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Statement of Interest Firm Description Office Submitting QualiďŹ cations Current Workload Personnel Capability Proposed Approach to Program Statement of Why The Proposing Firm Should Be Selected

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Briefly tell why your firm is interested in this project. Silverman Construc on Program Management, Inc. (“Silverman”) is pleased to present to Georgia State University (“Owner”) our qualifica ons to provide Program Management Services for the Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Interior Renova on project, in all aspects of program management; from pre-construc on through construc on, occupancy and close-out. Our extensive cost, schedule, quality and contract management and our repor ng methodologies will ensure that your project is completed as required, on me and on budget. Our proposed project team has extensive experience with delivering successful higher educa on facili es which includes work for such Georgia ins tu ons as Georgia Gwinne College, Kennesaw State, Spelman College and Georgia State University. Silverman most recently managed a major construc on project at the Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center, a mul -phased $16.2 million renova on of the Library including due diligence, preconstruc on, construc on and post-construc on management services. We believe Silverman’s unique web-based program management informa on control system will be a significant asset to the Owner by providing real me access to all relevant project informa on. This comprehensive system tracks the Owner’s construc on project from start to finish, ensuring that all the Owner’s needs are addressed and monitored through a powerful, web-based so ware system. All appropriate Owner staff would be given access to this so ware in order to facilitate effec ve communica on and coordina on and to allow the Owner to monitor key performance indicators as the project evolves. Our diverse exper se and our commitment to serving our clients, uniquely posi ons Silverman in the construc on management industry as a champion for the Owner and a facilitator for the architect and contractor. Our hands-on approach and our commitment to teamwork with all par es are important keys to the success of this project. During the course of the project, our project management team will be responsible not only for the complete implementa on of the program but also responsible for insuring all par es are included and informed during each phase of the project. Our team will work closely with the Owner’s designated representa ve to manage all project ac vi es and will successfully deliver this project. We are excited about this opportunity to develop long-las ng rela onships with Georgia State University. We hope this qualifica ons package reflects our sincere desire to work with the Ins tu on on this exci ng project and we commit the resources of Silverman Construc on Program Management, Inc. to a successful project comple on.





Basic company informaƟon Silverman Construc on Program Management, Inc. 1075 Zonolite Road, Suite 5 │ Atlanta, GA 30306 Phone: 404.892.7274 Fax: 404.892.0022 Primary Contact: Arnold P. Silverman, President Direct Phone: 404.969.4302 Email: Number of Years in Business: 15


Form of Ownership: S-Corpora on, State of Georgia


Succinctly describe the history and growth of your firm.

In 1979, Arnold (“Arnie”) Silverman and his brother Robert Silverman purchased The Winter Construc on Company in Atlanta, Georgia. As President and Chief Opera ng Officer, Arnie managed an increase in revenue from $2.5 million to over $88 million. Throughout his tenure with Winter, he managed projects for universi es, private and public schools, arts and cultural organiza ons, and private and corporate developers. In 1995, Arnie founded Silverman Construc on Program Management, Inc. (“Silverman”) with more than 30 years of professional experience in planning and managing commercial construc on programs. Star ng as a one-person shop, he primarily focused on serving non-profit and community organiza ons. A founda on of honest and straigh orward rela onships, built in a business environment grounded in respect for all par es, became the force behind Silverman. Fi een years later, the company has thirteen employees, including four LEED Accredited Professionals, and the firm con nues to provide planning and management assistance to owners and organiza ons faced with the daun ng task of building and renova ng new and exis ng facili es. At the start of 2009, Art Fix was named Vice President of Silverman. Art joined the company in 2005 as a Senior Project Manager, bringing more than 22 years of architectural and construc on related experience to the firm. Because of his extensive background as an Architect, Developer and as a General Contractor, Art was brought on to help advance the services Silverman provides to its clients. In the beginning of 2010, Silverman added to its team a new project manager with over 25 years of experience in interior design and most recently added another project manager with over 20 years of commercial real estate and program management experience. With integra ng these types of specialized skills, Silverman offers its clients unique knowledge and exper se. “By expanding our project management staff to include experience in addi onal disciplines, Silverman is ready to provide all-inclusive, comprehensive services to our clients,” Arnie P. Silverman. Today, Silverman serves a diverse blend of non-profit, community-minded and ins tu onal clients, plus private sector organiza ons and corpora ons. The hallmark of our firm is our dedica on to serving the client in an environment of trust, objec vity and open communica on, free from conflicts of interest.




Regarding liƟgaƟon with owners, contractors, and architects, list any acƟve or pending liƟgaƟon and

explain. Silverman Construc on Program Management has never been involved in a dispute with an Owner, contractor or architect that has required formal resolu on by any legal or alterna ve dispute resolu on means. e.

Other than that just listed, has the firm been involved in any relevant liƟgaƟon in the past five

years? Explain. Same as above. f.

