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A Faithful Journey from Boston to Texas: Brother James J. MacDonald’s Influence Shines

SPRING 2008 Creating Christian Community by Celebrating the Achievements of our School and Alumni



Our Mission Statement Catholic Memorial is an academic faith community for young men in grades seven through twelve. We endeavor to instill in our students a mature commitment to the demands of Catholic Christian witness and a lifelong love of learning.

Catholic Memorial serves a range of socioeconomic backgrounds and academic abilities. We embrace the diversity of the neighborhoods and surrounding towns of Boston by providing young men with a challenging college preparatory experience rooted in Gospel values. We want our students

Brother MacDonald’s words and deeds have provided guidance and direction for hundreds of CM Knights.

to explore their academic, athletic, creative, and spiritual potential as educated gentlemen and citizens. And we want their faith and ideals to find expression in service to God, neighbor, and the Church.

With a dedicated faculty, staff, and supportive parents we create within our program an ethic of caring for the needs of each student. In keeping with the tradition of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice and the Congregation of

Timeline of Brother’s Journey There are legions of noteworthy accomplishments in the life of Brother MacDonald’s stewardship at CM. Throughout this issue of CM Magazine, there is a timeline of those moments during Brother’s CM Presidency that are most remarkable for their impact on the improvement of our school -- spiritually, academically, artistically, athletically and aesthetically. 1971 September James J. MacDonald begins his days as a Knight, where the faith imparted at his South Boston home and at St. Augustine’s Grammar School is enriched and influenced more deeply by the Christian Brothers, leading to his vocation. 1999 July Brother MacDonald begins his term as President of Catholic Memorial – the 10th Head of School in CM’s history. D Construction continues on the Athletic Complex.

social justice and respect for the dignity of

2000 May Catholic Memorial graduates its 8,500th student at the 39th commencement exercises in the gymnasium.

those treated least, lost, and last.

August Modular classrooms added to handle increased enrollment.

Christian Brothers, we foster a passion for

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ON THE COVER: On an early morning in September 1971, he arrived at 235 Baker Street never knowing that from the midst of his fellow nervous Knights, he would answer a call to join the very Christian Brothers who taught him. Moreover, one day he would return to Catholic Memorial as President. Brother James J. MacDonald’s faith and vision profoundly impacted the intellectual and spiritual formation of generations of CM Knights.


A Vacation of Giving

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Sports Log

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1 Brother James J. MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75 As CM’s longest serving presiding executive, Brother James J. MacDonald’s love of our school and selfless service to everyone associated with it leaves no doubt that his journey, from his Freshman year to his Presidency, is no ordinary Knight’s tale.

6 CM Parents share their views of Brother MacDonald’s legacy and the value of a CM education.

8 CM Forensic Team Speaking of Victory: The team has a winning way with words.

12 BERSI trip to Peru A vacation filled with sharing and learning. CM MAGAZINE CM Magazine is a publication of Catholic Memorial, a college preparatory school for young men, grades 7-12, located at 235 Baker Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132; phone: 617-469-8000. It is published three times a year, by the Christian Brothers Institute of Massachusetts, under the direction of Br. James J. MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75, President. CORRESPONDENCE POLICY Letters and correspondence are encouraged and may be sent to the above address, or by fax or email. Fax: 617-325-0888. Email: EDITOR Frank Sullivan CONTRIBUTORS Wally Carew David Erwin ‘96 Joe McGonegal Frank Sullivan Pat Walsh Doug Zack

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14 Father Dan Kennedy ‘92: A Noble Knight Rests in Peace 16 Kindness in the “Extreme” for CM alum and his family 18 Student’s Perspective: CM Mission on the “Mark” 20 Support through Scholarships: How you can help 21 More than Limericks in Irish Language Course 22 Brother Murphy Kept Knights on Track 24 Baker Street Bits 26 Sports Log 28 In Memoriam

From the President’s Office


ith the continuation of Catholic Memorial’s 50th Anniversary celebration, we bring you another in our history series by featuring parents and their perspective on a CM education. Parents have played a vital role in our School’s history. The Fathers Club and Mothers Club (now called the Parents’ Council) were organized to support the Christian Brothers and to help advance the mission of the School. The 1962 edition of the CM yearbook, The Talisman, features the Mothers’ and Fathers’ Clubs as “Our Auxiliary Faculty.” Catholic Memorial will always be grateful for the help of our parents. Though the world evolves, our parents have remained steadfast in their prayerful support of our mission. Speaking of world change, Fidel Castro has resigned as President of Cuba, China will play host to the 2008 Summer Olympics, and in a few short months Americans will choose a new President. At Catholic Memorial, our international initiatives are expanding so that we can provide our students with a global perspective. This year, we began an Irish Language program which we believe is the only one of its kind in the country, at the high school level. BERSI (Blessed Edmund Rice Solidarity Initiative) traveled to Peru, for the second time, over February vacation. Our students gained valuable insight about the Peru that otherwise can’t be experienced in the classroom. Thank you to English teacher, Mr. Joe McGonegal and Vice-Principal, Dr. Jim Keane ‘82 who, instead of using the vacation period to relax with family, took the time to lead the BERSI trip.

When thinking about CM students travelling, our Forensic team comes to mind. These oratory athletes compete across the country against some of the best the “sport” has to offer. This year, our largest contingent ever will travel to the National Forensic Competition in Appleton, Wisconsin on Memorial Day weekend. Forensic coaches, Mr. Rob Croteau ‘93 and Brother Anthony Cavet, C.F.C. are to be commended for their efforts to field such talented students. It is unique that three pairs of brothers are competing at the forensic varsity level. Imagine three sets of brothers playing on the varsity basketball team or baseball team, and you get the idea of how exceptional it is to have these siblings competing together. Congratulations to Ms. Ellen Eberly for her work with our Middle School Speech Team. They are the future varsity athletes of Forensic. The CM community suffered a great loss with the death of Father Dan Kennedy ‘92 on January 27th. This past September, we were honored to have Father Dan concelebrate our Golden Jubilee Mass and to have him give the benediction at our 50th Anniversary Dinner. Everyone who knew Father Dan remarked how he had such enthusiasm and spirit as a priest. Father Dan returned to CM often for events. In fact, not too long ago he was on campus to give a detailed explanation of the meaning of the Holy Eucharist with our Middle School students. Please remember the Kennedy family in your prayers.

of the benediction that Father Dan gave at our 50th Anniversary Dinner: “May God the source of all wisdom, Christ the Lord His word incarnate, and the Holy Spirit the spirit of truth be with you all. The all knowing God who is Lord moves us in many ways to deepen that knowledge of Him which He revealed completely when, for our sake, the word was made flesh. He moved the blessed founder of the Irish Christian Brothers, Edmund Ignatius Rice to a most profound concern for the appropriate care and concern for the dignity and high self-esteem of Christian young men… “Today we ask God’s blessings upon Catholic Memorial School and all that have made it the institution that it is. On those who continue its rich tradition of excellence and conquering evil by doing good. We ask that those entrusted with the education of the young may teach their students how to join the discoveries of human wisdom with the truth of the Gospel so that they will be able to keep the true faith and live it in their lives. And may the blessing of the almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit come upon you and remain with you forever. Amen.” I pray that you and yours receive the promise of hope that God gave us through the life, death and resurrection of His Son. Sincerely,

In conclusion, I want to share with you part James J. MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75 President

From Boston To Texas… Deep In The Heart Of Brother James J. MacDonald’s Faithful Vision


rother James J. MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75, President of Catholic Memorial since July 1999, is the longest serving Chief Executive Officer in the school’s 50-year history. Brother MacDonald has both guarded and enriched CM’s Catholic identity during his tenure.   That indelible Catholic identity, first and foremost, permeates the environment and culture of Catholic Memorial. When you walk into the school, you can feel it; you can see it and you can hear it. It is palpable. At Catholic Memorial, all the senses are stimulated by the school’s Catholicity. Brother MacDonald notes that before, during and after school, faculty, staff and students often make visits to CM’s chapel to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, the source and summit of Catholic faith. “It is a privilege for this institution to have the Blessed Sacrament preserved in the chapel,” Brother MacDonald says, speaking with reverence and awe about the most sacred of all Catholic devotions.  Relying on that very devotion embodied in his faith, Brother MacDonald, in July 2008, will begin another chapter in his life as a Christian Brother educator when he becomes the founding President and Principal of San Juan Diego High School, a new Christian Brothers school, located in Edinburg, Texas.

Brother James J. MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75, Catholic Memorial President 1999-2008

Contemplating the news of Brother’s departure, and reflecting on Brother’s tenure at CM, Richard Chisholm, P’93, ‘98, ‘03, who has been Principal at Catholic Memorial for the past eight years, and a faculty member for 30 years, said that he marvels at Brother MacDonald’s dedication: “A large part of his legacy as President has been

his persistence in making Catholic Memorial better in all facets of school life.” Mr. Chisholm also said that Brother MacDonald is a gifted public relations liaison for the school. “He is the face of the school to the public. He has done an outstanding job promoting Catholic Memorial,” added continued on next page


2001 April Brother MacDonald celebrates his Silver Jubilee (25 years) as a Christian Brother.

2001 May Dedication of Albert M. Todesca, Jr. ‘01 Baseball Field and entire renovated athletic complex D First Inaugural Capital Campaign announced. D Commencement exercises first held at West Roxbury’s Holy Name Church.

2002 July Brother MacDonald appointed to a second 3-year term as President of CM by the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

Relaxed dress code: Jay MacDonald pictured (in white sweater) in his 1975 yearbook

Chisholm. “He always puts his best foot forward to alumni, parents, benefactors, friends, neighbors and the business community.” Praising Brother MacDonald for his determination to keep a Catholic education available to as many families as possible, Chisholm noted that Brother MacDonald “wants to make sure that the tuition at Catholic Memorial remains affordable for working class families. In that regard, he has done a great job increasing financial aid so that families who otherwise could not afford it will continue to have access to a Catholic School education.” In the last nine years, tuition assistance has increased 111% while the number of students receiving aid has increased to 33% of the student body. “It has always been my goal to keep the cost of CM affordable for families who want a Catholic education for their sons.,” said Brother MacDonald. I worked each year with the Board of Directors and administrators to increase the award amounts and increase the number of families receiving tuition assistance. I am very grateful for families who have endowed scholarships in memory of loved ones for the benefit of our students. There is still more work to be done in the area of financial aid, but I believe CM is on the right path.” Brother MacDonald hails from South Boston. He is the middle child in James, Sr. and Julie (O’Brien) MacDonald’s family of four boys and two girls. He and his three brothers – Joe ‘73, Dan ‘79 and Kevin ‘86 - all graduated from Catholic Memorial. James, Sr., the patriarch of the MacDonald


family, rose through the ranks to become a Superintendent with the Boston Police Department. His career in law enforcement often brought him face-to-face with the evils of life, yet his faith allowed him to have hope in all that is noble and good. “He certainly saw the unsavory side of life,” said Brother MacDonald. “Yet, at the same time, he did his job without condemning others.” Brother MacDonald’s father and mother faithfully followed the teachings of the Church. “Both of my parents were devout,” he said. “They would never think of missing Mass on Sunday.” James Joseph MacDonald, Jr., affectionately known as “Jay” to his family and many friends, was born on September 19, 1957, just ten days after Catholic Memorial was founded. Brother MacDonald graduated from St. Augustine Grammar School, Catholic Memorial in 1975, and Iona College in 1979. He earned a Master’s Degree in Education at Boston College in ‘92. One nun, Sister Mary Geraldine O’Connor, S.N.D., among Brother MacDonald’s many dedicated teachers, stands out in his memory. Sister Mary Geraldine died when Brother MacDonald was in high school. He has never forgotten her and allowed that Sister Geraldine was tough and demanding, but always fair and saw each student as a priceless gift from God. “Sister was an incredible role model,” exclaimed Brother MacDonald.

2002 August The Blessed Edmund Rice Solidarity Initiative (BERSI) is founded. D Students travel to various cultural sites around New England as the first BERSI immersion experience.

