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GIVE THE GIFT OF A 10TH LIFE! ADOPTION CENTER EXPANSION CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Your support will help us save the lives of over 15,000 abandoned and abused cats and kittens.

Cat Haven’s mission is to lead Baton Rouge in becoming a “no-kill community” for cats and kittens by providing care, shelter, and adoption services, as well as advocating routine spaying and neutering for population control.

“Will you join me in giving more cats and kittens a 10th life?”

Cats are the love of my life! As an

The increase in adoptions is a testament not

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have seen the increasing problem of cat and

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kitten overpopulation. I fully support the no-kill

vital role bricks and mortar play in that equation.

movement and the rescue organizations that are

The Adoption Center is the heart and

saving the lives of thousands of cats and kittens.

home of Cat Haven, a place where cats and

Over the years, I have watched one such

kittens come in hopes of a 10th life and

organization, Cat Haven. It has grown from

where people come to fulfill that dream

a small volunteer-only nonprofit organization

I hope you will join me in supporting the

without a home to a recognized leader in

expansion of the Adoption Center, the key

improving the lives of cats and kittens, staffed

to forever homes for needy cats and kittens

with full-time employees and anchored by an

throughout our community.

Adoption Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Cat Haven’s annual adoptions have


increased from 345 in 2010 to over 1,000 last year. In 2016, the organization is on track to find homes for 1,200 cats and kittens. Cat

Tricia Helfer

Haven has experienced tremendous growth and

Honorary Capital Campaign Chair

success, nearly tripling the number of cats and kittens adopted each year, while continuing to run its operations in the same amount of space.

Our home makes finding their homes a reality... Our focus. Cat Haven is a no-kill, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless and abandoned cats and kittens in the Baton Rouge area find permanent homes. e respond to requests for help from the community and also pull cats and kittens from the local public animal shelter to help Baton Rouge toward its goal of becoming a no-kill community. Cat Haven also works to reduce overpopulation through participation in spay/neuter programs. Last year was record-breaking for adoptions — over 1,000 cats and kittens were placed in loving homes. We are aiming for 1,200 in 2016! Our history. Founded in 1999, Cat Haven began as an all-volunteer organization. Its rescues and adoptions were made possible exclusively through a foster home network. With an eye toward the future, Cat Haven set out to be the first cat-only nonprofi animal welfare organization in Baton Rouge to acquire its own facility — a place to call home. Approaching its 10-year anniversary, Cat Haven was accomplishing nearly 350 annual adoptions through the grass-roots efforts of dedicated foster parents and other volunteers. Since 1999, Cat Haven has placed over 9,000 cats and kittens in forever homes. In 2015, Cat Haven merged with Project Purr BR, another successful cat-only rescue organization, to consolidate resources and help even more cats and kittens. Our home. Cat Haven believes all cats and kittens deserve safe, loving, forever homes. In 2008, Cat Haven acquired and opened its Adoption Center to the community. With nearly 3,400 square feet of total space, one-half of the Adoption Center was immediately outfitted with 8 cat colony/adoption rooms, room for 6-8 kitty condos, intake and medical treatment areas, and areas for reception and administration. Our future. Since opening the Adoption Center, Cat Haven has nearly tripled its annual rate of adoptions and is now recognized as a community leader in bettering the lives of cats and kittens. With room to grow, we are poised to expand the Adoption Center’s footprint to match our increasing success.

Adoption center (top); adoption room (middle); adopter with new family member in Adoption Center reception area (bottom).

Did you know that cats are the most popular pets in the world? Cats are companions, lap warmers and entertainers. They can fetch, play with indoor dogs and walk on a leash.

