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In this edition..... From the Principal A Gap Year at CCW BYOD Program 2022 From Performing Arts Year Twelve Celebration Day Dates, Events and Reminders Term Dates 2022

From the Principal MR NICK JONES As our students return to the classroom and the state begins to open up, there is a level of anxiety regarding the transmission of COVID-19 within the school community. I think it is inevitable that we will begin to see some cases within our community, however, I want to ensure all our families that we continue to implement our COVID safe protocols and we have a clear plan in place should we identify a positive case in the school. The process will involve us identifying and contacting any primary close contacts of the positive case. This may require us to close the school for a day or two, however, as has been the case in other local schools, we will reopen as soon as this process has occurred. I again thank everyone for your cooperation and support during these challenging times. Our strong and cohesive school community has allowed us to successfully tackle the challenges that continue to come our way. This Friday is International World Teachers' Day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the incredible work all our teachers and support staff have done over the past two years. Like many people across the globe, our teachers have been required to pivot and adjust quickly to the demands of Remote Learning. They have invested many hours in developing their information technology skills to ensure that the teaching and learning program can successfully continue via Remote Learning. Our teachers have monitored and supported the well-being of our students who have struggled during extended periods of lockdown. They have followed up with individual students and their families and have regularly worked into the night to ensure that all students and families have received individual contact. The demands on our teachers have never been higher and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to every Cathedral College teacher and support staff for the amazing job they continue to do. We are extremely lucky to have such professional, caring and supportive staff that will always go the extra mile to support and care for our students. On behalf of our whole school community, I say THANK YOU! The best of luck to our VCE students who begin their end-of-year examinations today. All the best.

From the Head of Junior School MR GREG NEWBOLD How schoolyard games have changed, and in some cases not for the better! What’s the Time Mr Wolf, Cowboys and Indians, British Bulldog and Brandy are all primary schoolyard games that I grew up with, and earlier and later generations also enjoyed. They were childish depictions of ‘real-life' adventures, and they all had an element of aggression involved. In Cowboys and Indians, we imagined we were shooting guns and bows and arrows just like in the westerns we watched on television. Mr Wolf was about chasing and capturing those who tried to steal the Wolf’s belongings. Brandy was hurling a tennis ball at people with the intention of hitting them and having them join your side. Whereas British Bulldog required the Bulldogs in the middle of the court to grab and wrestle the runners to the ground as they tried to make it to the other side. It has now evolved into Octopus and only ‘touch’. Yes, there were some injuries, generally minor. Yes, there were some children very good at each game and often won whilst others who weren’t so good lost more frequently. And yes, they required large groups of children to play together, socialise, argue, compromise, and solve problems. And they were heaps of fun. Alas, at the risk of being labelled an old ‘fuddy duddy’ or living in the past, I long for those types of games and the television shows or elements of adult life that they tried to mimic. Raising and/or educating young people in a technologically rich and digitally advanced era as we are now experiencing is incredibly challenging. Youtube, Gaming and Streaming are now commonplace words in the lexicon of the younger generation and associated with these online activities is advertising and inappropriate age content at a greater and seemingly more manipulative way than I can ever recall. When I ask prospective students, as young as next year’s preps what their favourite television show or movie is, it is not unusual for the answer to be Netflix or Youtube. The latest game to make its way from online to the playground is the incredibly popular Netflix series Squid Games. The show involves debt-riddled contestants playing life-or-death versions of children’s playground games. It is a South Korean production, and the challenges reflect cultural games from their school playground. Concerningly, characters striving for cash prizes are aggressively killed with viewers subjected to watching extreme violence, strong language, and frightening moments. With Youtube, advertisements are prone to pop up promoting gaming, television or streaming shows that are inappropriate for a primary aged child. A child can view the advertisement, view limited content yet have the capacity to be influenced by watching over and over again. Versions of Squid Games have recently appeared in our school playground and will be monitored closely for their actions, behaviour, and the manner the game is played. Virtual gaming, graphic imagery and inappropriate language are very impressionable upon young children. Desensitisation can occur over time and the lines between real life and fiction are blurred. Young people, especially primary aged children and younger adolescents learn from modelling and mimicking what they see and hear. Therefore, I request and encourage families to be very mindful of what their children are watching. Watch the shows or play the games with them, whilst you gain an understanding of the type of show it is. Activate settings to prevent children from watching or accessing inappropriate content and monitor their online activity very closely. Ensure screens are visible to an adult, accessed in a public area of the house and not hidden away in their bedroom or study, where eyes are not present. Like all areas of development, life is an education, and we learn from our experiences. This is another opportunity for education and learning, one that proves we are never too old to learn new things, and we must remain vigilant to guard against the virtual world that mimics real life in a more graphic and realistic way than ever before.

