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Hello my name is Cathia Pontes, i’ve born in France in 1989 in the city of Strasbourg, shortly after i moved to Portugal. From an early age i developed an aptitude for art and design. In 2006 i’ve join the ongoing general arts and completes the secondary, and then i’ve gone to a course in food hygiene and safety, in 2010 i enter the School of Applied Arts in Castelo Branco where i completed the three years course in Interior Design and Equipment. I developed in the course my first real projects, and in 2013 i moved for the uk, more properly Normanton in West Yorkshire where i live today. As an Interior Designer im able to develop and project design products taking into account the usability, function, production, market, marketing, quality and aesthetics, using technological resources and the proper materials. I have reading skills wich i can use to transform spaces and environments indoor/outdoor, trough instruments that include both disciplinary own fields of architecture, as well as production environments and design of equipment and furniture.


Cathia Pontes Coverletter