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Feel the charm of Everest trek

Everest is like a distance dream for most hikers; its height, its fame, its spirit, all prove to be a magnificent and older trek point. Everyone desires to ascend the top of the world, but many of the difficulties will make your dreams crushed. So not everyone can achieve the dream which to climb Mount Everest; and there is a few people can walk through Mount Everest. Trek to Mount Everest, also only have a look in a long distance, experience an ambitious of world height. The trek Lines which to Everest. Generally, hike to Mount Everest always choose from Tingri. Mount Everest is with cloudy all over the year, it is difficult to meet its all face; when the weather is well, on the road of Tingri County you can see the Mount Everest; of course, at the foot of the Mount Everest, Rongbuk monastery is the ideal location to look up. It is a world-class hiking route from the Tingri to the Mount Everest base camp; this distance of 70 kilometers can be divided for 4 days, from Tingri to the Wula Mountain, then Zarka Valley, through Qu Zong to Rongbuk temple, and then hike to the Mount Everest base camp for 8 kilometers. If you do not want to undertake such a long walk,

just walk from the Rongbuk temple to the Mount Everest base camp which just has about 8 km distance. In order to complete this hiking, you can get to Rongbuk monastery to enjoy sunrise in six o’clock, you can just spend two hours to arrive at the Mount Everest base camp; add filming and rest time, a day is enough for you get there and back. After you arrived at the Everest base camp, you can also go on to hike for 500 meters; there is a river that the width is 6 meters, after crossing the river, on the right, there is a landmark which has an elevation of more than 100 meters; then go on 3.5 kilometers, the general one and a half hour you can get to the world of ice and snow ice – Ice Tallinn; generally, you should get back when you arrived at the Mount Everest base camp. Wherever you go which position, it is necessary you should know that must get down the mountain before 4 pm, or it will be too late for hiking. Actually, there are various lines for hiker to Everest; also there are foreign people who want to have Tibet travel from Nepal. Wow, I just want to tell you the most classical hike line to Everest, it is about Nepal. It is unlike the usual hard walk, although highway is not convenient, after decades of operation, the supporting is very mature. One or two hours are within walking distance of a hotel to rest, although the simple conditions but complete facilities. There is room, so do not need to take the tent; there is blanket, so do not take

thick sleeping bags; there are restaurants, so do not need to bring the material to cook by yourself. Walking on the road, along the way, there are many tea houses; you can tea to eat in the magnificent snowy mountains under sunshine; so usually, it is not necessary to stand weight-bearing to walk, you can please backer to carry baggage. And walking time of every day can control in three to six hours basically. In the domestic, hiking tests physical endurance very much; it seems to be the patent of young people. While on the way to Mount Everest, there are nearly half of the walkers are fifty or sixty year old. On the one hand, of course with the reason that Westerners like outdoor sports, fitness keeps better. But on the other hand, world-class landscape and complete form what the foot line provide is main reason for boom of decades. Equipments Water is the most important thing for trek; walking for a long time will takes hiker a lot of energy. But do not take a heavy bottle to take water, general plastic bottle is enough and convenient. However you should change it but not use in your whole journey. It is dangerous if you use the plastic bottle for a long time; because it is easy to be toxic. And some necessary hike equipments also should be taken but as more as you can reduce. Try your best to decrease heavy things with you, you will find it is terrible to take a lot of

things when you are making Tibet hiking. Difference in temperature of Tibet is heavy; you should pay attention to weather and adjust it so that you can be well and health to travel to Everest base camp. On the way to trek to Everest, You will realize how rough the condition is! There are no medical equipments; even the matter of course which medical condition is so distance. However, it is the charm of snow plateau trekking,

Feel the charm of Everest trek  
Feel the charm of Everest trek  

Everest is like a distance dream for most hikers; its height, its fame, its spirit, all prove to be a magnificent and older trek point. E...