2002 October 200th Anniversary of the founding of the Christian Brothers by Blessed Edmund Rice.

2003 March Catholic Memorial enters a unique partnership with The Princeton Review, which provides all juniors the opportunity to take The Princeton Review SAT prep course at no extra charge.

Since Brother MacDonald assumed the Presidency of Catholic Memorial, the stature and reputation of CM as one of the finest academic institutions in the region has been cemented. Sister cultivated a hunger for learning among her students. She was a dynamic educator and Brother MacDonald said she was totally committed to the mission of the Church as well as teaching as a cherished vocation. She was energetic, enthusiastic and also passionate about baseball. “She was a diehard Red Sox fan,” remarked Brother MacDonald, smiling as he spoke. “Sister finagled Red Sox tickets and special permission for us to attend the games.” Brother MacDonald said that his family felt an especially close affinity with all the Catholic parishes in Southie. Many priests impacted their lives including Father Tom McDonnell and Father Gerard Barry, both of whom were family friends. As a young boy, Brother MacDonald said that he was surprised by the fact that Father Barry “actually knew my first and last name.” When Jay enrolled at Catholic Memorial in the fall of ‘71, there were 22 Christian Brothers on the staff and faculty. He said his vocation to religious life took root fundamentally through the example of the Brothers. “They had a profound affect on me,” he said. “They were funloving and spirit-filled. I wanted to emulate them.” continued on next page

These observations were shared with CM Magazine regarding the legacy of Brother James MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75, the outgoing president of Catholic Memorial: JIM BLUE ‘82, Chairman of the Catholic Memorial Board of Directors and CEO of The Bostonian Group: “Brother MacDonald is a man of unwavering integrity and principles. He cares deeply about Catholic Memorial and the community. His commitment to the school can be seen in the tremendous work that has been accomplished since his arrival as president.” ATTORNEY PATRICK JONES, former Chairman of the CM Board of Directors and a partner with Cooley Manion Jones LLP: “Brother MacDonald is a strong, steady leader who has contributed significantly to CM and has advanced the mission of the school. We are lucky to have had him as president and he certainly will be missed.” BROTHER BRIAN WALSH ‘62, C.F.C., Deputy Province Leader, Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America, former superintendent of the Diocese of Rochester, N.Y. schools and a former principal: “The School Sisters of Notre Dame taught with us (at Bishop Kearney HS in Rochester, NY) and they remarked repeatedly that they had never seen anyone who was as organized as Brother MacDonald at such a young age [He was 24 at the time].” At one time, Brother Walsh was Brother MacDonald’s principal at Bishop Kearney High School. He recalled Brother MacDonald’s willingness to tackle many tasks. “Jay would do anything I asked him to do. That included being moderator continued on next page


2003 July Brother MacDonald elected as a Trustee of Iona College.

2003 November Gymnasium dedicated in honor of Mr. Ronald S. Perry P’76, teacher, coach, athletic director, 1958-1972.

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of the school newspaper and hockey team, upgrading fire codes to pass inspection, driving a school bus, plus teaching both religion and English classes. He did so much, and he did it all well.” In terms of Brother’s legacy, Brother Walsh said that at Tampa Catholic, where he served as principal for five years, and at Catholic Memorial, Brother MacDonald “made both schools financially stable.” In addition, he also emphasized Brother MacDonald’s commitment to students who ordinarily could not have afforded a Catholic School education. “He consistently provided financial assistance to the kids and families who really needed it,” remarked Brother Walsh. BROTHER ANTHONY CAVET, C.F.C., who teaches multiple subjects at Catholic Memorial and has known Brother MacDonald since 1975, praised his fellow Christian Brother and educator. “As an administrator, Brother MacDonald is one of the chief reasons the students at Catholic Memorial are known for their class and poise,” he said. “As a Christian Brother, James is indeed a “Brother” with a small as well as a capital “b.” TOM MEAGHER, Assistant Dean of Students, faculty member for 41 years and track & field aficionado cited Brother MacDonald’s many contributions to the success of the school: “He has the ability to make things happen,” said Meagher. “Brother MacDonald has made great strides upgrading the athletic facilities, the computer systems and studies in the arts, music and so many other areas. He also was responsible for the renovations of the school grounds, which were done so tastefully.” Meagher called Brother MacDonald a visionary who has successfully prepared Catholic Memorial for the many challenges of the future. In that regard, he asks, “How many schools have over 100 students taking Mandarin Chinese?” continued on next page


2004 February BERSI travels to El Salvador, the first international trip. April Rugby added as a varsity sport.

Brother MacDonald mentioned several former CM teachers, including Brother Robert Durning, C.F.C., who left an impression on him. Brother Durning taught four subjects including Religion and English while on the faculty from 1969-1975. “I was so impressed by his intellect,” he remarked. “Brother Durning taught that both literature and poetry are reflections of man’s quest for God.” One CM graduate who was influential in shaping Brother MacDonald’s leadership skills as a school administrator is Brother Brian Walsh, C.F.C. ‘62. Brother Walsh is the Deputy Province Leader of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America, and at one time was both principal and mentor to Brother MacDonald at Bishop Kearney High School, a Christian Brothers school in Rochester, N.Y. “He was an effective and efficient administrator,” said Brother MacDonald. “Brother Walsh was always sensitive to the needs of the students and staff.” Since Brother MacDonald assumed the Presidency of Catholic Memorial, the stature and reputation of CM as one of the finest academic institutions in the region has been cemented. Brother’s accomplishments are numerous and a sampling of his many successes include: overseeing Catholic Memorial’s 10-year reaccreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; increasing financial aid to families; expanding CM’s athletic facilities, adding 8 additional athletic teams at all levels -- from middle school to varsity giving the students even more extra-curricular activities; completing renovations to Donahue Hall; acquiring three additional properties; improving the aesthetics of the campus both inside and outside; adding new technology to classrooms; attracting and retaining a talented faculty and staff; achieving financial stability and increased vitality through development efforts that have increased endowment from $500,000 to $3 million, connecting with alumni, locally and throughout the country, to engage them in the life of the school, increasing unrestricted donations to the Annual Fund by 133% in the past five years, and laying the groundwork for Catholic Memorial to transition from religious to lay leadership for the first time in the school’s history. One of the most important jobs of a school president is to preserve fiscal responsibility for that particular institution whether a high school or college. Brother MacDonald leaves CM with a very strong financial future. He has limited the amount of administrative overhead emphasizing more classroom teachers instead. Net assets of CM, which represent the equity of the school, have increased from $1 million in 1999 to over $8 million today.

2004 September Self-study begins in preparation for re-accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Review Committee forms to evaluate the Mission Statement.

2005 April CM Faculty and Board of Directors approve revised Mission Statement.

When asked to reflect about his own personal accomplishments as the head of Catholic Memorial, Brother noted some areas of which he is most proud – academic excellence, opportunities for more families to attend CM and overall compassion of the school. “We have always been a school with a reputation for academic excellence. The past nine years we’ve taken our academic standards to the next level by keeping class sizes small, hiring and retaining our gifted, dedicated faculty, and giving our students more opportunity for AP courses. continued on page 17

2005 May Athletic complex field house and concession stand blessed and dedicated in memory of Mark Bavis ‘88.

KEVIN MACDONALD ‘86, the youngest of Brother MacDonald’s siblings, is a project officer for Sun Life Financial. He said his older brother is a “great mentor, role model, brother to me and uncle to my three children.” Kevin also said Brother MacDonald has always been “deeply religious and highly driven. He got those traits from my parents,” said Kevin. “He is a compassionate and loving person,” added Kevin. “He wants nothing but the best for the students, faculty and the entire CM community. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and his role as a leader means even more to him at Catholic Memorial, his alma mater.” MICHELLE “SHELLEY” GALLAGHER is the oldest of the six MacDonald children. She is Senior Vice President for Operations at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. Her husband, Paul, and her cousin, Brian Reynolds, are both 1967 graduates of Catholic Memorial. Although quite busy, Mrs. Gallagher says she always has time to speak about her brother James, whom she affectionately calls, “Jay.” “Jay is the most caring and most loving person I know,” she said. “That quality is what sets him apart. When our mother was dying, [Mrs. MacDonald died April 15, 2006], Jay took great care of her ... and of us. His caring was healing. It brought all of us closer together.” Mrs. Gallagher also said that her brother has an engaging personality, plus a wonderful sense of humor. “He is just fun to be around, like when he is arranging trips for the whole family,” she added.


2005 June CM receives a grant from the Yawkey Foundation, allowing the start of renovations of the former Brother’s monastery into administration and faculty offices.

2005 July Christian Brothers merge the Eastern, Western and Canadian Province into one unified entity called the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province. D CM purchases an adjacent property on Springvale Avenue.

D Br.

MacDonald reappointed to a third 3-year term by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, making Br. MacDonald the longest serving head of school in CM history. D The Christian Brothers move into their new home on Cedrus Avenue in Roslindale.

CM History: Parents’ Viewpoint As the celebration of CM’s 50th Anniversary continues throughout this academic year, CM Magazine looks back on those first five decades through the perspective of the parents. The following is the second chapter of CM Magazine’s retrospective of our Golden Anniversary Year 2007-2008.

Celia Susi, Eileen Sameski and Tom O’Hear are proud parents of boys who have either graduated from Catholic Memorial or are currently enrolled at the school today. Mrs. Susi and her husband Anthony have two sons and a grandson who graduated from CM: sons John in ‘74, Richard in ‘85 and grandson Anthony in 2000; Mrs. Sameski and her husband Michael have three sons who graduated from Catholic Memorial: Bobby in ‘79, Richard in ‘81 and Michael in ‘83. O’Hear, who graduated from CM in ‘78, and his wife Noreen

have a son, Danny, who currently is a freshman at Catholic Memorial.

at Catholic Memorial stays with them long after they have graduated.”

Mrs. Susi has a longtime association with CM, beginning as a volunteer in the library 36 years ago. Today, she works in the main office as Assistant to the Dean of Students, Mr. Thomas Ryan. She said it was the reputation of the school that led her two sons and a grandson to enroll at Catholic Memorial. “The school has always been known for excellence in education,” she remarked. “And the faith and morals taught

Today, Richard Susi is an attorney. John Susi is a computer technician and Mrs. Susi’s grandson, Anthony, runs his own construction company. Over the years, Mrs. Susi has worked in various departments at CM and she has observed countless numbers of students. All, she says, have a single common denominator: “They are good kids,” she exclaims. “The students have always been polite and very respectful.” She also has seen the faculty change from predominantly religious Brothers to almost exclusively lay teachers. “When I started there were as many as 28-30 Christian Brothers on the faculty. Now there are only a few,” she pointed out. “But one important thing has not changed. And that is how much all the teachers care about every single student. That is one of the reasons the school is so special.” In addition to being the mother of three Catholic Memorial graduates, Mrs. Sameski worked at the school from 1979-96. At one time, she was the only secretary at CM, assisting the president, the principal, admissions, alumni rela relations, development, the parents clubs and even

The Susi Family, at left: (seated) Celia and Tony; (standing, left to right) Anthony P’00, Larry, Donna, John ‘75, Richard ‘84; Inset: Anthony Susi ‘00.


2005 September After-school program expanded helping students with study skills, academic enrichment and activities.

At left: Eileen and Michael Sameski with their three sons (left to right) Michael ‘83, Bobby ‘79 and Richard ‘81; Above: Among those who were always ready to give their assistance to Catholic Memorial, from the very beginning, were the founders of the various parents’ organizations. As pictured in the 1963 CM Yearbook: Mr. Shea, Mrs. A. Mooney, Mr J. Greaney and Mr. J. Radley are picture presenting Brother McKenna with the Brother’s first automobile – a late 50’s Ford Country Sedan.

working as liaison to the Board of Directors. “I put out the placards before the board meetings, took down the minutes and sometimes even made a pot of chile,” she said, laughing as she spoke. At the time her oldest son, Bobby, enrolled at Catholic Memorial, she remembered how he was able to “walk up and over the hill” to school from their home on Dent Street in West Roxbury. All three of her sons were superb athletes at CM. Bobby, who went on to play college football at Tufts University, is a charter member of the Catholic Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame. Today, Bobby Sameski is a Vice President with the Dunlop Golf Equipment Company. Richard Sameski, who is a graduate of Framingham State, is the chief gardener for the Boston Public Gardens and Michael Sameski, who is a graduate of Bryant College, is a lieutenant with the Boston Fire Department.

