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In this edition..... From the Principal What is SEQTA Learn? Parents & Friends Association Social Enterprise Market and Online Store Term Dates 2022

From the Principal MR NICK JONES

It has been joyful to witness the return of different College events during the past fortnight. Next year we will welcome over fifty new families to our school community, and it was particularly exciting to welcome our new Prep and Year Seven students and their parents to the fantastic orientation days. Despite the challenges of lockdowns and restrictions, our students and staff are displaying hope and optimism as we near the end of the academic school year. We have a greater appreciation for the opportunity to come together again as a school community and some highlights for the remainder of this term will be: • The Year Four trip to Melbourne to see the musical ‘Frozen’ • The Year Twelve 2022 Retreat to Melbourne • The Year Twelve Graduation Dinner • End of Year Carols Service and Presentation Assemblies As we continue to plan and prepare for the 2022 school year, I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Reverend Doctor Mark Mickelburough who will be joining us as College Chaplain. Reverend Mark will replace Reverend David Jones who is retiring from The College. We look forward to introducing Reverend Mark to The College community in the coming weeks. I was very proud to attend the Confirmation Service for three of our students at the Holy Trinity Cathedral last Sunday. We congratulate Rebecca Holland (Year Eight), Rani Meisinger and Beth Meisinger (Year Six) as they confirmed their commitment to our faith in front of the Cathedral congregation. The College Chapel was due to be completed this month, however, restrictions on the construction industry have caused a delay. It is our hope that the Chapel will be completed over the coming weeks and allow us to utilise this fantastic space at the start of the new school year. This week our Middle and Senior School students have learnt some of the basic functionality of SEQTA, our learning management system. This platform incorporates all aspects of a student’s life at school and empowers students to take control of their learning. It will be a powerful tool to enable a greater learning partnership between parents, teachers, and students. All the best.

From the Head of Junior School MR GREG NEWBOLD

Parenting for the second time around but as a grandparent! One of the absolute treats of becoming older, or as some wise owls suggest – a wily veteran, someone with years of experience or entering the senior years, is you can become a grandparent. And, let me tell you, it is one of the most brilliant, fulfilling, cherished and delightful experiences of my life. But, without meaning to, you become a parent again. Whether hosting the grandchildren for a sleepover or an extended stay, the old parenting traits pop up, almost uncontrollably, but most certainly based on love and care. The world in which we live has changed so incredibly that parenting and educating in many ways is so incredibly different to when I commenced teaching in 1984 and the ‘grandparenting’ generation were parents themselves. I won’t go through the list, other than to say how technology has exponentially altered the way we live, interact, and plan our lives. But some things never change, and coincidentally I read a series of tips from esteemed Australian author, John Marsden, which I’d like to share. Importantly, in sharing, it is right to acknowledge that I have paraphrased Mr Marsden’s tips, amalgamating some of my own with his, which are themselves updated a little bit through my grandparenting experience. I also acknowledge that when it comes to the complex task of parenting, we all have our own unique values and beliefs. The list outlined below is just as relevant for teachers as they are for parents and guardians alike. As Head of Junior School, I encourage staff to reflect upon their own practice, so we continue to evolve and improve. 1. Give children/students space. Allow them to wander, roam and investigate. Let their curiosity shine. 2. Being bored is perfectly fine. In fact, it is a good thing, as it encourages creativity, imagination, and a capacity to be happy on your own. 3. Be the adult because I am the adult. Hence, when I say ‘no’, mean it. Children like to take on an adult perspective or the role, yet they are not equipped with an adult brain to fulfil it. 4. ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ are two important words a child can hear. 5. ‘I love you’ is the other most important sentence, no matter what age. 6. Teach and model empathy. An apology needs four things, and it takes practice: Say sorry for what you did and use the person’s name. Include why you are sorry How it made the person feel Promise for the future “I am sorry for hurting you, Greg because you should feel safe and what I did wasn’t helping you keep safe. I promise I won’t do that again to you and I’ll try and always do things that help people stay safe. 7. Listen to the stories of woe that are told but believe about 40% of the dramatic stories of their injustices. There are always two sides, if not more, to every story, and there is a context that is so hard to work out unless you were there.