Has the firm ever failed to complete any work awarded to it or has it been removed from any

project awarded to the firm? Explain. Silverman Construc on Program Management has never failed to complete any work awarded to us nor have we been removed from any project we have been assigned to. g.

Give three references to which your company has provided professional services of a nature and quality

similar to those described herein. References start on next page.



LocaƟon: 1839 Phillips Road, Lithonia, Georgia 30058 Dates Services Provided: July 2007-May 2010 DescripƟon: As program managers for the DeKalb County Parks Bond program, Silverman Construc on Program Management provided program and project management services from the Design Phase through Construc on of the 23,000 s.f. facility. The following program spaces were included in the Project:: Computer Lab Gymnasium Locker Rooms and Lounge Area Elevated Walking Track Wellness Center Game Room Aerobics Dance Studio Arts and Cra s Room Administra ve Offices Concessions Children’s Play Room Mul -purpose Room Sustainable design principles have been incorporated into the design, construc on, and on-going opera ons management to ensure the most efficient and value- added systems were applied to this project. The facility has been in opera on for approximately four months hos ng summer camp, Net Ball league play, Basketball and Volleyball league play, and general public use. Contact: Roy Wilson, Director, DeKalb County Parks & Recrea on Department The Maloof Center, 1300 Commerce Drive, 3rd Floor, Decatur, GA 30030 / Office: 404.371.3005 Email:



ORGANIZATION: THE PAIDEIA SCHOOL LocaƟon: 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 Dates Services Provided: Services have been provided da ng back to Silverman’s incep on in 1995 through the most recent project was completed in August, 2009. Currently SCPM is engaged in 2 projects for the School, one scheduled for comple on by October 2010 and one scheduled for comple on in 2011. DescripƟon: Silverman has been working with The Paideia School for over 10 years. Con nuing its long rela onship with Paideia School, Silverman worked with the school as Project Manager for its latest campus expansion that included a new Junior High School, gymnasium, black box theatre, parking and a gymnasium addi on. Using a collabora ve team approach, this complex project accomplished a LEED Gold cer fica on, and incorporated such items as a geothermal HVAC system and a new well for campus irriga on in light of the region’s con nuing drought. The challenges were many working on a func oning campus, a ght site and within a historic neighborhood. The project was delivered on me and within budget. Contact: Paul Bianchi, Headmaster Paideia School Contact InformaƟon: The Paideia School 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307/ Office: 404.371.9237 / Email:



LocaƟon: 2340 Cli on Springs Road Dates Services Provided: May, 2002- June 2003 DescripƟon: The project is a 70,000-s.f. Family Life Center containing a gymnasium with a regula on basketball court with two side courts and bleachers. The gymnasium will also func on as an event venue with a raised stage, theatrical ligh ng, and full sound and video systems ed into the main sanctuary. Other func ons in the building include a five lane 25-yard indoor swimming pool, aerobics room, a running track, exercise room, library, video ministry, counseling offices, youth game room, youth general purpose room with stage, two conference rooms, an arts and cra s room, and two child care rooms. Silverman Construc on Program Management has worked with Beulah Bap st Church since the incep on of the project, facilita ng site visits to similar facili es, managing the designer selec on process, overseeing programming and design, managing the construc on bid process and construc on phases as well as assis ng on start-up of opera ons. Contact: Deacon Nat Harris, Business Administrator Beulah Bap st Church Contact InformaƟon: Beulah Bap st Church 2340 Cli on Springs Road Decatur, Georgia 30034 Office: (770) 469-0369 / Email:


OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION h. List three architectural references and three contractor references. ARCHITECT REFERENCES: Sandy Cooper / Principal / Collins Cooper Carusi / (404) 873-0001 / E mail: Dennis Hertlein / Surber Barber Choate & Hertlein / (404) 872-8400/ E mail: Stanley Daniels / Principal / Jova/Daniels/Busby / (404) 879-6810 / E mail: CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTOR REFERENCES: Tom Gay / President / Gay Construc on Co. / (404) 873-4941 , Ext. 302 / E mail: tgay@gayconstruc Brantley Barrow / Chairman / Hardin Construc on Company LLC / (404) 264-0404 / E mail: bbarrow@hardinconstruc Patrick A. Freese/ President / Freese Construc on / 770.850.9393 / E mail:


OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION 3. OFFICE SUBMITTING QUALIFICATIONS Silverman Construc on Program Management, Inc. 1075 Zonolite Road, NE Suite 5 Atlanta, Georgia 30306 /404.969.4317/ mwa

4. FIRM’S CURRENT WORKLOAD With 13 staff members, Silverman is very capable of handling the following on-going projects in addi on to providing full program management support for Georgia State University’s Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Project. •

City of Atlanta Grant Park RecreaƟon Center - This approximately 18,000 s.f. project is for the City of