Summarizing how she and her family feel about Catholic Memorial, Mrs. Sameski said, “Catholic Memorial is a family, it has always been a family and it will always be a family.” Over the years, she said that the contacts made with other parents and volunteers at CM have led to lasting friendships. “Our social life was with the people we met at Catholic Memorial,” said Mrs. Sameski. “We all celebrated the good times together and we also grieved together whenever tragedy struck. The friendships run deeper than just sending each other Christmas cards.” Mrs. Sameski had two sisters enter religious life, the late Sister Mary Fleming, OSF and Sister Ann Fleming, SC. At one time, Sister Mary Fleming’s ministry was centered at the Franciscan Center in Tampa, Florida. It was there that she met Brother James MacDonald, President of Catholic Memorial, when he was the Principal of Tampa Catholic High School.

Mrs. Sameski and her husband, Michael, have been married for 49 years. Their home parish is St. Theresa of Avila in West Roxbury and she remembers when Bishop Jeremiah Minihan, who in college was an All-American football player at Georgetown University, was named pastor of the West Roxbury parish in 1963 following the death of Msgr. Charles Donahue. Eileen Fleming Sameski, wife, mother of four and grandmother of 12, is proud of her roots, represented by the letters OFD --“Originally From Dorchester.” As for a Fleming marrying a Sameski, she provided a glimpse of her sense of humor when she called her wedding on November 15, 1958 “a mixed marriage.” Tom O’Hear is one of three brothers, each of whom graduated from Catholic Memorial; Joe in ‘75, Tom in ‘78 and Eddie in ‘79. continued on page 19


2005 December Inaugural Capital Campaign finishes: $2.2 million is raised, exceeding $2 million dollar goal.

2006 February BERSI, 16 students and faculty, travels to Peru for the first time. March Senior Service Program introduced. First year yields approximately 8,300 hours of community service.

2006 September Catholic Memorial creates partnership with CiCiEdNet to bring students to CM from South Korea, expanding the global reach of a CM education. D CMTV moves into newly expanded studio and control room. D Renovations to Donahue Hall completed.

Wonderful Winning Way With Words: Knights’ Forensic Talent A Mouthful FORENSIC: (noun) an argumentative exercise. So much for the dictionary definition, Catholic Memorial Forensic coaches Rob Croteau ‘93 and Brother Anthony K. Cavet, C.F.C, have their own interpretation of the term. On weekday afternoons, after the final period, some young Knights go to sports’ practices, others go home to part-time jobs, do homework and take care of other responsibilities. Some students might have drama or choral rehearsals or other club activities to attend; many meander to

study hall in the spacious, newly refurbished cafeteria or to the technology center or the library. It’s a paradoxical scene: The day is over but it isn’t. The final bell sounds, and the rush is on. There is a familiar hustle and bustle. Next, the school’s corridors, lobby and pathways slowly empty and become invitingly quiet. The lack of motion, or commotion, might lull the most restless person into a somnambulant state. Fear not, there is quiet activity. Forensic practice, in all its facets, is underway.

The CM Forensic team shown at Regis High School in New York City, where they finished in First Place.


2006 October The Christian Brothers celebrate 100 years of ministry in the United States. D Strategic Plan finalized and approved giving CM a blueprint to follow to advance the school’s mission. D CM purchases property adjacent to Donahue Hall on Gardner Street.

2006 November New England Association of Schools and Colleges grants CM continued accreditation.

Exhibit A: In classroom 17, floor 2, main building, there is the sound of the earnest voice of Graham Madden ‘08. He is reading his interpretation of Langston Hughes’s “Salvation.” Each time Madden gets a few sentences out, he is interrupted, not in a manner that one would consider rude, rather he is instructed to stop by his coach, Brother Cavet. Brother Cavet is trying to help young men become better, drilling the finer points of the art of speaking into them. While he works with Madden, sometimes it’s as if Cavet is the third-base coach in an important baseball game. “Wait,” Cavet instructs. “Stop, let’s think about this.” Brother Cavet won’t settle for a hit, when he can cajole a grand slam. He guides and advises while reading critiques of Madden’s previous competition. “This is really good … It’s not poetry, it’s prose,” Cavet says before gesturing with his hand for Madden to begin again. “I should be overdramatic,” Madden says, not so much a statement as it is a question for Brother Cavet. “You have good emotional quality. There is a lyrical vocal pattern,” Brother Cavet continues firing comments at Madden. Steadily, student and teacher go through a ritualistic rehearsal in which the former knows he best listen to the latter lest he be hit by another round of criticism.

2007 February New Technology/Media Center opens giving CM one of its largest classrooms on campus.

Graham Madden reads again from Hughes’ “Salvation,” giving impressions, laying his soul in the room. Suddenly Brother Cavet’s hand shoots in the air: “Oh, I don’t believe you. That’s major. We’re talking 1959… The last surviving widow of John Brown’s raid…” Brother Cavet commits a major faux pas: He calls Graham, “Ethan,” who is Graham Madden’s younger brother CM class of ‘11. Cavet may be excused for the mistake because, interestingly, at the present time, Catholic Memorial has three sets of brothers competing on CM’s varsity Forensic team, a first in Knights’ history.

When asked how a CM

student might best achieve his goals and be a good Forensic competitor, Mark and Michael Macchi both noted, “Working hard

and being open to criticism.” They also said the team stands the best chance of improving if each member is willing to help the

They are the Maddens, Graham ‘08 and Ethan ‘11, Thomas ‘08 and Dominic ‘11 Montalbano and the Macchi brothers, Michael ‘08 and Mark ‘09. “They are highly successful, top-of-the-line students. Each has his own personality,” says CM Forensic head coach, Rob Croteau. Currently, Mike and Mark Macchi are paired competitively in a Dramatic Duo interpretation of “Conversations with my Father.” “In practice, the two of them [Michael and Mark] go back and forth. They argue. They get frustrated with one another. In the end, they are just trying to do their best,” Croteau said.

others get better.

Cavet’s observations, aimed to assist not to harm, are lobbed with ease. Nevertheless if they were dodge balls, Madden wouldn’t have a chance of remaining in the game for they land squarely where they are intended to, on his ears. Madden, a senior Forensic leader has been at this a while. He hangs in there because he knows Brother Cavet is helping him prepare for looming competition where challengers know the Knights are ready for a rhetorical rumble.

It’s not surprising that the Macchi brothers have such a good work ethic. When asked how a CM student might best achieve his goals and what does it take to be a good Forensic competitor, Mark and Michael both noted, “Working hard and being open to criticism. They also said the team stands the best chance of improving if each member is willing to help the others get better. Forensic is competitive, not for the faint of heart, especially given the fact that heart and an unyielding passion to pour it out in its many continued on next page


2007 June Brother MacDonald announces his appointment by the Province to become President and Principal of a new high school in Texas.

2007 July Agreement signed to purchase 115 Spring Street. September Signature entrance on Baker Street completed.D Renovations to the CM cafeteria completed.

D New High School art studio opens in the former Brother’s monastery. D CM inaugurates a new partnership with the People’s Republic of China and the College Board to bring a Mandarin Chinese teacher to CM. Mandarin introduced into the foreign language curriculum.

This Band of Brothers speaks volumes about CM Forensic: Dominic ‘11 and Tom ‘08 Montalbano, Michael ‘08 and Mark ‘09 Macchi, Graham ‘08 and Ethan ‘11 Madden.

dimensions, in front of a very public audience, is a prerequisite for Forensic success.

according to Mike Macchi. His advice to those considering joining the team is: “Give it a try; it’s more rewarding than you think.”

Quarterbacks miss their mark, tossing a brown leather sphere on a wide open field; goalies try their best and that black circular rubber reminds them of life’s imperfections; pitchers throw a white hot pellet toward the plate only to have it knocked out of the park. Point guards have the ball stolen or miss the easiest of layups. Unforgiving fans sit in judgment.

Mike’s brother Mark said, “The best way for a student to achieve his goals is, “working hard without giving up.” Mark added, “Get involved. It looks great for college [applications], it really builds your public speaking ability, plus you meet a lot of great people.”

Yet, in the gyroscopic world of competitive Forensic, how students spin a dramatic interpretation, vocalize an impromptu topic and argue a fine point during a debate’s heated exchanges are the stuff by which these students are assessed, analyzed and critiqued. Students – from the painfully shy, awkward and gangly novice, to the confident, verbose and mentally and physically gifted orators – must heed the advice of Cavet and Croteau. If they do, they learn there is a fine line between courage and bravado. One might have the ability to talk a good game, but one must also possess an uncanny talent for knowing when to let the word wagon roll fastidiously or when to let a syllable slowly stream off the tongue like warm maple syrup. Practice and accepting constructive criticism to make the performance better are important components to individual and team performance


Forensic also offers the chance to overcome fear, anxiety and shyness that are usually part and parcel of many a student’s high school experience. Ironically, shyness, or, at a minimum, the appearance of shyness, believed to be the Achilles heal of the art of public speaking, may come in handy during a dramatic duo. Knowing when to cast different emotions is something the Knights Forensic team learns from Croteau, Cavet and one another. “They must be willing to work at it,” says Croteau who teaches Freshman English and Sophomore Public Speaking. “The one ingredient that is required for Forensic success at CM is hard work. This program is about developing self-confidence, a belief in oneself. Students have to be willing to be here and work at it all the time. Finally, Forensic is a terrific place to make lifelong friends while challenging oneself and helping the team.

D Irish Studies added to curriculum. D CM celebrates its 50th Anniversary with “A Golden Knight.” 800 attend gala at Boston Marriott Copley Place. D Bishop Robert Hennessey Concelebrates Golden Jubilee Mass with ten CM alumni priests. Over 300 people attend Mass of Blessing and rededication.

2007 November For the first time since 1970, CM hosts BC High on campus for the annual Thanksgiving Day Football game.

2008 February BERSI travels to Peru with 12 students and two teachers.

Forensic competition also offers the chance to overcome fear, anxiety and shyness that are usually part and parcel of many a student’s high school experience. “I guess, in the end, I let the product speak for itself. Its attractiveness is in what it offers every student at CM and what it means to their success no matter what they choose to do in life,” Croteau said. As this story was being prepared, word kept arriving about another CM Forensic accomplishment. Such was the case when Croteau announced in mid-February: “Congrats to the team on their RECORDBREAKING performance this weekend. Your efforts and work helped to send more young men to nationals than any time in our history…” It’s not just a matter of debate; it’s a matter of prose and poetry and interpretation, and extemporaneous soft shoe, of quick thinking and quick-footed verbal volleying. “Forensic is a great way to become involved at CM, with some of the most fun guys at school. The best way for a student to achieve his goals is to rely on his famiy, friends and school,” said Thomas Montalbano, who has been involved with Forensic for four years.

There is a cost associated with earning such a highly regarded reputation. The sum total of which is paid by the collective efforts of the CM Forensic team and their coaches, whose sole focus is competing at something that one has to experience in order to appreciate. The idea of public speaking rattles the nerves of many politicians, actors, accomplished musicians and corporate executives. At Catholic Memorial, the distinct advantages of overcoming such angst are found in the manner by which Forensic competitors prepare. “It’s all about preparation,” says Rob Croteau. “When we compete, not every student wins, but they are all winners!”

When asked what advice he would give to a student considering joining the Forensic team, Dominic Montalbano said, “Do it.” Dominic, who hopes to someday attend Notre Dame, added that the best way for a student to achieve his goals is to “study and work hard.” It’s called preparing. During the hours of preparation and travel, the mental exhaustion that leads to physical exhaustion, CM Forensic has a legacy of winning and of preparing its students for a life grounded in faith. They may call upon that faith reservoir with a confidence that accompanies them in the courtroom, the boardroom, the religious life, the operating room, the construction site, the theatrical stage, the classroom and the living room. Forensic is defined as a calling by those such as Rob Croteau and Brother Cavet for each walked the paths that their young charges now trod. They share their experience, talent and selfless dedication with their team. They teach them to do whatever it takes to compete in the finest of Knights’ traditions. Consequently, one witnesses an annual ritual of sorts on Baker Street: The CM Forensic Team adding hardware to their trophy case.

