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Cathedral HOME for Children

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Breaking the cycle of violence, despair, and failure since 1910.

Administration Robin J. Haas, Executive Director Nicole Hauser, Assistant Director Ginger Lubbers, Osborne Cottage Director

Cathedral Home’s Board of Directors Rt. Reverend John Smylie Honorary Chairman Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom

Rod Tyson, Sargent Cottage Director Wendy Perez, Brush Cottage Director Adrian Hill, Newell Sargent Cottage Director

President Colleen McKinnon Vice President Kent Drummond

Justin Pendleton, Hunter Cottage Director


Sharon Weber, Community Programs Director

Paula Dodds Secretary

Sabrina Ochoa, Laramie Youth Crisis Center Director Pam Zamora, Mae Olson Education Center Director

Sharon Breitweiser Recording Secretary

Patti Thobro, Clinical Director

Jeff Biegert

Dann Harvey, Program Development Director

Mary Garland

Chad Conrad, Finance Director

Kerry Greaser

Jacque Stonum, Human Resources Director Cassidy Biggs, Marketing and Development Director Jean Brown, Foster Grandparents Director Art Foster, Physical Plant Director Kirsten Quillinan, RN BSN, Nursing Director Kent Kleppinger, M.D. Medical Director Mary Moreno, M.D. Psychiatric Director

Cathedral Home for Children P.O. Box 520 Laramie, WY 82073 307. 745 . 8997 1. 800 . 676 . 1909 Fax: 307. 742 . 6146

Newsletter of the Cathedral Home for Children

Linda Nydahl Terry Roark Emma Jo Spiegelberg Dick Van Pelt M. Gregory Weisz Peggy Palm

I was asked to write something for this issue of the Open Door at the last Cathedral Home for Children Board of Director’s meeting. It was one of those, overcast, blizzardy, blustery days when you can’t see the Snowy Range, and Highway 30 out to the Home was solid ice. Nevertheless, I was not surprised that we had nearly perfect attendance—the only members missing were out of town—but that is our norm. One member had cancelled a business trip because the business at hand was important; another made arrangements to provide for an ailing spouse; still one member planned to work early/stay late at her business in order to take off time for this meeting and one had “skated” in from Centennial to be there.

A Letter from our President

The Board is nothing short of dedicated. With 177 years of combined membership, the length of service ranges from 45 years to a few months. Each member sits on several committees—Finance, House and Property, Education, Program, Nominations—which entails of another meeting each month. They bring a range of knowledge and skills, coming from their employment as bankers, lawyers, accountants, business owners, educators, philanthropists, communicators and yes, even, clergy. Each freely offers his or her expertise because they believe in the mission of CHC and desire to play a part in bringing hope and healing to the 70-80 children who are in residence at any one time. As Board members, we are keenly aware the staff and faculty of the Home are on the front line. We are grateful to the 200 plus employees who stick with the children day and night as they undertake the arduous work of establishing healthy relationships, developing good work and education habits, and dealing with the physical, emotional, and traumatic pain that brought them to us. The newest youth worker to the Executive Director (with her 40 years of direct experience at CHC) bring a clear sense of each child’s potential that can be achieved through dedicated perseverance, loving and fair care, and genuine interest in the individual child and his or her family. On these high breezy plains of Wyoming, we know that blizzardy, blustery days will soon pass. In a day or two, the sunshine will return, the snow will melt and eventually the new tender shoots of greenery will give evidence of new life and spring time in the Rockies. Leaving our Board meeting on that wintry day, I glanced across the common area to see students leaving the Mae Olson Education Center. Like any other kids out of school for the day, they were laughing and rambunctious as they Students walking from school to their “home.” kicked through drifts of snow toward their cottages. Just then, a school bus dropped off three giggling girls who had spent a part of their day at Laramie High. They too, were in high spirits as they made their way “home.” The rest of their day would include personal and group counseling, support groups and homework, in addition to a family-style supper. It was evident to me that despite the personal blizzardy, blustery events that assailed these children in the past, there was hope and excitement for a new life and a bright future in the spring time of their young lives. You, too, can be a part of the CHC mission. Your financial help makes the difference in making CHC a home, not just a residential treatment center. Your prayers enhance the spiritual and emotional grounding where real growth can happen. Please stop by for a tour when you are in the area. We would love to show you where this amazing work has occurred for over 100 years. Your interest and support are always much appreciated. - Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom

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. . . n e h w r e Rememb

remony ndbreaking ce u ro g e ag tt o C 1985 Hunter

ed after m a n s a w e g a tt Hunter Co nd was the a r te n u H p o h Bis ur building beginning of o (for mer n a g o H l il B s A expansion. l t the Cathedra a r to c e ir D e v Executi sed to say, u ) n re d il h C r Home fo ur dreams.� o d il u b e w p “Step by ste any important m re e w re e th While t this event, a e c n a d n e tt a people in members rd a o b l ra e v e s there were wood, Glenn e tl it L b o B t. n prese lt, and Emma e P n a V k ic D Mullins, a few. Dick e m a n to rg e Jo Spiegelb Jo Spiegelberg a m m E d n a lt Van Pe oard of B t n re r u c r u o are on y! Directors toda

Thank you to our Board Members for 100 + years with our Home. Page 4

Where the Cathedral Home for Children began as an orphanage in 1910 at the residence of Bishop Thomas.

The County C ommissioner and Board of Directors of the Cathed ral Home watch proudly as the red rib bon is cut at the new La ramie Youth C risis Center in 1986. Just o ne year after th e groundbreaking of H unter Cottage in 1985. This center w as rated as the highest project in nee d of commun ity support. As you can im agine, when a nything of importance h appens at the Home, our board is there . Every event throughout our history ha s been largely supported by our Board of Directors. Though they are busy individuals, th ey always manage to fin d the time for us. We are ever s o grateful.

1986 Laram ie Youth C risis Center ribbon cutt ing ceremo ny

A Tribute to

Past Board M e


Where the Cathedral Home for Children stands today helping troubled and traumatized children reclaim and rebuild their lives.

Fun Fact: Newell and Vera Sargent came to our

The Un iversal C hildren’s Chapel built in

campus and pledged incredible support for expanding our campus. The Universal Children’s Chapel was the first step. This was a real hands-on project for Newell. He helped design the “Descending Dove” stained glass window which can be admired as one turns into campus.

The Board of Directors has an annual retreat where they review successes throughout the previous year and set goals for the upcoming one. Here’s an old picture of past and current board members at the local Vee Bar Ranch. We’re so lucky to have such committed folks on our board. They continuously look out for the best interest of the children and never forget the hard work of our staff members.


From left : Dr.

John Card yn, Bob L Jo Spiege ittlewood lberg, Gle , Hoke M nn Mullen acMillan, Emma s, and Dic k Van Pe lt

Like angels from heaven, Newell and Vera Sargent cut the ribbon at Sargent Cottage which was built in honor of Vera. What a legacy of love they left behind with the Chapel, Sargent, Osborne, Brush, and Newell cottages! Over the course of our long history, we have been well cared for through impossibly generous donations, to the unyielding support of our Board of Directors. Though we may have started in the home of Bishop Thomas in 1910, my have we grown since then. While times are not always easy, there is never an event when our board was not present, or a time when our board didn't make the tough decisions asked of them. We wouldn’t be the same wonderful home we are today without the dedication, loyalty, support, and love of our Board of Directors.

