr, 73 Hastings, MN St. Eliz Ann Seton

Margaret Fischer, 87 Mankato, MN Holy Family

Otto Genoch, 94

Elba, MN St. Aloysius

Kimball, MN Holy Cross

Mary Kryzer, 56

Raymond Rothstein, 98

Winona, MN SS. Joseph/Elizabeth

Rockville, MN Mary Imm. Conception

Albert Kuechle, 83

Ronald Shay, 76

Jordan, MN St. John the Baptist

St. Martin, MN St. Martin

Anna LeGatt, 93

Frances Shook, 88

Sauk Rapids, MN Sacred Heart

Hastings, MN St. Eliz. Ann Seton

Bernice Lenneman, 89

Anna Thielges, 94

St. Michael, MN St. Michael

St. Leo, MN St. Leo

Ivo Loosbrock, 77

Francis Wagener, 82

Wilmont, MN St. Kilian

Harold Mahowald, 68

Waconia, MN St. Joseph & Mary Queen of Peace

Faribault, MN SS. Lawrence & Anna

Perham, MN Holy Family

• New Field Reps have been hired and are off to good starts • Membership has been stable, and it is expected that our net membership will actually increase, year-to-date, during August for the first time in several years • Legislatively, the recently completed session was generally positive for insurers, including CAA • The golf outings continue to bring great visibility to CAA, and the number of priests attending some or all of the day’s activities is increasing • The Credit Union merger with the Priests CU of North Dakota should finalize in the next couple of months • Mr. Borrmann showed some graphs

showing that fraternal premium income is up while stock and mutual insurers are decreasing, perhaps demonstrating the trust members have in their associations. Mr. Borrmann reported on the ongoing efforts of Risk Management at CAA. Mr. Gmach led the closing prayer and the meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 10, 2009, at the Home Office in St. Paul, Minn.

Respectfully submitted, Harald E. Borrmann, Senior Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer

September/October 2009


supporting CAA Recession Buster: Consider member-owned businesses! Member Business Spotlight Spotlight Living Bread Catholic Goods

Located on the corner of Selby Ave. and Dale St. in St. Paul, the Starihas have created a first-class Catholic Aid members Jeff and shopping experience for buyers of Amy Stariha spent several months Catholic goods. In a sun-filled space trying to figure out how to make a on a heavily trafficked part of St. living after selling their bridal shop Paul, comfy couches invite the in March 2007. Somehow, they Catholic-curious to set and read thought, they wanted to bring the from the inventory of Catholic Catholic faith to Main Street. In books. Or for sacrament shoppers, November 2007, they did just that, all manner of First Communion and opening Living Bread Catholic religious gifts are on display. Goods. “Our repeat customers who come in on a semi-regular basis are usually buying books and they tend to be people firm in their faith or people just starting back on that journey.,” Jeff says. “ The owners of Living Bread Catholic Goods work very hard to ensure every item in the store follows the teachings of the The Stariha Family, owners of Living Bread Catholic Goods Catholic Church. located at 618 Selby Ave., St. Paul, Minn. From left Lucy, Certainly when Elenor, Jeff, Frances, Amy, Cecilia and Isabel. compared to major chain retailers, and

even when set next to Christian bookstores, Jeff says the opportunity for confusion is there. “You might see a book some priest wrote and think it’s a Catholic book, but in reality it’s so far off the mark from Catholic teaching it’s not even funny,” Jeff says. “There’s the potential to pick up a book that you think will lead you closer to the Church but instead leads you farther from it.” And to both the Starihas and their five daughters (the elder ones help out with cleaning and ringing up sometimes) leading people closer to the Church is the ultimate purpose. “We’re evangelizing,” Jeff says. “That’s what we do on a daily basis. When you run a business it’s hard to keep that in mind, because you have to stay in business. But if you run it in a way that is pleasing to God, good things come of it. It transitions to faithful customers who come back.”