The Forensic Coaches: Brother A. Cavet, C.F.C. and Mr. Rob Croteau ‘93.


Faith, fulfillment, and a little fun CM’s BERSI Delegation Returns to Peru


n February 15, CM students started their February vacation, and it was like any other vacation for most of them—catching up on sleep, skiing, or city slicking. For a dozen students, however, including seniors Kevin Tobin, Brian Hickox, Dan Ruggles, Graham Madden, Erik Guilfoyle, Tim Sullivan, Liam Concannon, junior Greg Sabina, and freshmen Ryan Shanahan, Nick Leney, and Jake Uminski, it would be a very unusual winter vacation complete with many twists, turns, and educational experiences all around. They would spend eight days in Peru on the second BERSI trip to the country during February vacation. Joining these students were Dr. James Keane, Mr. Joseph McGonegal, and Michael Keane.

By far, one thing the students on this trip came to expect was the unexpected. In Lima, students visited the Fe y Alegria School, where the Christian Brothers help direct a school with the same charism of Edmund Rice that Catholic Memorial shares. When they opened the doors of the school building, however, they found no one there – it was summer vacation! By day’s end, however, enough of the neighborhood’s children in Canto Grande, the poor neighborhood surrounding the school, had turned up to play with them and made the day worthwhile. On their way to Machu Picchu, students learned a little of current Peruvian politics when they discovered that in nearby Cusco, tensions were reaching a tipping point. Farmers protesting planned expansion of American hotels in the area, some breaching the boundaries of lands considered sacred and of national significance, blocked the train tracks that headed up the “Sacred Valley” to the ancient Incan religious site on the day before their visit. Under armed guard by the national police, however, the group was led by bus and then train to the sacred site. They certainly felt privileged to be there that day. Even on the way home, students experienced all the woes of air travel when their flight was delayed at the gate in Lima. Once having missed their connection back to Boston, it took students nearly three days to get home again! None of the unexpected occurrences dampened the positive experiences and educational rewards the students got out of the trip, however. For Brian Hickox, a senior from Weymouth, the trip had its rewards. “Machu Picchu was amazing,” he said. For Brian, the trip meant

CM students at Machu Picchu: Seniors Dan Ruggles, Kevin Tobin, Erik Guilfoyle, Graham Madden, Liam Concannon, Junior Greg Sabina, Freshmen Jake Uminski, Ryan Shanahan, Nick Leney, and Michael Keane, Dr. James Keane, Joseph McGonegal.



NEWS NOTES 1961 Joe Hurley and his wife, Lynn, welcomed granddaughter Abigail. Joe’s daughter Shauna and husband Matt Curran are the proud parents. Gerry O’Neill is enjoying retirement after working for over 40 years.


BERSI students visited a clinic outside of Lima, for children with special needs run by Dr. Tony Lazzara, where they delivered medical supplies as well as a monetary donation from a collection they took at CM.

Jerry Lydon retired in 2004 after 35 years with General Electric. He reports that life is good and keeps busy with traveling, visiting his grandkids, bicycling and spending time in Florida. Jerry and his wife, Lorraine, still call Southern, NJ home but spend their March in Florida and looks forward to a possible class get together in the near future.

1964 getting to know Peruvian kids and connecting with them in significant or simple ways. “At the Fe y Alegria school, the children smile so much,” he said. “Even though it’s clear they suffer so much, too.” The group saw the success of such homespun organizations like that of the nuns who run Villa Salvador, a community outside of Lima. “A place like Villa’s growth is attributed to three decades of repeated peasant land invasions by organized groups  of new arrivals to Lima,” said Dr. James Keane, Vice Principal. “They come from the sierra and literally stake-out land in the desert and claim it as their own by squatter’s rights. In Villa, our group visited the clinic  that serves some 60,000 people, as well as a day-care center, and a comedor food facility that produces 100 meals each day from money pooled from over twenty families. The food is bought in bulk and each participating family  takes turns making the daily meal.” Students came back to their history and government classes with ideas about how grass roots efforts like that one succeed in third world countries.

Ryan Shanahan, a freshman from Weymouth, spoke of going to visit a medical clinic run by Dr. Tony Lazzara as a highlight of the trip for him. “Seeing how happy the kids were, all who have some kind of illness, was great,” he said. “One girl I wheeled in a wheelchair to the park, and she laughed the whole way.” Shanahan found studying about Peru quite different from actually being there. “It was a lot hotter than I expected, and poorer too. You see the good pictures in your textbook maybe, before you visit a place like that, and not the ones that show the problems.” Almost all of the students brought cameras. Along with photos they took, there will be the memories of the mountains, the cities, and the sea in this sub-equatorial place where they spent eight days that will likely have an impact on the rest of their lives. “The picture I have of me and other kids at the Fe y Alegria school,” Shanahan said, “is one I’ll always remember.”

Jan Castanza lives in Toldeo, OH but will soon be returning to the Villages in Florida. He has worked for Dow Chemical for 35 works and part time as a pharmacist for Rite Aid. Jan is happy to report he has two granddaughters. William F. Ryan, Jr. is retired and practices law part time after many years with the Probate and Family Court as Assistant Court Administrator. He is the former 1st Vice President and member of the Board of Directors for the National Child Support Enforcement Association of Washington, DC. Robert Roche is happy to report that he became a proud grandfather at the end of August to Nicholas Gannon Roche who weighed in at 8lbs., 4oz., 22.”

1966 Dan Driscoll has served as the Town Meeting Moderator for Dedham, MA since 1993.

1967 Robert Clark has developed a 13,500 square foot building in Brockton for the General Services Administration. Opened in July of 2007, it houses the Social Security Office. Robert continues to develop additional facilities for this client and is working on additional projects.

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Life presents to us moments which are filled with sheer joy, or with unnerving sorrow.

Rest In Peace, Our Noble Knight


he dual ends of that emotional spectrum were felt by anyone close to Father Daniel Kennedy ‘92, who died suddenly on Sunday, January 27. Dan Kennedy tried the corporate life. However, he ultimately answered a voice that had been inside him since a very young age. He wanted to serve our Lord, and he wanted to be a role model for young people. The news of his death shocked and saddened everyone who was ever blessed to know

the strong, red-haired priest, who grew up in Westfield and then Needham, Massachusetts. He was ordained only eight months prior to that moment when, about ready to die, he was said to have smiled and spoke these words, “I’ve had a good life. I loved being a priest.” A Bostson Globe obituary reported, “On the last day of his life, the Rev. Daniel Kennedy said goodbye to his first church. Father Daniel J. Kennedy told parishioners at St. John the Evangelist in Winthrop on Sunday that his first eight months as a priest would always belong to them…” Later that Sunday night, Fr. Kennedy suffered a fatal heart attack in his brother’s house in Simsbury, Connecticut. Fr. Kennedy was scheduled to start a new assignment at St. Bridget and Gate of Heaven parishes in South Boston the following Thursday. “I met him during our first year at CM, and our friendship just grew,” said Massachusetts State Representative Michael Rush of West Roxbury. “When we graduated in 1992, we headed to Providence College together, where our friendship

Father Daniel J. Kennedy ‘92 at his ordination May, 2007.


was solidified in more meaningful ways. My wife Mary and I went to his last mass at St. John the Evangelist. Fr. Dan was the celebrant at our wedding,” Rush said. Known as an athlete, Father Dan was a nine-time marathoner, including a few Boston Marathons and the Marine Corps Marathon. At CM he was also a scholar and jokester in addition to playing hockey and soccer. Father Dan Kennedy was the President of the National Honor Society at CM and President of the Forensic Team. He also believed immensely in school spirit at CM, going so far as volunteering to don the aluminum Knight mascot for football games. “During our senior year, Dan concocted a ploy along with Adam Fandrey ‘92 to have Adam dress as the Boston College High School Eagle mascot for the Thanksgiving Day football game at Boston College’s Alumni Stadium. “The plan was to have Adam come over in front of the CM stands and bow down to us, as if submitting to defeat. However, BC’s own Eagle came over too. Adam sensed there may be a problem and stepped aside. The BC High Eagle kind of gave Dan a shot in the chest. Dan thought the eagle perhaps made a mistake, but the Eagle hit Dan again, this time in the head, knocking his Knight helmet off. “The CM crowd couldn’t believe what had just happened. Dan looked up at them


1969 Dan Kennedy was the Knight mascot in 1992, and 15 years later he was still defending CM against the BC High Eagle.

Paul and Karen Hynes are the proud grandparents of Noreen Kathleen born on January 21, 2008. Proud parents are their son Sean and his wife, Meghan.

1970 Dennis Lyons was recently promoted to Vice President of Alumni and Professional Affairs at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

1973 Matt Mulvey is working as a building and zoning code consultant and still works occasionally in the government taking over the operation of a building department. Most recently, Matt has worked as the Director of Community Development in Provincetown, MA.


Known as an athlete, Father Dan was a nine-time marathoner, including a few Boston Marathons and the Marine Corps Marathon, in addition to playing hockey and soccer.. At CM he was also a scholar – President of the National Honor Society and President of the Forensic Team – and a jokester. and proceeded to punch the Eagle’s beak and knocked him down with a forearm. The CM students and all of our supporters went wild.” “The following Monday morning, Dan was called to (CM President) Brother Sheehan’s office. Dan was scared as heck. Br. Sheehan wryly said, ‘I understand you were attacked by an Eagle and forced to defend yourself.’ Dan caught on, grinned and said, ‘That’s exactly how I recall it, Brother,’” laughed Rush. Fr. Dan Kennedy will be remembered in such unique ways by everyone fortunate enough to have met him. “So many people have asked me what they could do for us,” said his father, Daniel

Kennedy, Sr. “Please pray for vocations,” he said. “There is but little doubt that that is what Fr. Dan would want. He would want it for our young generation as well as our old, in order that we may continue to have God’s servants in the religious life there for us as was Fr. Dan Kennedy – eager, joyful, faithful and ready to listen and to help.” In addition to his dad, Father Dan Kennedy leaves his mother Alice (Haggerty), his sisters Kathleen, Patricia and Anne Marie, all of Needham and his brother Jack and his wife Elizabeth of Simsbury, CT.

Michael Cellucci is living in Natick, MA with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Michael (10) and Maria (2).

1976 Wayne Lombardi moved to Florida over 11 years ago and his selling Real Estate in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. Ed McGonagle has been the Owner and President of Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc. for 15 years. He has been married to his wife, Elizabeth, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Falmouth Public Schools, for 25 years. They have two children: Matthew ‘03, a teacher for the Franklin Public Schools and Michelle, a Sophomore at Marquette University in Wisconsin.

1977 Colonel Dana Hourihan, a graduate of the Air Force Academy, serves as Director of Operations for the White House Military Operations. His office, located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, coordinates travel logistics for the President, First Lady, Vice-President and key White House staff.

1979 William Nally, Jr. was recently married to Cheryl Spekhardt of Bangor, ME on September 15, 2007. The ceremony took place in Bar Harbor, ME. Several CM classmates were in attendance: Sean Burke ‘79, Jack Hughes ‘79, and Kevin McCauley ‘79. They now reside in Alexandria, VA.

