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Silicon, Saline, and Other Alternative Breast Implants Silcon and saline implants are the most common types used for breast augmentation. Both of these implants can produce satisfying results. Other than these two, there are alternatives that can be used for breast augmentation. Saline implants feel like plastic sandwich bag that is filled by water before they are placed inside the breasts. Their final size is usually filled through a disposable tube. Once the tube is removed, the valves automatically seal itself. Saline implants’ cost are normally about half as expensive as silicon ones. Its results are comparable with the silicon implants. In terms of the volume, the surgeons can make adjustments with the implants. Micro-adjustment can be done in case the breasts are not equally shaped. Silicon implants are those implants made up of layers of silicon rubber. These kinds of implants are twice the amount of saline ones. Silicon feels more natural and softer compared to saline implants. In cases of capsule formation, silicon implants can have wrinkles. However, in most cases, silicon implants don’t develop wrinkles at its edges. As for the volume, micro-adjustment is not possible with the silicon implants because they are completely sealed.

The other kinds of implants that one can choose from are the textured implants and high profile implants. Textured implants are those that have rough covering. These kinds of implants are used to reduce the probability of capsule formation. This condition is also known as capsular contracture, which is a complication wherein a scar tissue is form around the implant. Textured implants are also intended to create cohesion between the surrounding tissue and implant. This is intended to reduce the risk of implant displacement. Textured implants are available in different shapes such as round, anatomic, and teardrop. High profile implants are also very popular nowadays. These are the ones with narrower width but with the same volume. These kinds of implants work best for women with a narrow chest.

Before finally deciding which implants you will choose for your breast augmentation, you must consider discussing all your concerns to your doctor. You should inform your doctor what your goals and desires are and you must be able to identify what shape you want - whether you want a more rounded, full upper breast. You can discuss what your most preferred result is so that your doctor can recommend what suits you best depending on the current features of your body. Your doctor must also take into consideration the goals you have in your mind, the amount of skin to be used and its elasticity, and the amount of breast tissue for him to be able to decide the implant type and profile that is best for you. Please visit for more information on this subject.

Silicon Saline and Other Alternative Breast Implants