Sparkle Auto

customers happy.” They also mark all prices in the window of the car so there’s no question what the car is selling for. While reports are starting to trickle in that the economy is on the rebound, Marvin says the recession has definitely put a dent in their sales volume. But the fact is, all the bad news of last year may have actually increased their potential customer base “We cater to the people who don’t have a lot of money,” Marvin says. “We treat everybody fair and we don’t leave anyone out in the cold.”

St. Paul, Minn. Jeff and Amy Stariha

Maplewood, Minn. Marvin, Shirley, Mark, Tim, Greg and Steve Bohnen Hopping on a bike and pedaling over to talk cars is a business practice that’s been around at Sparkle Auto Sales since it opened 34 years ago. Marvin Bohnen, his wife, Shirley and their four sons, Mark, Tim, Greg and Steve, are all part owners of the Maplewood automobile lot that specializes in lower-priced cars and family-style customer service. “People see that when they come in here,” Marv said. “We’ve got a log cabin office, it’s a homey, relaxed atmosphere and people seem to sense that when they walk in. We’re a family deal.” The whole family runs Sparkle together. Shirley handles the bookkeeping and office managing,


September/October 2009

Mark and Steve sell, Greg works in service and Tim does all three and the buying. When potential customers come onto the lot, the Bohnens leave them alone for a while, unless they see someone waving. Then they hop on a bicycle and pedal over to answer questions. “We’ve been doing the bike thing since we started. It’s just too big to be running all over the place,” Marv says. The family runs the entire business themselves, which is one of the ways Marvin says they maintain their low-pressure atmosphere. “We don’t hire salesmen because then you have different motivations,” he says. “They want to sell to make money above all, we want to keep our

The Bohnen family, owners of Sparkle Auto Sales located at 3065 Maplewood Drive (Hwy 61) in Maplewood, Minn. From left Mark, Greg, Marvin, Shirley, Tim and Steve.

Annual Legal Disclosures Catholic Aid Association Privacy Policy At the Catholic Aid Association (CAA), we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. While the information we collect about you is critical to providing superior products and services, be assured that we are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information we have. We do not sell or rent to anyone the information you have entrusted to us. To help you understand how we protect your personal information, this notice summarizes the privacy policy of the Catholic Aid Association and its affiliates, the Catholic Aid Association Foundation and the CAA General Agency, LLC. Another member of the Catholic Aid Family, the Catholic Aid Association Credit Union, will provide its own privacy notice. During the continuation of your relationship with CAA, we will advise you of our privacy policy and practices at least once annually, as required by law. Confidentiality & Security Procedures The Catholic Aid Association understands the importance of protecting and securing your non-public personal information and using it appropriately. We have and maintain strict policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality of your information during all stages of your relationship with CAA. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information. Access to non-public personal information about you is restricted to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you. All employees are trained and required to safeguard such information. Information We May Collect & Use We collect personal information about you in order to provide, administer and service financial products and services, including insurance and annuities. The type of information we collect about you depends on the products, services or benefits you request and may include: • Information we receive from you on applications or other forms, such as your name, address, social security number, birth date, assets and income. • Information you authorize us to obtain, such as medical and hospital records. We want to assure you that medical information Catholic Aid receives about you will not be disclosed without your authorization, except as required by law. • Information about your transactions with us, such as your contract coverage,

certificate values and payment history. • Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies, such as your credit worthiness and credit history. This type of information will be shared in appropriate situations and only to the extent required for necessary business purposes. Sharing Information Within the CAA Family Catholic Aid regards all of your nonpublic personal information as confidential. However, in the course of conducting our business, there are circumstances in which we may disclose to other parties information we have about you. These disclosures are only made as permitted or required by law. For example, we may disclose the above categories of non-public personal information about you to CAA’s affiliates. We may share your identifying information (such as name, address, telephone number, age and years of membership) and your fraternal relationship information (such as council name) with council officers in order to facilitate fraternal activities. Sharing Information Outside the CAA Family We may also disclose the above non-public personal information with nonaffiliated organizations that perform services for us or on our behalf such as reinsurance, fraternal benefits, printing and mailing. We are also permitted to disclose the above categories of information to help us underwrite insurance, process transactions and administer claims that you request or authorize. In addition,

