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People here get drunk every day, so do dogs There is a small but very well known town called Tuotuo He in the source regions of Yangtze River of Qinghai-Tibet Highway, it was founded in 1950s by several tents of workers who build the Highway, afterwards poacher and variety of people. Nowadays hundreds of families have settled down in Tuotuo He town and everything needed is ready, like restaurant, hotel and grocery store. There is an unwritten rule in Tuotuo He town: wives would put a paper which including their name, address and telephone number in their husbands pockets when husbands go out. The reason that wives do this because man would forget who are they and don’t know where are their home, when this case happens, taxi drivers strive to be first dragging these drunkards to the car and driving them home according to the paper in the pocket. It will help taxi drivers earn more 5 yuan in this way and this business flourishes since 1950s. People here get drunk every day, so do dogs. Every family has Tibetan Mastiff in Tibet and surrounding area; those dogs would go beside the restaurant at about 10:00 am and wait patiently for their feast usually. From 11:00 am, visitors who are not good drinkers and native people who drinks like a fish would rush out the gate gushed something out and dogs rush to eat those things. After several times, dogs get drunk. Before 11:00 am dogs are extremely violent and wicked, after that they all stagger and groggily, even can not shout at all. Owing to liquor, several people and dogs would die in this town every year. I used to be shocked by such crazy drinking, and then I found out that alchohol can help people here stop severe cold in high altitude area. In my eyes loneliness is much more horrible than cold, confronting with sheep, cattle and spacious sky, it’s not hard for people addicting in drinking. Know more about chengdu to tibet travel, please click Travel to Tibet.

People here get drunk every day, so do dogs