Atlanta and is in the construc on phase with an an cipated comple on date of February 2011. •

City of Atlanta Coan RecreaƟon Center - This approximately 15,000 s.f. facility is for the City of Atlanta and is

currently under construc on with an an cipated comple on date of February 2011. •

Atlanta Downtown Improvement District – Three streetscape projects ranging from $800,000 to

$4,000,000 that are in construc on phase and an cipated comple on dates of 2011. One project will begin construc on in 2011. •

Atlanta Botanical Garden – The new Canopy Walk, Cascade and Edible Gardens projects were just recently

completed and SCPM has been asked to con nue working with the Garden on a small interior renova on project, schedule and budget to be determined. •

Annie E. Casey FoundaƟon – University Ave. mul -purpose site – schedule and budget are to be

determined. •

DeKalb County Courthouse - Phase III, $25m project to renovate the old courthouse in phases. Comple on

is scheduled for 2012. •

DeKalb Parks Bonds Projects – there are currently 5 projects to be completed in this program, which will

last through third quarter 2011. Total value of program $67 million with a remaining value of $25 million. •

Midtown Alliance – Silverman has managed streetscape projects for Midtown for six years. Two projects

are under construc on and will be completed in 2011. Five others are in design/right of way comple on and will be bid and begin construc on during 2010 and 2011. Overall program value is $75m. •

Monastery of the Holy Spirit – this is a $5m renova on project that is currently in schema c phase and will

be completed in 2010. •

Paideia School Python Hall – The renova on of Python Hall is in the Construc on Phase and an cipated

comple on date is October 2010. •

Paideia School Mother Goose Rebuild - This rebuild of the fire damaged Mother Goose Classroom Building

is in the Construc on Phase and is expected to be completed by June 2011. •

Piedmont Park North Woods Expansion– Phase I of the North Woods expansion carries a budget of $37m, is

currently in design phase and is scheduled for comple on at the end of 2010 •

Clayton County SPLOST Program- Managing four projects in the Programming Phase which began on

September 1, 2010 and will con nue through 2011. Design and Construc on phases to begin in 2011 and an cipated comple on date of 2013. •

Zoo Atlanta – Silverman is managing the reloca on of a maintenance facility, schedule to be determined.

[ 10 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION LIST OF PERSONNEL PROPOSED FOR THIS PROGRAM THAT IS COMMITTED IN OTHER PROJECTS: Art Fix – Vice President – Art is commi ed to the overall management of approximately 60% of the projects listed above with support from Senior Project and Project Manager teams. For the GSU Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility project, Art will be responsible for the overall program management, strategic direc on and oversight and project teamwork for the delivery of services to the Owner. MarƟ WaƩs – Senior Project Manager - Mar will be responsible for maintaining effec ve rela ons with the Owner throughout the life of this project, including a ending monthly mee ngs and coordina ng all communica ons and repor ng to Owner. Addi onally, Mar will be responsible for developing and implemen ng communica on standards, coordina ng the development and implementa on of the overall project management plan, monitoring the management plan, and coordina ng and managing the design and construc on team. Claudia Ledwich – Project Manager - Claudia will support Mar in the development and implementa on of the Project Management Plan. Claudia’s primary responsibility will be the management of overall project costs and schedule. Claudia will also be responsible for analyzing and monitoring design and construc on services contracts and monitor contract compliance, accuracy and documenta on. Henry Gomez –Project Manager –Henry will be responsible for coordina ng and managing construc on team mee ngs, preparing all communica ons with the construc on team, providing quality control through on-site inspec ons of the work, coordina ng all tes ng, coordina ng all correc ve ac ons on non-conforming work and managing post-construc on phase services for mely comple on of the work.

[ 11 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION 5. PERSONNEL CAPABILITY (ALL RESUMES FOLLOW THIS SECTION) a. Provide informaƟon about the firm’s personnel resources. ARNIE SILVERMAN, PRESIDENT – Arnie has constructed several university facili es in the Southeast, most notably: •

Duke University Medical Science Research Building

Clark Atlanta Biology Lab/Science Research Building

Georgia State University School of Music

Georgia Tech Industrial Management-Industrial Engineering Building

Arnie’s involvement in the GSU Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Project will be limited and on an as needed basis. ART FIX, VICE PRESIDENT – Art will be the Principal in Charge of the Silverman Program Management Team and will be responsible for the overall management and oversight for the delivery of services to the Owner. Art’s specific experience with recrea on facili es includes: •

Piedmont Park Greystone Mul -Purpose Facility & Aqua c Center: Art was the leader of the program

management team and played the cri cal role of represen ng the Owner from project start to finish. Art acted as the liaison between the Owner, the City of Atlanta and other agencies involved in the project through every phase of this approximately $8 million dollar renova on and adap ve use of the historic Greystone facility and new construc on of the aqua c center. This project included an approximately 10,000 square foot mul -use facility and associated new expansive terrace area. The terrace extends the floor area of the Greystone facility to allow for a large outdoor mul use space associated with the building space. Also included was the new approximately 6,500 sq. . pool including an area for lap pool swimmers and a recrea onal pool area. This project is tracking LEED Gold cer fica on. •