8. Help them develop language skills and vocabulary. Ask open-ended questions that need a detailed answer. Yes/no questions tend to prevent thought and dialogue. 9. Make sure they have regular chores/duties/jobs to do at home and in the classroom and that they are done to a consistently high standard. 10. Speak and remain positive and optimistic as little people feed off big people. Give them your time, but sometimes they need to wait and be patient until you can give them your undivided attention. 11. Emotions have and need opposites. Without the opposite feeling, the original feeling would lose strength. To fully understand happiness, you need to fully understand sadness. a. Life is a broad pallet of human emotion, and they are all-natural parts of life. Worry, anxiety, and nervousness are all-natural human responses to being in trouble, completing an assessment, sleeping overnight, speaking in public, having a disagreement with a friend, or trying to compromise in a game b. Happiness, joy, and cheerfulness are emotions that match those things that are good in our lives. 12. Teach and model being a good sport – a good winner and an even better loser 13. Michael Carr-Gregg advocates to ‘have 8 minutes undivided attention with your child every day’. Uninterrupted, focussed conversations individually or as a family are precious and make a world of difference on so many levels. In Junior School, our children, and our students, continue to develop in ways that engender immense pride and joy. They make mistakes, they make brilliant decisions, they reflect, and they learn. What a lot of fun life is!

From the Head of Middle School MRS BRIGID PERKINS Our Middle School students have had another opportunity to sign up to Choice Workshops that are taking place during Community Time each Day 10 on their timetables. This is the second rotation of Choice Workshops and it is wonderful to see our students spending time during something they really enjoy with other students from differing year levels. Our first session was held last Friday and will continue to run until the end of the academic year. The student's understanding of the overall purpose of Choice Workshops has grown and as result, we saw a lot more active involvement and student-initiated leadership throughout each group, which was so pleasing to witness. We have made a few minor adjustments to the second round of options which has allowed for a larger number of students to compete in our mini sporting competitions. Students could choose from the following Choice Workshops: Lego, Textiles & Craft, Mountain Bike Riding & Maintenance, Wellbeing & Yoga, Netball, Cricket and Soccer. It was a wonderful way to finish our week! We were also finally able to welcome the Year Seven 2022 cohort onto our campus on Tuesday, November 9. After having to cancel two of our existing Discovery Day dates throughout the year, we were so excited to be able to offer an opportunity to our current Year Six cohort and our new students for next year to start the transition process and begin building vital relationships within their peer group, but also with the staff that they will be working with next year. With the sun shining and allowing us to hold some of our activities outdoors, it was a hugely successful day, with many students explaining that they thoroughly enjoyed learning about the school, the subjects we offer but also spending time meeting new people. Our Discovery Days are such an important part of the transition into Year Seven, as our students need the time to adjust to their new learning environment, building key relationships and connections take time to form. Students had the opportunity to involve themselves in a range of our electives across the day, which allowed them to have a small taste of what Year Seven will be like. Our Year Seven 2022 cohort were supported by a number of current Year Seven students who assisted throughout the day and I would like to thank the following students who showed great pride in their school and natural leadership as they welcomed our new students into our community: Nick Kjar, Abbey Cagalj, Will Graham, Eva Siperki, Caleb Matassoni, Geordie Mellor, Abbey Burrows and Paige Clayton.

From the Director of Studies MRS JULIE FINDLAY

World Teacher's Day The last two years have been a very different experience for teachers and students. One thing that I think we have all learnt is that personal interaction is the hardest element of teaching to replicate in Remote Learning. Many teachers have learnt an enormous amount about how they teach and interact with students. They have also embraced new digital skills. We will combine many of these newfound skills in our education programs in the future and this will also help students to be better prepared for the workforce. Last week was World Teacher’s Day and this prompted me to reflect on why some of my colleagues became teachers and what they find most rewarding in their work. Like all jobs, there are parts of their role they find hard or less rewarding, but we all learn that no job is perfect.

Why did you become a teacher? And, what is the most rewarding aspect of teaching? Mrs Stevenson – Food and Technology Teacher I really didn’t have any plans to be a teacher. I worked in the public service for a while, disability services and the hospitality industry before considering teaching. I mainly decided on teaching a pathway to use my knowledge and skills of food which I had studied at University. The most rewarding aspect is working with lots of different people in a day and a week. Having happy people leave the Food Tech room at the end of every class having tried a new taste sensation, extended their knowledge and understanding of healthy foods.

