CCW Newsletter Issue #18 (November 24, 2021)

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In this edition..... From the Principal School Captains 2022 SEQTA Learn Information House Creative Arts Competition 2021 Results P&F Coffee in the Park End of Term Dates, Events and Reminders

From the Principal MR NICK JONES Leadership within our community has never been so important. As we are hopefully entering the final stages of the global pandemic, it has been disappointing to see our federal and state politicians still unable to come together to lead a coordinated approach to the important issues that are affecting our local community. With the recent and sudden resignation of the Australian Men’s Cricket Captain for his poor behaviour, it is certainly difficult for our young people to look up to some of our current leaders. The good news is that there are many people with a less public profile who are demonstrating outstanding leadership at a local level. I would encourage you to highlight these positive examples with your children and to role model leadership qualities and characteristics at home. In recent discussions with our Year Eleven students, I was delighted when many of them indicated their mum or dad as inspirational role models who displayed strong leadership qualities.

Student Leadership I was delighted to recently interview a number of Year Eleven students for the position of School Captain for 2022. I was thoroughly impressed with the calibre of our applicants and this made the final decision very tough for myself and the selection panel. The students spoke warmly about giving back to the school community which has given so much to them during their time at Cathedral College. This theme of leadership as service to others was evident for all the applicants and I am sure they will all offer exceptional leadership for our school as Year Twelve students next year. I am very pleased to announce our school captains for 2022 are;

Bella Bridgeman and Skip Pieper

Over the final weeks of this school year, students in Years Four, Seven and Eleven will be given the opportunity to apply for House Captain positions for next year. Good luck to all students applying for these positions over the coming weeks.

COVID-19 Vaccinations I would like to remind our College families that it is now a state government requirement that you are fully vaccinated to enter the school buildings. With a number of school events coming up including; the screening of the senior production, our end of year carols service and presentation assemblies, I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and support with checking in and showing your vaccination certificate. All the best

From the Head of Junior School MR GREG NEWBOLD

Lights! Camera! Action! Wednesday, November 24 marks the return of the Junior School to the stage at the WPAC as they bring to life 'Annie Jr'. Performing Arts has a magical influence and learning capability whether it be classroom Music, instrumental tuition, small group keyboard groups or theatre. So it is with great excitement that the Years Three to Five classes can again perform live on stage with professional sound and lighting that makes for a memorable experience. Across the year with many challenges constantly being placed in front of them, enthusiastic hopes being raised, and then dashed and on-stage rehearsals finally being approved, it is wonderful that the actual night has arrived. The students have worked earnestly to learn dialogue, song lyrics, actions, and the nuances necessary to maintain character. But this event is just the first of two Junior School productions, with the Prep to Two Year levels showcasing 'Prep, Two, One: A Space Odyssey', as written by Ms Maggie Edmond, our tireless bundle of musical energy. They will grace the hallowed floor of the Sports Stadium on Thursday, December 2. These events are only possible due to the magnificent and collaborative work of our staff, and their support of a strong, vibrant performance culture. We are immensely grateful to Mr Ben Hedderman, our Head of Music and Ms Edmond for their leadership, energy, and diligence. We all look forward to brilliant evenings and a bevy of superb photos of hundreds of enthusiastic, smiling and focussed young people strutting their stuff in character.

From the Head of Middle School MRS BRIGID PERKINS

Top Student Awards – Term Three Congratulations to the following Middle School students who were awarded with a ‘Top Student Award’ for their consistent and positive efforts throughout Term Three. These students were presented their certificates in front of the Middle School community and were commended on their achievements and continued efforts to represent the school with pride in all environments: Six Ovens: Beth Meisinger Six Docker: Ruby Thomas Seven Close: Nick Kjar Seven Docker: Geordie Mellor Seven Murdoch: Paige Clayton Seven Ovens: Addison Montgomery

Eight Close: Archer Irwin Eight Murdoch: Sam Tiffin Eight Docker: Sebastian Carlesso Eight Ovens: Jess Scott

