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Newborn Genetic Wellbeing Genetic Wellbeing is a concept of ensuring a lifelong mental and physical wellbeing of a baby. Genowell tests and helps protect your newborn against many genetic conditions which are not apparent in the newborn stage but may manifest as your baby grows.

It is possible now The brain development, physical growth, immune system, heart function, kidney function and many more are governed by the Genetic Metabolic profile of the baby. Any error in metabolism impacts the baby’s brain growth and physical development. It is important to assess and take precautionary measures incase there is any error in the genetic metabolic profile of a baby. Such errors in the Genetic Metabolic Profile are preventable /manageable through steps as simple as diet alteration and/or mild medication. Genowell is a comprehensive package, which tests the genetic profile of your baby and ensures a protection against over One Hundred genetic disorders.

Baby’s metabolism The food you feed has components like carbohydrates, proteins and fats, important for the brain development and physical growth of your baby. However, if there is an error of metabolism in the baby, the food cannot be processed properly leading to accumulation of toxic substances which interfere with normal functioning of the body. Most babies seem perfectly healthy at time of birth even if an error of metabolism is there. It is therefore important to get your baby tested soon after birth for any such problem and ensure that what ever you feed is metabolized properly. A simple Genetic Wellbeing test may ensure a lifelong mental and physical health of your baby.


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Your priceless gift to your baby A sound mind and healthy body is prerequisite to a healthy happy life. The Genetic Wellbeing test is a prudent step on your part towards ensuring the same for your baby. Genowell is the best preventive measure to ensure a protection against fatal mental and physical conditions. It is a priceless gift which your child and you will cherish for a life time.

3 easy steps to a lifetime wellbeing Genowell is a friendly procedure for your newborn and there are 3 simple steps to it. Step1: Register for Genowell when close to delivery or soon after birth and get your sample collection kit Step2: Collect urine sample of your baby on the special filter papers provided in the kit and send it to us Step3: Receive a comprehensive Genowell report followed with all assistance, if required

Simple, Safe, Painless ! Genowell is a non-invasive, painless and safe way of ensuring the Genetic Wellbeing of your baby. The entire process is so simple that even you may do it your self. All you will need to send us is a little urine sample of your baby in our kit. And then, you need not worry about any further steps because we will do the hand holding for all preventive measures if the Genowell report says so.

For availing Genowell, please register with your doctor or contact us: PreventiNe Life Care, RPT House, Plot No. - 6, Sector - 24, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, Maharshtra, India - 400705, Tel: +91-22-41133900-04, +91-22-27849705 , Mail:,

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Newborn Genetic Wellbeing GENOWELL 100+is a simple but comprehensive procedure to test and protect your baby shortly after birth against 100...

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