Newell and Vera Sargent cutting the ribbon in 1994 at Sargent Cottage Page 5

Building Memories Across the Board Agencies across the world have a board of directors to help handle essential decisions. At the Cathedral Home for Children, we are privileged to have the most caring and involved group of people serve on our board. These dedicated individuals, never falter in making us a priority though their spot on our board is a volunteer position. Kent Drummond has served on our Board of Directors for 9 years! Mr. Drummond is presently our Treasurer and reports staying on the board because, “The thought that maybe I’m playing a small but important part in improving someone else’s life...can you really put a price on that?” He also mentions what he likes most about the Home. “I love the other board members! Each has unique personalities, preferences, and quirks. They’re like family.” -Kent Drummond

Board member Jeff Biegert, sharing lunch on Hunter Cottage

Welcome to newest board member, Peggy Palm! Having been on our board for less than a year, when asked what her favorite memory at CHC is thus far she said, “When I arrived at the CHC graduation and watched all the students walk into the gym, they looked so proud and happy to be there, plus so respectful during the ceremony.” She also stated, “Even though I’ve served a short time, it’s easy to say the work that CHC does makes a difference to those it serves.” -Peggy Palm

Paula Dodds, has been on our Board of Directors for 23 years! She is currently serving as Secretary. Mrs. Dodds says she chose to serve on our board because she felt it was a place she could really make a difference. She shared what she likes most about the Home. “I am passionate about the kids at the Cathedral Home. I feel like Emma Jo Spiegelberg, my goals and objectives are important for has been on the CHC the health and welfare of the Cathedral Home for Children. I Board of Directors for 45 am happy we have such a wonderful caring place for kids in years! She has held various offices on our board and need. We have top notch management and outstanding has even served as employees.” Mrs. Dodds also added, “The Cathedral Home President. In addition, Mrs. for Children would not be the fantastic organization it is Spiegelberg is on our without our staff’s leadership skills and their loving Education Committee. caring attitude. Our priorities are to help the children get She has also been present for many important well. It certainly takes time and diligence to provide a safe events at the Home. While she served as our space for the children. We can always use help from the Board President, the Hunter Cottage outside to maintain our costs. We really appreciate all of you groundbreaking took place (the first cottage built on our campus). Thank you for your continued who have supported the Cathedral Home for Children. THANK YOU!!!!” -Paula Dodds commitment to our Home, you are irreplaceable! Page 6

Kerry Greaser has served on our Board of Directors for the last 2 years. According to Mr. Greaser, his favorite memory of the Cathedral Home is when, “I attended a presentation by some of our students about their summer outing activities at the Barry Biodiversity Center on campus. It was not only well done, but the children were obviously delighted with their experiences.” Mr. Greaser went on to share his most memorable event at the home so far, “I have attended two high school graduations. What a proud moment for those children. Even though they might not yet know, education is still a major key to their futures.” -Kerry Greaser Mary Garland has been on the Cathedral Home for Children’s Board of Directors for 10 years! She said the reason she joined was, “I wanted to be involved in helping the children that need Cathedral Home the most. The children that need a place to call “home”.” Mrs. Garland talked about the reasons she remains on this board “Witnessing the changed lives of the children. Knowing that Cathedral Home will provide them with an opportunity to heal deep wounds and find hope for their future, their life...” “It is ALL about the kids, as evidenced by the staff who give sacrificially every day.” -Mary Garland Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom, the President of the Cathedral Home for Children’s Board of Directors, has served on our board for 11 years! When asked what originally brought her to CHC she answers, “The Dean of St. Matthew's Cathedral has often served on the board. I was delighted to be invited to be a part of an organization long associated with the Cathedral and the Diocese of Wyoming. Now that I have come to understand the challenges that the CHC residents face, I am even happier to play a small part in helping them and supporting the tremendous staff and faculty.” Next, she was asked what she likes most about the Cathedral Home for Children. “The caring atmosphere that enables the residents to find healing and hope. So often they come with a lifetime of nightmares and at CHC, they are able to have Congratulations on your retirement in October 2012 as Dean of dreams of a bright future.” This generous woman would like St. Mathew’s Cathedral, Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom! everyone to know, “I invite and encourage anyone who plans to be in the Laramie area to call ahead and arrange for a tour of the CHC campus. I think you will be amazed at the facilities and delighted to find out how you can support the efforts of this worthy agency.” -Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom

Years of Service

Board President Very Reverend Marilyn Engstrom, sharing lunch on Newell Cottage

Bishop John Smiley, Honorary Chairman: Greg Weisz: Linda Nydahl: Terry Roark: Jeff Biegert: Dick Van Pelt: Colleen McKinnon, Vice President: Sharon Breitweiser, Recording Secretary:

3 years 4 years 16 years 12 years 8 years 32 years 6 years 28 years

Page 7

Roxanne Raben: A Lifetime of Love While we love to boast about the distinguished staff we have on our team, some stand out from the rest. Our art teacher, Roxanne Raben, has been with us 22 years! She is remarkable in many ways, but her dedication to the youth she works with is demonstrated not only in her time with the Home, but the passion she utilizes in all she does with the kids. Roxanne drives approximately 1 ½ hours per day to be with these unique children. Talk about passionate! When Roxanne was asked to write about her favorite memory (not knowing she was to be featured in this edition of the Open Door), she wrote this: “You’ve been here a long time. Tell me a child story that impacted you.” One story. I cannot choose one story. They all are stories…


an …shall I tell you of the boy full of expletives and distain, stud ne with i es te p stomping across a table only to recognize his own distress, then ach ast MO er S days later, quick thinking grasps the leash of a bolting dog, cott EC soc i Livi earning my trust and respect, and his confidence and ngs al ton I must also mention: responsibility…or of the girl masked in heavy make-up who slowly removed it, along with her pain, and traveled on her life The girl who sings while she draws. journey clean, clear, renewed? The boy who dances, just a little bit, before beginning work. Shall I tell you of the boy who left us sooner than we wished and who graciously thanked us for the clothes on his back and The crew who cleans up wilderness trails. the food he had eaten while in our care…or of the girl who The ones who feed the fish, watch the turtle, play with the crawled for weeks though she was physically capable of walking ferret. and when, years later, I saw her again she asked me with The girl who opens her arms to the sky and flies around kindness, sincerity, compassion how I was doing. campus. Perhaps I should speak of simpler treasured moments, like They all have a story and I am blessed to be a part of them.” student requests: –Roxanne Raben “Will you read to us?”

“Can we have hot chocolate today?” “Can Todd, the ferret, come out?” Or of a few of the many thank-you cards I have received: “…thanks for all the relaxing you have provided me. I will miss our conversations. You helped me stay really mindful.” “You inspire me in so many ways. You got me back into drawing and I love our talks of spirituality, relationships, animals, family, and school…thank you for being in my life.” “I am very thankful for our relationship together. You are a kind, humble person and you motivate me to keep changing. Not one day goes by that I do not have a smile on my face for the things I have learned from you.” “You are awesome. I have learned from you. Thank you for being in my life.” Page 8

Roxanne saying goodbye to graduating youth Ashlee

WYSA Rookie of the Year: Travis Patton wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for them.

How do you feel about getting this award? It’s really humbling because I didn’t even know I was up for the award and then finding out that I had got it, it’s a big deal. It makes me feel good; it makes me feel like I’m doing something. The award is nice,

but it’s more about knowing I’m helping the girls I work with. The award is the cherry on top. Anything else you’d like everyone to know? ard winner Travis Al and Rookie of the Year Aw ards Banquet. Patton at the 33rd Annual Aw

What originally brought you to the home? I heard about it from friends who work here. Also, I heard stories about how Cathedral Home has helped people and known kids who have gone through the program; just seeing how they’ve been helped.

I just want to re-iterate the team I work with (Brush Cottage) and those that trained me are a big reason for where I’ve come from and where I am now. The leadership at Brush Cottage and across campus is amazing. I think everyone I’ve interacted with has helped train me and make me the youth worker I am today.