we are required to disclose information about you in certain instances, such as to detect fraud or to comply with an inquiry by a government agency or regulator. Whenever we hire other parties to help us conduct our business, we expect them to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and abide by all applicable privacy laws. Further, we do not authorize them to use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than the work they are performing on our behalf or as required by law. Former Customers Should your relationship with Catholic Aid end, we will continue to limit disclosures of your personal information in accordance with our stated privacy policy and practices just as we do for those with a continuing relationship with us. Accuracy of Your Information Our goal is to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. If you find any inaccuracies in the statements or account information we send to you, we urge you to contact our Member Services Department by calling or writing us at our address below. Catholic Aid reserves the right to change our privacy policy at any time, but if we do, we will provide a written notice to you. Catholic Aid Association • 3499 Lexington Ave. N. • St. Paul, MN 55126 (651) 490-0170 • 1-800-568-6670 • caa@ •

Catholic Aid Journey Statement of Ownership

September/October 2009



Fraternalist of the Year says volunteering ‘doesn’t seem like work’ You can recognize Fraternalist of the Year Bill Schwartz by his generous smile and willing attitude. Catholic Aid honored William “Bill” Schwartz of New York Mills, Minn., with the Fraternalist of the Year Award in honor of his service to St. John/Holy Family Council of Bluffton, Minn. A member since he was four years of age, Bill began volunteering with his local council in high school. “I tried it out and enjoyed it, so I stuck with it,” said Bill. who recently participated in a member benefit fund-raiser and has served as a delegate to CAA’s Annual Convention for the last three years. The Fraternalist of the Year honor is given annually to a member of Catholic Aid who has exhibited extraordinary acts of fraternalism, provided outstanding volunteer service President Michael McGovern and Fraternal Director in the community and shown uncommon leadership to the Kathleen Moriarty congratulate Bill Schwartz of New local council. The winner of this award will be entered into York Mills, Minn., after his acceptance of the Fraternalconsideration for the national Fraternalist of the Year proist of the Year Award at the 2009 Annual Convention. gram, run by the National Fraternal Congress of America (NFCA). Next on his volunteer calendar, Bill is looking forward to a fund-raising dinner in October that “goes over really well” with the people of his parish. “Catholic Aid is a great organization to be a part of. You can have a lot of fun when you’re there. It doesn’t even seem like work,” Bill said. Of his fellow council members, he said, “We always have a good time.” Congratulations Bill, and thank you for your dedication to Catholic Aid.

Youth Volunteer of the Year is outstanding student and servant

Young Volunteer of the Year Kayla Yarusso (second from right) is an outstanding volunteer. She accepted her award with her family at her side at the 2009 Annual Convention.


September/October 2009

Youth Volunteer of the Year winner Kayla Yarusso is involved in so many volunteer activities that her accomplishments filled the entire award nomination form! An active member of St. Jude’s Council in Mahtomedi, Minn., Miss Yarusso has been a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Feed My Starving Children, JOIN HANDS DAY as well as many Catholic Aid fund-raising events at her parish. During the past year, she traveled to Guatemala to volunteer at a children’s mission, and she is a regular youth ministry and children’s ministry worker at St. Jude’s parish. An outstanding student and athlete, Kayla has been on the ‘A’ Honor Roll for the past four years. Youth Volunteer of the Year Award is an honor presented by Catholic Aid Association to recognize a young adult member who, through example and accomplishment, provided outstanding volunteer service during the past year.

Catholic Aid Kids Cool Kid!

Name: Cassandra Kretsch Age: 10 Hometown: New Ulm, MN School: Cathedral School Yadda yadda with Cassandra!

Cassandra is an outdoors girl! The summer she spent time going on camping trips, riding her bike, playing softball and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa. She loves pink and before school started she was trying to squeeze in a little more free time with Mom and Dad. September always comes too soon! Congratulations Cassandra! Be the Nov./Dec. Cool Kid! Fill

out the puzzles on this page as best you can and submit them to the Catholic Aid Journey. One winner will get a Catholic Aid T-shirt and a special prize! Include your name, age and phone number and send to: Catholic Aid Association, 3499 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55126.

