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Si ng MPA roses competition brief Branding of the Olympic Game makers choir

This project was a competition entry for the 2012 MPA roses awards, the task was the brand the olympic game makers choir. celebrating the success of the games and the make it a lasting legacy. Within my design I wanted to celebrate the game makers joining together and putting a glow back in Britain. I wanted my branding to be bursting with life and energy therefore something that is eye-catching and bold. Using real light and shining it through paper cutouts allowed me to capture the desired glowing effect. I created 3 versions of my logo to create a broad visual identity for the choir. All created to serve different purposes, one for those involved in the choir itself. The logo is made up of a complete circle with a glow where the circle connects and is formed together. One for spreading the word of the choir, showing beams of light and the circles coming back together. The final logo is to represent the overall experience of the choir and the atmosphere it creates, made up of all the rings contained in a solid circle.

As the idea of the choir is to carry on inspiring people and to promote the act of volunteering, the money raised will go to charity.Therefore I have created merchandise that will serve this purpose and will act as soveniers from the concert and advertising to encourage more interest. - Badges containing all three logo versions sold separately and as a muiltipack - Tickets for the concert. Sent out in all four colours to replicate the four parts of the choir coming together

T-shirts available for purchase before or after choir performances, as a reminder of the experience and future tour dates

- Medals that show reference to the olympics and the pride felt during the games and the concert. - CD and sleeve showcasing the choir’s latest single.

T-shirts available for purchase in supporting stores. Part of the funds go towards the chosen charity. Variations available in each colour.

Striking posters also in every colour, a range of compositions allows poster to appear along side each other to create a powerful yet interesting advertisment. Posters could also appear on a backlit advertising space to alow the light to shine through the poster and glow.

Simplistic uniform, consisting of the four colours. each colour represents a section of the choir. therefore when brought together they make up the colours of the olympic logo. Examples of how the design can be taken across many advertising platforms. Such as banners and online advertising space.

Brand i t Create a Brand that communicates the idea of possibility

This project was a branding and packaging project. Originating from the word Possibility, When considering the word possibilty and what we represent with the word I came up with a mood board of what the fundamental elements of possibility would be. Positive Endless Opportunity Dreams Hope Boundless Unrealistic Realistic Skys the limit Hope Potential


Logo development, experimenting with font, colour and shape. I chose to work with a typeface that was modern, light and rounded. This creates a contrast against the sharp angular shapes in the origami bird, whilst creating the circle for the birds to fly from.

SOAR S Soar Soar Soar SoAr Soar S S AR SOAR SoAr Soar S SOAR SOAR SOAR Soar SOAR SoAr Soar SOAR SoAr SOAR SOAR S AR SoAr Soar SS Soar S SOAR SoAr Soar Asc nd c SoAr Soar SOAR Soar SoAr Asccnd Soar Craft your future

So Soar SS Craft your future


SoAr SoAr soar SoAr SOAR Soar SOAR Soar SOAR SOAR Soar SoAr SOAR


Craft your future




Craft your future

Soar is a brand aimed at adults that provides the service to help support any goals and aspirations the individual desires. Whether it is education, adventure or learning new skills and hobbies, Soar provides the help. The main visual identity of the brand is an origami bird and its stages of folding and unfolding, this acts as a visual metaphorsupporting the brand personality and values of creating something out of nothing and the idea that the possibility is in your hands. Using 3 birds in the logo represents unity and the separate strands of the brand. This also shows the idea of breaking out of comfort zones as the birds break out of the ‘O’.

soar Craft your future

Become We dont always pursue our career goals due to factors such as funding or just simply not having the right guidance to know how. But why should we stick to one path for the rest of our lives? Wanting to gain a new qualification in order to change career or even just to boost your knowledge in your current occupation? Soar can make it happen and put all the pieces in place to suit your needs..=


To promote the brand and reach my target audience, I created direct mail that will allow recievers to become engaged with the brand and create intrigue. Within the mail there will be an introduction booklet, to explain the three paths within the service. Become, Embark and enquire. After a short summary on the opportunitys available the viewer is encouraged to use the separate piece of paper enclosed in the pack to make their own Origami bird.

We all have dreams and aspirations. Yet we sometimes face struggles when making these dreams a reality. With a little bit of help and support we are all capable to take flight and reach our potentials no matter how big or small our dreams may be. Stepping out of our comfort zonesis the first step in gainging that confidence we need. We understand that life can sometimes just feel like a blank peace of paper but with our help we can help you bring this paper to life and Soar. Craft your future with our help.... 1


Aquire Everyone likes a little bit of adventure and we beleive their is a thrill seeker deep down in everyone of us. Its never to late to throw yourself into a new experience. Whether its bungee jumping or backpacking across the pacific coast. These empowering experiences might be just what you need to bring some fun into your everyday life. Nothing to big or small, we can make all the arrangements in order to make your tailor made experience extra special

With the stress we all face in our busy lives we tend to disregard hobbie and extra skills. Without enough time in the day already its something that is always a thought but not always a reality. However Soar can do all the hardwork for you finding local organisations we can do all the hard work all you have to do it turn up! Why not learn a new language or intrument or even take up a confidence boosting class for free your mind for a few hours a week.


