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Digital Fabrications: architectural + material techniques/Lisa Iwamoto. New York: Princeton Architectural Press c2009

Reading Response Wk 7 Describe one aspect of the recent shift in the use of digital technology from design to fabrication?

With digital technology, the way of thinking and doing, design, fabrication and prototype are being blurred. Therefore it allows a quick design to produce a prototype. It is also mentioned that with digital technology, it allows design to have a complexity and uniqueness and did not significanlty. To fabricate the design, it is also common to use subtractive fabrication like laser cut and additive fabrication like 3D printing which means less labour intensive. As it is also very important to represent the design itself in an orthographic projections, with digital technology it will be easier as people just have to take the section by cutting through the 3D objects.


Digital Design & Fabrication M3  
Digital Design & Fabrication M3