Paideia School: Art managed the approximately $22 million dollar expansion program for the Paideia

School that was completed in 2008. Art lead this collabora ve team approach, ul mately resul ng in a LEED Gold cer fica on for this complex project. Included in the program were such items as a geothermal HVAC system and a new well for campus irriga on in light of the region’s con nuing drought. This project con nued while the campus remained func oning and despite some challenges including building within a ght site and building within a historic neighborhood, this project was delivered on me and within budget. MARTI WATTS – SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER – Mar will be the lead Project Manager for this project and will be the Principal Point of Contact. Mar ’s strengths include a complete understanding of successfully managing a project from start to finish. Mar is the Owner’s representa ve and advocate throughout the en re process and provides leadership and focus to all team members to ensure the project progresses as planned: on me and within budget. Mar ’s experience includes managing the Robert W. Woodruff Library at the Atlanta University Center, a 100,000 square foot renova on of the library which will remain open throughout the construc on. Archivists, working on the collec on of King Papers housed at the Library, will con nue their work as the construc on con nues.

Mar ’s responsibili es include developing and implemen ng the management plan, monitoring the schedule and budget, coordina ng and managing the design and construc on team, repor ng and documen ng project’s progress and communica ng directly with the Owner.

[ 12 ]


Mar ’s experience also includes the management of the Redan Recrea on Center project which involves the new construc on of a recrea on facility for Dekalb County’s Redan Park that will include a new gymnasium, game room, aerobics / dance studio, arts and cra s room, Mul -purpose room, computer lab, fitness / wellness room, and recrea on staff offices. This project is es mated to wrap up by May of 2010. Mar is a LEED Accredited Professional and a licensed Landscape Architect.

CLAUDIA LEDWICH - PROJECT MANAGER - Claudia’s breadth of project management and scheduling experience spans over 20 years. She most recently completed the CPM schedule development and management of the Hartsfield Jackson Interna onal Terminal project which includes a 1.2 million s.f. terminal building with 12 gates, connector building, taxiway, roadway work, parking deck and related construc on. Claudia’s strengths lie in her abili es to work with Owners to nego ate contracts, assist in managing predevelopment services, site evalua on, engineering and architectural services management. Previous to joining Silverman CPM, Claudia worked on the Georgia State University Library Transforma on Project, involving the 225,000 s.f. renova on and new construc on of the mul building project. Claudia is a LEED Accredited Professional and licensed General Contractor. HENRY GOMEZ - PROJECT MANAGER – Henry will be the project manager during construc on. Henry has over 17 years of construc on management experience, project engineering and field supervisory experience. His broad background, including work for a developer, a General Contractor and a tes ng company, qualifies Henry to manage the most complex construc on projects. Included in Henry’s por olio of experience is the expansion and renova on of the Georgia Tech Football Stadium and the construc on of the 162,000 square foot Georgia State University Recrea on Center where Henry’s responsibili es as a construc on manager involved reviewing and approving project contracts and change orders, evalua ng team performance to maintain budget and schedule, and ac ng as the liaison with vendors, other agencies and the Owner.

[ 13 ]



founded Silverman Construc on Program

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering,

Management (“SCPM”), he backed the company with more than 30

Stevens Institute of Technology

years of professional experience planning and managing commercial

Master of Arts, Business Administration,

construc on programs. He has assembled a team of experienced

Columbia University

professionals to provide planning and management assistance to owners and organiza ons faced with the daun ng task of building and renova ng


new and exis ng facili es. Silverman is known for its experience,

Member, Construction Management

knowledge, fairness, and dedica on to the owners’ interests.

Association of America

A er receiving a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Small

Stevens Ins tute of Technology, and a master’s degree in business

Business Person of the Year, 2006

administra on from Columbia University, Arnie began his construc on

Catalyst Magazine Top 25 Entrepreneurs, 2007

career in New York and became vice president and general manager of Sweet Associates where he managed a variety of construc on projects of

Green DeKalb Advisory Council

up to $25 million in size.

Founding Member, DeKalb County Police Alliance

Arnie has been appointed to a variety of important posi ons in both the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County. In 2002 Arnie was appointed to the

Chairman, City of Atlanta Elected Official

Task Force for Parks and Greenspace for the City of Atlanta by Mayor

Compensation Committee

Shirley Franklin. In 2003 he was selected by DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones to

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Board of

be his representa ve on the Green DeKalb Advisory Council. In July 2003,


Mayor Franklin appointed Arnie to the City of Atlanta Parks Commission. Arnie was selected as the 2006 Small Business Person of the Year by the

Emory University Clifton Corridor Advisory

Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Board

Group Task Force

of Directors of the Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and of the 2007 class of Leadership DeKalb and also currently serves on Emory

Atlanta Beltline Parks and Trails Task Force

University’s Cli on Corridor Advisory Group and the Atlanta Beltline Parks and Trails Taskforce.