After following the instructions the reciever is then asked to write on the wing of the bird a goal they aspire to acheive. The bird can they be kept and placed somewhere safe to act as a constant reminder that ‘Soar’ will be there for you when you are ready to take flight.



Instructions Using the piece of paper attached in this pack we will guide you the 6 steps in making an origami bird. This is an excersize to demonstrate how easy things can be with some self beleif and some support behind you. follow the diagramatic instructions to assemble your bird and bring

your paper to life 5







Once you have made your bird, Write on the wing something you wish to acheive in your lifetime, now find a special place to put it. This will act as a constant reminder that is individual and unique to you proving your dreams are always in your reach.





To your right you will find a couple of suggestions. why not photograph your bird and upload it to our ‘Meet’ page.. see others examples and meet similar people on your journey

Soar is here for you when you are ready to take flight.... only a few clicks away!


B 6

Once the bird has been made and the reciever has become familiar with the brand and engaged on a personal level, they are then encouraged to visit the website to make dreams a reality and become involved. I have created the website in the same visual style to keep the theme consistant, trying to avoid the corporate style that is exsitant in this type of business aimed at a middle aged audience.

F e e l good d ri nks YCN Competition brief create a national communication campaign

Brief Create a national communication campaign to raise awareness of feel good drinks, something that will stop people in there tracks and make them feel good. Aiming the campaign at 16-34 adults, ‘up-beat, look on the bright side , sociable bunch’ Concept My concept is based on the pesonality of the brand and its promise to bring a smile into peoples day with its laid back playful tone of voice. advertising the different flavours by using fruit and creating smiles out of them. The aim is to relate to this younger audience by brightening up there day with nothing more than a smile and a soft fruit drink. Solution using the fruit smile to bring awareness to the brand, they will apear on posters, bottles, social media and in the environment. Using guerrilla advertising to strategically place the smiles where they would naturally appear on someones face eg. bus windows, mirros, shelters. I have also created an interactive idea in the form of a ‘feel good photobooth’ where groups can come in, have fun and literally put a smile on there faces. with the oppotunity to win free drinks.

As a way of encouraging people to become involved and aware of the brand. I have created an interactive aspect of the campaign. The ‘feel good photobooth’. in keeping with the ongoing theme ‘stick a smile on it’. the photobooth would be positioned in public places such as train stations and shopping centres. in the photobooth people can go in groups or alone and have fun with the stick on smiles. .simply by dragging and positioning there chosen smile infront of there face. Scale and colour have been added in a fun, eyecatching way. The booth itself will be bright and stand out amongst the environment its positioned. Inkeeping with the visual theme of the posters, therefore the four different flavours each represented by a fruit and a col our. The cube will have one side blank for people to stick there pictures up and look at others.

To the right, are the Photobooth interactive screens in order of appearance. First to take and customise the pictures with a smile. Second to view the pictures, upload and print.

Following the photos in the booth, each group will recieve a free print out of there pictures which they can then stick on the blank wall of the photobooth. Creating a collaage for passers by to view. using social media to target this younger age group was something i felt to be essential. a way to spread the message and get people aware of the brand and the personality they associate themselves with. Once the photos have been taken and uploaded to facebookfrom the photobooth. People will then be encouraged to like the facebook page to view the photos and tag there friends in them. This is a fun way to introduce the brand and its feel good attitude. Hoping to ‘brighten up peoples day the feel good way!’ Each day one picture will be picked from the team, to star as the profile picture on facebook, this will be based on the funniest feel good photo. This will be awarded with a printable voucher to recieve complimentary drinks for all involved.

Guerrilla advertising is a quick way to catch people’s attention and sometimes literally stop them in there tracks. Here I have demonstrated how guerrilla advertising would work as part of my campaign. n busy places such as city centres,or on the walk from the station into the city. A camera would be placed out of sight and every 30 seconds snapshot an individual on their way out. This would then be automatically generated and transferred to a screen futher on. With a big smile covering there face and a bottle of feel good drink. The idea is to make people stop, make them laugh and introduce the brand in a fun, lighthearted way.

To the left is an example of the Stickers that will be included on the soft drink bottles to engage the audience with the campaign and create a relationship between the advertising and the products themselves. These stickers can them be restuck in other places to act as a constant reminder of the brand. Smiles would be located in public places, which are typically considered dull and lifeless. such as public transport, toilets and other places where people have time to themselves to think and consider there surroundings.

T he end Thankyou


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