What do you like about being a youth worker? I like being able to help kids, you know the generation before. I really enjoy being able to help kids who don’t have a role model to be more successful. I like putting work into helping them and trying to be a role model for the kids. Especially helping to give them the tools they need to be successful in life.

How did you get to this point as a youth worker? I’d have to give credit to the senior staff that trained me. The feedback they gave me was priceless. I definitely

she will be Travis tells Amber how much ation. missed at her program gradu

We Couldn’t do it Without You ANB Bank! Here we go again, talking about our exceptional staff. Did you know the Cathedral Home for Children has 7 staff which has been here longer than 20 years?! There are 11 who have been here more than 10 years, and 32 who have been here for over 5 years! That kind of commitment doesn’t end with longevity, it is shown daily through the work done with our youth. Luckily, each month our agency is able to show appreciation for these dedicated staff members by nominating them for the employee of the month. Since 2009, ANB Bank has helped us congratulate our staff on their hard work through newspaper ads, gift cards, and now even a plaque. Thank you ANB Bank for helping us show the staff at our Home the gratitude they deserve! Page 9

A Home Like No Other From left is staff Will playing hockey with Lanaia, Al, and Kyle.

Dare to Care

Let’s Play...and Learn? It isn’t uncommon at Mae Olson Education Center to see a science class paired with a P.E. class in a game of floor hockey. Sound a bit unusual? As it turns out, for the past three years science teacher Kadria, and P.E. teacher Ashley, combine their classes to play floor hockey in order to put classroom concepts to use in a real-life situation. During this science unit, Kadria says her students learn about reflexes, laws of motion, and friction. According to Ashley, this time of year is her winter sports unit, so hockey falls into this category nicely. Being a math teacher as well, Ashley talks with her students about geometry and angles while playing this game to develop a better understanding of these concepts. What a unique way to teach new information!

As you may likely know, we focus on relationship building strategies as a foundation for the treatment plans developed for each child. Therefore, it is no surprise many of our staff worked to give our youth a special Valentine’s Day. At our school, Mae Olson Education Center, the teachers planned special activities for our kids. These kind and caring educators divided up the children and wrote them an anonymous Valentine’s Day card. Each student was given the chance to guess which teacher wrote their unique Valentine and then wrote one back; but the fun didn’t end there. The students also had Valentine’s Day themed activities in the gym. One such activity utilized chopsticks to pick up candy hearts to be carried across the gym and placed in a bin.

Pictured above is youth Allissa, hugging Educational Sign Language Interpreter Emily.

Science class watching their paper-mache and cardboard volcano erupt.

Angel, Desiree, and Tia show off the monuments they made in U.S History class. Page 10 10 Page

A Home Like No Other Our New Kitchen Thanks to a grant from the John P. Ellbogen Foundation, we not only have a student run Coffee Shop, but now a separate full kitchen for our student run Café and Culinary Arts Program. This particular Culinary Arts class was preparing delicious Valentine’s Day treats to be distributed to the student’s favorite teachers and friends around the school. As you can imagine, the gentleman to the left (Daniel), plans to attend Culinary Arts school upon leaving CHC and proudly shows off his chef jacket.

Culinary Arts class preparing Valentine’s Day treats.

needs met then becomes a priority– food, shelter, and clothing. At times, even when working two jobs, they struggle to make ends meet. Through a grant from the John P. Ellbogen Foundation, the Transition and During the summer of 2011, the Transition and Aftercare Program at the Cathedral Home was able to Aftercare Program was restructured by adding a second address this need by creating a stipend program. A case manager position. These Case Managers work person that has been a resident of the Home can apply with all youth who enter the Cathedral Home for to be granted a stipend to help them with rent, utility Children. They set up services in the youth’s home bills, and buying groceries (just to name a few). The community to help them be successful once they generous grants from John P. Ellbogen continue to return home. Some of these services include, but are help the Cathedral Home for Children break the cycle not limited to: counseling, workforce, school, medical, of violence, despair, and failure. recreation, housing, and financial help. Once a child leaves the Cathedral Home and returns to their community, the Transition and Aftercare Case Managers continue to work with the youth to ensure their success. This includes (at minimum), weekly phone calls and monthly visits to make sure the youth and their families’ needs are being met. Since becoming more intentional with the aftercare services provided, it became obvious the youth who end up on their own need further help. Many have little emotional support Transition and Aftercare Case Manager Heidi, giving graduating youth Cynthia, and zero financial assistance. At the Cathedral Home documents for a successful move home. for Children, we encourage our youth to attend post-secondary education, but found out many have to drop out of school in order to work. Getting their

