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Remembering J. Reilly Lewis 1944 - 2016

Board President Report

Board President Report

Greetings to all of our singer members and donor members, I am pleased to share our 2015/16 Annual Report with you. This report gives us a chance to share an update on the artistic and financial health of our organization. It also is an opportunity for dialogue. As a member, we welcome your comments and feedback and encourage you to continue to support and remain actively involved in the work of the Cathedral Choral Society. The 2015/16 season was our 74th season and it was my 2nd season as Board President. It was a season of notable moments and important successes. In October, in the spirit of celebrating “creation,” we partnered with environment and sustainability oriented organizations for our opening performance of Haydn’s The Creation. Our Christmas carol commission from British composer James Whitbourn was well received and has since been featured on a recording by the Westminster Williamson Voices. In February, we partnered with the Washington Bach Consort on an all-Vivaldi program. This was only our 2nd collaboration with WBC and a unique opportunity for Reilly to work with both his organizations. Also in February, we presented our 11th Annual High School Festival with Guest Director Captain Curtis Kinzey from the U.S. Army Chorus. This year’s festival continued to build on the good work choir directors are doing in schools each and every day. In April, we were honored to work with Septime Webre and The Washington Ballet for seven performances of Carmina Burana at the Kennedy Center. Finally, our season ended with an all-Beethoven program featuring piano soloist Brian Ganz in the Choral Fantasy. Working with Brian was a long-time wish for Reilly and the two musicians greatly enjoyed working together. The 2015/16 season was a season of artistic success, welcoming new audience and chorus members, important organizational accomplishments, and warm camaraderie within the chorus. It was also a season of great loss. Suddenly and unexpectedly, in June we lost our beloved Music Director of 31 years. Reilly has been the heart and soul of the Cathedral Choral Society, inspiring us all with his musical artistry and passion. His warmth and whimsical personality has created a community of choristers who care deeply about making music together. This has been a time of deep mourning for us even as we work to continue to strengthen this organization he cared so deeply about. This annual report looks back and reports on last season. As I write this report we are also looking forward to a music director search, stronger ties to Washington National Cathedral, and concluding work on a new strategic plan. I look forward to reporting to you next year on our 75th Anniversary and on our progress towards achieving the important goals facing the Cathedral Choral Society today. Thank you for your important and ongoing support.

Ernest Abbott, Board President


Photos: 1. and 2. © Paul B. Jones, 3. © Cathedral Choral Society

Reilly Lewis J. Reilly J. Lewis 1944-2016


“We grieve with Reilly’s family and all of Washington. We have lost a true maestro and friend. Countless musicians have known the gift of Reilly’s guiding hand and unfailing support. Untold thousands have been blessed by his artistry and generous spirit. ...” - Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of Washington

J. Reilly Lewis, the founding Music Director of Washington Bach Consort and the Music Director of the Cathedral Choral Society, died unexpectedly on Thursday, June 9, at his home in Arlington, VA. He was 71. Reilly was beloved in the Washington, DC music community. He was a vibrant, talented musician, passionate about his work, known for his generosity of spirit and joyful soul by his many friends, family, and everyone with whom he came into contact. He deeply loved music and people and was thrilled to be able to dedicate his life to both. In 1985, Lewis was appointed Music Director of the Cathedral Choral Society, the 140-voice symphonic chorus-in-residence at Washington National Cathedral. Under his leadership, the chorus delivered notable performances at the Cathedral, the Kennedy Center, Strathmore, and Wolf Trap, as well as nine recordings. Lewis was committed to developing the careers of young soloists and composers. He commissioned over twenty-one new works for chorus from composers including John Tavener, Libby Larsen, John Rutter, and Dominick Argento, among others. Among Lewis’ many honors are Washingtonian Magazine’s Music Hall of Fame and Washingtonian of the Year, the University Club of Washington’s Distinguished Washingtonian Award for the Arts, Special Recognition Mayor’s Arts Award for contributions to the arts and cultural community of Washington, the Shenandoah Conservatory’s Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Leadership in the Performing Arts, and Yale University’s Cultural Leadership Citation. In 2014 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Virginia Theological Seminary. Born in 1944, Lewis began his musical career at the age of eight as a member of the Junior Boys Choir at Washington National Cathedral. He received his bachelor’s degree from Oberlin Conservatory and master’s and doctoral degrees from The Juilliard School. Lewis dedicated his life to music and to transforming the lives of others through music. In his own words:

