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the magical Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine is an unique system of medicine that widely absorbs and merges the traditional Chinese medical theory, Indian medical theory and the middle Asian medical theory that has experienced long time practice. It has a history of more than 1000 years. It's also a kind of most complete minority people's medical system with deep influence in China.

In Tibetan medical history there are many classical writings that have become the main literature and the developing history record of the Tibetan medicine types for Tibetan medicine research. From the relevant statistics in recent times, now there are bout 3000 kinds of Tibetan medicine in China. Tibet is the origin of Tibetan medicine where exists about 360 kinds of Tibetan medicine in common use. Many kinds of Tibetan medicine are mainly distributed in the Tibetan plateau which has the complex and unique natural conditions, forming a rich and colorful plants species.

Since 1980s Tibet has built lots of Tibetan hospitals and hold regular Tibetan medical research experience communication which is about the sides of medical history, theory, clinical practice, various prescriptions and scientific research achievements that promoting

has played a huge role in

inheritance and development of Tibetan medicine.

If you have a chance to have Tibet travel as well as interesting for Tibetan medicine, you can choose Tibetan Railway to go Tibet to have a look for the birthplace of Tibetan medicine.

the magical Tibetan medicine