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Liposuction Despite good health, regular exercise, and a healthy diet, some patients have disproportionate contours related to isolated fat

deposits in the body or face. Removing these specific fatty deposits can result in improved body proportions, proper fit of clothing, and enhanced self-esteem. Liposuction, the most common plastic surgical procedure, can be effectively used to improve contour of the thighs, hips buttocks, abdomen waist, upper arms, back, inner knees, chest area, cheeks, chin, neck, and calves and ankles. It may take several months before the final results of liposuction are apparent.

Liposculpture In contrast, liposculpture uses traditional liposuction techniques to treat multiple areas in order to create a harmonious overall body contour and may involve the calves, thighs, torso, and arms. This is often useful for overweight patients. The goal is to reshape, not to lose weight. Dr. Hertl ( )is available to you 24-7 both before and after a procedure or treatment. “I have chosen to provide service through a personal, one-on-one approach. My focus is on individual attention rather than on mass production�.

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Catherine Hertl, MD, PC | Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Beverly MA  
Catherine Hertl, MD, PC | Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Beverly MA  

Dr. Catherine Hertl and her staff welcome you to their friendly, relaxed office. Come in, have a cup of tea, and a chat. We are motivated to...