“I believe in the power of music to create community - to touch, and to heal, and to transform. I’ve seen people with the most diverse backgrounds come together in one place and be touched by the hand of God through the inspiration - the genius - of Bach or Brahms or Verdi or Mozart. That power to bring people together isn’t restricted to music, but music is my language.” 2

2015|16 ASeason Singular 2015|16 A Singular


“Conductor J. Reilly Lewis emphasized the openhearted humanity of the music, molding phrases with warmth and historically informed clarity of texture…The chorus displayed its customary fine blend and purity of tone.”

- Joe Banno, The Washington Post

Haydn Creation Sunday, October 18 | 4:00 p.m. Haydn, The Creation Danielle Talamantes, soprano | Peter Scott Drackley, tenor Kenneth Kellogg, bass

Joy of Christmas Saturday, December 12 | 4:00 p.m. Sunday, December 13 | 4:00 p.m. Lyric Brass Quintet | Edward Nassor, carillon Todd Fickley, organ | Children’s Chorus of Washington, Joan Gregoryk, Founder and Artistic Director

Vivaldi Gloria Sunday, February 21 | 4:00 p.m. Vivaldi, Concerto for Oboe and Trumpet, RV 563 Vivaldi, Nulla in mundo pax sincera, RV 630 Vivaldi, Dixit Dominus, RV 595 Vivaldi, Gloria in D Major, RV 589 Washington Bach Consort | Jennifer Ellis Kampani, soprano Robin Beckman, soprano | Roger Isaacs, countertenor Patrick Kilbride, tenor | Karl Hempel, bass

Fantastic Beethoven Sunday, May 15 | 4:00 p.m.

Beethoven, Leonore Overture, No. 2, Op. 72 Beethoven, Choral Fantasy, Op. 80 Beethoven, Mass in C Major, Op. 86 Brian Ganz, piano | Laura Choi Stuart, soprano Annie Gill, soprano | Amanda Fink, mezzo-soprano Ian McEuen, tenor | Kwangkyu Lee, bass-baritone

Inspiring performances

Inspiring performances

It was a complete sensory experience to see these amazing performers in such a spectacular venue. I was captivated from beginning to end. ...It was a profound experience. I hope to come back in the future to see more shows.

The 2015/16 season was billed as A Singular Season. Each performance this season featured one iconic composer, including our collaboration with The Washington Ballet. Haydn, Vivaldi, Orff, and Beethoven. This traditional programming approach celebrated the music of these composers for both the audience and chorus. We were pleased to share the stage with wonderful guest soloists, the Washington Bach Consort, the Children’s Chorus of Washington in Joan Gregoryk’s final year as Music Director, and many orchestra members who joined us this season.

7,000 audience members


chorus members

Photos: Top - Haydn Creation © Don Lassell Left to Right: Haydn Creation © Paul B. Jones, Carmina Burana cast with J. Reilly Lewis and Septime Webre © Cathedral Choral Society, Brian Ganz in Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy © Paul B. Jones


Excellence in choral Excellence in choral singing

I wasn’t expecting the camaraderie that I have felt in this choir. I have made good friends, and belonging to this choir has become a real highlight in my life!

In the 2015/16 season we had an exciting infusion of new singers and worked to ensure that from the audition experience to the singer orientation, new singers felt welcomed and a part of the group. A highlight of the year for the chorus was our participation in The Washington Ballet’s production of Orff’s Carmina Burana. The season was an artistic success for the chorus and ended with a wonderful esprit de corps. The loss of Reilly in June was shocking and brought the chorus together unexpectedly for his funeral service. 5



new chorus members


Carmina Burana performances at the Kennedy Center

Carmina Burana backstage photo © Cathedral Choral Society All other photos © Paul B. Jones

Welcoming and Welcoming and inclusive


Choral Society members thanked us for attending. ... The music was gorgeous! The program was exceptional! Thank you!!