Why Cat Haven’s expansion is needed in the community. Making no-kill the rule, not the exception. The remarkable news is that the no-kill movement is taking greater hold in communities across America. The challenge for our community is not only becoming a credible part of that progress, but to lead the way. Already a no-kill organization, Cat Haven focuses exclusively on the plight of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens and adopts out more of them than any other organization in our community. This allows us to provide a specialized service to the community and to more efficiently and e fectively fulfill our mission. The expansion will double Cat Haven’s footprint, with the goal of doubling the number of lives we already save each year. Reducing homeless and abandoned cat population. The 10th Life Campaign will benefit the community by reducing the population of homeless and abandoned cats and kittens that contract and spread disease, cause

“Cat Haven is an absolutely outstanding charity and organization and I send everybody I know to go look at the cats and give them a home!” – Emily with Nick

concern for residents and landowners, and suffer for lack of shelter, food, water and care. Relieving burden on publicly-funded shelter and taxpayers. Cat Haven already partners with the local publicly-funded animal shelter by accepting cats and kittens from the shelter for placement in permanent homes. Increasing the number that Cat Haven can accept will further relieve the burden on the public shelter and save taxpayers money. Improving care for cats and kittens. Due to our growth and space limitations we have to turn away many deserving cats and kittens. The expansion will allow us to double our capacity and save more lives.

“Volunteering at Cat Haven started off as a way to get service hours, but I never realized how much I would come to be attached to that place.” – Adam, with Kadie and their new cat, who the couple met and adopted through volunteering

Why Cat Haven?

Frisco - Adopted 2013 From Regina T. “I will have had him almost two years in January. He is such a joy. As you see he has a life of serenity and luxury.”

JR - Adopted 2015 From Kevin T. “JR is loving his new home. My son spoils him! Thanks Cat Haven!”

Cat Haven was the first area organization to spay/neuter every pet before adoption. ■ Cat Haven has also helped to spay or neuter over 10,000 cats and kittens through Trap-Neuter-Release and low-income assistance programs for the community. ■ Cat Haven’s cats and kittens receive extraordinary loving care from our volunteers, our staff and the area’s best veterinarians. ■ Cat Haven depends on volunteers, members and donors to continue its work. ■ Cat Haven employs four full-time staff members to ensure that its residents receive the best care possible and to facilitate Cat Haven’s continued unprecedented growth. ■ Cat Haven is the only non-publicly funded animal welfare organization dedicated solely to cats that owns it own facility free and clear. ■ Cat Haven already has the space to expand. ■ Cat Haven’s design of its existing and future facility is dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of cats and kittens. ■ Cat Haven has specially designed colony rooms where potential adopters can spend time getting to know the cats and kittens before making that all-important decision. ■

Cat Haven provides excellent customer service.Whether you are bringing in an abandoned sick cat or are visiting the Adoption Center to look for a new cat or kitten, our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are there to help! ■ Cat Haven will take back any cats or kittens formerly adopted from Cat Haven for any reason and find them a new forever home whenever necessary. ■

Magnito - Adopted 2015 From Tammy M. “Adopting Magnito was a blessing for our family and we are so thankful for the staff’s help in choosing him. He is the perfect fit!

Our Vision for the Future

The Cat Haven Solution

Doubling the space available for Adoption Center operations ■ More colony rooms and kitty condo space, increasing capacity for admissions and adoptions ■ A dedicated medical treatment room to provide more state-of-the-art care for routine medical needs ■ Two isolation and treatment rooms with advanced ventilation and sanitation systems to help prevent crosscontamination and the spread of illness and disease ■ A dedicated Adoption Room where potential adopters can meet and interact with cats and kittens to find their perfect match ■ A more welcoming area for the public and an efficient space for incoming cats and kittens ■ An Adoption Center that is visitor and pet-friendly ■ Dedicated office space and a room for meetings and training volunteers ■  The addition of staff, as needed, to ensure that the cats and kittens receive the best care possible and that our ability to help the community continues to expand ■

Dolly One morning in 2014, East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control received a call about a cat or cats that had been crying outside of a residence all night. The callers thought it was a bad cat fight that had been going on for hours. Arriving on the scene, Animal Control officers found Dolly caught by one mangled leg in a fence. Dolly was taken to the local municipal shelter, where they amputated her ruined back leg. She was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection, so Cat Haven was asked to help her recover in a foster home. Cat Haven took over her care and she was soon feeling much better and did not seem to miss her leg at all. Within a short time, sweet Dolly was adopted. Unfortunately, her new family was faced with allergy issues and a difficult decisio about a year later when Dolly was returned to Cat Haven. While we are sorry that Dolly’s home did not turn out to be forever, we are happy to provide a safe haven for her until her new family comes along.