Transition and Aftercare Stipend Program

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Donor List In Honor of Cathedral Home for Children’s Board of Directors: Colleen McKinnon Kent Drummond Jeff Biegert Paula Dodds Mary Garland Kerry Greaser Linda Nydahl Terry Roark Emma Jo Spiegelberg Dick Van Pelt M. Gregory Weisz Peggy Palm Marilyn Engstrom Cathedral Home for Children’s Executive Director, Robin J. Haas Marilyn Engstrom Antonio Avila’s Birthday Kurt Eisenach Joe Eisenach's Birthday Kurt Eisenach The Koenig Family Sandra Sommers Adrian Lara’s Birthday Kurt Eisenach AJ Ball Jane and Kerry Greaser Dan Ball Jr. Jane and Kerry Greaser Laurel Ball Jane and Kerry Greaser Molly Friesen Eileen Routson J. Graner Art and Ann Merrick Megan Greaser Jane and Kerry Greaser Warren and Karla Greaser Jane and Kerry Greaser J. Hadeen Art and Ann Merrick Don Hampton Jacque Harrod The Rev. and Mrs. T. Keith Art and Ann Merrick C. P. Legleu Art and Ann Merrick Jaden Lolley Kurt Eisenach Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Loyer Art and Ann Merrick Bruce Merrick Art and Ann Merrick John and Linda Nydahl Douglas and Jane Goodrich Dorothy E. Klancnik C. Phemister Art and Ann Merrick Jim and Kitty Routson Eileen Routson

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In Memory of Gurtrude Anderson Richard F. and Margaret Karstoft David Bates Jennet and Pat Ballinger Genevieve Beaman William C. Beaman William and Robert Bergdahl Patricia Watson Billy Birkle Sandra Sommers Beau Bradford Jean and Donald K. McColley Colton Bruegger Sandra Sommers Ebba and Thorvald Christensen Gloria M. Christensen Leonard Clark Rev. Stanley C. and Marceline Cliver Noel Douglas Cliver Rev. Stanley C. and Marceline Cliver Elizabeth Cordiner Frank Cordiner Bev Darrow James G. and Donna Wilson Robert Flansburg Cathy Flansburg Rev. James Graner Art and Ann Merrick Bob and Marie Haas Patrick and Rae Colliton James Hadeen Art and Ann Merrick Elliot and Dorothy Hays Bev and Gordon Hays Paul W. and Stella C. Hoel Robert and Micky Routson Bishop J. Wilson Hunter Nancy H. Sherwin Joseph Jacobson R. Elaine Broderick Char Johnson Susann C. Yemm Leo Joy Lee and Frances Cundall Sharon Kava Betsy P. Frawley

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Jack C. Routson Robert and Micky Routson Jack H. Routson Robert and Micky Routson Eileen Scott Sandra Sommers John Shuster Steve and Carol Balius Darlene Barker John and Jackie Barker Ron and Kathryn Barker Reva Berens Jeff and Sally Biegert William and Linda Biles Donald S. and Dorothy Bird Robert D. and Ruth Blake James and Lisa Bocott Donald W. and Margaret Boyd Donald J. and Pearl Brosz Jim and Joyce Brown Geraldine Bruns Frank B. and Judith Cylvick Arlene Denny Karen Dike Marilyn Engstrom Dean H. and Christine Faubel Merle and Corrine Faubel Douglas L. and Leanne Fox Rodney A. and Sandra Garnett Patricia Guthrie Frank C. and Donna Hinds Betty and Kenneth Hoeschen Donabelle Hollon Wayne A. and Sandra Hubert Larry V. and Lois Irving Scott and Shelly Jacobson Marie Jenkins Elsie I. Johnson Deanna Johnson and Don Gleaver Tricia Kasper Dr. Conrad and Lydia Kercher Dennis and Judy Knight