Years of Experience 35+

[ 14 ]



F joined Silverman Construc on Program Management (SCPM)


in 2005 with more than 22 years of design and construc on-related

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design/

experience. Art’s background includes work in architecture, construc on,

Building Construction, Auburn University

and real estate development, with projects for a wide variety of clients, including schools, public universi es, major corpora ons, conven on

Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University

centers and hospitality companies and retail malls. Certifications/Affiliations Art began his career with Gia na, Kirkwood & Partners; Architects in Birmingham, Alabama then came to Atlanta to work with the architectural

Member, Construction Management Associa-

firm of Cooper Carry. During his 15 years at Cooper Carry, Art worked

tion of America (CMAA)

on a wide range of project types and sizes before joining Cork-Howard Construc on Co. as a project execu ve in 1999. Immediately prior to

Member, American Institute of Architects

joining SCPM, Art worked for the real estate development firm Place Proper es, where he directed and managed project teams from concep on

Licensed General Contractor

through post-occupancy including several university projects. Board of Directors, Metro Atlanta Respite and During his 26 years in construc on related fields, Art has been involved

Developmental Services, Inc.

in the development, design, and construc on of projects ranging from $10,000 to over $100 million throughout the northern and southeastern

Years of Experience

United States. Art’s experience is wide-ranging and includes design,


procuring and managing design and construc on teams, working with local building authori es during the zoning and permit phases of projects, construc on quality control, project coordina on, scheduling and budge ng. Selected Project Experience:

Piedmont Park Northwoods Expansion, Greystone Mul -Func on Facility, Ac ve Oval, renova ons and improvements

Atlanta Botanical Garden new Visitor’s Center, Canopy Walk and expansion of gardens

Paideia School, Junior High School Building and Gymnasium, new academic building, Python Hall Auditorium, Mother Goose Building

Clayton County SPLOST Program - Library, Fire Mul -Purpose Building Police Precincts, Animal Control Facility

[ 15 ]




joined Silverman Construc on Program Management in


2008 as a Senior Project Manager, bringing more than 12 years of project management experience to the company. Mar ’s background in projects

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

for both the public and private sectors includes a strong emphasis in park

University of Georgia

and recrea onal planning and design, urban design, and construc on management.

Registrations/ Affiliations

Mar began her career with Kenneth B. Simmons Associates in Columbia,

Registered Landscape Architect

S.C., as a Land Planner before moving to Altamira Design & Common Sense, Inc. Her work at Altamira included ac ng as Senior Project Manager for

Leadership in Energy and

the Children’s Adventure Garden and Wade Walker Park in DeKalb County,

Environmental Design (LEED®) AP

the Georgia World Congress Center, Drew Charter School/East Lake YMCA, streetscapes and work related to the company’s Annual Contract with

Certified Playground Safety Inspector

Gwinne County. Immediately prior to joining SCPM Mar worked for Wood + Partners, Inc.

Member, Southface Energy Institute

and was responsible for leading project teams from schema c design to prepara on of construc on documents and construc on administra on

Member, Urban Land Institute

for a variety of projects, including Brook Run Skate Park, Ridgeview Walk Townhomes, and Cheshire Bridge Road Streetscape.

Years of Experience 15

Mar holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia. She is a Registered Landscape Architect, a LEED® Accredited Professional, a cer fied Playground Safety Inspector, a Member of Southface Energy Ins tute, and a Member of the Urban Land Ins tute. Related project experience includes:

Robert W. Woodruff Library, mul -phased renova on of the 100,000 Library at the Atlanta University Center, $16.2 million

Redan Park Recrea on Center, new construc on of recrea on center for Dekalb County

• • •

Dekalb County Parks Bond Program Brook Run Skate Park Wade Walker Recrea on & Community Center Redevelopment

[ 16 ]




joined Silverman with over 20 years of project


management experience. Claudia’s work has focused on project management and scheduling assignments in the construc on and

Bachelor of Arts

real estate development industry. She has successfully managed the

Economics, 1988

development and construc on of over 4.5 million square feet of space and

University of Notre Dame

has over 20 years experience in the industry. Her market sector experience

Notre Dame School of Architecture Rome

includes mixed use, office, retail, residen al, educa onal & ins tu onal,

Studies Program, Rome, Italy

medical and avia on projects in both the private and public sectors. She has managed projects from incep on to occupancy as an at risk real estate

Registrations/ Affiliations

development manager, an at risk commercial contractor and a program manager. Claudia is also a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

LEED Accredited Professional, 2009

Claudia’s exper se in managing projects, developing CPM schedules,

Registered Florida General Contractor, 2005-

providing project team direc on and providing comprehensive project


documenta on resulted in a history of successful projects completed on schedule and within budget.