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“Extreme”ly Generous Makeover


ife forever changed for Paul Giunta ‘87, and his wife, Renee when on March 26, 2006, Paul, upon returning home from a Boston hospital where Renee had just given birth to Brianna, Paul’s car hit a wall, resulting in severe head injuries and ultimately a debilitating stroke. After recovering from his injuries and undergoing prolonged physical and occupational therapy, Paul returned to his Maynard home. The unconditional love of his wife and three children welcomed him. Nevertheless, due to the fact that he was in a wheelchair, the Giunta family home presented obstacles that required Paul to go live with his parents in Marlborough in an accessible setting. Eventually, friends of the Giunta Family sought the help of the folks at the ABC hit show, “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” The show, through the assistance of promotional support and volunteer contractors, builds and renovates homes for families with varying needs. It was a longshot application as the show receives thousands of requests. Nevertheless, according to published reports, the show’s executive producer, Denise

Cramsey, said, “literally the entire town” of Maynard wrote requesting help for the Giunta family. Cramsey told the Boston Globe, “We’ve never had this kind of reaction before.” The home is now complete. The “Extreme Makeover” program featuring the construction process and unveiling of the new and completely accessible home with remarkable features will air sometime in May as the shows season finale. The couple and their children, Dylan, 6, Cameron, 4 and Brianna, now 2, arrived at their new home amidst a cheering crowd that numbered in the thousands. “We are actually in this beautiful home. I just can’t believe it,” said Paul’s wife, Renee. “It’s a dream come true. Everyone at “Extreme Makeover,” and all of our friends in town and everyone at CM have been so helpful. Paul’s dream has always been to see all his children go to CM,” said Renee. “I asked him, “What about Brianna? CM only has boys? Then I said, would you send our children to West Roxbury, even from out here in Maynard?’ ‘Yes’, answered Paul, ‘that’s how much I love CM,’” Renee said. Perhaps the best way to capture the essence of what has gone through the hearts and minds of Paul Giunta ‘87 and his family is to read the words of his sister, Laurie, which she emailed to CM to inform the School that Paul’s family had been chosen to have a new home built:

Pictured at top: The entire town of Maynard turned out to support Paul Giunta and his family. The Giunta Family (bottom photo) moved into their new home on March 7. The season finale of Extreme Makeover, featuring the Giunta family, will air in May.


“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers.” John Ruskin



BROTHER MACDONALD, continued from page 5

“This commitment to excellence is revealed in our increasing SAT scores, college acceptances and the number of scholarships our graduates receive. I am proud that we can work with a student who might struggle academically, give him the guidance and attention he needs, and help him to choose the best opportunity upon graduation,” said Brother MacDonald. “It’s interesting to note that since 2000, 13 of the past 16 Valedictorians and Salutatorians started in the Middle School at CM. Just another example of how well our Middle School teachers prepare CM students to excel. Catholic Memorial has become more compassionate, generous, kinder and gentler. The students are well-mannered and courteous to each other, to their teachers and coaches, and to families who are visiting our school. A recent example of CM students’ character was when the Football team was honored by the MIAA with the 2007 Sportsmanship Award. These kids truly carry themselves with poise and class whether in the classroom or on the athletic field.” During his tenure, Brother MacDonald has befriended many, including an endless list of parents. One such parent is Mary Beth Maalouf, mother of Matthew ‘02 who was a National Forensic Champion while at CM and later graduated from Boston University. Mary Beth listed three tangible ways that Brother MacDonald’s leadership has enriched the lives of CM students. “First, they learn what it takes to become a man,” she emphasized. “Next, they learn ethics and morals. Finally, they are different men, in so many good, honorable and lasting ways by the time they graduate, than they were when they entered

Catholic Memorial,” said Mrs. Maalouf. Speaking for countless other admirers, Mary Beth added a personal note: “Brother MacDonald has been great for Catholic Memorial. He is a wonderful person. We will miss him tremendously. When you receive Brother’s approval, that is a high, high compliment.” As President, Brother MacDonald savored an opportunity to lead his alma mater for nine years. He takes particular pride in the fact that 19 Catholic Memorial graduates are current members of the faculty. “Not only do they want to give back, but they want to share all that they received from the school,” said Brother MacDonald. God, in his infinite wisdom, calls each of us individually to serve others by using our gifts. Brother MacDonald answered a call to a specific vocation in religious life. “Why are you a brother and not a priest?” he was asked. “Because,” he answered, “if I was a priest, I would not be able to be a Brother.” Brother MacDonald, who said that he has never had a day when he did not want to come to work, leaves Catholic Memorial with mixed emotions, which includes a heavy heart. “I am very blessed,” he said. ‘So many students and families, faculty and staff have made my time at Catholic Memorial extremely joyful and rewarding. It will be very difficult to leave.” Happy the man who knows the will of God and attempts to follow it; Brother James MacDonald, C.F.C. is such a man!

Richard Gay and his wife, Sarah, are the proud parents of identical triplet girls born on April 12, 2007, Alicenne, Anna, and Emily (pictured below).

1985 Mike Donahue and his wife, Therese had their fourth child, Rohan, last year. He continues to work as an emergency physician in British Columbia. Joe O’Connor and his wife, Melissa, are living in Franklin, MA with their two children Brendan (6) and Brady (2). Joe works as Director of International Transportation for Franklin Sports, Inc. in Stoughton, MA.

1987 Anthony Campanale has been living in San Diego for the past 14 years and has his own law practice. He has been married to Kim since 2005 and has a beautiful step-daughter named Marley. On November 19, 2007, Mia Josephine (left) was born into the Campanale family. John Tobin, Jr. and his wife, Kate, are happy to announce the birth of another future Knight Daniel Joseph Plunkett Tobin (below) on November 19, 2007. Daniel joins big brother, Matthew. John was re-appointed as the Boston City Council’s vice president and was named to head a new committee responsible for the planning of the Council’s Centennial Celebration in 2009.

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A Student’s Perspective Knights Spend Days Serving Others By Mark McNally ‘08 I have participated in Campus Ministry for three years now. While Campus Ministry runs retreats, masses, activities such as trips and other events, one of the biggest events, and most important, in my opinion, is The Walk for Breast Cancer.

Brian Scott, Director of Religious Education and Campus Ministry (left), and Mark McNally ‘08, understand that faith is the foundation of the Knights’ tradition of giving back to the community.

This Mission On The “Mark” Mark McNally is a senior at Catholic Memorial. Three years ago, after a personal experience with breast cancer, Mark approached Ms. Shivonne St. George, then the Director of CM Campus Ministry, and had a conversation about what he could do to help. The result of the conversation was a massive grassroots effort. Mark established a modest team of CM walkers by working with the American Cancer Society to bring a breast cancer survivor and her teenage son into Catholic Memorial to speak to students. Mark also developed a web page where students, parents, faculty and friends could visit to get information on breast cancer and track the progress of CM and chart its Breast Cancer Research fundraising goals. In October ‘07, more than 250 CM students climbed aboard six busses and headed for the Walk for Breast Cancer,


where their collective efforts resulted in contributions of more than $17,000. The Walk for Breast Cancer has become Catholic Memorial’s largest single-day Campus Ministry event. Brian Scott, the current Director of Religious Education and Campus Ministry, says of Mark McNally’s selfless mission, “He is truly remarkable. Mark’s sense of compassion and his understanding of servant leadership are exemplary. At the opening meeting for the Walk, held at the State Room in downtown Boston, Mark stood among the leaders in healthcare, media, and industry in jeans and a t-shirt, and people approached him as if he were royalty. I don’t know if he understands the impact that his efforts have had on people.”

Though I was always aware of Breast Cancer through media reports and school health classes, it wasn’t until 2003, when a family friend passed away due to Breast Cancer, that I personally felt the far reaching consequences of its devastation. Catholic Memorial’s student body has become a “Pacesetter” in the Walk for Breast Cancer. For two years now we have raised more than $16,000 to benefit the families and patients of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer has touched most students, faculty and staff, if not everyone, here at CM in some way. Someone said to me in my sophomore year, “When you cross the finish line after participating in the Walk for Breast Cancer, it may get very emotional.” I did not think much about that comment until last October when we were walking. We were nearing the end when I saw a woman break down in tears near the balloons on the finish line. She approached us and started saying how proud she was of Catholic Memorial and the 254 students and faculty who participated in the walk. She went on to say how surprised she was that an all-boy’s school would participate in such an event and that we were setting an example for the rest of the schools. The next Wednesday, in school, our vice-principal, Dr. James Keane, pulled me aside and said an alumnus had seen us walking, and made a $1,000 donation in CM’s name. I was astonished. I had never seen such spontaneous generosity. Without Campus Ministry, the students and the faculty, CM’s part wouldn’t have been as successful as it was. I am confident that CM will be participating in “The Walk” for years to come.


CM HISTORY: PARENTS VIEWPOINT, continued from page 11

1989 Dr. Andy Malionek ,Theology teacher, and his wife, Kate, welcomed daughter Kendall into their family in December. Kendall joins big sister, Anna.

1989 Andrew Raneri recently graduated from Bryant University with an MBA in Marketing. He resides is Norton, MA with wife Paula and their four children: Michael Vincent, born August 20, 2007, Andrew (8), Joseph (6), and Jordan (2).

1990 Kevin Duggan and his wife, Kate (Willet) of Notre Dame Academy ‘92 welcomed their first child Aisling Kerry Duggan on January 21, 2008.

1994 Tom Noble has retired from pro hockey and is now the Vice President of Operations for Noble Sales Co., Inc., a defense supply contractor. His is living at the Intercontinental Hotel located in the Seaport District. Tom will be married in August, 2008.

Tom O’Hear ‘78 with his son Dan, Class of 2011.

1995 O’Hear called Catholic Memorial “a great character builder.” He said the school treats every student the same. “Catholic Memorial embraces everybody as special human beings,” he said. “There are no cliques. It makes no difference who you are or where you come from. The student headed to Bridgewater State is just as important as the student headed to Harvard or Cornell.” Tom was captain and MVP of the CM hockey team. He praises hockey coach Bill Hanson, assistant coach Jack Busalacchi and the CM faculty for establishing high standards. “In the classroom and in athletics, we had to be accountable,” said O’Hear. “No excuses were accepted. We had to learn how to deal with adversity. It took discipline and that prepared us for what was ahead in life.” After graduating from Catholic Memorial, O’Hear and classmate John Bavis continued their education at Norwich University. Today, Bavis is a retired Colonel in the Army. O’Hear is a financial services specialist who arranges heavy equipment financing for corporations.

Tom’s son, Danny, is a freshman at Catholic Memorial. He first enrolled at CM as an eighth grader and last summer he was one of 26 boys who got to experience a slice of American history during a nine-day trip to the western states and to study life in the “wild west.”

A.J. Lewis won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Program in the Arts and Culture/History category at the 59th Annual Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards. He created, produced and edited the award-winning doc series “Behind the Lyrics” for Los Angeles station KHIZ-TV. A.J. also produces the AMC series “Shootout,” now in its fifth season.

“When Danny got home all we heard about was the Wild, Wild West,” said O’Hear. “All the boys were thrilled by everything they saw and did on the trip.” O’Hear said that Danny, who is in the honors program, has adjusted well to school life at Catholic Memorial. “He is a quiet boy,” said his father. “But he speaks highly about the teachers and the type of kids he goes to school with at CM. When you know that the faculty cares about you, it changes how you feel about going to school. That was true when I attended Catholic Memorial and Danny feels exactly the same way.”

1999 Adam Warsofsky and his wife, Stacey (Hickman) gave birth to a son, Kaden James on October 1, 2007, weighing in at 8lbs., 4oz., 21.” They reside in West Quincy, MA.

2003 Michael McDougall is serving in Afghanistan as a combat engineer airborne specialist in the United States Army.

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Endowed Scholarships: An Enduring Legacy of Loved Ones Frederic J. Smith, Jr. ‘85 was a fun loving person who worked hard to excel. While at CM he was involved in a number of athletic and extra-curricular activities including student government, ski club, intramural street hockey & football. After Catholic Memorial, Fred went on to graduate from Johnson and Wales College in Rhode Island and later became a chef. Fred was only 33 years old when he was tragically killed in an automobile accident on August 7, 1999. A little more than a year later, on September 8, 2000, family and friends gathered together at Sandy Burr Country Club in Wayland. The proceeds from the Frederic J. Smith Golf tournament would benefit the endowed scholarship fund established at Catholic Memorial in Fred’s memory.