Middle School House Captains 2022 Applications It is that time of the year when we call for students who will be in Year Eight next year to nominate themselves for the leadership position of Middle School House Captain for 2022. The House Captain positions are very important roles. They require students to represent both their House and the wider school in a manner that typifies the leadership qualities of organisation, presentation, co-operation, and positive citizenship. The successful applicants will represent and work with their House in the many sporting and cultural House events held throughout the year such as House Music, House Athletics, College Assemblies and Whole School events and fundraisers. Middle School House Captains will be expected to liaise closely with Junior School and Senior School House Captains and the Head of House. All current Year Seven students have been invited to apply for these positions by writing a written application, completing an interview with their Head of House and their Head of Middle School and then finally presenting a speech in front of their House peers. We are looking forward to meeting with our future leaders over the next few weeks.

Upcoming District Transition Day & Middle School Activity Day In the final week of this term, all students will be involved in the District Transition Day (Tuesday, December 7) and the Middle School Activity Day (Wednesday, December 8). More information will be sent out to families in each year level with the specific details. The District Transition Day will allow each year level to move up to their 2022 year level and start to meet the classroom teachers, Homeroom teachers and Year Level Co-ordinators they will be working with next year. Whereas the Activity Day will allow all students to spend a day outside the classroom, enjoying the company of their peers and the staff they have worked with over the last 12 months, which will be a nice way to finish the term.

From the Head of Senior School MS ANNE HARRIS This week sees the beginning of the Head Start program for our current Year Ten and Eleven students. It is the time of the year where teachers start talking as if it is already 2022 and refer to ‘this year’ when they mean next year and ‘last year’ which is really this year. When someone talks to me about the Year Elevens, I have to clarify if they mean this year’s Year Elevens, or next year’s. I wonder if the same shift in thinking is happening in our Senior students. Are they already thinking like it is 2022? To a large degree, this is the purpose of the Head Start program. In chatting with some of our Year Tens (this year’s), there was a sense of excitement as they met on Monday morning to move into the VCE building and collect their timetable for the fortnight. We also welcomed several new students to the cohort who chose to move to Cathedral College for the opportunities available in their VCE years. The Year Elevens (this year’s) seamlessly made the step from Year Eleven to their Year Twelve (next year’s) course introductions. Early reflections are reassuring some students their effort this year has paved a solid foundation for their final year of schooling. I would like to thank all our VCE teachers who are starting their 2022 program while wrapping up this year’s or keeping their head in 2021 for the younger grades. Mr Carson, Head of VCE and Year Twelve Coordinator and Ms Lee, Year Eleven Coordinator have, and continue to put in a massive effort to produce the Head Start timetable, as well as organise the upcoming Year Twelve (this year’s) Graduation Dinner and the Year Twelve (next year’s) Retreat. To these two wonderful people, I say a big thank you! There is no doubt that as the older students step into their new academic year, there is a ripple effect through to the Year Nines who still have three weeks to go until breaking up for summer. The temptation is to take the foot off the accelerator and coast through to the finish line. This approach, however, is not a wise one. It is important all our students finish well. It has been a difficult year and staff and students alike are tired, but we still need to be organised, respectful, engaged and do our best. This includes wearing the uniform correctly, from the shoes and socks, through to following hair and make-up guidelines. Thank you to the parents and carers who manage to locate the missing socks, replace worn or outgrown shoes, adjust hem lengths, and resew buttons. As we move into the home straight of the 2021 academic year, there is much to look forward to as restrictions ease and we can enjoy gathering together to celebrate and recognise the achievements and resilience of our young people.