New “Look”

Today 1,680 sq. ft. in use ■ 8 cat colony/adoption rooms (40 capacity) ■ Room for 10 kitty condos (40 capacity) ■ 64 sq. ft. for intake and medical table ■ 128 sq. ft. for administration ■

Tomorrow 3,360 sq. ft. in use ■ 12 cat colony/adoption rooms (60 capacity) ■ Room for 16 kitty condos (64 capacity) ■ 80 sq. ft. for medical treatment room ■ 210 sq. ft. for administration ■ 160 sq. ft. for meeting/training area ■ 128 sq. ft. for 2 isolation and treatment rooms ■

New Floor Plan

Existing Area

Your Gift is an Investment in a 10th Life

GO AL $240,000

Cat Haven needs to raise an additional $100,000 to meet its $240,000 goal for expanding the Adoption Center. Every life matters — so every gift matters. Cat Haven received generous support from the Charles Lamar Family Foundation, Petco Foundation, The Pilgrim Foundation, a great start toward realizing this important vision. And we hope that others in the community will build on this great foundation by partnering with Cat Haven in expanding its facility, a place where homeless and abandoned cats and kittens are given a chance for a 10th life. There are many different types of gifts you can make to our 10th life Campaign. We can create a gift plan that is perfect for you. Please contact Capital Campaign Committee Chair, Jeff Stafford at


Please be as generous as possible and help create a place where compassion lives and kindness is cherished.

“We renamed her Nora and she loves us. Also the adoption process was very easy and I’ve recommended Cat Haven to my friends and family! “

- Hannah, with William

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

Honorary Capital Campaign Committee Tricia Helfer – Chair Johnny Ahysen Smiley & Katherine Anders Dr. & Mrs. Thad Broussard Edward & Kathy Baker Kenneth Brown Rachel Cannon-Lewis Ray & Greta Corona Ben & Tiffany Fontana Dr. Carrie & Tim Fox Todd & Gwen Graves Leo Honeycutt Stephen Jackson Victor & June Klimish Colin Clark & Lindsay Hall Dr. Martha Littlefield Carole Marshall Dr. Trent Massengale Scot & Laura McDavitt John & Karen McChesney Greg Meriwether Tony Mose Jake Netterville Peggy Polk & Stephen Prudhomme Dr. & Mrs. James Robinson Shirley Sands Al & Lisa Schmitt Al & Kristina Shapiro Joe Traigle Whitney Vann Kim & Mike Wampold Dr. Ann Zedlitz

Capital Campaign Committee Jeffrey R. Stafford – Chair Jennifer Anderson Meredith Hathorn Rawley Penick Cathy Turner James W. Wade, MD

Happy kitties at the Cat Haven Adoption Center

2016 Board of Directors Jennifer Anderson, President Meredith Hathorn, Vice President Nancy Trahan, Secretary Megan Courtney, Treasurer Kathy Baker Tom Boggs Glenda Foster Candice Myers Rawley Penick Jeffrey R. Stafford Cathy Turner James W. Wade, MD

Building Committee James W. Wade, MD – Chair Tom Boggs Rawley Penick Cathy Turner Jeffrey R. Stafford Craig Alberty – DVM

Cat Haven Staff Wendy Decker – Executive Director Candace Ray – Development Director Abby Santini – Operations Director Mary Van De Putte – Assistant Operations Director

11130 N. Harrell’s Ferry Rd. | Baton Rouge, LA 70816 | 225.636.2680 PHONE | 225.663.6626 FAX

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