Mrs Gerrish – Prep Teacher I wanted to work with children and help them learn in a way that they could understand-especially in the area of maths. I also had some wonderful teachers in Primary school, whom I remember very fondlyespecially my Prep teacher, Mrs Andrews and her guitar. I love seeing the growth, social, emotional and academic, in the children that I teach throughout the year, working with wonderful colleagues and being part of a wider community.

Mr Aggett – Year Three Teacher I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I think I put it down to the fact I had some great teachers in Primary school that made learning fun and made being at school seem like I place I always wanted to be a part of. The most rewarding part about teaching is having students that are excited about coming to school and eager to learn. Once a student has a passion for learning, I feel like the rest of my job is easy and I have achieved my goal as a teacher.

Mr Nixon – OED and Learning Enhancement I wanted to help students grow both in fostering a love of learning and into good people. I love seeing the growth and development in young people when they find something they enjoy.

Ms Gratton – RAVE, Business and Humanities Teacher An opportunity came up to be a part of a not-for-profit program that aims to get people with experience working in the industry to shift to teaching in schools in low-socioeconomic areas in Australia where they are struggling to attract teachers. It was only supposed to be for two years, but it is now nine years later and I still love it. The most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is working with young people. They have different ideas, strengths, weaknesses, passions and interests. Being able to be a part of their growth and development is wonderful.

It made me reflect on how teaching is a wonderful vocation filled with people who have a desire to support others, foster a love of learning and guide young people to be the best version of themselves. Cathedral College is a wonderful place to teach and it is special partly due to the commitment of teachers and their work with young people and their families.

Chaplains' Chat REV'D DAVID JONES

Confirmation On Sunday, November 7, Rebecca Holland and Beth and Rani Meisinger were confirmed at Holy Trinity Cathedral Wangaratta by Bishop Clarence Bester. Confirmation is one of the key sacraments in the Anglican Church, where young people or adults can ‘confirm’ the promises that were made on their behalf by parents and godparents at their baptism. It was a wonderful service where the girls pledged to ‘turn to Christ’ and ‘strive to live their whole life as a disciple of Christ, loving God with all their heart, and their neighbour as themselves'. These prayers were said for the confirmees:

Defend, O Lord, these your servants with your heavenly grace, that they may continue yours forever, and daily increase in your Holy Spirit more and more until they come to your everlasting kingdom. Amen Almighty and everliving God, watch over these your servants upon whom we have now laid our hands. Let your Holy Spirit always be with them and lead them to know and obey your word, that they may serve you in this life, and dwell with you in the life to come: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It was a wonderful occasion, with the girls being supported by their families, and Dean Ken Goodger and the Cathedral’s regular congregation. Principal, Mr Nick Jones and his family, and chaplains, Revd David Jones, and Mrs Cathy Carden were also pleased to be present for the event. Congratulations, Rebecca, Beth and Rani, and may God continue to bless and guide you.

Wellbeing with the School Counsellor MS JUNE STAMP Mindful Parenting Parenting is an adventure, at times exhilarating and rewarding, yet – it can also be challenging, frustrating, and exhausting, particularly in a time in our lives when managing careers and busy lifestyles. Over the coming weeks, I would like to introduce the Australian Childhood Foundation’s ideas and strategies of mindful and reflective parenting to continue to support connections with your child. Mindful parenting is the chance for you to do things with your child without having your attention drawn away from what is happening between the two of you right then and there. Mindful parenting is like a pause to take a small breath. It is a pause that allows you to know what you are feeling. And it lets you recognise how your child may be feeling and what they might need from you then and there. Mindful parenting is you in a place and time that connects you to your child in small and powerful ways. Being mindful in your parenting: helps you be more aware of your own feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations helps you become more aware of your child’s thoughts, feelings and needs assists you to be more self-aware and improve your capacity for emotional self-regulation in your parenting helps you to be less critical or judgemental of yourself and your child increases your ability to stand back from situations without responding immediately or inappropriately gives you more choices in how you respond to your child strengthens the relationship between yourself and your child Being a mindful parent can take practice, but it is worth it in the end. Mindful parenting is about taking the time to pause, clear your mind of all thoughts and ask yourself these questions: What is happening with my child in this moment? What does my child feel in this moment? What does my child need in this moment? What am I feeling? What do I need? How emotions rule behaviour Regardless of our age, our emotions can rule our behaviour. It is different for children and parents. For children In a highly emotional state, children hear very little of what is said to them. The thinking part of their brain (Cortex) is switched off. The emotional part of their brain (Limbic) is in control. They are reacting to how they feel. They are not able to be reasoned with, follow instructions, or easily do anything their parents are asking them to do! For parents Just like our children, when we become highly stressed, tired, angry, or anxious, these feelings overwhelm the brains of parents and cause “a fog” over the logical rational (thinking) parts. At these times, the thinking part of our brain is switched off too and the emotional part of our brain takes control. Sometimes it is hard to remain calm when we are struggling with our children’s behaviour. If we can be mindful, and remain calm, we can support children to keep the thinking part of their brain switched on. When parents are mindful we can remain connected to our children’s needs and are more able to respond to them.