In the 2015/16 season we were pleased to see continued audience growth. The Cathedral Choral Society is committed to growing our audience in a way that is inclusive and responds to our evolving community. In October of 2015 we collaborated with local environmental organizations at our opening concert featuring Haydn’s The Creation. In December, our programming included Family Joy, a matinee for families with young children. This program encourages children to listen and sing and includes a host and ASL interpretation.


average sold house

7.5% increase in subscription revenue

All photos © Paul B. Jones


Raising Raising all voicesall


My students loved learning the material and working under Captain Kinzey.

In February, we presented our 11th annual High School Choir Festival. This Festival is distinctive in the region, as it is the only festival which brings together DC’s public, private, and charter schools in a collaborative choral experience. This year’s festival was led by Guest Director Captain Curtis Kinzey from the U.S. Army Chorus. Students spent the day in rehearsals and workshops and presented a free-admission concert at the Cathedral in the evening.


students participated


participating schools

All photos © Cathedral Choral Society


Special Recognitions Special Recognitions REMEMBERING ANDREW SOTO


The Order of Merit for Outstanding Leadership

This award recognizes the transformational achievement of an individual who has served the Cathedral Choral Society in a leadership capacity.

Andrew Soto singing a solo at a Joy of Christmas concert.

Andrew Soto was a member of the Bass 1 section for over 20 years. He was an outstanding member of the chorus both musically and as a volunteer, and served on the Board of Trustees.

The Cathedral Choral Society is pleased to recognize Thomas P. Gallagher for his enthusiastic leadership as Board Trustee, Board President, Interim Executive Director, and now as Past President. Tom has led the organization through challenges and transitions with a positive and nurturing energy. He has been generous with his time, resources, actions, and advice. Tom is always the first to help, to praise, to give, and to celebrate the Cathedral Choral Society.

Martha A. Olson

The M. Elizabeth and Charles S. Tidball Award

The M. Elizabeth and Charles S. Tidball Award recognizes extraordinary and meritorious volunteer service over many years.

Andrew loved the Joy of Christmas concerts. We are pleased to recognize Andrew’s generous legacy gift to the Richard Wayne Dirksen Endowment Fund. This fund supports our annual Christmas carol commission and our Joy of Christmas concerts.

The Cathedral Choral Society is pleased to recognize Martha A. Olson for her excellence and dedication. Alto, Board Trustee, Gala Chair, Robes Coordinator, Gala Auction Chair, volunteer, and friend. Marti is a generous, kind, and cheerful advocate and champion for the Cathedral Choral Society.

Outside of the chorus, Andrew was Vice President, Regulatory Affairs with the American Gas Association.

Commendation for Volunteer Service

Patricia A. Stephenson and Christopher G. Riggs The Commendation for Volunteer Service recognizes noteworthy and exceptional volunteer service.

75th ANNIVERSARY LEADERSHIP CIRCLE We are pleased to recognize and thank the members of our 75th Anniversary Leadership Circle who have generously provided their support to our 2016|17 Season and to our general endowment. Ernest and Catherine Abbott Blanche Curfman Charles Leonard Egan Thomas P. Gallagher Mary-T and Spencer Gordon Ann Ingram Anne R. Harris Richard and Cecilia Larkin William M. Leach J. Reilly †and Beth A. V. Lewis

Lolly and Jim Mixter Bradley J. and Martha A. Olson Gerald W. and Alice Padwe John E. Moyer and Jane Passman Frances H. Pratt Raymond Rhinehart and Walter Smalling Jr. Stephen S. Roberts Martin Rosenthal and Corrine Axelrod T. Michael and Linda Shortal

Join the Circle: If you would like to learn more about supporting the Cathedral Choral Society and joining our 75th Anniversary Leadership Circle please contact Genevieve Twomey, Executive Director at or 202-537-5524.