Catholic Aid Kids

Incredible Saints artwork and games Š2009 Mario D. Macari. All rights reserved.

September/October 2009


ye on the Industry Your sneak peek into current trends of the fraternal life insurance industry

Two Wisconsin Catholic fraternals merge Two Catholic fraternal societies have announced their intention to merge business operations in our neighbor state. Catholic Family Life and Catholic Knights, both headquartered in Milwaukee, announced Aug. 12, 2009, that their leaders have signed a letter of intent to merge. According to their press release, the

“This merger is one of 25 that have taken place in the fraternal system in the last nine years.” merger would result in a membership of 120,000 people with total assets exceeding $1.1 billion, and approximately $4.8 billion of insurance in force. The merger has the full approval of the boards of directors of

both organizations. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Bill O’Toole, president of Catholic Knights, said that the drive behind the merger was a desire on the part of both companies to better serve their members. “We’re better together,” O’Toole told the Journal Sentinel. Catholic Family Life Insurance was founded in 1868, the first Catholic fraternal benefit organization established in the United States. Catholic Knights is also an established fraternal and has been in operation for nearly 125 years. This merger is one of 25 that have taken place in the fraternal system in the last nine years. Both fraternal societies have been involved in mergers in recent

Internet Insurance Shopping More and more, the Internet is becoming the primary source of information for people looking to purchase financial products and insurance. A recent study by insurance organization LIMRA found that 56% of parents with small children look online for insurance information. Of those people:

60% – shopped online for insurance because they

thought it was more convenient

58% – were looking online to compare prices 78% – expect to do more financial business on-

line in the next five years

63% – would buy insurance online if available 26

September/October 2009

decades. Catholic Knights of America merged with Catholic Knights in 2005. Catholic Family merged with Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Northern Fraternal Life in the 1990s. Joe Annotti, president and CEO of the National Fraternal Congress of America, praised the merger decision as a “significant step to maximize operating efficiencies, pool resources and expertise and better serve their members.”

As September draws to a close, so does Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), a 30-day campaign sponsored by the Life Foundation (www. and the insurance industry to educate the public about the importance of life insurance coverage. As part of LIAM, the Life Foundation encouraged people to consider three tips during the down economy. First, some life insurance is better than none. Catholic Aid has many affordable options. Second, educate yourself about insurance through online resources like Catholic Aid’s website. And third, talk to a professional. Catholic Aid Field Reps are in your area and can address your questions with thoughtful, knowledgeable advice.

Field Representatives in Your Area


Mike Barten

Gary Gall, FIC

Ryan Schmitz

Matt Bugnacki, FIC

Gregory Gall FIC, LUTCF

Bob Sorensen, FIC, FLMI

Dean Demarais FIC, LUTCF

Cindy Heveron

320-685-8899 Cold Spring, St. Joseph, Kimball, Watkins

320-554-7579 Grey Eagle, Sauk Centre, Swanville, Villard

Greg Steele

Dave Ehlert, FIC

Tim Parks, FIC

320-987-3296 Sauk Centre, Elrosa, West Union

763-390-7992 Brainerd, Baxter, Nisswa, Cross Lake, Pequot Lakes

320-836-2617 Melrose, Freeport, St. Rosa, Greenwald

320-251-8163 St. Cloud, Waite Park, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Foley

320-229-0717 S. St. Cloud, Clear Lake, Clearwater, Little Falls

763-753-5758 Anoka, Ham Lake, Ramsey, Coon Rapids

218-445-5296 Long Prairie, Sebeka, Menahga, Wadena

763-682-6001 Annandale, Buffalo, Maple Lake

763-263-2450 Becker, Princeton, Zimmerman

Peter Spaniol, FIC

320-363-7462 Regional Manager

Shawn Ehlert, FIC

320-845-6612 Albany, Avon, Bowlus, Upsala, Holdingford

Oct. 1-28 – The Catholic Aid School Raffle Fund-raiser runs through Oct. 28. To learn more about the raffle or if a Catholic school near you is participating or to learn more about the program, call 651-7656555, or visit raffle. Contact us if you know a school that may want to participate next year. Oct. 11 – Sacred Heart Council in Freeport, Minn., will host their Matching Grant breakfast from 8:30 to 12:30 p.m. at the church. For more information, please

