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La Luna – The meilleur restaurant de poissons

La Luna – The meilleur restaurant de poissons (Best Fish Restaurant) In Paris 

La Luna is one of the meilleur restaurant de poissons (best fish restaurants) in Paris. Over the years, it has turned out to be a must visit restaurant for those who love seafood, especially fish. Master of the art of cooking – Choisnel Michel, is the one, who prepares delicious dishes in their kitchen using his excellent culinary skills.

La Luna's Menu However, besides fish, there is a lot more you can find in their menu. Their menu is actually divided into starters, main courses, desserts, and wines. Their starters include delectable dishes such as – Cod fritters as Marie-Galante, Prawns and mango tartare with emulsion Coco, Stingray thinned and Caviar d'Aquitaine in tomato gelly, etc and main courses include – fish grilled over hot coals, roast cod and vegetables with pesto, squid so Carbonara, and more.

Then comes the dessert part, which their customers excitingly awaits after the main course is over. Some of their most popular desserts are – Crispy Saint Marcellin thyme, Very creamy ice house, Dark chocolate cake "Cluizel". For wine connoisseurs, they an amazing selection of some of the finest wines with the aromas of ingredients like arpricot, white peach, etc.

Catherine Delaunay – Owner of La Luna Restaurant 

The owner of the restaurant – Catherine Delaunay pay special attention to the quality of food served to the customers. She makes sure sure that her chefs use only the freshest ingredients while Cuisine De Poissons (cooking fish) or any other seafood. The dedication of Catherine towards making her restaurant the best in the city can be evaluated from the very fact that she was elected as "Hostess" of the year by Gilles Pudlanski in the 'Guide Pudlo Pans 2007'. To know more about the restaurant, you can browse through their official website i.e.

Contact Us: Address: 69 rue du Rocher 75008 Paris E-mail: Phone: +33 (0)1 42 93 77 61 URL:


La luna – the meilleur restaurant de poissons (best fish restaurant) in paris