Bring Your Own Device Program - 2022

2 202 D BYO W CC

As we have been unable to have a face-to-face presentation outlining specific details of the program, the link below will take you to The College website, where you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice regarding purchasing your child’s device and other important details. This includes: A pre-recorded video that outlines important information about the CCW BYOD Program. It is recommended that you watch the video as this gives an overview of the program and other important details. A CCW BYOD handbook that also explains the program in detail, including minimum device specifications and a FAQ section. A link to the CompNow portal, which is an option for parents to peruse and purchase a device through our selected technology partner CompNow. IMPORTANT CHANGES TO APPLE INSURANCE Due to the Australian Governments legislation in regards to the deferred sales model for add on insurance, CompNow can no longer offer the AppleCare + insurance product as part of the notebook purchase. If you plan on purchasing an Apple Laptop, Cathedral College Wangaratta highly recommends that upon receipt of your notebook you immediately purchase AppleCare + via the Apple website (Buy an AppleCare plan – Apple Support (AU)) and have it applied to your device. The BYOD Portal has been closed over the past few days but will reopen shortly for purchasing to continue if you wish to use CompNow.As previously advised, this is one option for purchasing a BYOD device and parents are able to independently purchase a device of their choice that meets the minimum specifications, from any retailer. Please note that due to the temporary closure of the portal over the past few days, the Christmas delivery cut-off date has been extended to Monday, October 11, 2021. Any further questions or queries can be sent via email to:

SEQTA- Learning Management System

Parents may notice their children using this new web-based platform over the coming weeks. Middle and Senior School students have participated in some training this week showing them the basic functions of SEQTA. We are sure they will be more than willing to show you what is all about. What is SEQTA? SEQTA is a learning management system, incorporating all aspects of a student’s life at school. SEQTA empowers students to take control of their learning.​ It is an all-in-one collaborative digital platform that allows for greater partnership between parents, teachers, and students. It is the central location for all students and staff to access their timetables, notices, assessments, and more! The SEQTA platform is made up of three integrated, web-based portals: SEQTA Teach - for teaching staff SEQTA Learn - for students SEQTA Engage - for parents and caregivers We are currently rolling out Stage 2, SEQTA Learn. With SEQTA Learn students have 24/7 access to a range of learning support resources and information including: Timetables Homework Assessments Feedback Lesson Information Other Curricular Resources


Last week for borrowing This week is the last week students will be able to borrow from the Library. All books are due to be returned to the Library by the end of November. Middle and Senior school students may borrow books for the holidays but will need to return all those currently on loan beforehand. Many students still have books on loan since before our Remote Learning periods. Please have a look around at home and check for any school Library books that you may have. Reminder notices and emails have been sent home recently.

Booklists for 2022 Information regarding Booklists for students in Years Eight to Twelve (2022) is in the process of being mailed to parents, with our Year Seven students to receive theirs shortly. 2022 VCE students are able to place their orders online now. Please complete your order by this Friday, November 12 to ensure books arrive in time for the Head Start program. Years Six tp Ten students will be able to place their orders from Monday, November 15, and these are expected to be finalised by Friday, December 10 2021. When placing your booklist order, please remember: Book orders are filled on a first-in-first-served basis, so students who place orders after the recommended date may experience a delay in having their order filled. Please be patient and wait for your order to arrive – do not panic and try to source one elsewhere. Our booklist supplier does their best to be able to fill your orders on time. However, sometimes supply delay does occur. This may mean a short delay in providing your order. If this does happen, teachers will be aware of the situation and will accommodate this.