Financials 2016

Financials 2016

Gala 1941 Photos Š Steve O’ Toole

Statement of Financial Position Assets

Financial Overview FY-16










Other assets



Property and equipment








Long term investments Total Assets Liabilities Accounts payable



Capital lease liability















Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Deferred revenue Refundable deposits Total Liabilities

The Cathedral Choral Society is managing finances with a goal to assure artistic vibrancy and ongoing financial sustainability. Our Finance Committee and Music and Program Committee work collaboratively to ensure that revenue expectations are conservative and will exceed or meet expense. Currently our funding priority is for ongoing annual support of our operations. This is followed closely by our need to grow general endowment support to ensure that contributed funds are available to support our work today and in the future.

Net Assets

Our endowment funds are held with Morgan Stanley. Our Board Investment Committee meets with our investment managers regularly to review the existing portfolio and determine if adjustments are needed to the organization’s investment policy. As of June 30, 2016 the value of our overall endowment is $1,403,904. This compares to an annual operating expense budget of $1,455,321 FY-16. 9



Endowment Value Today


Permanently restricted

Unrestricted Temporarily restricted

If you would like to receive a copy of our audited financial statements or you have any questions about this financial overview of the Cathedral Choral Society, please contact us at: Cathedral Choral Society 3101 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016 Email:

Financials 2016

Financials 2016

Gala 1941 Photos Š Steve O’ Toole Development 6%

Statement of Activities Support and Revenue







Grants and contributions



In-kind contributions









Ticket sales Singer dues and concert fees

Special events, net of expense Other Total Support and Revenue Expenses Program: concerts Program: community engagement Management and general










Total Expenses







Investment Activities Interest and dividends Net realized / unrealized gains Investment expense Total Investment Activity Change in Net Assets Net Assets, beginning of year Net Assets, end of year







1,760,687 1,667,410

1,861,052 1,780,687

Management 9%

Expenses 2015/16

Artistic and Program 85%

The Cathedral Choral Society is one of ten symphonic choruses across the United States with annual budgets in excess of $1 million. It is the oldest symphonic choral group in Washington, DC. It is the primary performing arts organization that both established and evolved the Washington National Cathedral as a concert venue. Because the main concert series is presented at the Washington National Cathedral, our audience comes from all across the nation. Attendees in the past five seasons have included audience representation from all fifty states and around the world.

Endowment Other earned allocation 8% 4% Special events

Revenues 2015/16


Government support 6%

Ticket sales 31% Contributed revenue 46%


Thank you

Thank you

Photos: 1. © Don Lassell, 2. 3. © Paul B. Jones

The Cathedral Choral Society is pleased to acknowledge the following contributors to our 2015/16 Annual Fund. Paul Callaway Associates $20,000 or more Ernest*^ and Catherine Abbott Guarantor Patron $5,000 or more Thomas P. Gallagher^ John E. Moyer*^ and Jane Passman Thomas C. Mugavero*^ Bradley J. and Martha A.*^ Olson Gerald W.^ and Alice Padwe Stephen S. Roberts* Kevin Rosengren^ Martin Rosenthal*^ and Corinne Axelrod Chorus Section Patron $2,500 and more Arthur L. and Connie Eggers Mary-T.^ and Spencer Gordon Paul Juergensen II ^ Richard* and Cecilia Larkin Lolly and Jim*^ Mixter Mary B. Olch* Catherine E. Ort-Mabry* and Brian Mabry Frances H. Pratt* Raymond Rhinehart* and Walter Smalling, Jr. L. Bradley Stanford*^ Guy and Margaret Steuart Unsung Hero $1,000 and more Eric P. Andersen* and W. David Young II Margaret M. Ayres and Stephen Case Betty J. Beard Brian and Donna Bogart Kathleen Brion*^ Blanche L. Curfman Edison and Sally Dick Walter^ and Joanne Doggett George and Sheri* Economou Charles Leonard Egan Cary C. Fuller Genevieve^ and Sean Twomey Susan Grad* James D. Campbell and Janet M. Hall Anne R. Harris William B.† and Ruth L. Harwood Sarah B. Holmes and John B. Morris Jr.