Fred was a popular young man so it was no surprise to his brother’s Terry ‘86, Tim ‘81 and his sister Cara that the Fred Smith Golf Tournament was a success year after year. The dedicated and untiring work of the tournament committee Presenting the Frederic J. Smith, Jr. ‘85 Scholarship Award to added to the scholarship fund each Dan Connolly ‘11 at the Academic Awards Night are Cara Smith year eventually exceeding more than and Terry Smith ‘86. $100,000 raised in Fred’s memory. Dan Connolly a freshman from West The family met with Brother MacDonald last year to establish the guidelines for Fred’s fund. Roxbury is the first recipient of the Frederic J. Thanks to the many generous benefactors to Smith, Jr. ‘85 Scholarship. Dan started at CM the Frederic J. Smith Scholarship, his legacy in the seventh grade and his favorite subjects continues and it supports a deserving student are math and theology. He ran track in the fall who possesses the same characteristics as Fred and will be trying out for the track team in the – a hard working student who is involved in a spring. Dan also plays soccer for the Parkway Youth Soccer Association. variety of activities at CM.

What is the Annual Fund? You can support the Catholic Memorial Annual Fund by making a gift online at www. Your support at any level is important as we strive to achieve


Academic institutions rely on support from alumni, parents, parents of alumni and friends to advance their mission. At Catholic Memorial, the Annual Fund helps close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a CM education. The Annual Fund provides for many important programs and initiatives, from new technology to faculty professional development. A prospering Annual Fund is vital to the financial health of Catholic Memorial. Since 2003, the Unrestricted Annual Fund has grown 66% and the goal this year is $385,000. Examples of the Annual Fund at work this year include: Faculty Study for continuing education BERSI - Blessed Edmund Rice Solidarity Initiative Renovations to the cafeteria

Middle School support Campus Ministry retreats

our goals. Thank you

Annual Fund Dollars and Donors as of March 1, 2008

for your consideration.

Dollars: Donors:

$294,658 1,015

74% of $385,000 goal 60% of 1,700 goal


At Catholic Memorial There’s More To Ireland Than Limericks

2004 Kevin Abichaker graduates this summer from Lebanese American University in Lebanon.

2004 Paul Todesca, Jr. is a senior at Bryant College and is Captain of the hockey team.

2005 James Dahill is a junior at Roger Williams University and plays on their Varsity Baseball team.

Often, the only educational offering remotely Irish in America is learning about limericks! Not so at Catholic Memorial. CM is known for providing a solid educational background upon which its students stand ready to pursue many career options. As a result of availing themselves of the diversity of CM’s challenging academic programs, our students are better prepared for a wider, cross-cultural marketplace upon graduation. “We recognize that the worlds of academia, business and the arts have gone global, and since Irish is recognized as one of the major languages of the European Union Catholic Memorial this year began offering an Irish Studies course as part of its regular curriculum. We believe that Catholic Memorial is the only secondary school in the region presenting Irish Language studies as part of its regular curriculum,” said Brother James J. MacDonald, C.F.C., ‘75, Catholic Memorial’s President. Fourteen students are enrolled in the Irish Studies course which combines language study with a historical/cultural component. The Irish Language class meets two days a week with Mary Concannon, a native Irish speaker, who is also a guidance counselor at Catholic Memorial Middle School.

2006 Phil Basile is in his second year at UMASS Amherst.

Faculty/Staff Notes Tom Meagher, Assistant Dean and former faculty member, and wife, Clare, are the proud grandparents to a future knight Jackson Thomas, born on February 18th. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz. Proud parents are Tom’s daughter, Kristen and her husband, Jack. Brother Cavet, C.F.C. meets with Éamon Ó Cuív, Minister for the Department of Community, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs during Minister O Cuiv’s visit to Boston in February.

Mary Concannon, a graduate of University College Galway and National University of Ireland offers Irish language classes to adults in Massachusetts and Maine. In addition to studying Irish Language with Ms. Concannon our students also discuss Irish culture, history and geography three days a week, with Br. A.K. Cavet, C.F.C, an Irish Language scholar himself.

Drew Wile and his wife Robbyn announce the birth of their twins, Luke and Allie, on December 26, 2007. Catholic Memorial’s Advancement Office took the show on the road to Washington, DC in late November. Thanks to Brian Keane ‘85, Executive Director of SmartPower for hosting the alumni reception at his office on Connecticut Avenue. Those in attendance saw a first-class performance from three members of the CM Forensic Team which was in town for a competition at George Mason University. Pictured below, (left to right): Director of Advancement, Doug Zack, Brother MacDonald, C.F.C. ‘75, Col. Dana Hourihan ‘77.

The large number of Irish-American students at Catholic Memorial and the availability and willingness of Mary Concannon to share her knowledge of the language make continued on page 30

We want to hear from you! Please send us information and photos on weddings, births, anniversaries, job promotions, etc. Send your updates and photos by contacting Dave Erwin ‘96 at


A Brother’s Journey Kept Knights ‘On Track’ By Tom Beatty ‘68


Br. William J. Murphy, C.F.C. January 5, 1937 - August 19, 2007

n 1802, Edmund Ignatius Rice began a night school for the uneducated boys from the docks of Waterford, Ireland. His desire was to found a religious order of men to educate these poor boys so that they could live with dignity and high self-esteem.

I was a freshman in September, 1964 sitting in homeroom (A5), listening to the announcements over the PA when I heard, “Anyone interested in joining the Cross Country team, report to the field behind the VA Hospital.”

On January 5, 1937, Patrick and Delia Keane Murphy gave birth to a son, William, who for the next 70 years epitomized Edmund Rice’s vision of the order of men eventually called The Congregation of Irish Christian Brothers.

I had no idea what Cross Country was. There was some vague reference to the track team in the announcement, so I was interested. Br. Conway, the freshman coach, met the 30-plus hopefuls and explained what we could expect and what was expected of us. In those “pre-Nike” days, we all ran our first cross-country workout in our white shirts and school shoes. Amazingly, our physical and emotional well being in tact, we found our way back to CM and returned to practice the next day.

Br. William Jogues Murphy’s journey began in the Bronx at Blessed Sacrament Elementary School. Later, his interest in the sciences was formulated at All Hallows High School and culminated in receiving his B.S. in Chemistry-Biology from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. Brother Murphy’s teaching assignments included St. Bonaventure School in St. John’s Newfoundland, Bishop Hendricken, Iona Prep and Archbishop Curley in Miami. It was during his time at CM that I met Brother Murphy.

It wasn’t long before we started to hear stories about the Varsity coach, Br. Murphy, whose passion and innovative training techniques were perfect for solidifying CM’s track program as one of enviable statewide prominence. A Br. Murphy practice session was something that had to be experienced to be appreciated. Every practice began the same, regardless of whether the temperature was 15 degrees or 85 degrees. Br. Murphy drove the Army surplus truck around to the front of the school, and we climbed on board. Anticipating the ritual workout, we were off to the Arboretum, Boston these locations were sometimes lively and often livelier.

I think if you could envision a combination

of Mother Teresa and Evil Knievel, you might get the essence of Br. William Murphy. His life was spent giving to others. On behalf of everyone who had the privilege of being on

the receiving end of his goodness I would like to say “Thank you” to Br. Murphy.


David O’Donnell, ’69, would be happy to recount an occasion when he was told to get out of the truck in Westwood and then watched the truck depart without him. Dave also remembers that shoveling was an integral part of the season, whether it was the BC track before the workouts began or shoveling the snow off the Randolph High outdoor track before running the “Indoor” League Championship Meet.

Coach Brother William J. Murphy with the 1966 JV Cross Country Team: (First row, left to right) Jim DeDominici, William Burns, Henry Noonan, Paul Catano; (Second row, left to right) Lawrence Sullivan, Tom Beatty, Coach Brother William J. Murphy, Stephen Mullen, Dennis Condon.

“The race-panicked-cry from our competitors changed to, ‘Where’s CM?’ We now know that our team victory was owed to more than the color of our shorts, but Brother Murphy had us prepared to win that day on every level. He left nothing to chance,” Flannery recalled.

CM’s first State Cross Country Champion, Bill Leahy ’64, shivers as he recalls the winter rides to Boston College’s outdoor 11-lap track next to Alumni Stadium. Br. Murphy’s workouts, detailed and intense, were always written on 3 x 5 index cards. There was obviously a method to Br. Murphy’s madness. The team camaraderie was special. The team’s image was an extension of the coach. We cared about winning, but we also cared about each other. The winning attitude became contagious. It was not unusual to have 12 CM runners finish before any opponents. Joe Flannery, ’67 remembers an example of Br. Murphy’s attention to detail. “In the fall of 1965 CM had yet to win a State Championship in a Cross Country meet despite exceptional individual performers. At the 6th Annual Catholic Memorial Invitational, we were wearing the traditional red shorts and white shirts which made us an easy target for our competitors. During the event, we could hear our competitors signal to their teammates: “There’s CM in red.” We lost that day, but the lesson was not lost on Br. Murphy. Three weeks later, the Eastern Mass State CrossCountry Championships were held on a very cold November Saturday morning at Boston’s Franklin Park. As the team neared the starting line, Brother Murphy approached us with a bag in hand from Sandys (that low-priced clothing outlet then across Baker Street from CM, alongside the railroad tracks). In the bag was seven pair of white gym shorts. “Take off your shorts, fellas; we’re making a uniform change! ….All within the rules, of course,” he said.

That day in 1965 Br. Murphy’s teams began – and Mr. Meagher’s teams continued – a streak of winning six out of the next seven Eastern Mass State CrossCountry Championships. Although Br. Murphy, the coach, was inducted into the CM Sports Hall of Fame in 1997, Br. Murphy, the person, has a place in the individual Hall of Fame of every athlete and student whose lives he touched. It was difficult to imagine that there was an equal reaction to every one of his actions. Dressed in his signature chinos and basketball sneakers, he outran potential state champions on the team to push them to become better than they realized. The irony for those who only knew him superficially was his genuine humility. Without notoriety, he spent many hours working with the children at The Italian Home for Children in Jamaica Plain, and organizing beach outings for the kids. That’s the way he wanted it. I think if you could envision a combination of Mother Teresa and Evil Knievel, you might get the essence of Br. William Murphy. His life was spent giving to others. On behalf of everyone who had the privilege of being on the receiving end of his goodness I would like to say “Thank you” to Br. Murphy. Furthermore, I hope that he is somehow listening to Neil Young’s classic: “Long may you run…” Tom Beatty ’68 has been teaching at Catholic Memorial since 1974 and is the Area Coordinator for the Math Department. He has been coaching track and cross-country at CM for more than 20 years.



Cast members for the fall production of “12 Angry Men.”

The past several years have witnessed a resurgence of the Catholic Memorial Drama Program. With a production of “Twelve Angry Men” already completed earlier this year, the Drama program got a welcomed boost thanks in part to the work of Drama Coach, Mr. Nick Colarossi. Catholic Memorial was awarded a grant of $2,000 from the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild and the Boston Globe Outreach Grant. The grant, which covers a three-year period, stipulates that CM will enter a production in the annual Massachusetts High School Drama Festival and Catholic Memorial must seek matching funds in the amount of $2,000. In early March, our young thespians performed, “A Number” by Caryl Churchill at the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival. It’s the story about a young son who learns that he has been cloned and his relationship with his father evolves as the son ponders, “Am I an original or one of many clones?”


“A Number” takes the ethical labyrinth of genetic engineering, and the timeless debate over nature versus nurture, and reconstitutes them as a bracing family drama. Brendan Shea ‘11 and Connor Lynch ‘10 were named best actors by the Festival Committee. The entire cast was recognized by the committee for its inclusive environment by receiving the Participation of Excellence Award. The CM production was also recognized for its original concept in going beyond the limits of the script. Congratulations to our young actors and keep up the good work!