Regional Events Join your Field Reps at these events contact Field Representative Dave Ehlert at 320-836-2617. Oct. 17 – Ave Maria Catholic Church in Wheaton, Minn., will host a Fall Luncheon from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be a Country Store, Bake Sale, Quilt Raffle and Crafts available. For more details, please contact Independent Agent Donna Cushman at 218-739-1617.

present seminars on retirement savings and estate planning in St. Augusta, Minn., at 9 and 11 a.m. Call Field Representative Gregory Gall for more details. Oct. 25 – St. Pius X Council in Zimmerman, Minn., will host a Matching Grant chicken dinner from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Contact Independent Agent Greg Steele for more details.

Oct. 25 – Catholic Aid Association Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff will

September/October 2009


Field Representatives in Your Area Roger Bauer, FIC

651-437-6026 Hastings, Cannon Falls, Red Wing

Jon Ginther

612-644-0563 Plymouth, Rogers, West Suburbs

Michael Gross

Rick Mathiowetz, FIC 952-447-2546

Scott County

Jeff Plank, FIC 507-457-0413 Wabasha, Rollingstone

651-641-1740 Mahtomedi, St. Paul, Roseville

Roger Reitmaier, FIC 507-454-4979 Winona

Mary Harens, FIC

Gary Rosendahl

651-295-2040 St. Paul area

952-445-4790 Burnsville

608-539-5121 La Crosse and surrounding area

Peter Ryan, FIC 763-972-8283 Delano, St. Michael, Albertville

Carol Lindner, FIC, LUTCF 952-657-2210 Waconia, Victoria, St. Bonifacius

Ryan Selleck, FIC 952-933-0780 S. Minneapolis, Richfield, Bloomington, Minnetonka

Keith Jereczek


Regional Events

Robb Smith, FIC

952-938-5859 Northeast Minneapolis, Fridley, St. Anthony

Susan Stenzel,

ChFC, LUTCF, FIC 507-282-1793 Rochester, Adams, Johnsburg

Dawn Walker

651-337-1807 Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Stillwater

Bob Watters

715-690-4523 Hudson and surrounding area

Sam Welter, FIC 952-448-4865 Chaska, Glencoe, Winstead Patrick Brown, FIC 888-412-9766 Regional Manager

Join your Field Reps at these events Oct. 10 – St. Joseph Council in Waconia, Minn., Matching Grant Fall Festival and Pork Chop Dinner, 4 - 8 p.m.

Oct. 18 – St. Agnes Parish Fall Festival in St. Paul, Minn., from 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Call Field Rep Mary Harens.

Oct. 11 – Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Maplewood, Minn., 3rd Annual Panther Classic Golf Tournament. Contact: Field Rep Michael Gross.

Oct. 25 – SS. Peter and Paul in Loretto, Minn., Matching Grant Spooky Bingo at 1 p.m. Contact Sandy Schmitz, 763-479-2654.

Oct. 11 – St. Michael School in St. Michael, Minn., Matching Grant Quilt Bingo at 1 p.m. Contact Zita Eull, 763-497-2720. Oct. 13 – St. Stephen’s Catholic Aid Council in Anoka, Minn. Council Pot Luck at 6 p.m. Contact: Field Rep Tim Parks.

Oct. 25 – Dads Waffle Breakfast Matching Grant at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish after Masses. Contact: Field Rep Roger Bauer. Oct. 25 – Matching Grant Chicken Dinner from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Parish in Miesville, Minn. Contact: Field Rep Roger Bauer.