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s Permitting Process Improvement Taskforce Member,

Claudia has a vast por olio of project experience. Some related project experience is as follows:

2005-2007 Years of Experience

Georgia State University Library Transforma on Project, 225,000 s.f.


renova on and new construc on in a mul -building, con nuously opera ng and occupied Library

University of South Florida Founda on Tampa General Hospital Campus - 125,000 s.f. Medical Office Building

United Way 24-7 Gateway Facility - a conversion to a Homeless Service Center

Project Management for the City of Atlanta 5 mile roadway traffic calming projects

Lindbergh City Center, a 42 acre 1.5 million s.f. public -private development partnership between MARTA and Carter & Associates

[ 17 ]




joined Silverman Construc on Program Management


(“SCPM”) in 2007, bringing more than 15 years of construc on

Associate in Applied Science, Construction

management, project engineering and field supervisory experience

Technology, Southern Illinois University

to the company. His broad background, including work for a

Bachelor of Science, Advanced Technical

developer, a general contractor and a tes ng company, provides

Studies, Southern Illinois University

valuable exper se to the Silverman team.

30 hours OSHA Training completed

Henry began his career with ATC Associates, where he was a


field supervisor. His responsibili es included managing complex

Certified Structural Masonry Inspector

construc on tes ng for numerous projects and supervising over

Construction Management Association of

fi y field personnel. A er seven years at ATC, he went to work

America (CMAA) - Member

for Turner Construc on Company in Atlanta, GA, where he spent six years as a Superintendent and then as a Project Engineer. His

Years of experience

responsibili es included the full range of construc on du es,


including reviewing plans and specifica ons, coordina ng subcontractors, managing mee ngs, preparing schedules and contracts, reviewing submi al documents and working on logis cs. Immediately prior to joining SCPM, Henry worked as a Construc on Manager for Novare Group in Atlanta, GA, reviewing and approving project contracts and change orders, evalua ng team performance to maintain budget and schedule, and liaising with vendors. Henry’s projects at Novare included high rise condominium towers in Atlanta and Nashville, ranging in size from 216 units to 333 units. Henry’s project experience includes: •

Atlanta Union Mission’s new Community Center

First Presbyterian Church Renova ons

54 acre expansion of the Northwoods of Piedmont Park

Atlanta Medical Center’s Emergency Department

Emory University Winship Cancer Ins tute 200,000 s.f. new construc on

Georgia State University Recrea on Center Expansion and Renova on

[ 18 ]


b. Please idenƟfy the person who, from Program start to finish, will be the leader of your project management team and the principal point of contact. Mar Wa s will be the leader of our Project Management Team from Program start to finish and the principal point of contact. c. Provide any addiƟonal relevant informaƟon. For the GSU Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Renova on project, as the Program Manager, Silverman will work side by side with the Owner to ini ate and facilitate me and cost cri cal decisions throughout the program from beginning to conclusion. Silverman is dedicated to being a partner with the Owner, allowing for as much or as li le Owner involvement as desired with the goal to provide services beyond the campus’s expecta ons. While Silverman’s first responsibility is to be an advocate for the Owner, we are proud of our reputa on for maintaining fair and professional rela onships with architects and contractors throughout the scope of a project. Silverman’s goal is to complete the construc on project on me and within budget with a systema c, forward-moving program of planning, coordina on and execu on. From new construc on and project planning, to major building renova ons, we are known for our ability to provide thorough a en on to every detail of the construc on program, an cipa ng and solving problems in advance or in the midst of a hec c schedule. The Silverman Team is in a unique posi on to provide the Owner with an in-house staff diversely experienced, specifically in construc on, project management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, cost es ma ng, scheduling, programming and architecture. Our Team’s specific areas of exper se include: program management, project and construc on management, condi on assessment, cost management and es ma ng, scheduling, value engineering, risk management, project controls, change order review/ claims analysis, public private partnership advisory and sustainability services. Silverman currently has several LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff that has significant experience managing LEED® projects.