Ann Ingram J. Reilly† and Beth A.V.* Lewis Nevin E. Kuhl The Lassell Family William M. Leach George Londeree Christina M. Markus* Virginia C. Mars Susan McDaid* Christine* and James Mulligan James* and Madeleine Schaller Hank and Charlotte† Schlosberg T. Michael and Linda Shortal Patricia Stephenson* John and Dariel Van Wagoner Kevin and Andrea Wade Robert and Betty Wallace Nancy Wiecking Margot T. Young* Patron $500 and more Violet Baker* Jessica Barness* John T. Beaty, Jr. Catherine H. Beauchamp Jeanne Buster Joanne Casey* Laurie* and Colin Church Christine C. De Fontenay* Lynn B. Dutton Nancy M. Folger Margaret Gonglewski and John Heins Jeremy Gosbee* Susan J. Henry Lynne N. and Joseph F. Horning Giles Howson* Robert W. Jerome and William J. Courville Peter* and Lauralyn Lee Thomas Morante and Marianne Splitter Jennifer *^ and Alec Orudjev Kimberly* and Mark Pacala Harold I. and Frances G. Pratt Robert* and Lissa Reeves Lynn Rhomberg Richard and Linda Roeckelein John Schaettler* Leslie C. Taylor Susan Fifield Mentley and James David Toews James and Elinor Vaughter Virginia L. White

Sinclair Winton Ellis Wisner* Evelyn D. Woolston-May Associate $250.00 and more Mark J. Andrews Caren* & John Backus Robert M. and Laura S. Barlow Andrew and Kaye Boesel Herman Bostick Christopher L. Buechler* Anne* and James Carman James W. Clay* Laura M. Connors* Cynthia L. Drakeman *^ Holly* and Trevor Filipiak Sally A. Fiske Pam Gibert Glenn S.* and Judith M. Griffiths George E. Groninger Sara Hale Henry and Austin Henry Ingrid Kauffman* Richard and May Lea Keating C. F. Muckenfuss Ill and Angela Lancaster Steven A. Levin and Rondi K. Pillette Janice L. Lockard Wendy Lubarsky* Alex E. Martin Barbara and John McGraw Robert Turner Mead Scott and Nancy Pinckney Robert* and Elaine Porter Theodora K. Radcliffe Jane* and Vernon Roningen Suzanne H. Rooney Victor Shargai Laurel Towers C. Thomas Van Alen Elizabeth Owens Wakefield* Kathleen and Walter Weld Dorothy M. Woodcock Donor $100.00 and more Nancy Maes Aherne James J. and Anne Cesare Albertine Mary Amorosino* D. Philip Baker Jane C. Bergner Gordon L. Biscomb Dale Boyd Ross Bradford* Gregg M. Breen*

Michael F. Butler Stephanie Cabell* Kelly* and Theresa Cameron Timothy W. and Patricia Carrico Everitt Clark* Marilyn and Warren Clark Vera I. Connolly Terry D. Copeland and Martha Beard Copeland Roberta and Philip Cronin Marcia D’Arcangelo* Ruth and Nelson Denlinger Alice M. Denney David Dietly* Sharrill Dittmann Shirley M. Fine Luke W. Fisher* Marilyn Flood Peter B. and Karin L. Fontneau John G. Ford Mary Cox Garner Neil and Carolyn Goldman Hilton Lee Graham Joan and David Green Barbara Greene, City Choir of Washington William and Margaret Greer Glenn S.* and Judith M. Griffiths Bill Grossman Fund Anne Brooks Gwaltney George Hanc John* & Ann Harbeson Jennifer Hawley* David R. Hearn Patricia D. Hevner^ Frederick S. Hird Robert and Parma Holt Jean Jawdat Peter and Carol Jensen Landis and Arnita Jones Erika R. Joyce Louis E. and Ruth H. Kahn Cronin-Keegan Family Charitable Fund Mary Ruth Keller Elizabeth E. Kelley Children’s Chorus of Washington Dolores M. Kirby Gary W. and Judy Kushnier Steven and Monica Leach Richard C. Lee Jake Levin Rosemary D. Lyon