Oct. 30-31 – Be Not Afraid: Building a Culture of Life and Love Conference at St. John the Baptist in New Brighton, Minn. Register on-line at or call 612-418-5375. Nov. 14 – St. Joseph Council in Waconia, Minn., Potluck Dinner and Community Service Awards Presentation after 5:15 p.m. Mass. Contact: Field Rep Carol Lindner. Nov. 22 – Turkey Bingo Matching Grant Fund-raiser, St. Albert’s Parish Center in St. Albert, Minn. Contact Gail Hinrichs, 763-4975494 for event time. September/October 2009



Field Representatives in Your Area Mike Matuska, FIC

Butch Byers, FICF

507-345-1324 Mankato, Nicollet, St. Peter, St. James

605-665-4756 Yankton, Mitchell and surrounding area

Brett Cummings

651-714-9089 Farmington, Lakeville, Northfield, Rosemount

Bob Skillings, FIC

Dan Klecker, FIC

Curtis Wangen

Dean Warta, FIC

800-807-8616 Sleepy Eye, Springfield, Morgan, Comfrey

507-354-7593 New Ulm

605-336-3930 Sioux Falls and surrounding area

Doug Martinka, FIC, CLF

866-942-7710 Winthrop, Redwood Falls, Gibbon

888-799-1257 Regional Manager

Regional Events

Join your Field Reps at these events Oct.




The Catholic Aid School Raffle Fund-raiser begins on this day and runs through Oct. 28. To learn more about the raffle or if a Catholic school near you is participating, call 651-765-6555.


Bishop’s Youth Hunt for youth ages 12 to 15 will be held Oct. 6 and 7. For more information please contact the Catholic Foundation office at 605-988-3788.



The Holy Spirit/Holy Family Council in Mitchell, S.D., is hosting a Matching Grant Spaghetti Feed from 4 to 7 p.m. Call Field Rep Butch Byers for more details.


Annual South Dakota Right to Life State Convention will be held on Saturday, Oct. 10, at Oahe Hills Country Club in Mobridge, S.D.



St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Vernon Center, Minn., will hold a Matching Grant Turkey Dinner. Contact Field Rep Mike Matuska for more details.

September/October 2009


Field Representatives in Your Area


Rebecca Anderson, FIC

Denise Degerstrom, FIC

Sarah Price

Luke Bauman, FIC

Becky King, FIC

Greg Tallier, FIC

John Klocke, FIC

Lyle Turbes, FIC

320-769-4642 Dawson, Canby, Madison, Morris

320-763-4835 Alexandria, Glenwood, Brandon, Osakis

Candee Cloos

605-862-6134 Melbank, Ortonville, Watertown

Donna Cushman, FIC

218-739-1617 Fergus Falls, Breckenridge, Elbow Lake, Pelican Rapids

320-384-0339 Braham, Cambridge, Isanti, Mora

218-841-4600 Detroit Lakes, New York Mills, Perham

888-274-0459 Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks

605-262-0957 Aberdeen and surrounding area

715-473-3844 Wabeno, Antigo, Pelican Lake

320-222-6422 Hutchinson, Willmar, Kandiyohi

Mike Kirchhoff, FIC Dan Markell

507-530-6433 Pipestone, Marshall, Ivanhoe

218-391-9444 Duluth, Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Cloquet Regional Manager, Northeast

Mike Bredeck, FICF

800-504-6805 Regional Manager, North

Regional Events

Join your Field Reps at these events Oct. 1-28 – The Catholic Aid School Raffle Fund-raiser begins on this day and runs through Oct. 28. To learn more about the raffle or if a Catholic school near you is participating, call 651-765-6555. Oct. 11 – Holy Family Corporate Communion starting with Mass at 10:15 a.m. at St. Henry’s Catholic Church in Perham, Minn. Meal follows in the dining hall. Contact Kathy Hemmelgarn at 218-346-5797. Oct. 13 – “Crossing the Estate River” – The Basics of Estate Planning will be held at 7 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Fertile, Minn., presented by Field Rep John J. Klocke. Call 888-274-0459. Free and open to the public.

