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1. Context | What is the sider social, cultural, historical, economical context for your project

The Brick Bible

All My friends are dead

A lighthearted book in the style of a children’s illustrated book created by Avery Monsen and Jory John, I was thought up in 2010 earning them the national bestseller. I’m not sure why it was made but I’m glad it was, it makes me really chuckle. It is made up of simple illustrations with bold colours creating a funny but dark story with pictures that work well with the writing.

In the style of a Graphic novel this bible has been created to be reader friendly, taking stories from the bible and using just lego recreating the stories. This project began as a website in October 2001 that featured six stories from the book of Genesis. It was created by Brendan Powell Smith and the book printed in 2011. I feel that using the lego characters to bring the bible to life is a unique idea, but also the way that the placement of the character brings a personality to each individual character.


Fuck this book

This website is a clever concept it’s a basic idea of stickers with the word “FUCK” which you then stick on signs to create a new funny sentence. It was thought up and created by Bodhi Oser “I don't know, just had the idea one day and thought it would be funny. So I printed out stickers in a bunch of different sizes, took them everywhere with me, and started taking photos. It quickly turned into an obsession, and I ended up with a book”. I really like the idea of changing something that you see everyday into something that can be interpreted completely different, with different meanings, an it is a concept that is so random that anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy it

Tiny People

Vincent Bousserez took this photo in 2011, he spent 20 – 30 minutes taking up to 80 pictures. He went out with the models and changes scenes around him, every day scenes. “I feel so alive creating my own art. I feel something growing inside me and I know that I want to leave from my art, my creations.” I really like the ideas of changing the everyday into something completely different, and I like the idea of using ready created models and adapting them to fit the scene.


The floor

180,000 tiny people holding up this floor created by South Korean artist Do Ho Suh, Currently showing at Lehmann Maupin's pop-up gallery at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute, The figures represent the diverse and anonymous masses of people who support and/or resist the symbolic floor. It was created in 2010 – 2011 and is a thought provoking piece where you have to decide if they are holding you up or are they trying not to be crushed.

Tiny peoples wonderful world of food

These are similar to other artist I have seen however it is different because it is all focused around food, the models are places on the food creating a scene from it, it was done by Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli creates fantastic scenes that mimic everyday life!. It is different because the feel of the photos are light hearted and add a comical feel to the scenes. “"I suppose there is in some part a god-like feeling to having command of an entire world which you can rearrange at any capricious whim.”


Little People in the city

Nele Azevedo

A Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo makes ice people sculptures and put them on steps in the central Gendarmenmarkt square. At this time the temperatures of Berlin were about 73 degrees Fahrenheit 23 Celsius. The ice sculptures melt within about half an hour. The street artist known only as Slinkachu has been abandoning little people on the streets of London since 2006, creating new environments from London city places. This artist has created a book in 2008 called ‘Little People of the City” placing figures around London city, I feel that it is showing the truth about London, using different parts of the giant city with tiny people.” “I really like the idea that you can be trundling to work one day and find some uncommission outdoor art, something on the floor or pasted on a wall. I prefer work that isn’t thrust in your face. There is a high chance that my installations may never be found. My scenes are made with tiny models and left hidden away on city streets, so they may be lost.”

Those ice sculptures were made to spotlight to the changes of the weather. The issue of warming of the Arctic has preoccupied many people especially the artists. One of those artists was Azevedo. She made the melting sculptures in various parts of the world. She expresses her interest of the matters which threaten the existence of this planet. By her art, she proves that art could be more efficient than the increasing conferences of climate.


Field of Study The field of study I wish to focus on is the dreamlike and surreal qualities that come with the miniature figure in the large world and how the smallest texture unnoticed by the average human going throughout their day can change when placed in a different context. I wish to explore the ‘Grimm’ type fairytale and how this can be seen and adapted in the modern and traditional settings. And also I would like to look at in depth scale and placement of settings to capture something that isn’t seemingly present. The street artist Slinkachu explored this in a different way, leaving little models throughout London creating a tiny dystopia in a large metropolis, London. The Grimm brothers were German academics, linguists, cultural researchers, and authors who collected folklore from different places and published several collections of it as Grimm fairytales, which focus on the dark origins of the original folk tales which were often derived from mysterious and horrible, gruesome occurrences. The artist Nele Azevedo who created the thousands of ice people and placed them on step throughout the world to show the affects of climate change, is inspiring because it is important to create work that not only is aesthetically pleasing and meets a brief set, but also a designer should also be creating graphics that help bring awareness in the world, I

would like to see if this can be incorporated into the focus of my work. I am also going to look at placement and story telling, to determine how the story of the book I wish to create will be set. Design Problem/Question | Identify a design problem or question The project I would like to make is book, with pictures of the tiny plain figure in a dreamlike dark fairytale quality. I want to try different photography techniques to achieve the best result including pinhole photography, Computer illustration, drawing and layout ideas. The target audience for the Secret Life of Tiny Ghost is anyone who likes conspiracies, or scandal. However this will not be appropriate for children or the older generation as it may be interpreted by some to be bit ‘close to the mark’ on the subject area. Methods | Describe how you are planning to carry out your project. I am going to research thoroughly the theme I have decided to go with, and draw a full storyboard to make sure the settings of the book are carefully set out. I want to incorporate what I have learnt in the past university years, this will include thorough research into all aspects of the project computer illustration in Adobe photoshop and illustrator. As well as scene setting, perspective, and storyboarding. 6

I am planning on looking as layouts and graphic novel layouts to complete the book; this is to give it a distinctive style to go with the theme. Rationale This project is looking at the importance of scale and proportion, as well as the setting that the models are placed in to give a different interpretation. I will look at “Pale blue dot” by Carl Sagan as an extreme example of scale and I will look at the first small scale drawings to gain the perspective of the importance of scale form both extremes. Skills Evidence. The practical skills I will need to carry this project out will be Photography and microphotography, successful story telling, book layout and thorough research. As well as computer illustration and drawing. The most important skill I will need is a thorough timetable and organization of information to use my time effectively. Predicted Resolutions I am working towards producing a graphic novel type book on how ‘tiny ghost people’ influenced and instigated the famous and infamous deaths; I want it to be interesting and funny with the cause of the deaths being factual. The book should be organized and effectively laid out as to tell the story correctly


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proposal 1

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