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CLIENT MEETING RECAP CLIENT: Russell A. Hopper, EDAC, ICADC President and Chief Executive Officer ADDRESS: 2349 Russellville Road Bowling Green, KY 42101 PHONE: 270.781.3387 FAX: 270.781.3407 EMAIL: WEBSITE: DATE/TIME: 3/28/2012 1:00 P.M. IMAGEWEST REPS: Heather Garcia and Catherine Montano BACKGROUND: QuestHouse is an upscale alcohol and drug abuse treatment program. It mainly treats impaired veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and pharmacists. QuestHouse refers to their program members as guests rather than clients or patients. This is a small example of the respect and compassion for the guests that is valued within the program. The healing process of overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction is an extremely difficult one. QuestHouse turns this difficult process into one of spirituality. Guests are challenged to find their own source of recovery rather than having people force it on them. QuestHouse also provides weekly classes for families and friends of guests to learn about the disease of addiction and how to solve problems surrounding it. They also learn how to take care of themselves and their loved one suffering from addiction, how to resolve the conflicts of the past, and how to sort through the confusion they have been left with. Mr. Hopper, President and Chief Executive Officer of QuestHouse, leads the program through lectures on communications, family roles, and the disease of addiction. His main point of the lecture about addiction is that it is not a morality issue, it’s not a matter of weakness, and it is truly and purely is a disease within the brain. QuestHouse takes 21 people at a time on a “first come first serve” basis. They accept cash, VISA, and MasterCard. Guests include men and women. They live in six reserved condos and do their own everyday routines such as laundry and cooking. Vans pick them up and take them to and from their scheduled AA meetings and sessions at night. Guests are asked to detox before they come into the program. The program costs $4,200 for 28 days with an option for an additional 28 days. They are actually much more reasonably priced than most of their competitors. They have a 93% recovery rate over a 3-year period. Most of their business comes from referral lists and lists of doctors, attorneys, high school principals in the state and surrounding area. They send 10,000 newsletters out to these lists of people.

NEEDS/PROBLEM: The main objectives are updating a severely outdated website and creating a video version of Mr. Hopper’s lecture on the disease of addiction. Often times, people ask him for copies of the lecture after he delivers it. He wants the message to stick with people even longer than the time period he has with them. Likewise, it would be a wonderful promotional tool. PROJECT DETAILS: Website updates include changing the “What to Pack” and “Directions to QuestHouse” information along with any updates we suggest. He is very open to our opinion. He likes the idea of being able to easily manage the site himself. He is also interested in ideas for a blog, keyword searches, and a “topic of the week” section. Some competing firms have websites that he suggested we look at for any ideas: Betty Ford, Hazelden, Cumberland Heights, Sierra Tucson, The Meadows, Caron, Talbott Recovery Campus, Bradford, The Pines, and MARR. The video could be shot in two ways: him giving the lecture to people live or him sitting at a desk giving the presentation straight to the camera. If that were the case, we could easily incorporate images from his PowerPoint that goes with his lecture into the video. He is open to adding images as well as updating images he has. MISCELLANEOUS: Mr. Hopper has worked with over 6,000 addicted people in his career and over 1,400 people have been admitted into QuesHouse since it was established in 2004. QuestHouse has a “Wall of Honor” to recognize those who make significant contributions to the study of addiction and the prevention of it. When someone comes into QuestHouse, they start with a 30page assessment. Most people that come in these days are cross-addicted to many substances.

PROJECT DEADLINE: TBD ACTION: Heather is writing a proposal

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Meeting Recap of Quest House client meeting.

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