EAGLE SCOUTS Boy Scout Troop Five, St. Theresa’s West Roxbury, honored two CM students, Chapin Cutler ‘08 and Matthew Jagelski ‘08, as both Knights earned the rank of Eagle Scout at a Court of Honor in February. Monsignor Helmick, Pastor of St. Theresa’s, Mayor Thomas Menino P’87, and other notable state and city representatives attended along with family, friends, and CM teachers. Nationally, only 3% of every Boy Scout achieves the rank of Eagle Scout. Famous Eagle Scouts include: Apollo Astronaut James Lovell, President Gerald Ford, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as well as Olympian and former world record holder – long jump and triple jump, Willie Banks. Congratulations to both Chapin and Matthew on this extraordinary honor. Pictured, top right: Chapin Cutler ‘08 with his parents Deborah and C. Chapin, Jr.; Bottom photo: Matt Jagelski ‘08 (second from right) with his parents Mary Ellen and Mark and his brother, Life Scout Andrew Jagelski ‘10.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ALUM There is no such thing as a “typical” day in the life of a firefighter. Unpredictability comes with the territory. In a way, that may be part of the attractiveness of the profession. Few outside of the firefighters’ calling, get to glimpse the ready-for-anythingphenomenon and extreme dangers of the job. For instance, last fall Fire Lieutenant Michael Sameski, CM ‘83, of Engine 16 in Dorchester, responded along with more than 40 other members of the Boston Fire Department, to a three-alarm blaze at an occupied three-family home, that was fully engulfed on arrival. Lt. Sameski and the Engine 16 crew raced against time to rescue residents of the smoldering struc-

ture. Hearing people yelling about others trapped inside, Sameski instinctively knew he had to get to work to get the people out. According to published reports, Sameski ran to the rear of the burning house and saw a girl screaming from the second floor. He grabbed a ladder, put it up against the building and crawled to her. Amidst her screams, Sameski advised her to stay put until she could be brought down.

Yes, the unpredictable qualities of the job have their appeal. Yet, when such surprise includes fire approaching one’s face, or licking up the side of a home where occupants are crying in windows, mere seconds stand between right-minded decisions and death. Congratulations to Lt. Michael Semeski and the rest of the BFD for a job well done. To them, it is only a day in their life’s profession.

Sameski was able to get the little girl out and carry her to a waiting ambulance. He then ran back to the house to rescue a 2-year-old boy, but someone had already done so.


Basketball Knights Capture First State Title Since 1969 It was a long journey to get back to the D-2 State Championship game but the Knight’s second appearance in as many years proved successful. The team finished 22-4 overall , after squeaking out a win in the South Sectional Finals then definitively taking home an Eastern Mass Championship. From the beginning of the season, with the Knights ranking as high as #1 in The Boston Globe poll, it looked like the Knights would have an easy trip back to the playoffs. However, two losses mid-way through the season to BC High and St. John’s Prep kept Knights fans on the edges of their seats heading into the postseason. Congratulations to Coach Dennis Tobin and his Division II State Championship squad.

HOCKEY The Varsity hockey team finished the 07-08 regular season with a record 0f 14 wins, 1 loss, and 4 ties; for an .861 winning percentage. The team won the Catholic Conference Championship for the seventh consecutive year, with an undefeated record of 7 wins, 0 losses, and one tie. The Knights Hockey squad also again for the seventeenth consecutive year qualified to play in the division 1A, Super 8 tournament.  CM is the only team in the history of the tournament to be invited to compete each year for the duration of the tournament’s 17-year existence. In the playoffs, CM came out strong in the first three round-robin games against Waltham, Reading, and BC High, winning against Waltham and BC High but falling to Reading. In the crossover bracket on March 12, however, the Knights fell to Catholic Conference foe Malden Catholic, 3-2. The team was led offensively by sophomore Derek Colucci (14 G-17-assts.), senior Mike Collins, (15 G-15 assts.), senior Peter Starrett, (6 G-17-assts.), and junior Garrett Noonan, (5 G-17-assts.).


TEAM SPIRIT: CM Knight’s Catholic Conference Champs again. They skate as a team with faith in each other and a belief that hard work leads to success.

Can’t catch ‘em: Ed Colvin ‘10 and Nahed Lakis ‘09

At left: #21, Jeff Tagger ‘09 drives to the hoop vs. Reading during CM’s win to capture the Eastern Mass D-2 State title; Center: Captain Julian Colarusso ‘08 named All-Scholastic by The Boston Globe; At right: Julian Colarusso ‘08 led the Knight attack with 24 points over Tantasqua to capture the D-2 State Championship.


TRACK Fast Times At CM High: CM’s One-Mile, Two-Mile Tandem CM indoor t rack ‘07-’08 featured two of the most promising distance runners in the state: Ed Colvin ‘10 in the two mile and Nahed Lakkis ‘09 in the one mile. Eddie is from Roslindale and Nahed is from West Roxbury. Between the two of them, they’ve run every road in those communities. Eddie culminated with a personal best two-mile of 9:49:69 and Nahed peaked with a 4:28:67 mile and a third place finish in the Division II State Meet. Both athletes were Tri-County League runner-up finishers. For the Knights’ runners and their coaches, Vin Catano and Tom Beatty, Outdoor Track is on the horizon, along with more fast times.


State Wrestling Champion at 130 lbs., Richie Wingert ‘08 (second from right) with coaches Mr. Alex Strumm (far left) and Mr. Bill Hahn (far right) along with Josh Boyd ‘09 who finished with an impressive 5th place (189 lbs.) in the state tournament.

The CM Swim Team, led by Coach Christopher Boyle and Coach Patrick Murray, had another outstanding season of growth and accomplishments. Coming off of impressive statewide performances last season, this year’s Knights of the pool also showed promise heading into the post season.  At sectionals in February, the team finished 20th out of 42 teams.  The relay team of James Myers ‘09, John Mackie ‘10, Matt Farrell ‘11 and Erik Johnson ‘08 finished sectionals in 11th place and came in 18th at the state meet.  Senior captains Liam Concannon, Erik Johnson, Bob Flaherty, and Danny Conlin showed great leadership throughout the season.


IN MEMORIAM Alumni Dale E. Urbanik ‘62. February 14, 2008. Stephen C. Ladd ‘64. February 5, 2008. Donald P. McGowan, Jr. ‘67, brother of Richard T. McGowan ‘70. February 3, 2008.

Eunice M. Dovi, mother of Richard C. Dovi ‘71. October 30, 2007.

Walter S. Kostigen, father of William Francis J. Moore, father of Paul M. Moore ‘82. December 8, 2007. W. Kostigen ‘73. December 2, 2007.

Arthur R. Dray, father of Arthur R. ‘65 and Joseph R. Dray ‘72. November 2, 2007.

Bridget T. Lewis, mother of Gregory F. Lewis ‘61. February 19, 2008.

Honore B. Duggan, mother of James J. Duggan, Jr. ‘82; sister of Roger J. Gettens ‘63 (deceased). January 11, 2008.

Vincent C. Breen, Jr. ‘68, brother of Elizabeth Duro, mother of Patrick H. Breen ‘69. October 23, 2007. Robert Duro ‘75. February 11, 2008. Joseph T. Nore ‘70. Benedetto A. Faletra, Jr., father of November 10, 2007. Robert M. ‘73 and James C. Faletra ‘75. Sahyoun T. Nore ‘73. February 15, 2008. December 20, 2007. John B. Fasanello, Jr., father of John Charles S. Katsafanas ‘88. Fasanello ‘76. November 3, 2007. February 2, 2008. Grace Feeney, mother of Thomas Rev. Daniel J. Kennedy ‘92. Feeney ‘72. December 16, 2007. January 27, 2008. Mary Rita Flanagan, stepmother of Hugh L. Flanagan, Jr. ‘66. Parents January 11, 2008. Robert L. A‘Hearn, father of Robert Robert W. Finnerty, father of P. ‘83 and Brian P. A‘Hearn ‘94. Michael F. Finnerty ‘72. November 13, 2007. February 5, 2008. George W. Baldwin, father of Benny Garcia, father of Benny J. G. Anthony Baldwin ‘95. Garcia ‘99. December 16, 2007. December 12, 2007. Susan M. Golden, mother of Robert James Callahan, father of James P. ‘75 P. ‘79 and Richard M. Golden ‘82; and Kevin J. Callahan ‘77. grandmother of Robert O. Golden III February 18, 2008. ‘01. October 24, 2007. John J. Carrigg, father of Joseph C. Ann M. Grady, mother of James M. Carrigg ‘81. October 22, 2007. Grady ‘80. February 3, 2008. Thomas E. Connolly, father of Mary K. Harrison, mother of Thomas J. ‘76 and Richard P. Connolly Michael F. ‘63 and Peter J. Harrison ‘76. January 2, 2008. ‘66. January 20, 2008. Mary Ann Coyne, mother of Mary E. Hart, mother of John J. Hart Stephen P. ‘84 and Kevin F. Coyne ‘87. III ‘73. January 10, 2008. November 27, 2007. Frederick F. Hill, Jr., father of Rosemary A. DeForge, mother of Matthew S. Hill ‘92. October 21, 2007. Michael L. DeForge ‘67. Francis A. Kane, father of Michael W. February 12, 2008. ‘71 and Daniel P. Kane ‘82; grandfather Elinor P. Desmond, mother of Daniel of Stephen P. Casto ‘01. J., Jr. ‘69, Dennis E. ‘69, and David P. February 16, 2008. Desmond ‘77. November 24, 2007. Peter Kasputis, Jr., father of Peter Mary M. Dever, mother of William Kasputis ‘83. February 6, 2008. Dever ‘75. December 18, 2007. John M. Kenney, father of John J. Paul V. Doherty, father of Paul F. Kenney ‘71. February 17, 2008. Doherty ‘77. January 12, 2008.


Catherine MacIsaac, mother of Christopher C. MacIsaac ‘90. October 8, 2007. Gloria F. Maher, mother of Steven D. Maher ‘73; grandmother of James Egersheim, Jr. ‘89. December 28, 2007.

Dorothea V. Moran, mother of Michael J. Moran ‘71. October 18, 2007. Francis X. Morrissey, Sr., father of Francis X. Morrissey, Jr. ‘61. December 27, 2007.

Alice M. O’Boy, mother of Francis J. O’Boy ;68 (deceased); grandmother of Franics J. O’Boy ‘89. William L. Manning, father of William L., Jr. ‘72 and John J. Manning November 2, 2007. Dorothy M. O’Brien, mother of ‘74. November 20, 2007. William F., Jr. ‘61 and Timothy F. Josephine P. Matioska, mother of Algis P. Matioska ‘66. October 4, 2007. O’Brien ‘63; grandmother of William F. III ‘93 (deceased) and Timothy F. Donald Matthews, father of Donald O’Brien, Jr. ‘99. November 14, 2007. P. Matthews ‘68. July 9, 2007 Jeremiah O’Neill, father of Derek Tina Maynard, mother of John J. O’Neill ‘94 (deceased). Maynard, Jr. ‘72. February 4, 2008. December 16, 2007. Judith P. McAvinn, mother of David Victoria Olszowy, mother of John J. F. ‘79 (deceased), Peter J. ‘80, Edward Olszowy ‘71. February 10, 2008. T. ‘85, and John W. McAvinn ‘88. Felix Palladino, father of Steven P. February 12, 2008. Palladino ‘75; grandfather of Daniel S. Leonard J. McDermott, Sr., father Palladino ‘07. February 4, 2008. of Leonard J. McDermott, Jr. ‘76. Rita C. Pastore, mother of Eugene November 20, 2007. J., Jr. ‘70 and Gerald M. Pastore ‘73. Rita M. McDonough, mother January 11, 2008. of Timothy J. McDonough ‘69. David K. Perry, father of D. Scott ‘84 November 7, 2007. and Timothy S. Perry ‘96. John J. McElligott, father of John J. December 3, 2007. McElligott ‘88. December 8, 2007. James J. Ryan, father of James J. Ryan Helen T. McGauley, mother of ‘65. February 2, 2008. Water J., Jr. ‘79 and Gregory M. Albert Santilli, father of John J. McGauley ‘89. February 2008. Santilli ‘78. January 30, 2008. Mary R. McGonagle, mother of Paul ‘72 and Edward McGonagle ‘76; Dorothy M. Schena, mother of David G. Schena ‘75. grandmother of Michael P. ‘99 and October 23, 2007. Matthew McGonagle ‘03, Timothy ‘02, Brian ‘06, and Brendan J. Hughes Frederick J. Smith, father of Timothy H. ‘81, Frederic J., Jr. ‘85 (deceased), ‘11. December 5, 2007. Terrence P. Smith ‘86; uncle of Charles J. Sheila McLaughlin, mother of Brian J. ‘73, Kevin F. ‘74, Stephen P. ‘76, H. ‘74 and James M. Bletzer ‘77. December 2, 2007. Paul D. McLaughlin ‘82. December 31, 2007. Angelina F. Molinario, mother of Anthony F. Molinario, Jr. ‘73. November 23, 2007.

