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If you could control customer payments, how much easier would your life be?

IntegraPay is a great company to do business with because we pay our own way.

Not many companies can lay claim to that. We can because our strength lies in the way we partner with our clients to provide a secure and easy payment solutions that boosts both business performance and sustainability.

IntegraPay technologies streamline both your bill processing and your payment receipt success rate, all whilst reducing overheads. And when your recurring billing is automated it means you get paid automatically too.

IntegraPay works because founders, and brothers, Chris and David Urry have drawn upon their extensive experience in digital payment development to build a company focused on the delivery of innovation, service, security and of course integrity.

Have no doubt, IntegraPay’s payment solutions will improve your cash flow and ultimately your business’s profitability and, you will get paid faster as we settle card payments overnight and bank debits funds the next day.

Testament to that is that today IntegraPay services clients operating across the globe, because those clients know they can trust our solutions no matter where they are doing business. As an IntegraPay client, you will too gain access to smarter payment technologies that will make it easier for customers to make purchases from you and for you to get paid on time, every time.

Upon implementation, IntegraPay provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to manage your customer billing from either; within your existing management software or via IntegraPay’s secure online portal. Success really can be that simple. You have worked hard, at times risking a great deal personally, you should be well rewarded for your efforts. Time to call us.

IntegraPay provides you with the ability to perform your own recurring billing and payment control in house & in real time.

We make Direct Debit more direct. And faster. There is simply no better way to get paid faster or more reliably, because by using IntegraPay Direct Debit you can take control of both your billing and your customer’s payment. We offer two very, easy Direct Debit billing options, via our secure IntegraPay online portal or from within your own existing management software. Using the integrated option double the benefits as integration eliminates with any double handling arising from using separate management and accounting software packages. This way simplifies the whole process, and with better control comes greater opportunity for success. IntegraPay Direct Debit accepts the most used customer payment options; Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, JCB and Savings Accounts which increases your service offer and improves customer retention.

Even without management software integration you can still enjoy all the advantages of Direct Debit via IntegraPay’s secure online portal. It’s too provides you control of all of your billing needs. Allowing you online access to set up and manage client accounts, view your payment forecasts, send automated SMS and email notifications from anywhere at anytime. Need to set variable payment amounts? A fixed amount or period? No problem. You can apply any variations in real time from your laptop. InetgraPay’s Direct Debit is a powerful yet flexible billing solution that makes it easy for you to offer and establish payment agreements with customers 24/7. Both options will improve your cash flow and your business’s profitability by settling card payments overnight and bank debits funds the next day. Couldn’t be simpler really.

IntegraPay can be seamlessly integrated within Customer Management Software enabling users to establish and manage all customer records and also bill from within one, single management software package. Imagine being able to offer your software clients such a complete an end to end management solution. Allowing them to automatically update customer records, reconcile payments and records within the one easy to use package. Brilliant! The beauty of an IntegraPay integrated solution is that it becomes an intuitive extension of the management software. A recurring merchant model. Making overall administration easier and more streamlined. It removes the potential for double entry errors, a time consuming and costly fault in data management when using multiple software packages or third party debit providers.

Notification management too is completely automated, responding to payment events (upcoming or failed payment) to continually maximise revenue by notifying clients of upcoming payments and automatically reattempting failed card payments. Who said running a business wasn’t easy! IntegraPay adds real value to your management software offer. From a security position IntegraPay leads the way. Quite apart from being PCI compliant, for user protection all card data is tokenized and stored within an ultra secure Card Vault data storage environment.

A Better Solution For International Business Key to our success is our vision to think globally in all we do. With international boarders becoming less of a barrier to entering in global markets, we know that whatever we do must be to an internationally accessible.

What business couldn’t benefit from an IntegraPay payment solution? If you can think of one please let us know.

Online Services

From Childcare to Education Services, from Swim Schools to Gyms and Leisure Centres... via IntegraPay managers can look to reduce their workload and improve their bottom line by automating the collection regular fees, memberships or subscriptions. Imagine the benefits to lay-buy providers or those business using installment plans.

Health clubs, Swim Schools, Leisure centres, Children’s Activity Centres, Childcare, publications

IntegraPay has a payment solution that will help your business grow no matter what business you are in.

Internet Service Providers

Membership and Subscriptions

Digital Services and Telecommunications Insurance Services Real Estate Utility companies Educational and Municipal Institutions Medical and Health Service Providers

Bank Debit, Credit Card, Debit Card New Zealand:

With one integration point, international operations can be supported, allowing prompt access to funds and easier reconciliation.

Direct Debit, Credit Card, Debit Card

Bank Debit, Credit Card, Debit Card USA: ACH, Credit Card, Debit Card United Kingdom: Asia: ChinaPay, Credit Card, Giro (Singapore)

A Last Word On Security As you’ve probably been made aware by your bank, if you are not PCI DSS compliant then both you and your customers financial data is at risk. Thankfully for our clients, and their customers, we became fully PCI DSS compliant to Data Security Standard (DSS) Level 1 some time ago. However, this is just part of our overall commitment to maintaining the highest possible level of security and compliance. We constantly review to further improve procedures and policies to protect and ensure the safety of our clients and their customer’s information and data.

Wireless, cable and satellite providers Auto, home and other providers


No more wrestling with international financial institutions or multiple currencies, at IntegraPay we use a prime financial integration model. In effect, we bring the banks to you. That way no matter where you want to operate your one central financial point is IntegraPay.

Whether you’re an established operator or about to make your move, IntegraPay can assist your business make the jump with greater confidence.

It Works No Matter What Industry

IntegraPay is currently operating with in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Asia, and Europe.

Australian Financial Services Licence Number: 418105’

Likewise, IntegraPay delivers all our services in accordance with the operating rules and regulations of the Australian Payment Industry (APCA), the industry body set up to improve the safety, reliability, equity, convenience and efficacy of all Australian payment service providers. IntegraPay is also licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) authorising IntegraPay to deal in financial products.

contact HEAD OFFICE Ph:

1300 592 283


07 3040 4320


07 3343 8590

Email: For more information please visit: For more information about PCI, please visit:

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