[ 19 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION 6. PROPOSED APPROACH TO PROGRAM PROGRAM INITIALIZATION PHASE A CollaboraƟve and Inclusive Process To be successful, the design, development and construc on process must be “collabora ve and inclusive”, not compe ve. Our commitment is to exceed Georgia State University’s (“Owner’s”) expecta ons at every phase of the project, as well as with the finished product. We consider the Owner to be our partner throughout the project. We want the Owner to designate early, its stakeholders in the Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Renova on Project who will meet regularly and o en with our Project Management Team. These mee ngs will be substan ve and respec ul. The first mee ngs will begin with the Program Ini aliza on Phase. Establishing Goals & ObjecƟves/Role ClarificaƟon Our approach to delivering this project will require, as soon as prac cal a er contract award, a project kick-off meeting with the stakeholders. This ini al mee ng will be a “get acquainted” session for each of the stakeholders to meet each other and to start organizing each vision of where they see the project. It is paramount that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of all expecta ons and the roles and responsibili es of all par es. In order to ensure that the Owner’s objec ves for the Outdoor Student Recrea on Facility Renova on Project are achieved, and the process is one that is collabora ve and unified. Development of CommunicaƟon Standards Once all project objec ves and the roles and responsibili es of the project team are defined, a process for communicaons throughout the project’s dura on is established that includes the following:

• • • • • • •

What is communicated to whom? When is it communicated? How is it communicated? Who should be copied? Who should respond? Who signs off? Who approves?

Establish Management InformaƟon & ReporƟng System The next step in the project ini aliza on phase is for the project team to understand the Owner’s review, approval and repor ng requirements including:

• • • •

The type of informa on required The repor ng format The frequency of various reports The distribu on requirements

[ 20 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION The tools Silverman has developed are all built around a substan ve flow of informa on. We have developed a proprietary program management system – Silverman Integrated Management Solu ons (SIMS) that is used in conjunc on with a powerful web-based pla orm which has been adapted to our systems to provide the Owner with real me access to all relevant project informa on. This complete program management system tracks the Owner’s construc on project from start to finish, ensuring that all the Owner’s needs are addressed and monitored through a powerful web-based so ware system. This system offers Document Control, Document Management, Workflow updates, alerts and no fica ons, Contract Management and Change Management. It also provides structured workflow for all of the documents that will be necessary throughout this project including RFI’s, Submi als, Punchlists, Mee ng Minutes, Drawings, Daily Reports, and Request for Quotes and Bids.

Sample Project Home Page

This program management system also controls project accoun ng. This system manages the Owner Contracts (fixed price, guaranteed maximum price, me and materials, cost plus, etc.) Owner Change Orders, Subcontracts, Subcontract Change Orders, Pay Requests, Budge ng, Forecas ng, Time & Expenses, etc. keeping the Owner and the Project Management Team current on all projects costs. In addi on to these advanced tools, we are firm believers in a constant flow of communica on the old-fashioned way with regular team mee ngs and team conference calls. We will coordinate these mee ngs and be in constant communica on with the Office of Facili es of the Board of Regents and all other authori es as necessary.

[ 21 ]


The specific tools that we use to keep everyone on the team informed and involved are: •

Ac on Item Log –This is an ongoing list that we maintain from the beginning of the project that iden fies

responsibili es for the Owner, Silverman, the Developer, its Design Professional and Construc on firm, and all consultants. The list iden fies specific work to be done and required comple on dates. It simplifies tracking of assignments on an individual basis and coordinates those assignments with the deadlines that are indicated on the Project Schedule. •

Mee ng Minutes – Silverman either generates mee ng minutes or reviews those minutes assigned to other

team members and ensures they are posted for all par es to verify on a mely schedule. •

Monthly Report – The more extensive monthly report will begin with a narra ve summary of the project

and will include a number of sec ons highligh ng all per nent project informa on. Examples of the individual report sec ons are: execu ve level budget review, highlighted review of the project schedule, review of any project issues and exposures, and projected progress milestones. Addi onally, we will supplement this report with photographs and specific worksheets and reports that will give detailed informa on concerning each sec on.

Sample Action Log

[ 22 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT PLAN Silverman will customize and maintain a program management plan that outlines processes and procedures for each step in managing the project throughout the life construc on and post-construc on. Our plan includes:

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Strategy and delivery Quality control (construc on, occupancy and close out) Team directory Organiza on, roles and responsibili es Schedule requirements Financial procedures, budget and cost control informa on Informa on systems and document control Procurement procedures Occupancy schedules and priori es Health and safety procedures Repor ng procedures and templates

We will develop a specific project procedure manual to document our approach to management during all phases. We will prepare this plan and submit it in dra form for Owner review. Together we will modify procedures to reflect the Owner’s goals and responsibili es for our program team. This document becomes the defini ve guideline for management of every aspect of the program.

BUDGET CONTROL AND COST MANAGEMENT Our track record of successfully controlling program costs depends on establishing a clear set of objec ves coupled with the use of sound basic management principles. We will establish an effec ve cost management plan to include:

Budget Verifica on - The budget must be verified. We do this by analyzing the statement of requirements, each project scope, quality and performance levels and program metable including design schedules, construc on comple on dates and conceptual assump ons. Cost targets are then assigned to each major category of the adopted cost control framework.