From the Director of Studies MRS JULIE FINDLAY

An Education System Fit for Purpose Despite the challenges that 2021 and 2020 have thrown at us, CCW is very aware of the need to make our teaching and learning experiences, including extra-curricular activities relevant and engaging for students. This means at times, as Director of Studies, I engage with outside organisations and other schools to explore current research and action research which explore contemporary activities in schools. Last week, I engaged with ninety other schools and educational groups throughout the world which are exploring ‘Is the educational system fit for purpose?’. Across the world, there is growing discontent with the content of school curricula as we consider the skills and knowledge required to engage in the 21st-century workforce. What do we mean by 21st-century skills? Increasingly we hear more about needing skills, knowledge, and characteristics, rather than grades. Rather than universities wanting students who can repeat information, they would prefer students who know how to learn, access information and show resilience. Employers, from my understanding, would like employees who are adaptable, willing to learn, resilient and have good communication skills. COVID and remote learning have facilitated this wish for change amongst students, universities, and employees. Some students have adapted well and have used this opportunity to embrace how and when they learn. Other students have struggled, and this has led to isolation and withdrawal from learning. How could this change help our students? Within schools throughout Australia, many schools and organisations are revisiting what teaching and learning mean for them. Making learning relevant is key for all learning programs. Considering the student perspective. Therefore, our Student Voice program is so important. Helping students understand how they learn; their strengths and weaknesses are vital in helping students drive their own learning. This is known as Learner Profiling and acts as a strong foundation for developing happy and engaged learners. As a school, we are committed to being part of this review of the education setting and making learning real and relevant to our students. This also involves the whole community understanding what we are trying to achieve and being involved in the conversation. More information about this will following 2022.

Chaplains' Chat REV'D DAVID JONES

The Christening “She (Mary) gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” Luke 2:7 The story goes of a christening that was to be held many years ago by a very wealthy European family. Many guests were invited to the home for the occasion and it became a very fashionable and social occasion. Their coats and stoles were carried to a bedroom and laid upon the bed when they arrived. After the usual lot of conversation and commotion, they were ready for the christening ceremony and someone asked, “Where is the baby?” The nurse was sent upstairs to collect the baby but returned in a very distressed state. The baby was nowhere to be found! After a short search, someone remembered that that child had last been seen lying on one of the beds, and after a frantic search, the little child was found under the coats and stoles of the guests. The chief reason why they had come had been forgotten, neglected and nearly destroyed! With Advent about to start and Christmas not far away, many people will forget, neglect and even destroy the Christ child! He is lost under the tinsel, wrapping paper, ribbon, gifts and parties. Let us all remember not to crowd Christ out this Christmas this year, as he is the reason for the season.

At the end of 2021, we will farewell Rev'd David Jones and welcome our new Chaplain for 2022, Rev'd Mark Mickelburough. Pictured left to right: Rev'd David Jones, Rev'd Mark Mickelburough, Mr Nick Jones and Mrs Cathy Carden

Interview with Rev'd David Jones, Senior Chaplain at Cathedral College Wangaratta What have you enjoyed most about your role as Chaplain at the College? I’ve really enjoyed being part of a dynamic and caring school community with many wonderful opportunities to touch the lives of young people on a day-to-day basis. The opportunity to teach a variety of subjects over the years has been great, and of course, shaping the RAVE and Chapel programs within the school. It has been a privilege to share with students who struggle academically or with life’s troubles and see them find the grit and resilience to overcome, to watch them grow and mature into fine young adults. What has been one of your most memorable experiences? There have been many, but engaging with students outside the classroom on a variety of topics, particularly about faith and spirituality on school trips and of course, the extended trips with students to Nepal and Samoa have been especially memorable. Where do you see the role of the Chaplain in our school in the future? To see the foundations of the RAVE and Chapel programs grow and be strengthened over the coming years, and to promote the opportunities that the new school Chapel offers in promoting Christian and Gospel values to the school community. Finally, there is the importance of the three-fold ministry of teaching, worship and Pastoral Care as a school chaplain, which I believe is the key to building strong, trusted relationships and connections in the school community. How have you seen the school evolve during your time at CCW? There have been many changes. I’ve witnessed the school grow from about 550 students to what it is today; the move from senior classes being held at The Close at the Cathedral, to everyone being on the Murdoch Road campus; Middle & Senior School Homerooms expanded to four at each level; new subjects being offered, and an increase in the co-curricular program. And then, of course, there has been the building program, with new classrooms to cater for the increased numbers, the VCE centre, the Stadium and main oval and of course the new Chapel for 2022, which is a clear statement to the broader community of the Christian values of the school. What does retirement look like for you? It’s not really retirement but more a stepping back from teaching and chaplaincy. I will be continuing my role of coordinating the Service-Learning opportunities with our partner school, All Saints Anglican School in Samoa for the ASC, as well as investigating other opportunities for student Service-Learning trips. I’m also looking forward to being involved in year level camps and Outdoor Ed trips at Cathedral College in 2022 and beyond. I also plan to be more involved as a volunteer with Parks Victoria, Parkrun, and the CFA. Finally, there will be the opportunity for travel and other adventures, both here in Australia and overseas with my wife Pam and our family, as well as spending more time with my Border Collie Jess, walking and running.