From the Head of Middle School MRS BRIGID PERKINS

Middle School students return to a full program onsite As we move into Week Four of Term Four, we are finally able to welcome all our students back onsite for a full week of learning in the classroom. Although it will no doubt be tiring for some, it will allow for everyone to get back into a set routine and become reacquainted with the expectations at school and in each classroom. We hope to be able to cover key concepts and skills in all learning areas, in an effort to finish off the year well and prepare our students for the move into 2022. It will also allow students to re-establish social connections, as well as their ability to manage social and emotional situations that arise at school.

Outdoor Classroom Learning It has been wonderful to see some classes and teachers taking up the promoted opportunity to coordinate their classes outside of the traditional classroom. The promising spring weather has seen many classes move outside, which has allowed for more social distancing to occur, but it has also allowed for students to be learning in the fresh air. The Middle School has recently purchased a number of mobile whiteboards which has improved the ability for students to establish clear learning intentions of the lesson while outside.

Community Time To continue to upskill our students in relation to their behaviour online, including their digital footprint on social media platforms, we conducted the second session of ‘Safe on Social’ during Community Time last Friday. The following topics were covered and discussed: the changing nature of terms and conditions of social media platforms, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, online gaming, group chats, online grooming, the Cyber-Safety Act, your digital footprint and healthy habits. There were lots of really good conversations and questions around the information that was presented. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with situations at school where students are using social media in a really negative and anti-social way, which shows that we need to continue having these conversations to make sure students are being safe online and are aware of their own responsibilities.

Year Six Canberra Incursion To celebrate Media Literacy Week the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) and Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) offered a bespoke digital incursion for our Year Six cohort to be involved in this week. During this program, students had the opportunity to explore the important role of media in our everyday lives, practice their visual thinking skills and consider how they engage with different types of media. Although our Year Six students were not able to travel to Canberra for their scheduled camp, we were glad that we were able to further integrate some of the missed live opportunities into their onsite curriculum. Thank you to Mr Paul Weir for organising this additional program for our students.

From the Head of Senior School MS ANNE HARRIS

World Teachers' Day Australia will celebrate and thank teachers on World Teachers' Day on Friday, October 29, 2021. World Teachers' Day is held internationally in early October. As it falls during the school holidays for many parts of Australia, we are going to celebrate a little later. Teachers (with support from you, the parents and carers) have ensured education continues across the country this year, despite major challenges. It’s reinforced the significant role teachers play in the lives of children and students, their families, and communities. Teachers help create a ‘bright future’ for students, so to mark the day, our staff will be wearing their sunglasses to a morning tea on Friday. You can join in by a photo in your sunglasses on Twitter or Facebook, either on your own or with family or friends. Use these tags: #BrightFuture @aitsl

Masks must be worn on bus transport Next week should see us being free to walk about outside without masks, and in the close future, almost everywhere with our smiles showing. For now, however, it is important that students are wearing their masks correctly, when and where required, including public transport. Our buses are a mix of students from lots of schools across the region. I would like to thank the students and families that are supplying their own masks and wearing them each day on the bus. Please remember that a bus driver has the right to refuse entry if you do not have a mask.