From Administration Traffic reminders To ensure the safety of our children please remember that the approved drop off point for students is at the front of the school in the main car park. Please also observe all speed limits especially those in the main car park where there is a 10 km/h limit. Thank you for your cooperation.

A friendly reminder that students are to bring their own face masks, please. The College has a small supply of masks in case a mask breaks or a student forgets but masks are to be provided by families. Thank you.

From Performing Arts MR BEN HEDDERMAN

This term continues to be filled with rehearsals and performances, highlighting the students' enthusiasm to be back creating with their peers in person. Ms Edmond has the Junior School humming with a wide selection of tunes as both the Prep to Year Two students and Years Three to Five keenly prepare for their performances of ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Annie Jr’. The Senior School has been treated to two performances from the VCE Drama students, who presented their Unit Two monologues. This group of students performed engagingly and with a degree of skill that shows care in preparation over the last semester. Kudos to Dr Hickey for her work with this group.

Call for Singers: Holy Trinity Cathedral Choristers The Holy Trinity Cathedral Choristers is commencing in-person rehearsals from Wednesday, November 3. The Cathedral Choristers is a partnership between Cathedral College and Holy Trinity Cathedral, led by director of music Dr Kieran Crichton. We’re looking to increase the number of singers in the Choristers in the lead up to Christmas, and in preparation for returning to regular sung worship at Holy Trinity Cathedral in 2022. Why join? Being part of a choir super-charges your sense of health and wellbeing. We’ve all felt the isolation during lockdowns and learning from home over the last couple of years. Being part of the Cathedral Choristers means building up your sense of community connection. In rehearsals, you learn about how to breathe and use your voice more efficiently. This is a huge confidence booster for other activities at school, including sports. Singing in a choir is also linked to better performance in language and maths, as well as increasing your appreciation of a wide range of music. Three scholarships are on offer in 2022 for singers in the Cathedral Choristers. These scholarships give fee remission for students of Cathedral College Wangaratta. The Cathedral Choristers rehearse on Wednesday afternoons (4.00-5.30pm) and sing for Sunday morning services (9.15-11.15am) during the school term. There are opportunities to be involved in major services at Christmas and Easter, along with other important occasions in the life of the Cathedral and Diocese. All interested students from Year Five to Year Eleven are encouraged to register their interest and complete the registration here Once this is received our Director of Music will be in touch to confirm rehearsal and performance times.


Sport Northeast Youth Advisory Group (SNYAG) SNYAG are recruiting young volunteers (aged 16-25) for a youth leadership group, who represent the young people from northeast Victoria. The purpose of this group is to be a voice for the young people to address barriers they may face to participate in sport. For more information contact Varshana on 0427 464 638 or take a look at

Doxa Scholarships The Doxa foundation runs a highly regarded cadetship programme. The cadetships run for the duration of an undergraduate degree; from 3 to 5 years. Cadets have access to: Financial assistance for living expenses and educational resources Up to 8 weeks work placement each year Professional and personal development training (mentoring) Networking opportunities These are highly worthwhile and sought after opportunities. If you are interested, you could go to

Casual/holiday work Many local businesses/organisations are looking to take on casual employees at this time of the year. Interested students should look via a range of media. These include which gather and summarise advertisements from local print media, and the Facebook Wangaratta Community Noticeboard, to name a couple.


Term Four Opening Hours Monday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday:

8:30 am - 1:45 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 1:45 pm

Details can be found on the Noone Imagewear website. Please do not leave it until the last minute to try on the uniforms. Due to COVID regulations, students MUST have an appointment if they are trying on ANY part of the uniform. Also, consider going through your outgrown items, they can be sold through the shop. Please ensure that they are clean, have at least 50% wear remaining and have no holes or repairs. Please do not dry clean your blazers. Sales of your secondhand items can be deducted from your school fees or paid directly into your chosen bank account.

