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Tibet celebrities

People are supported by the land where they live. And there are more and more people becoming famous one by one, actor, singer, officer, director, and so on. So, which celebrities does Tibet have? What is more, which one do you know? Also famous people attract more tourists who come from all over the world to Tibet. Let us know more about the famous people and get more know about Tibet, and have more understanding before your trek to Tibet.

Tsangyang Gyatso Tsangyangs-dyyangs-rgya-mtsho, the famous person was with controversy in Tibet history. He was not only honorable, but also had a worldly heart as the king of Tibet. He looked forward to freedom, love and happiness.

Songtsen Gampo and Wen Cheng princess

The couple of man and wife was the most famous national Tibet eminent person. They had the best explanatory significance among history people. After the Wen Cheng princess got into Tibet, she took Buddhism, advanced science and technology, and culture into snow plateau; moved Tibet economy and culture forward a single step.


Dobrgyal had the distinctive temperament, he combined dignity and meaning, also he was brave, learned and refined. There were some people called him as the stand person of Tibet. He had ever acted a lot of movie, such as “Red River Valley”

“Said And Done”

“Hoh Xil”. All of these are known by world people.

Dava Zongyang The meaning of her name in Tibetan was pure moon. She had ever been the gatherer and passer of the Olympic fire. Also she was the promotion ambassador of beautiful and pure Tibetan girl. Just as you knew about Tibet, Dava Zongyang was like a beautiful flower in snow plateau—sweet, pure and charming.

Han hong She was a famous and characteristic singer of china. She is not only the representative people of Tibet, but also the China. Her voice was clean and pureness; it was just like the snow, vivid and natural, but never be argumentative. There were so much worldly songs spreading all over the old and young, for instance, “Heaven Road” “ Qing Tibet Plateau” “ Beautiful Myths”…Her beautiful songs attracted more tourists travel to Tibet.

Tseten Dolma She was the first generation Tibet singer in new china, also with great reputation. Forty years ago, when the first action of “The East is Red�, she is in the noon of life. Her charming voice crossed from Snow Mountain and flew to world. Her performance was moving and heartfelt; her voice was sweet and clear; her charm was full of national color. Also she could perform the song in Tibetan and Chinese. Tibet is famous as its own mysterious land, and also there are a lot of people getting on Qinghai Tibet railway to feel that mysterious land. And even trek to Everest to enjoy stimulating and happiness. If

you are the fan of them, it is a good choice for you to travel to Tibet and feel the mysterious land which raises them up.

Tibet celebrities  

People are supported by the land where they live. And there are more and more people becoming famous one by one, actor, singer, officer,...