From the Director of Studies MRS JULIE FINDLAY

A Gap Year at CCW Each year, The College invites Year Twelve students to apply for a GAP year position at the school. This is a one year position that allows students who wish to explore the possibility of teaching in the future, by giving them experience working with students in a range of areas. This year we have four GAP students across the school – two in the Junior school, one in the Middle and Senior School and one working in Outdoor Education and Sport. James Carmichael Prep and Year One assistant James is interested in being a Junior School teacher. He has used his time in the Prep and Year One room to really develop positive relationships with the students, which is supportive and has clear expectations. James would agree that the hardest part of transitioning into the workforce is the socialising with the teachers. He has done a wonderful job this year and wishes to develop his understanding of educating students into next year. Emily Quirk Years Three and Four assistant Emily is passionate about English. She started the GAP year wanting to explore the Junior classroom setting compared to her experiences in the VCE English classroom. Her experiences have been very varied, as at times she has been in the Year Three classrooms and then during remote learning she was supporting student supervision at school.

Kyran Hagens Middle and Senior School student support Kyran began the gap year wanting to explore the idea of teaching in the future. His passion has been maths and science and so his work in the VCE Maths classroom has been very insightful. Kyran has learnt to navigate the balance been supporting students and being seen as a friend. As he has grown in maturity and confidence we have seen him become almost a teacher and mentor to many students as they return to school unsure of what to do next. Kyran will go to university next year. He is not studying education but believes he may end up in this profession in the future. Nicole Smith Health, Outdoor education and Physical Education (H.O.P.E) assistant Nicci has been supporting the H.O.P.E. program, despite the disruptions they have experienced. Earlier in the year, Nicci attended a number of camps and prepared equipment for classes. She has run warm-up activities and supported students as they completed physical activities. All GAP students complete a Cert III in Education Support while working at the school and Nicci has collaborated with others to ensure they keep up with their work. James, Emily, Kyran and Nicci have been very valuable members of our teaching community. I hope students in the future will consider applying for this role.

Chaplains' Chat REV'D DAVID JONES

No Regrets Paul tells us; "For the sadness that is used by God brings a change of heart that leads to salvation—and there is no regret in that! But sadness that is merely human causes death.” 2 Corinthians 7:10 What do you regret? Missing some important event? Not telling someone that you love them? Failing at something? Going too far? There are things in life that we do or say that make us feel bad. “That was stupid” God knows that we have regrets about some things we do or say. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we recognise that what we did or said was wrong we need to stop and say sorry and turn to God. We need to learn from our mistakes and become stronger. If we grow stronger in our faith, we can truly have a life with no regrets. What is something that you have regrets about? Tell God about it. Ask Him to help you move past regret.

Wellbeing with the School Counsellor MS JUNE STAMP

Managing Overwhelm Due to the pandemic, the world we now live in is a very different place. The hyperconnected nature of our current environment means that we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we face via numerous media and social media channels. Our connectivity to the digital world exposes us to a barrage of messages that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. As a result, many children and their parents are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, our brains have not evolved fast enough to adapt to this digital landscape. The combination of constant access to information and having little control over the situations presented can be stressful and overwhelming. It is therefore important for adult carers to check in with their children and be aware of what information they may have been exposed to. It may not necessarily be the information itself that is harmful, but more their inability to process and make sense of it. Providing children with the skills and strategies to cope will enable them to flourish and thrive, socially, emotionally, and academically. The blueprint for parenting, based on our own experiences, is no longer fit for purpose in raising kids as citizens of tomorrow. This can be inherently stressful and overwhelming, not only for parents and carers but children alike. If left untreated or unmanaged, constant stress and anxiety can lead to a number of behavioural issues or health consequences. This report from SchoolTV suggests a number of strategies to help manage any feelings of overwhelm that you or your child may be experiencing. Here is the link to your special report

How to reduce stress & prepare for exams Good luck to our VCE students as you prepare and sit your exams. To help reduce stress and ensure that you are as organised as you can be, link to the below site to learn more about planning and looking after yourself and about staying focused in order to be as ready for the exam as you can be.