Wellbeing with the School Counsellor MS JUNE STAMP

Mindful Parenting continued Continuing with our Mindful Parenting by the Australian Childhood Foundation, this week we explore strategies related to responding in a calm state and anchoring yourself in the present. Sometimes it’s hard to stay calm in the race to get everything done, have you ever found it difficult to be with your child without thinking about the next thing you have to do? Have you ever found your own feelings getting in the way of how you are responding to your child? As a parent, you may feel pushed and pulled in many directions. Life is on overload. So, it can be complicated trying to find the space to think, to be calm and just find the time for some quietness. Being mindful helps you stay calm In a calm state, you are more able to respond to your children rather than react to their behaviour. When you pause and become mindful, you are more likely to respond to your children with the logical, rational part of your brain rather than reacting out of frustration, stress, or anger. In a calm state, you are more able to see the reasons behind your child’s behaviour. You are able to respond not just to the behaviour, but to the needs and feelings that sit behind their behaviour. Parents who practise being mindful say it increases their satisfaction in being a parent, lowers their stress levels and encourages more fun and positive experiences with their children.

Stop, Pause, Play ‘Stop, Pause, Play’ is a mindful exercise using breathing that helps parents to be in the present moment with their children. Using ‘Stop, Pause, Play’ is a stepping stone to mindful parenting. This three-minute exercise is designed to help you to calm down and enable you to think and act more clearly. When you are calm, you are more able to reflect on what is going on for your child and how best to respond. The exercise has three parts: 1. STOP: what you are doing If possible, make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. 2. PAUSE: focus on your breath Breathe in slowly, right down into your belly, then exhale completely. Take 5 more slow breaths, being aware of each breath in and each breath out. After several such breaths, you will find that your heart rate has slowed down, your breathing is deeper and you will feel calmer. It is the out-breath that relaxes your body and allows you to feel calmer and think clearly. 3. PLAY: Respond to your child the way you want to When you are in this calm state, you will probably be better able to respond in a thoughtful or considered way to your child. You will also be more likely to stay connected to what is going on for your children. You will be more aware of their experience of the situation and how they might be feeling.

Mindful Walking Mindful walking is another brief mindful awareness exercise that, like the ‘Stop, Pause, Play’ exercise, can be used anytime you feel like you need to anchor yourself in the present in order to respond in a calm and appropriate way with your children. This is a practice that can be incorporated into your morning or anytime of the day when you need to create peace in yourself. Paying attention as you walk will help you to connect with the present mindfully - paying attention with flexibility, openness, and curiosity. A simple mindful walking practice is just to breathe in while taking a step with the left foot and breathe out when taking a step with the right foot. ‘Mindful Walking’ can be done very slowly or at a normal walking pace. It’s simply a matter of synchronising breath and footstep. Before you start walking it is a good idea to stand quietly and focus on your breathing for 3 breaths and then commence your mindful walking practice. Walk for 3-5 minutes if time allows. If you are busy, walk for as long as time permits. Even one minute of mindful walking will help bring you back into the present moment.