Parents and Friends Association 2021 AGM

Congratulations and thank you to the following people who are members of the CCW P & F. Committee President: Mel Jackson Vice-President: Louise Carmichael Secretary: Jaquie Jose Treasurer: Lorraine Offerman General Committee Members: Domenica Hunkin Kate McMillan Sue Campbell Irina Orlova

Volunteer register The committee acknowledges that not everyone can commit to attending meetings or being on the committee but many parents are happy to be called on to volunteer at events and be involved in the school community. If you would like to be on the volunteer register, please email Kellie Cairncross at: and include the following: Name Contact details (phone and email) Availability WWC check

P & F meetings - 2022 The committee meets on the first Tuesday (during the term) of the month at 6.30pm in the staffroom. You don't need to be on the committee to attend - all are weclome! Term One Tuesday, February 1 Tuesday, March 1 Tuesday, April 5

Term Three Tuesday, August 9* Tuesday, September 6

Term Two Tuesday, May 3 Tuesday, June 7

Term Four Tuesday, October 4 Tuesday, November 8* Tuesday, December 6 – Christmas break up

*moved to the following week due to events



Award recipients: (Back, Left to Right) Nick Jones, Alex Pitt, Xavier Pitt, Greg Moneymoon, Mikayla Bellinger, Paul Weir. (Front, Left to Right) Lana Tracey, Charlotte Graham, Kendra Hill. Absent: Lexi Macklin The Dirrawarra Proud and Deadly Awards are a celebration of the valuable contribution the young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students make towards their school and education. On Thursday, October 28 students gathered in the Board Room to watch the virtual presentation ceremony and were awarded their certificates. Well done to all.


Community Connect Natalia Bakker, Year Two, recently cut 55cm of her hair to donate to "Wigs 4 Kids". She also raised $4,559 going straight towards kids with cancer. On behalf of Natalia, her parents would like to thank the CCW community for their generous donations towards this fundraiser. Cathedral College alone raised an amazing $562.

Year Nine Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Pop up markets and online store

Our student run businesses have carried on through COVID-19 and are ready to trade!

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 of November Any queries please contact Mr Matt Henderson, Year Nine Social Enterprise Co-ordinator, at

Need some stocking fillers or Kris Kringle present? Want to support the Year Nine students and some worthy causes? Prices range from $3 upwards

Dates, Events, and Reminders Term Four 2021- Week Six and Seven Junior School

Senior School

Week Six (Week A)

Week Six (Week A)

Week Seven (Week B)

Friday, November 12 Years Eleven & Twelve Booklist orders due

Tuesday, November 16 Instrumental Concerts commence, finishing on Thursday

Week Seven (Week B)

Wednesday, November 17 Year Four Excursion to Melbourne Thursday, November 18 Step into Prep Social Enterprise Lunchtime Markets commence, finishing on Friday

Monday, November 15 Year Ten & Eleven Exam Week commences Years Six to Ten Booklists available online Tuesday, November 16 Instrumental Concerts commence, finishing on Thursday Wednesday, November 17 VCE Exams finish Thursday, November 18 Social Enterprise Lunchtime finishing on Friday

Middle School Week Six (Week A)

Week Seven (Week B) Monday, November 15 Years Six to Ten Booklists available online Tuesday, November 16 Instrumental Concerts commence, finishing on Thursday Wednesday, November 17 Year Seven Outdoor Education - Warby's Thursday, November 18 Social Enterprise Lunchtime Markets commence, finishing on Friday



Term Dates 2022 TERM ONE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Thursday, January 27

Students Commence

Monday, January 31

Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday, March 14

Last Day of Term One

Friday, April 8

TERM TWO ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Monday, April 25

Staff Development Day

Tuesday, April 26

Students Commence

Wednesday, April 27

ASC Christian Purposes Day Student Free Day

Friday, May 27

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday, June 13

Last Day of Term Two

Friday, June 24

Student Free Day

Note - Three-week Holiday

TERM THREE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Monday, July 18

Students Commence

Tuesday, July 19

Last Day of Term Three

Friday, September 16

TERM FOUR Staff Development Day

Monday, October 3

Students Commence Melbourne Cup Weekend

Tuesday, October 4

Student Free Days

Monday, October 31 and Tuesday November 1

Last Day of Term Four

Tuesday, December 13

Student Free Day