Oct. 14 – “Where there’s a Will there’s a way” – How to prepare your will seminar, 10 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Red Lake Falls, Minn., presented by Field Rep John Klocke. Call 888-274-0459 to register. Free and open to public. Oct. 20 – Catholic Aid Association Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff will present a seminar on retirement savings and estate planning in Milbank, S.D., at 7 p.m. Call Field Representative Candee Cloos for more details. Oct. 22 – Annual Fall Sausage Supper Matching Grant at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Dent, Minn., from 5 - 7:30 p.m. $7 for adults and $3 for children. For more de-

tails contact John Kratzke at 218-758-2941. Oct. 25 – Catholic Aid Association Advanced Case Specialist John Tetzloff will present a seminar on retirement savings and estate planning in Oak Grove, Minn., at 7 p.m. Call Field Representative Denise Degerstrom for more details. Nov. 19-21 – Holy Rosary Catholic Community Pie Sale Matching Grant in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Catholic Aid Association will be providing a matching grant. Pies are $7 each. Pickup is on Nov. 19 after 4 p.m. Preorder before Nov. 13. Call Julia Nelmark at 218-252-4440 for more details.

September/October 2009


3499 Lexington Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55126-8098

2009 Catholic Aid Association Convention Resolutions I. ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH,

second, and approve the resolution.

motion was made to adopt, second, and



approve the resolution.


Be it resolved: That we treat every human

VII. FRATERNALISM. Be it resolved:

Be it resolved: That all members of the

being with dignity and respect regardless

That the Catholic Aid Association will con-

Catholic Aid Association continue to sup-

of color, race or religious beliefs, and con-

tinue to provide financial and volunteer

port our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI,

tinue to support programs and legislative

assistance to Catholic parishes, schools

our bishops, clergy and religious with

action in peaceful ways that support all

and religious education programs, and

prayer and action through all the good

human life from conception until natural

that its members will continue to be active

works and teachings of the Roman Catho-

death. A motion was made to adopt, sec-

in their parishes and communities helping

lic Church. A motion was made to adopt,

ond, and approve the resolution.

their fellow Catholic Aid members, other

second, and approve the resolution.


Catholics and neighbors. A motion was

II. VOCATIONS. Be it resolved: That the


Catholic Aid Association, its members and

PEACE. Be it resolved: That all members


local councils continue to work for the pro-

of the Catholic Aid Association pray daily


motion of vocations to the priesthood,

for the safety of all our military personnel

Be it resolved: That the Catholic Aid Asso-

diaconate, religious, married and single

and peace of mind for their families, for

ciation, all its members and councils, sup-

life by prayer and support of special activi-

those who have given their lives, or suf-

port the Catholic Aid Association Founda-

ties and programs, and with financial sup-

fered physically or mentally for our free-

tion with prayer and/or financial dona-

port to the Monsignor Richard J. Schuler

dom and for peace in the world. We also

tions to build the Foundation’s funds. The

Endowment Fund for Seminarians. A mo-

pray daily for all governing officials

Foundation will be prepared to offer fi-

tion was made to adopt, second, and ap-

throughout the world that they seek the

nancial assistance and physical help to

prove the resolution.

help of God to find peaceful ways to end

members who are struck with natural di-


conflicts. A motion was made to adopt,

sasters, assist Catholic schools with tech-

solved: That all of us continue to seek new

second, and approve the resolution.

nology grants, and support chastity and

ideas and ways of strengthening and sup-


abstinence programs. A motion was made

porting Catholic education and parish

Be it resolved: That the Catholic Aid Asso-

religious education programs for children,

ciation, its members and local councils


youth, and adults, and that we continue to

continue to seek out ways to provide frater-

IX. NEW MEMBERS. Be it resolved: That

provide financial assistance to Catholic

nal programs and insurance benefits for

there be an increase of Field Representa-

schools and parish religious education

our youth, and offer financial aid and/or

tives and that all the present members of

programs. A motion was made to adopt,

leadership support in parish activities. A

the Catholic Aid Association become more

made to adopt, second, and approve the

to adopt, second, and approve the resolu-

September/October Catholic Aid Journey  

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