Wellbeing with the School Counsellor MS JUNE STAMP

Respectful Language In today’s world, it is common to hear socially offensive language on the streets, on social media channels, streaming services and in some forms of modern music. While swearing is becoming more common and less taboo, the use of derogatory language or the act of swearing at someone, or about someone, is a form of verbal violence. It transgresses the usual rules of social interaction by impinging on an individual’s self-image and sense of dignity. It is becoming apparent that some young people are being influenced by the language they hear. Proliferating the use of swear words can sometimes normalise, glamorise, and desensitise their impact on kids who may misunderstand the true meaning of some derogatory terms. Whilst some students may use swearing or derogatory terms as a misguided attempt at belonging, others may use it simply because they are still learning how to moderate their language and are not accustomed to making adjustments to suit different situations. As you are aware Cathedral College Wangaratta is committed to providing a safe and caring environment and culture, which enables positive relationships to be formed amongst all students and staff and which encourages self-esteem, cooperation, personal growth and a positive attitude to learning and teaching. A clear policy on harassment (including bullying and cyberbullying) will inform the community that harassment in any of its forms will not be tolerated. It is the policy of The College to support the rights of all people to work, study, play and live in an environment free from harassment. See the link below for the full policy. Parents and carers play an important part in enforcing this approach by being proactive in monitoring what their children are viewing or being exposed to. Discussing the use of words or the origin of some derogatory terms and gaining insight into the reason behind their child’s use of such language can help prevent inappropriate or disrespectful language filtering into the classroom or the schoolyard, which in turn helps to build more tolerant, safe and connected communities. Dr Michael Carr Gregg with SchoolTV has compiled a special report offering a number of guidelines to help manage a suitable approach when discussing the importance of respectful language. If this raises any concerns for you, a loved one or the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help. Here is the link to the SchoolTV report Cathedral College Wangaratta Student Welfare Policy

Bring Your Own Device Program - 2022

2 202 D BYO W CC

As we have been unable to have a face-to-face presentation outlining specific details of the program, the link below will take you to The College website, where you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice regarding purchasing your child’s device and other important details. This includes: A pre-recorded video that outlines important information about the CCW BYOD Program. It is recommended that you watch the video as this gives an overview of the program and other important details. A CCW BYOD handbook that also explains the program in detail, including minimum device specifications and a FAQ section. A link to the CompNow portal, which is an option for parents to peruse and purchase a device through our selected technology partner CompNow. IMPORTANT CHANGES TO APPLE INSURANCE Due to the Australian Governments legislation in regards to the deferred sales model for add on insurance, CompNow can no longer offer the AppleCare + insurance product as part of the notebook purchase. If you plan on purchasing an Apple Laptop, Cathedral College Wangaratta highly recommends that upon receipt of your notebook you immediately purchase AppleCare + via the Apple website (Buy an AppleCare plan – Apple Support (AU)) and have it applied to your device. The BYOD Portal has been closed over the past few days but will reopen shortly for purchasing to continue if you wish to use CompNow.As previously advised, this is one option for purchasing a BYOD device and parents are able to independently purchase a device of their choice that meets the minimum specifications, from any retailer. Please note that due to the temporary closure of the portal over the past few days, the Christmas delivery cut-off date has been extended to Monday, October 11, 2021. Any further questions or queries can be sent via email to:

SEQTA- Learning Management System

Parents may notice their children using this new web-based platform over the coming weeks. Middle and Senior School students have participated in some training this week showing them the basic functions of SEQTA. We are sure they will be more than willing to show you what is all about. What is SEQTA? SEQTA is a learning management system, incorporating all aspects of a student’s life at school. SEQTA empowers students to take control of their learning.​ It is an all-in-one collaborative digital platform that allows for greater partnership between parents, teachers, and students. It is the central location for all students and staff to access their timetables, notices, assessments, and more. The SEQTA platform is made up of three integrated, web-based portals: SEQTA Teach - for teaching staff SEQTA Learn - for students SEQTA Engage - for parents and caregivers We are currently rolling out Stage 2, SEQTA Learn. SEQTA ... did you know? Students have access to their timetables at home so, for example, they can check if they have PE the following day and not forget their uniform. Students have access to the Daily Notices so, for example, they will know when meetings for sports teams are being held. Students can add “notes” to their dashboard for reminders, for example, returning a library book.


