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The stimulating drifting in Niyang River

As Nyingchi’s mother river, Niyang River is from an altitude of 5000 meters to thousands of ancient glaciers. The surface is with soft, but actually is wild. Niyang River’s scenic begins from a village and stops at a temple. There are countless charming scenery and history relic along the road. The main attractions include the various temples, the river, springs and the drifting. Do have a drifting in the Niyang River; experience stimuli of plateau drifting on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; feel special and delightful pastoral. Oh, Niyang River is a very good tourist attraction worth for you to have the time to go. Also you can have hiking from Cuona to Nyingchi, and it will be exciting, you can enjoy fascinating view. Step into God Lake; cut through a primeval forest and reach God Lake; and then you can enjoy the pictures under mountain glaciers. Hike with forest and along lake; get through the wetlands, you will feel vast and supernatural; highland adventure trekking give you haunting mood. Afternoon, depart from Nyingchi to the Bayi town. But it will take you two hours to get there, and the condition is terrible. However,

there is a saying that if all the ways of world are flat, you can never experience the hiking that sweet hearty laugh after the first bitter! What is more, you will begin stimulating drifting in Niyang River.

In the Niyang riverside, there is a young drifting team. Every day, they carry tourists to have drifting; the whole journey is 3 kilometers. Visitors can not only enjoy the scenery which is with snow-capped mountains on both sides of the river, also can enjoy happiness and exciting which the plateau sunshine bath and nature give them. Actually, the most charming is that you can really feel the original and ecological scenery. Come on, take your bag and get on the train to Lhasa running the Qinghai Tibet railway. The fascinating scenery of the Niyang River is waiting for you. Also it is Very suitable for

playing drift; drift belt which is developed on the river has more another amorous feelings. The clear river, the big torrent, the beautiful scenery, all of these can let you enjoy the different plateau drift. But be sure to pay attention to safety. Wear professional equipment, have drifting with the captain's lead; and take exciting mood to begin Niyang River rafting. It will take you 90 minutes to have drifting; the distance is 10 km. so many stimulus accompanied by singing together; also you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of great river. Scream! Why don’t you?

You will find that life is so lively and forceful; all of happiness is spread in the river valley; the sorrow, the bothering and another daily hassles will be put behind. A friend told me: “honey, do you

know that my eyes are reluctant to blink.� I believe peoples who do not get there but can not feel that! The mountain, the rivers, the tree, the grassland and the cloud constitute the beautiful and charming picture of the nature. The life is so complex and ingenious combination, layer upon layer, but constant change.

The stimulating drifting in Niyang River