Thank you

Thank you

Photos: © Paul B. Jones Alaster MacDonald Kathleen E. and James W. Madden David S. Marsh Scott* and Linda McCorkindale Ann F. McCormick Leander and Stephanie McCormickGoodhart Wesley O. and Judy McGee Andrea Merrill Corinne Mertes Nathaniel Miller* Trenton Osborne Suzanne M. and B. Dwight Perry Nicholas Jon Petersen* David Young Peyton* Warren and Marianne Pfeiffer Rondi K. Pillette and Steven A. Levin Teresa A. Polinske* Charles Pratt and Alexandra England Grace and David Pratt Jackie Prince Jonathan Puth Leon Reed Terese Ricci Milton and Ingrid Rose Melissa Ryan*

Ann Imlah Schneider Charles and Joanne Schwarz Margot S. Semler Patrick D. Shannon James and Linda Sheridan Elaine Katherine Shocas Lynwood and Thalia Sinnamon Hal and Carol Sox Herald Speiser Marianne Splitter and Thomas Morante Jacqueline K. Stover Keiko Stusnick J. David and Patricia Sulser Philip Trainor Jean Van Der Tak Thomas and Linda Veblen Alice Wagner Jeannette Warren-Anderson* D. C. Washington* Kathleen M. Welling* Cheryl L. Williams Friend $50.00 and more Ellen Adajian Ruth E. Akers

Frederic and Dorothy Askin Helen Carras* Joan Carter Nancie S. Coan Gloria A. Collier Selden Cooper Richard Dodd Kathleen A. Felton Cynthia L. Gibert D. Ruth Goodchild Carolyn F. Hicks Ed and Elva Hillhouse Cathy Jackman Karen R. and Norman A. Kane Clay Kaufman* and Melissa Robinson Aldis and Susan Lapins Gary D. Leggett Alan S. Levine Andrew Madar Elaine Mills Coleman H. & Elizabeth B. O’Donoghue Walter M. and Beverly Pavasaris Ronald C. Perera Joan A. Pirie Harold I. Pratt, Jr.

Catherine Pruett* Lydia A. and Donald R. Rice Christopher G. Riggs Markley Roberts Cynthia M. Roden Elizabeth Sanford Alan N. and Geraldine P. Schechter Cheryl Schock* Lawrence Schreiber Edward A. Schutt Albert Small Elisabeth Smith Megan Sullivan* J.M. and P.S. Taylor Judith Ann Tickner Robert and Barbara Verdile Phyllis C. Wertime Edith Wolff Sam Yoon

Thank you to our Government and Foundation Supporters U.S. Commission of Fine Arts: National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs Program The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region The Dallas Morse Coors Foundation

The Dimick Foundation Mars Foundation

Thank you to our Corporate Supporters

Corporate Champion $2,000+ Bank of America

The Meredith Foundation The Richard Eaton Foundation

Exxon Mobil Foundation



Sentinel Wealth Management, Inc.

Corporate Investor $1,500+ Clark Construction Group, LLC

Corporate Leader $1,000+ E*Trade Financial

Union Pacific

Corporate Advocate $500+ The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Capital One Bank

Corporate Supporter $100+ Ameriprise Financial – Kim, Hopkins & Associates

Messina, Canal & Moawad, DDS

Classical Movements



Acknowledgements Board of Trustees Ernest Abbott, President Kathleen Brion Kristi S. Brown Cynthia Drakeman Walter B. Doggett III Diana F. Dykstra Thomas P. Gallagher

Paul Juergensen II, Vice President Thomas Mugavero J. Reilly Lewis, Music Director until June 2016 James M.E. Mixter, Jr. Treasurer Jack Moyer Martha A. Olson Jennifer Griffiths Orudjev

Gerry Padwe, Secretary Kevin Rosengren Martin S. Rosenthal L. Bradley Stanford Genevieve C. Twomey, Executive Director

Honorary Trustees Mary-T Gordon

Virginia C. Mars

Cathedral Choral Society Staff J. Reilly Lewis, Music Director until June 2016

Genevieve C. Twomey, Executive Director

Kate Breytspraak, Director of Operations & Community Engagement Laura Crook Brisson, Operations Coordinator Todd Fickley, Associate Music Director & Chorus Master