Junior Library Book borrowing from our Junior School Library has finished for the year. Please remind your child to return their books at their next Library lesson. We have sent reminder notices home with students over the last few days. These reminders are of books that are outstanding loans and are past their return date. Some of them date back over a significant time. If you are having trouble finding these books or would like more information about them, please phone Mrs Quinn (57222144), or email the Library at

Senior Library All Library books are now overdue and should be returned to the Library. Middle and Senior school students may borrow for the holidays but will need to return all books currently on loan beforehand. Many students still have books on loan from the Library since before our remote learning periods. Reminder notices have been emailed to Middle and Senior school students recently, reminding students of books that they have borrowed, and are past their return date. Some of these were due back at the Library weeks, or even months ago. If you are having trouble finding these books or would like more information about them, please phone Mrs Quinn (57222144), or email the Library at

From Administration Traffic reminders To ensure the safety of our children please remember that the approved drop off point for students is at the front of the school in the main car park. Please also observe all speed limits especially those in the main car park where there is a 10 km/h limit. Thank you for your cooperation.


(VTAC) Change of Preference Our Year Twelve students get their results on Monday 13 December. They then have a small window of time (until 4 pm the next day!) to decide whether they need to adjust their VTAC preferences for the first round of offers. Most universities are there to assist and run ‘Change of Preference’ programs. Just Google to find out more from the university of interest. Also, staff at school will be around to help in any way we can.

School-based apprenticeships/traineeships (SBATs) Many of our senior school students are looking at including an SBAT as part of their school program. Some already have employers locked in and will be ready to start early in 2022. Some are still looking for suitable employers. If you (or a friend) are in business and would consider taking on a keen student one day per week, we would like to hear from you. We have particular needs in the areas of motor mechanics and electrical. Please get in touch if you can help out or would like more information.


Term Four Opening Hours Monday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday:

8:30 am - 1:45 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 1:45 pm

Details can be found on the Noone Imagewear website. Please do not leave it until the last minute to try on the uniforms. Due to COVID regulations, students MUST have an appointment if they are trying on ANY part of the uniform. Also, consider going through your outgrown items, they can be sold through the shop. Please ensure that they are clean, have at least 50% wear remaining and have no holes or repairs. Please do not dry clean your blazers. Sales of your secondhand items can be deducted from your school fees or paid directly into your chosen bank account.

From Performing Arts Congratulations to Year Nine student, Indya Rossato for competing in the Australian Teachers of Dancing (more commonly known as ATOD) Victorian Scholarships. The competition is completed in 4 parts, first is multiple exams throughout the year which must be achieved to an honours level (80%) then complete classes where technique is judged then 2 solo performances on the day to finalize the results. Amazingly Indya placed 2nd in the state for Tap and 5th in the state for Ballet. Along with a cash prize, Indya was given a place on the Victorian team for the Australasian Competition next month against all other states in Australia. This usually takes place in Queensland but due to travel restrictions, it will be via Zoom. These are wonderful achievements and we are very proud that Indya will be representing not only Cathedral College Wangaratta but all of Victoria.


House Creative Arts Competition 2021 MS ANNE HARRIS With the return to onsite teaching and learning earlier this term, there was a last-minute opportunity to run an adapted version of the House Creative Arts Competition. Students were encouraged to submit recorded dance and music entries to try and fill the gap left by the cancelled House Music Competition. Creative Writing, Photography and Film entries tackled the theme of ‘change’. Thank you to all the students who submitted an entry. Below is a list of place winners, highly commended and commended students. The allocation of the number of awards was determined by the volume of entries. Photography and Creative Writing were ‘blind’ judged (the entrants’ names were removed).

Creative Writing


Senior School Winner – Thomas Chambeyron (Cobbler) Second Place – Menuththara Silva (Buffalo) Highly Commended – Ruby Hanlon (Hotham) Highly Commended – Ben Bonacci (Cobbler)

Senior School Winner – April Shimura (Feathertop)

Middle School Highly Commended – Zara Chambers (Warby)

Middle School Winner – Jasmin Thwaites (Cobbler) Highly Commended – Madison Olenczuk (Cobbler)

Junior School Highly Commended – Olive Murray (Feathertop)

Junior School Highly Commended – Maisie Palmer (Cobbler) and Stephanie Parsons (Feathertop)