Bring Your Own Device Program - 2022

2 202 D BYO W CC

As we have been unable to have a face-to-face presentation outlining specific details of the program, the link below will take you to The College website, where you will find all the information you need to make an informed choice regarding purchasing your child’s device and other important details. This includes: A pre-recorded video that outlines important information about the CCW BYOD Program. It is recommended that you watch the video as this gives an overview of the program and other important details. A CCW BYOD handbook that also explains the program in detail, including minimum device specifications and a FAQ section. A link to the CompNow portal, which is an option for parents to peruse and purchase a device through our selected technology partner CompNow. IMPORTANT CHANGES TO APPLE INSURANCE Due to the Australian Governments legislation in regards to the deferred sales model for add on insurance, CompNow can no longer offer the AppleCare + insurance product as part of the notebook purchase. If you plan on purchasing an Apple Laptop, Cathedral College Wangaratta highly recommends that upon receipt of your notebook you immediately purchase AppleCare + via the Apple website (Buy an AppleCare plan – Apple Support (AU)) and have it applied to your device. The BYOD Portal has been closed over the past few days but will reopen shortly for purchasing to continue if you wish to use CompNow.As previously advised, this is one option for purchasing a BYOD device and parents are able to independently purchase a device of their choice that meets the minimum specifications, from any retailer. Please note that due to the temporary closure of the portal over the past few days, the Christmas delivery cut-off date has been extended to Monday, October 11, 2021. Any further questions or queries can be sent via email to:


With Remembrance Day only two weeks away, we have set up displays in both the Junior and Senior Library, to encourage students to understand the significance of this day. A number of books are available in both Libraries for students to read about what this day represents and some of the people involved. Some of these books include:

Have our books over-stayed their time at your house? We understand that Remote Learning interrupted routines and made it difficult to return library books. However, now that everyone is back on campus, please return any books from the School Library that have enjoyed an extended stay at your house. Many students have books that were borrowed from the Library several weeks, and even months ago. Please return these books so that other students have the chance to enjoy them too. Reminders of items currently borrowed have been sent to students this week.


School-based Apprenticeships/Traineeships (SBATs) Several students in Years Ten or Eleven (in 2022) are considering starting an SBAT. Some are good to go, with a suitable employer locked in. Others, though, are still trying to find an employer in their field of interest. If you, or someone you know, have a business and are willing to take on an enthusiastic young worker, we would love to hear from you. SBATs are possible in a broad range of fields. If you would like more information, please contact me via, or look here.


Term Four Opening Hours Monday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday:

8:30 am - 1:45 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 4:00 pm 8:30 am - 1:45 pm

Details can be found on the Noone Imagewear website. Please do not leave it until the last minute to try on the uniforms. Due to COVID regulations, students MUST have an appointment if they are trying on ANY part of the uniform. Also, consider going through your outgrown items, they can be sold through the shop. Please ensure that they are clean, have at least 50% wear remaining and have no holes or repairs. Please do not dry clean your blazers. Sales of your secondhand items can be deducted from your school fees or paid directly into your chosen bank account.

From Performing Arts MR BEN HEDDERMAN

The return to face-to-face learning has been a wonderful boost for the department, with students across all year levels of the College keenly involving themselves in a wide range of performance opportunities.

Wizard of Oz For those keenly awaiting the release of the musical, I ask that you continue to be patient. It is our intent to have a group screening of the show for both students and families, so as such we are awaiting the change to COVID-19 guidelines that will allow this to happen.

VCE Music Over the last week, our six Year Twelve students have ventured across the state to present for their end of year performance exams. This year has been most challenging for music rehearsals and the students are to be commended for their efforts in preparing under such unusual circumstances over the last year.

Radio Café Perform On September 18, Skip Pieper and Daniel Ladbrook entertained all those present at the Youth Creators Market, performing a fantastic set of original music under the moniker ‘Radio Café’. It was a testament to the quality of their songs and confident delivery that they were able to attract and retain a crowd for the entire duration of their set. Well done gents!