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Are you a Federal Employee? Cathedral Home is an approved charity through the Intermountain Combined Federal Campaign. Our charity number is: 50614. Donations made through the CFC contribute to our success with at risk youth!

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Marcia D. Gladstone Kerry Greaser and Family Jerry D. and Rita Green Rev. Daphne Grimes Gregory and Bobbie Guidry Joe Gulino Ruth Hanks John H. and Alice Hannahs Ronald L. and Leatha Hansen Arnold E. and Loretta Harak Lloyd and Theta Harvey Gary J. and Patricia Havens Mary Hay John L. and Shirley Hayes Henry W. and Linda Haynes, Jr. Francis S. Heck Frank L. and Connie Hedley William N. and Susan Heiss John E. and Dorothy Hildreth Lowell W. Hill Bob and Sara Hockley Elizabeth Holland Ginger Humphrey J.A. and Sally Innes Thomas L. and Joan Kay James Neal J. Jindra David and Jo Lynne Johnson William R. and Jeanne Jones Leroy and Vicky Jons Margaret Jons Amanda S. Kaufmann William R. and Eleanor Keefer Alan L. and Grace Keeney Conrad and Lydia Kercher Gary L. and Rhonda Kern James R. and Cindy King Carlos and Marion Klinger Larry V. and Roxi Knopp Robert Kujda and Anita Brentlinger Donald M. and Beverly Kurtz Greg M. Lakes Walter and Sheila Langlois Henry J. Laskowsky Janice Lenhard Jason A. and Linda Lillegraven Shirley Lilley Marilyn T. Loomis Keith O. and Jeanette Lowham Richard S. and Laura Luchsinger Jon A. and Virginia Madsen Craig Malon Leland C. and Anne Marchant Charles W. and Barbara Margolf Mark E. Marquardt R. L. and Christine Marquardt Janet G. Martin, Trustee Linda G. Martin Roma L. Mathson Donald K. and Jean McColley Michael A.and Ruth McNamee Jay and Marion Mellies Frank and Barbara Mendicino

Donor List William and Ann Merrick Charles A. and Joan Mitchell Joe and Dorothy Molaskey Thomas E. and Susan Moore Carl A. Morck James I. and Patricia Morgan Lois F. Morrison Anton and Winona Munari Dr. Tom Nachtigal and Jan Standorth-Nachtigal Barbara M. Naughton Karen B. Nicholas Rosemary G. Nicholls Eleanor S. Noble Shirley Nordquist Linda and John Nydahl Carlos and Sabrina Ochoa Colleen D. Osborne Carolyn and Michael S. Patterson Marian L. Paxton Oliver and Betsy Peters Robert C. Peterson Robert C. Poch John W. Porter Herbert D. and Quita Pownall Kevin E. and Denise Rames Paul A. and Mary Lou Rechard Richard G. Reider Bernard and Marie Ritten (Ember Ritten) Norman and Lois Roberts Garth C. and Judith Robertson James O. and Michele Rose Ruby Sanchez Lois J. Schaller Alan and Roberta Schimek Carol Ann Schleichardt Rolfe Schwartzkopf Joel L. Selig Nancy Shaw Marie Sheaffer Mary Louise Shepard L.L. and Karen Shore DuWayne and Ellen Shorma Ada Joanne Shultz Senator Alan K. and Ann Simpson Tony and Treece Sisneros Frank P. and Lorene Smedley Charles W. and Mary Smith Scott B. and Winifred Smith David Snook-Luther Rev. Tim Solon Gerry L. and La Nelle Spence Ted and Barbara Sterkel David Stich Russ Strauch Douglas C. and Gale Sunderland Leonard G. and Thea Swanson Brent and Cindy Taylor Duane and Mary Trusty Robert P. and Ginger Tyrrell, D.D.S. Clarence and Jeanne Unruh

