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Just tweeted Alan Sugar. Yes the Alan Sugar. He may not reply but it will probably be the closest I get to ever talking to him. And I know he looks at Twitter as he has a running public argument with the Piers Morgan. Have you notice how Twitter has really taken off? Long gone are the days of Bebo, MySpace is somewhat not in vogue, and Facebook is all a bit intrusive for my liking. This is, not that I deny owning a Facebook account, but do I really have 539 friends? I probably speak to about 20 on a regular basis yet all 539 are free to “stalk” my information and pictures; making assumptions about who I am and really, know everything about anything in my private and personal life. And they say that ID fraud is on the rise- can people really be that surprised? It gets a bit creepy when you start to tell someone some news from a close friend but they already know the ending as “yeah I saw it on Facebook” Or further still when people take pictures from your profile and create a fake profile in order to lure other Facebook users into heaven knows what (and yes I know people that this has happened to!) And that is why I prefer twitter. A couple of lines to introduce yourself, but other than that it is much less intrusive. The best thing about Twitter is that you can follow people who inspire you, and if they update it regularly you feel like you have become part of their world. Twitter has broken the boundaries between us common people and the world of the celebrity and other powerful individuals. One thing that does annoy me is that some people so into Twitter that they tweet (yes tweet has become a verb much like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia “I’ll just Google/Facebook/Wikipedia that”),

“I’ll just Google/Facebook/Wikipedia that”), about absolutely anything. For instance, “Oh I just ate cauliflower cheese… reminds me of home #Nostalgia”. Did I, in all seriousness, need to know that? How has that comment made an impact? Why even bother? This I say with caution as who knows “cauliflower cheese” might be trending and so their comment would be, in the strange ways of Twitter, entirely relevant and I could perhaps forgive them. But what Twitter does, it allows for these remarks, however trivial and uninteresting they may seem. They give a voice, freedom of thought and expression to the world, or ore correctly those who own a Twitter account. It allows a two way dialogue with the big cheeses of the world. Your tweet may be noticed by a follower, it may be answered by a top business professional enquiring about your latest entrepreneurial invention. Twitter has broken down the communication boundary so ordinary people can even have an impact on big international companies. Most brands have a Twitter account to keep people updated with news in the hope that followers would tweet about them so that the brand becomes a trending topic. Twitter acts as another platform for promotion and communication from the consumers to the brand. It is no longer necessary to even email international companies to get work experience or even a job. Just tweet them- who knows they may reply. With caution I say, Twitter can be life changing. So that is where I stand now; waiting for a tweet back from Alan Sugar agreeing to let me become his next apprentice. It might be my big break!

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