Call for Singers: Holy Trinity Cathedral Choristers The Holy Trinity Cathedral Choristers is commencing in-person rehearsals from Wednesday, November 3. The Cathedral Choristers is a partnership between Cathedral College and Holy Trinity Cathedral, led by director of music Dr Kieran Crichton. We’re looking to increase the number of singers in the Choristers in the lead up to Christmas, and in preparation for returning to regular sung worship at Holy Trinity Cathedral in 2022. Why join? Being part of a choir super-charges your sense of health and wellbeing. We’ve all felt the isolation during lockdowns and learning from home over the last couple of years. Being part of the Cathedral Choristers means building up your sense of community connection. In rehearsals, you learn about how to breathe and use your voice more efficiently. This is a huge confidence booster for other activities at school, including sports. Singing in a choir is also linked to better performance in language and maths, as well as increasing your appreciation of a wide range of music. Three scholarships are on offer in 2022 for singers in the Cathedral Choristers. These scholarships give fee remission for students of Cathedral College Wangaratta. The Cathedral Choristers rehearse on Wednesday afternoons (4.00-5.30pm) and sing for Sunday morning services (9.15-11.15am) during the school term. There are opportunities to be involved in major services at Christmas and Easter, along with other important occasions in the life of the Cathedral and Diocese. All interested students from Year Five to Year Eleven are encouraged to register their interest and complete the registration here Once this is received our Director of Music will be in touch to confirm rehearsal and performance times.



Photo Gallery HEADSPACE YOUTH MAKERS MARKET Congratulations to Cathedral College Youth entrepreneurs who took their businesses to the recent headspace Youth Makers Market. Alice Colson (Year Six), Ellie Samson (Year Seven), and Josh Paul (Year Twelve).


Community Connect WIGS 4 KIDS Congratulations to Natalia Bakker, Year Two, who recently cut 55cm of her hair to donate to "Wigs 4 Kids". She has also raised approximately $3,500 so far. What an amazing achievement! “Not only will my lovely locks be used to make a wig, your donations to the cause that means so much to me will allow Kids with Cancer Foundation to continue with their financial support of families that have a child suffering cancer. Together we can all make a difference” - Natalia

Congratulations to Year Twelve student Josh Paul who recently launched his business venture, HAND HALO. Congratulations Josh, we wish you every success. HAND HALO is a modern take on the conventional ring. All rings are handcrafted and made in Australia from silver (SIL), stainless steel (SS) and silver-plated stainless (EPNS) vintage flatware - Every ring is individually designed and crafted - All rings are polished and presented in our purpose-built display cases. Instagram: handhalo Facebook: handhalo2021

Year Nine Social Enterprise

UNDER 12 PLAYERS We Want You! WMCC are pressing for 3 teams and we need another handful of players.

We welcome players from Years Four – Six to training - Wednesday nights @ 4.30 pm at the Norm Minns Oval cricket nets. (Showgrounds)

Contact Luke Sims 0448 875 195

Dates, Events, and Reminders Term Four 2021- Week Four and Five Junior School

Senior School

Week Four (Week A)

Week Four (Week A)

Thursday, October 28 Years Three & Four Swimming Program continues to finish on Friday

Friday, October 29 Years Eleven & Twelve Booklist available online

Week Five (Week B)

Week Five (Week B)

Monday, November 1 Student Free Day

Monday, November 1 Student Free Day

Tuesday, November 2 Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Tuesday, November 2 Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Wednesday, November 3 Year Five Swimming Program commences, finishing on Friday Friday, November 5 Prep Sausage Sizzle Year One Sleep Over

Middle School Week Five (Week B)

Monday, November 1 Student Free Day Tuesday, November 2 Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Term Dates 2022 TERM ONE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Thursday, January 27

Students Commence

Monday, January 31

Labour Day Public Holiday

Monday, March 14

Last Day of Term One

Friday, April 8

TERM TWO ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Monday, April 25

Staff Development Day

Tuesday, April 26

Students Commence

Wednesday, April 27

ASC Christian Purposes Day Student Free Day

Friday, May 27

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday, June 13

Last Day of Term Two

Friday, June 24

Student Free Day

Note - Three-week Holiday

TERM THREE Staff Development Day Student Free Day

Monday, July 18

Students Commence

Tuesday, July 19

Last Day of Term Three

Friday, September 16

TERM FOUR Staff Development Day

Monday, October 3

Students Commence Melbourne Cup Weekend

Tuesday, October 4

Student Free Days

Monday, October 31 and Tuesday November 1

Last Day of Term Four

Tuesday, December 13

Student Free Day