Charlene Urban Mark E. Urban Verne A. and Emma Waldner David and Christel Walrath William T. Ward, Trustee Dale and Judy Weber Dick A. and Virginia Weikert Tom and L.B. Wesche William and Kristen Wessale James G. and Donna Wilson Gladys S. Winsor Roger K. Withrow Carlton Woods Lila Worden Marian Wright William J. and Sally Young

Organization Gifts All Saints Episcopal Guild ANB Bank Basic Beginnings, Inc. Basic Beginnings South Big Huhnks Bird-O'Donnell Construction Breazeale, M.S. Trust Brodersen Personal Rental Church of the Holy Communion Cowboy Glass & Mirror Crowbar and Grill Curiosity Shoppe Deines Cabinet Shop, Inc ECW of St. Thomas Encampment Presbyterian Church First Christian Church First Western Financial, Inc. Frontier Refinery Employees Guthrie Family Foundation Hayden-Wing Associates Holy Communion Ministries Jack Rabbit Properties, Inc. John P. Ellbogen Foundation Laramie GMAC Nighthawk Properties, LLC Owl Foundation Q Investments LLC QMEX WYO, LLC Rebekah Lodge #1 Rebekah Sunshine Lodge #20 Reiman Corporation Sigma Alpha Epsilon Southern Deli Holdings, LLC St. Andrews ECW St. Barnabas Episcopal Church St. Francis on the Prairie St. James Episcopal Church Encampment St. John the Baptist Episcopal Guild St. Thomas Episcopal Church Women Talbot Guild (The) of St. Matthew's Cathedral

Donation Recognition October 1st, 2012-February 28th, 2013

True Foundation United Way of Northern Utah Uniwyo Federal Credit Union US Bancorp Foundation Walter Hammontree Real Estate Walter Scott Foundation Wold Foundation Women of St. Albans Women of St. Peter's

Gifts in Kind Anonymous Robinette G. Anderson Jean Birkholz Barbara Bittner and Arnold D. Cunningham Amy Bowman and Family Paul Brockmann Ace Brummond Carolyn Coolidge and Larry Wright Monica Cordell Keith B. and Mary Jo Downey Nancy Dunn Linda Esch Mary M. Foster Stephen Franck Steve and Julie Freemyer Marie Frick Gary Galbreath Mary L. Garland Sarah Gayman Kathy Guffey Ronald L. and Leatha Hansen Phyllis Hartman Beverly J. Hays Lowell W. Hill Joy Hiser Nathan Hissong Linda Hollyman Thais S. Humphreys Rae Lynn Job Frosty Kepler Carol Kirkwood Greg M. Lakes Cheryl Leach Clint Lloyd

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Mark and Joan Mader Vidale Madera Louise Marshall Colleen McKinnon Ana Oroz Helen Phillips William Pratt Eleanor and Albert Roth E. Ruby Sanchez Virginia Sanchez Kay Soderberg Robert and Emma Sopr Russ Strauch Rick Stuart Harald Thalhammer Jon and Patti Thobro Tanya Thompson Tim Trujillo William and Joyce Tyrrell Cassandra Watts Jim and Carolyn Woodward

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Cathedral Home for Children’s 34th Annual Awards Banquet will be held May 16, 2013. Check out the next issue of the Open Door in September to get the inside scoop.

Open Door Spring 2013  

The Newsletter of the Cathedral Home for Children.

Open Door Spring 2013  

The Newsletter of the Cathedral Home for Children.