William J. Stratton, Jr., father of Robert J. Stratton ‘84. November 25, 2007. Helen C. Sullivan, mother of Richard J. ‘67 and Robert J. Sullivan ‘69. February 1, 2008.

Ann D. Sweeney, mother of Michael J. Sweeney ‘65. February 8, 2008.

Owen C. Conway, grandfather of Daniel O. ‘03 and Emilio T. Duarte ‘09. December 1, 2007.

Andrew Hopwood, son of Lee Hopwood ‘87; nephew of John Kolostow ‘87. January 16, 2008.

Thomas A. McCormack, grandfather of Robert S. Converse ‘98. November 26, 2007.

Gerald H. Sybertz, father of Edward Sybertz ‘80. November 17, 2007.

Charles L. Dardinski, brother of Paul ‘82 and John Dardinski ‘84. July 6, 2007.

Bernard F. McManus, grandfather of Christian ‘92 and Michael J. McManus ‘01. January 12, 2008.

Rose Marie Tognarelli, mother of David F. Tognarelli ‘75; grandmother of Matthew F. ‘09 and Daniel T. Flahive ‘13. October 23, 2007.

Peter A. Delaney, grandfather of Kevin D. Donnelly ‘12. October 20, 2007.

Mary P. Houlihan, wife of Michael D. Houlihan ‘77; sister of Joseph ‘75 and Patrick J. Johnston ‘88. February 1, 2008.

Elaine Wall, mother of Kevin ‘67 and Thomas J. Wall ‘68. October 22, 2007. Barbara Ann Travers, mother of William J. Travers III ‘72. November 5, 2007.

Relatives & Friends Elizabeth Claire Ahern, grandmother of Patrick W. ‘04 and Brendan Ahern ‘08. December 30, 2007. Naomi Barletta, aunt of Naomi Lockwood, faculty member. January 4, 2008. Louise E. Bastable, grandmother of James ‘87 and Christopher Brackett ‘93. Ralph C. Bogue, grandfather of Ryan S. Bogue ‘03. December 8, 2007. Juanita Burke, grandmother of Ryan P. ‘08 and Kevin T. Burke ‘11. January 18, 2008. Charles Caggiano, grandfather of Nicholas Caggiano ‘11. January 27, 2008. Frank J. Cameron, grandfather of Robert P. Burns ‘90. October 2, 2007. Harry E. Christensen, grandfather of Colin C. ‘02 and Joseph B. Lyons ‘13. September 26, 2007. Helen Cikacz, grandmother of Ryan J. Cikacz ‘00. December 29, 2007.

Gertrude A. Dresser, grandmother of Steven C. Sheldon ‘86. July 10, 2007.

Harry S. Huether, grandfather of Mark J. ‘81, John S. ‘82, and Michael Huether ‘86; great-grandfather of Jonathan S. Huether ‘11. December 15, 2007.

Alberto Echarri, grandfather of David Falco ‘10.

Helena B. Kearney, mother of Leo G. Kearney, former faculty member.

Peter A. Fata, grandfather of Christopher P. ‘85 and Michael P. Gasper ‘88. November 18, 2007.

Lillian R. Kelley, grandmother of Michael P. ‘03 and David J. McCoy ‘08. December 6, 2007.

Mary Flynn, grandmother of Michael A. Giovanucci ‘09. February 18, 2008.

Evy A. King, grandmother of Peter K. King, Jr. ‘00. December 29, 2007.

James F. Foley, brother of John Foley ‘62. January 22, 2008. Kenneth G. Fraser, grandfather of Roy “Tom” III ‘99 and Edward F. Lydon ‘02. September 25, 2007. Marianne T. Fuccillo-Major, mother of Jeffrey A. Fuccillo ‘88. January 4, 2008. Pasquale L. Gatto, grandfather of Michael G. Hechavarria ‘07. February 5, 2008. Helen Geary, grandmother of Robert J. ‘88 and Michael E. Geary ‘93. February 18, 2008. Orlando Guarino, grandfather of Jason J. Buonopane ‘00. January 18, 2008. Ellen T. Guiney, grandmother of John ‘80 and Kevin Butler ‘84. October 7, 2007. Anna Halushtchenko, grandmother of Michael L. Rockwell ‘00. December 9, 2007. Patricia A. Hickey, wife of Gerard W. Hickey, Sr. ‘70. January 2, 2008.

Michael E. Leahy, father of Conor M. Leahy ‘13. December 21, 2007. Catherine J. Linnehan, mother-inlaw of Ed Lenox ‘66, former faculty member. December 26, 2007. Jerome M. Leonard, uncle of middle school teacher, Karen Hynes. January 19, 2008. Kevin N. MacKinnon, brother of Paul J. MacKinnon ‘66. November 2, 2007. Bronislaw P. Malachowski, father of Ann Malachowski, current faculty. November 29, 2007.

Michael J. Murray, grandfather of Michael E. Murray ‘08. December 2, 2007. Kevin J. O’Toole, grandfather of Paul K. Fahey ‘11. November 27, 2007. Walter R. Perry, brother of Ronald S. Perry, former faculty and head basketball coach; uncle of Ronald K. Perry ‘76. January 19, 2008. Atollah Shaidani, grandfather of Armeen J. ‘06 and Nikko-Ideen Shaidani ‘08. September 21, 2007. Dorothy W. Sheehan, grandmother of Jay ‘88 and Peter D. O’Brien ‘93. September 27, 2007. Florence F. Smith, grandmother of Matthew S. Allen ‘12. December 27, 2007. Dan Strachan, grandfather of Christopher Judge ‘09. November 13, 2007. Mary D. Susi, grandmother of Robert F. ‘98 and Nicholas F. Linowski ‘00. December 17, 2007. Rose Thomas, grandmother of Theodore G. Poppe ‘08.

Grace A. Mancuso, grandmother of Christopher M. Cappadona ‘02. October 31, 2007.

Concettina Tramontozzi, grandmother of David A. Tramontozzi ‘05. October 3, 2007.

Philip Mancuso, grandfather of Christopher M. Cappadona ‘02. November 4, 2007.

Betty L. Weaver, sister of Marvin R. Weaver ‘64. October 29, 2007.

Marjorie St. Martin, grandmother of David ‘91 and Steven D. St. Martin ‘93. January 16, 2008. William J. McCarthy, Jr., brother of Timothy P. McCarthy ‘88. January 4, 2008.




Athletic Hall of Fame N o minati o n F o rm The next Athletic Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will take place on Friday, November 28, 2008 at Moseley’s On the Charles. Please submit your nominations for candidates no later than June 1, 2008.

Full Name of Nominee

Class Year from CM (if applicable)

Guidelines for Nominations Former Student-Athletes: Must be a graduate of Catholic Memorial. A five-year waiting period since graduation from CM. Athletic achievements consisting of, but not limited to, National Champion, All American, All Scholastic, All Regional, All Conference, Olympic competitor. Must have exhibited the highest caliber of athletic accomplishments and demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship while a student athlete. Coaches: A one year waiting period since the last coached game for CM. Candidates for selection include recognition as a leader both on and off the field, length of service, and quality of coaching. Others: Other non-student athletes/coaches may be considered based on their overall contributions to the athletic program of CM. Posthumous: Deceased athletes and coaches will be given equal consideration. Waiting period may be waived.

Street Address

IRELAND continued from page 21


Home Phone

Work Phone


Present employment

Sports teams participated in, special recognition, awards, and/or honors received:

Post-CM Athletic participation and accomplishments:

Outstanding professional and/or occupational accomplishments:

Professional Affilations/Community Service participation:

Name of individual submitting application

Home Phone

Work Phone

Street address


Signature Date

Return this form to: CM Advancement Office, c/o David Erwin, 235 Baker Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132.


the school an obvious venue for an Irish Studies course. The class has generated positive interest in Ireland by being featured on the Irish National Television RTE-TG4 and the National Irish Language Radio, “Radio na Gateltachta.” They broadcast a segment featuring our students enrolled in the course. A podcast of the radio program can be heard on the School’s web site www.Catholic by clicking on “Publications”. Ms. Concannon notes that one result of the students learning Irish has been their chance to connect with their family elders. “Students have told me that they are learning more about their Irish heritage through their parents and grandparents and even conversing with their grandparents in Irish/Gaelic. Recently, the class learned Irish/Gaelic blessings which they could use a meal times.” Upon graduation, some students are planning to continue their Irish Studies at third level, while others are exploring summer study opportunities in Ireland. Catholic Memorial has invited Minister Éamon Ó Cuív, of the Department of Community, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs in Ireland to visit the school and see our program in action. Minister Ó Cuív’s office is in charge of advancing the Irish/Gaelic language throughout the world. Already, the Department has programs in place at close to 40 colleges and universities throughout the world and CM is exploring the possibility of forming a partnership with the Department of Community, Rural, and Gaeltacht Affairs to promote the Irish language and Celtic studies at the high school level. The CM Irish Studies Program is most definitely off to, “tús maith”, a very good start.



Save the Date! Catholic Memorial Classes of ‘63, ‘68, ‘73, ‘78, ‘83, ‘88, ‘93, ‘98, ‘03

REUNION 2008 SATURDAY, MAY 3, 2008 D ACTIvITIES Campus Tours 2:00pm

Tours will start in the main lobby

CaTholiC memorial Today 3:00pm

Alumni Hall, Adjacent to the Perry Gymnasium Join Brother MacDonald for an inside look at life at Catholic Memorial

reunion mass 4:00pm

Perry Gymnasium Rev. Peter Quinn ‘63 Student Choir to lead us in the hymns

presidenT’s reCepTion and Class phoTos 5:00pm

Reunion Tent on Athletic Field

reunion Clambake 6:30pm

$55pp $45pp, 5th reunion only

Reunion Tent on Athletic Field Program from 8:15-8:45


Look for you invitation coming in the mail or register by visiting To learn more or to join your reunion committee, please contact Dave Erwin ‘96 at 617-469-8052 or

CM Basketball Division 2 State Champions!


he goal at the beginning of the season for Head Coach Dennis Tobin was to have his team get back to the Division 2 State Championship game and bring home the trophy to Baker Street. A rematch with the Tantasqua Regional High School Warriors of Fiskdale would be even better. The Knights lived up to expectations and then some by winning the Division 2 Eastern Mass. Championship against Reading at the TD BankNorth Garden on March 10, setting up a rematch at the DCU Center in Worcester for the State Championship against Tantasqua Regional High School on March 15. Tantasqua headed into the championship rematch, 49-0, and had beaten CM last year in the state final. History would not repeat itself as CM relied on speed and smarts to grab the victory, 74-56, for their first state title since 1969. This was a team effort led by Seniors Brendan Monteiro of Brockton and Julian Colarusso of Quincy, who was named to the Boston Globe All-Scholastic team. Congratulations to Coaches Dennis Tobin, Ed Sprissler P‘89, ‘92 and Tom Ryan and the entire team who displayed talent and tenacity while winning in the finest CM tradition: with Poise and Class.

CM Knights are comfortable in a winning pose after beating Tantasqua Regional High in the State Championship game.

Daniel Brooks ‘10 Joe Carter ‘09 Julian Colarusso ‘08 * Mike St. Cyr ‘08 Michael Ennis ‘09 David Grant ‘08

James Griffin ‘09 Allen Harris ‘09 Kyle Lawrence’10 Brendan Monterio ‘08 Claudio Norvilus ‘08 Mike O’Neal ‘08

Bo Simmonds-Jennings ‘09 Jeff Tagger ‘09 * Lincoln Wright ‘08 * * Captains

Managers: Chris Alexopoulos ‘08, Mike Slonina ‘11; Head Coach: Dennis Tobin; Assistant Coaches: Ed Sprissler P’89 ‘92, Tom Ryan.

Parents of Alumni: If this magazine is addressed to a son who no longer resides in your home, please email changes to: Thank You.

C AT H O L I C M E M O R I A L 235 Baker Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132

Change S ervice Requested

CM Magazine: Spring 2008  

The spring 2008 edition of CM Magazine, the alumni magazine of Catholic Memorial School.

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