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Sections are shown by a line with direction the cuts are in.

The legend, however, helps define the different types of materials.

The General Notes of the floor plan provides information of relevance for example different indexes of material codes

Annotations not only aids with the visual effect of the floor plan but it also gives extra detail. Annotations are usually followed by small arrows in order to specify the area in which they are talking about

It also tells us the scale is 1:100 -Project number -Project number -Title -Drawing by -Date printed -Checked -Scale

Floor levels on this floor plan have been shown through the stairwell. Due to time constraints we were unable analyse aspects of the floor plan such as elevation.

Throughout the floor plan we are given information about the phsycial features of the building (doors, coloumns, windows, stairs, matt).

The information in the title block labels the drawings and tells us details about the building in terms of scale.

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Constructing Environments

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