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CLIENT MEETING RECAP CLIENT: WKU Honors College: Dr. Craig Cobane, Honors College Executive Director and Rebekah Russell, Coordinator, Constituent Relations ADDRESS: 1906 College Heights Blvd. #31082 Bowling Green, KY 42101 PHONE: 270.745.2081 EMAIL: WEBSITE: DATE/TIME: 3/13/2012 12:30 P.M. IMAGEWEST REPS: Heather Garcia, Tom Schatzinger, and Catherine Montano BACKGROUND: WKU Honors College is the 12th liberal arts school in the nation behind Davidson. It’s a national player. “We are not EKU or NKU,” said Dr. Craig Cobane, Honors College Executive Director. Harlaxton, partnership with University of Evansville • 1 full semester living 1 hour from London • Classes M-Thursday, F-Sunday for travel • 12-15 hours of credit transferable back to WKU • Live and take classes in an 19th century English manor house in Grantham, England from both American and British Faculty • Over 300 students have studied abroad at Harlaxton thus far Semester at Sea, partnership with University of Virginia • 1 full semester living aboard the ship, MV Explorer • Visit on average 14 different countries while traveling the globe • 12-15 credit hours earned • Over 50 students have studied with Semester at Sea since the partnership began Harlaxton • Gain invaluable international experience • Most WKU Academic Scholarships transfer to costs of Harlaxton • Any WKU student with 3.2 GPA is eligible to study at Harlaxton • Students visit on average 5-8 additional countries while at Harlaxton • Cost of experience is similar to that of a semester at WKU • Several financial aid opportunities available includingo WKU Student Government Association Travel Scholarships o World Topper Scholarship through Study Abroad & Global Learning o Honors Travel Abroad Grants (if eligible) o Benjamin A. Gillman International Scholarship (if eligible)

Semester at Sea • Gain invaluable international experience • Any WKU with a 3.2 GPA is eligible to study with Semester at Sea • Choose from 75 upper and lower division courses each semester NEEDS/PROBLEM: Obtain promotional materials for both Harlaxton, WKU’s campus in England, and Semester at Sea study abroad opportunities to be used in the Honors College offices and recruitment events. They are trying to get students to study abroad by selling an experience and benefits of that experience. They want to fill all 40 spots available- as many people as possible need to be going abroad. With the promotional materials they currently have, they are having a tough time getting non-honors students to realize that it’s open to them too. PROJECT DETAILS: They are in need of 3 pieces: 1. WKU Harlaxton brochure- needs to attract ALL students including the Glasgow and Owensboro campuses. They are not fans of the standard tri-fold brochures and are open to this piece being completely unique from the other two. Their main goal is to tell the story of studying abroad from the student perspective. They want to use some of the breathtaking photos that students have taken on their abroad trips. They are selling this to students that would go for the curriculum and not the party scene. 2. Semester at Sea brochure- again, not huge fans of the standard tri-fold brochure. They are open to something unique. They have provided content and are seeking out students for stunning pictures to use. They also want to tell the stories from the students’ perspective. They want the whole campus to know that as long as you have a 3.2, you are able to go to Harlaxton and Semester at Sea. 3. Blended piece- this is a blend of the two that is geared towards honors college students. It should be small enough to mail. It will be honors specific and should connect to the honors college brochure. Content will be provided on everything and text can be altered if need be. Pictures will also be provided upon finding students that have really good/dynamic ones. A possible idea for one of the pieces is a foldout booklet or some type of creative book. The WKU Harlaxton and Semester at Sea materials will be used in the Study Abroad Global Learning (SAGL) or emissions offices and, like previously stated, can be bigger than the blended piece. If the price is not too outrageous, they would like them produced environmentally friendly. Things to keep in mind: Studying abroad is an investment within yourself. How can we convey the amazing opportunities to students AND parents. Parents are often times what holds people back from studying abroad because they do not realize that it is actually a learning experience and not just a party. They want student quotes, testimonials, photos, and stories. MISCELLANEOUS: Target audience is young people who are prospective students of the university and the Honors College as well as current WKU students who are interested in study abroad. Competitors include other study abroad experiences such as KIIS or CCSA trips. PROJECT DEADLINE: TBA ACTION: Heather is writing a proposal

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