Con nuous Cost Monitoring - The main objec ve here is to provide budgetary informa on regularly, rapidly and in sufficient detail to enable proper decisions to be made. Our proac ve approach allows us to analyze project components and compare costs with the budget in conjunc on with the designers in order to assist the Owner in the decision-making process. During the course of the project events will occur that necessitate changes in project cost. Our goal will be to develop a reliable early warning system that will help us proac vely manage the ul mate outcome.

During construc on, our diligence in managing costs is maintained using effec ve change control procedures and comprehensive cost repor ng. Silverman has a very strong track record of success in dra ing contract clauses and unit price mechanisms to establish reasonable ground rules for valuing change orders, supported by a thorough review of en tlement and subsequent nego a on. Our change order control process will ensure that the Owner pays only fair and reasonable prices for changes, and that unsubstan ated change orders are rejected.

[ 23 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION CONSTRUCTION PHASE During construc on, Silverman’s program management ac vi es consist of monitoring construc on progress and administering construc on contracts. This typically includes:

• • • • • • •

Conduc ng pre-construc on project analysis mee ngs Establishing progress against schedule and recommending correc ve ac on Chairing site mee ngs and resolving open issues and any problems Coordina ng all shop drawing submi als and approvals and keeping logs Ensuring that the A/E inspects the quality of work and approves shop drawings Coordina ng with A/E and issuing any addendum or construc on bulle ns Review contractor, A/E and owner consultants' applica ons for monthly progress payments and recommend approval

• • • •

Issuing request for change proposal to contractors Evalua ng and nego a ng proposed change orders Preparing monthly reports Ensuring adequate manpower is provided by prime contractors to complete each phase within the scheduled me

• • • • •

Ensuring all governmental inspec ons are scheduled, performed and approved Ensuring prime contractors have wri en safety programs which are in place and enforced Con nual quality and safety monitoring and site checks Preparing a final account of cost upon comple on Arranging for record drawings, opera ng manuals and related data to be handed over to Owner

CLOSEOUT & OCCUPANCY Upon construc on comple on, Silverman will develop and implement closeout procedures regarding:

• • • • • •

Timely comple on of Punch-list Substan al and final comple on Installa on of FF&E Transfer to Owner all warran es, etc. Train staff on use of systems, if needed Issuance of final report

[ 24 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION 7. STATEMENT OF WHY THE PROPOSING FIRM SHOULD BE SELECTED CUTTING EDGE TECHNIQUES TO BENEFIT COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION AND DOCUMENTATION Silverman’s Unique Program Management System: The Silverman Integrated Management System (SIMS), while other companies will claim to have a similar system, no other was ini ally developed as a Web-based program. Our program management system u lizes the efficiency of user- friendly techniques, enabling us to effec vely manage the complete program. This system allows appropriate security access, auditable tracking and repor ng based on the Microso pla orm, which is familiar to all team members and computer users. CollaboraƟon: SIMS was developed from the ground up for Web-based collabora ve access by all project team members. This combined customiza on and security infrastructure allows very precise control of what informa on is available to project team members for either view only and or edit access. Document Control: SIMS provides powerful and flexible document control. It allows for management of any internally or externally generated documents. Unlimited user-defined documents allow for tracking of all program informa on within the system. Documents may be flexibly defined u lizing an internal form defini on tool with output to Microso Word, or may be custom Excel spreadsheets that are embedded into SIMS u lizing the deep Microso Office integra on. Examples of documents that can be maintained and tracked within SIMS include:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Ac on items Approvals and permits Field observa on Inspec ons and tests Mee ng minutes Punch-list Site photos Team messages Transmi als Schedules (u lizing Microso Project and published through SIMS) Invita ons to Bid

RouƟng and Workflow: The automated document rou ng system gets the right document into the right individual’s hands, in the right sequence, with the right approvals, using the right distribu on method, which can be Web, e-mail or fax.

[ 25 ]

OUTDOOR STUDENT RECREATION FACILITY RENOVATION Financial Analysis and ReporƟng: Excel based program financial analysis tools are ghtly integrated into the SIMS system. These harvest data directly from the program cost accoun ng system, and then display the results within Excel, with full drilldown to transac on detail including suppor ng documenta on (i.e. scanned image of a Pay Request). This data may also be easily reforma ed for any necessary custom Excel-based repor ng. Some notable advantages of our Program Management system, SIMS include:

• • • • • •

Total repository and resource of all program documents including correspondence and comments Complete auditable history of all inputs and modifica ons with version control Complex func onality in simple Web-based formats Easy access for all team members Automa c rou ng of rou ne documents and reports Comprehensive but easily scalable nature that can revert to email func onality

The hallmark of The Silverman Program Management Team is our diverse group of project managers and comprehensive in-house capabili es joined with our strong leadership and innova ve informa on management system. This combina on separates us from the rest and posi ons our team to successfully deliver this important project to Georgia State University.

[ 26 ]


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