Senior School Winner – Annabel Hart (Buffalo) and Tess Goodman (Warby) Highly Commended – Eliza Murrells (Cobbler)

Senior School Winner – Kathryn Box (Warby) Highly Commended - Amelia Bongers (Stirling) Highly Commended – Will Hamilton (Warby)

Middle School Highly Commended – Henry Findlay (Stirling)

Middle School Winner – Cooper Clark (Cobbler) Second Place – Zara Chambers (Warby) Third Place - Makenzie Clark (Cobbler) Highly Commended – Eleanor Samson (Warby) Highly Commended – Ben Bonacci (Cobbler)

Junior School Winner – Lily Radnor (Warby) and Hamish Kerr (Buffalo) High Commended – Emily Bussell (Cobbler) Highly Commended – Lexi Rees (Buffalo)

Film Winner - Caleb Sinclair

'Day Dreaming' by Amelia Bongers

'Real Change' by Cooper Clark

'Storm Change' by Kathryn Box



Community Connect Year Nine Social Enterprise Year Nine Social Enterprise students would like to thank the parents and staff for your generous support of the Pop Up Markets and Online Shop last week. We look forward to being able to donate a record amount to charities this year. Students are completing website orders this week. If you have any enquiries, please contact

Dates, Events, and Reminders Term Four 2021- Week Eight to Ten Junior School

Senior School

Week Eight (Week A)

Week Eight (Week A)

Wednesday, November 24 Years Three to Five Production 'Annie Junior', 7 pm at WPAC

Week Nine (Week B) Monday, November 29 Year Twelve Graduation Dinner at Oaks

Week Nine (Week B) Wednesday, December 1 Year Five Junior School Graduation

Wednesday, December 1 Year Twelve 2022 Retreat departs for Melbourne to return on Friday

Thursday, December 2 Prep to Year Two Production 'Prep, Two and One: A Space Odyssey', 6 pm at the CCW Stadium

Friday, December 3 Final Day for Years Ten & Eleven Year Nine Science Incursion

Week Ten (Week A)

Week Ten (Week A)

Monday, December 6 Junior School Athletics Carnival

Tuesday, December 7 District Transition Day

Tuesday, December 7 District Transition Day

Wednesday, December 8 Years Six to Nine Activities Day

Thursday, December 9 Carols Service in the CCW Stadium

Thursday, December 9 Carols Service in the CCW Stadium

Friday, December 10 Junior School Presentation Assembly at 9 am in the Stadium End of Term Four at 3:15 pm

Friday, December 10 Middle and Senior School Presentation Assembly at 1 pm in the Stadium End of Term Four at 3:15 pm

Middle School Week Eight (Week A)

Week Nine (Week B)

Week Ten (Week A) Monday, December 6 Year Seven Outdoor Education Windsurfing in Yarrawonga Tuesday, December 7 District Transition Day Wednesday, December 8 Years Six to Nine Activities Day Thursday, December 9 Carols Service in the CCW Stadium Friday , December 10 Middle and Senior School Presentation Assembly at 1 pm in the Stadium End of Term Four at 3:15 pm

*Please note that if you are attending any onsite events you will be required to show your double vaccination certificate and QR Code on arrival.

Term Dates 2022 TERM ONE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Thursday, January 27

Years One to Twelve Commence

Monday, January 31

Prep Students Commence

Thursday, February 3

Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday, March 14

Last Day of Term One

Friday, April 8

TERM TWO ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Monday, April 25

Staff Development Day

Tuesday, April 26

Students Commence

Wednesday, April 27

ASC Christian Purposes Day Student Free Day

Friday, May 27

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday, June 13

Last Day of Term Two

Friday, June 24

Student Free Day

Note - Three-week Holiday

TERM THREE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Monday, July 18

Students Commence

Tuesday, July 19

Last Day of Term Three

Friday, September 16

TERM FOUR Staff Development Day

Monday, October 3

Students Commence Melbourne Cup Weekend

Tuesday, October 4

Student Free Days

Monday, October 31 and Tuesday November 1

Last Day of Term Four

Tuesday, December 13

Student Free Day