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My Service Philosophy In Short Ridge

To Me, a Client . . . Is the most important person in my work as an AHHA volunteer; • Is not dependent on me, rather I am dependent on him; • Does not ask a favor when he approaches me, he gives me the favor and the chance to fulfill my mission to serve; • Is not a cold statistic but the life-blood of my work; • Has a bucket of wants for me to help fill; • Is the hapless innocent being I must guide and instruct; • Is a shapeless figure I need to mold as he helps determine the course of my life ; • Requires an education to turn him around as he continually motivates and educates me in the process; • Is not a liability but an asset deserving of my courteous and whole-hearted attention and treatment; • Is a constant reminder of my own vulnerable nature in need of support and assistance; • Is one I want to share my wealth in ideas and experiences with to make me more than what I am; • Is the seed I want to sow and nurture and the fruit I want to reap in the end; • Is the challenge that makes a large percentage of the big difference and adds a laurel in my feather cap; • Is joy personified; • Becomes the crowning glory of my efforts when he succeeds; • Is my passport to eternity. •

Zenaida G. Pormento AmeriCorps Volunteer Office: The Affordable Housing and Homeless Alliance 621 N. King St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 Tel. No. 808 845 4565 Ext 563 Email:

Zenaida's Service Philosophy  
Zenaida's Service Philosophy  

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