Nina Elhassan, Development & Executive Assistant Mimi Newcastle, Finance Manager Joy Schreier, Pianist & Vocal Coach Lindsay Sheridan, Director of Marketing & Communications

Cathedral Choral Society Chorus Soprano I

Soprano II

Alto I

Alto II

Kathleen Alvania Anne Carman Nicole B Collins Tari Cooper* Marcia D’Arcangelo Lesley Earl Melissa Fox RenÊe Gamache Annie Gill Liz Harvey Chana Kuhns Chris Markus Marianna Martindale Susan McDaid** Sarah Mitchell Jocelyn Mullins Kimberly Pacala Melanie Steinkamp Patricia Stephenson Megan Sullivan Elaine Teng Elizabeth Owens Wakefield Sophie Wohltjen Nuska Zakrajsek

Mary Amorosino Jessica Barness Susanna Beiser Joanne Casey Laura M. Connors Sheri Economou Emily German Lori Kurtyka Beth L. Law Wendy Lubarsky Catherine Ort-Mabry Natalie Pho Frances H. Pratt** Kyra Reumann-Moore Melissa Ryan Cheryl Schock Cindy Shen Helen L. St. John Dianne Vandivier Jeannette Dea Warren-Anderson Margot T. Young*

Amanda Ayers Caren Backus Violet Baker Kathleen Brion Christine de Fontenay Kehan DeSousa Susan Grad Jennifer Hawley Melissa A.L. Holman Laura Jackman Lisa Josey Jane Jurkevics* Ingrid Kauffman** Gwyneth Kelly Charlotte Maskelony Laura Miller Mary Olch Campbell Rogers Jane Roningen Margaret Shannon Maki Yasui

Stephanie Cabell Laurene Church Robin Costanza Cindy Drakeman Holly Filipiak Margaret Gonglewski Kim Harris Pam Hazen Mary Hiebert-White Elizabeth Hoffmann Sarah B. Holmes Beth A.V. Lewis Marti Olson Jennifer Griffiths Orudjev Christopher G. Riggs* Teresa A. Spencer Kate Shooltz Natalie Torentinos Kathleen M. Welling** Susan Pruett Williams



Acknowledgements Tenor I

Tenor II

Bass I

Bass II

Gregg M. Breen David Dietly John W. Harbeson Kevin Josey Patrick Kilbride Dick Larkin Thomas Mugavero Christine H. Mulligan** Joel Phillips Rob Porter Robert Reeves Raymond Rhinehart* Martin S. Rosenthal John Schaettler D.C. Washington

Scott Alman Douglas K. Barry Ross Bradford Mark Bublitz James Clay** David Costanza Luke W. Fisher Jeremy Gosbee Jeremy Kane Jerry Kavinski Jason Kingman Pietro Miozzo David Miranda James M.E. Mixter, Jr.* John E. Moyer Jonathan Rajaseelan Joshua Brown Kelly Cameron

Eric P. Andersen Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr. Everitt Clark Thomas Czerwinski Karl Hempel John Hewes Giles Howson Tony King Andrew Madar Nathaniel Miller Chuck Moran Nicholas Petersen Marcus Pfeifer Stephen S. Roberts* Andrew Sauvageau James Schaller Peter G. Wolfe Christopher Woolley L. Bradley Stanford** Richard Wanerman

Ernest Abbott* Dale Boyd Chris Buechler** Thomas Chapman Casey Cook Glenn Sherer Griffiths Gabriel Kane Gene Kaye Ian M. Matthews Scott McCorkindale Charles Parris David Peyton Ellis Wisner

The 2015 | 16 Season was made possible by...

Our Singer Members

and Our Donor Members

Thank you for your support of the Cathedral Choral Society



Washington National Cathedral 3101 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016

Cathedral Choral Society



As a cultural resource for the Greater Washington, DC Metro Area, the Cathedral Choral Society’s mission is to welcome and engage singers and audiences of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs, through inspiring performances, excellence in choral singing, and collaborative school initiatives.

Cathedral Choral Society Annual Report 2015|16  
Cathedral Choral Society Annual Report 2015|16