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PREFACE We at Cathara Consulting call ourselves a family as everyone feels at home (and not only because at times we literally work from home). This is because no matter what role we have, or how much we get paid, it’s all about nurturing close relationships with each person within the company and with our clients. So if you are reading this right now, smile and consider yourself lucky. You made the right decision to engage us.


to use this


We’ve created this handbook to help you get to know us.


This handbook is not a comprehensive company manual It will, however, provide you with an insight into Cathara Consulting – where we came from, our vision, what our company principles and values are, as well as what we specialise in, and our point of difference.

WELCOME Welcome to Cathara Consulting, a fresh consulting firm based in Perth, Western Australia. Modern and focused, our insightful and value driven approach to engagement makes us the first choice for PMO and project management, system testing, and business and systems analysis for the resources, oil and gas, financial services and government sectors.


are we?

Cathara Consulting was conceived in 2009 as a new type of consulting firm.

We aim to perform high quality work using our deep insight into IT and our focus on delivery.



The vision for Cathara Consulting is to provide true value and quality to our clients, coupled with the specialist knowledge and access to skills found only in tier 1 firms. We will achieve this by investing heavily in the training, mentoring and development of our people. This focus on skills distinguishes us from our competitors.



Our name comes from the Greek word katharos, which denotes purity, simplicity and straightforwardness. This word symbolises our goals of ethical business dealings, partnerships with our clients, integrity, as well as a single-minded focus on the interests of those we work for.

OUR products and services

Our specialist teams pull together to provide high-quality products and services for our clients. PMO • Designing and implementing Portfolio, Program and Project Management offices • Designing and implementing PMO processes, templates and standards • Hands on management and improvement of existing PMO’s.

Project Management • Designing and helping to implement project management frameworks • Designing and implementing project management processes, templates and standards • Hands on project management

Our insightful and value-driven approach to engagement makes Cathara Consulting the first choice for: Testing • Testing systems for conformity with specifications

Business and Systems Analysis • Working with business representatives to identify and document business and systems requirements • Working with delivery teams to ensure that products are developed to requirements

Business Improvement • Analysing and documenting inefficiencies, and implementing solutions


industry focus

Diversification is the KEY • Resources – Iron ore, coal and gold mining. We have specialist skills in drill and blast and fleet management systems • Oil and gas – The offshore gas industry

• Education – Tertiary education sector • Utilities • Government – Supporting State and Federal Government programs • Banking and finance


dna Since inception, we aimed to build something of a far higher quality than other firms in the same space. We were passionate to work with people who were passionate about doing great work and who held the same values. We also dedicated ourselves to a set of principles and values we nicknamed the Cathara Consulting ‘DNA’.

Every day, those who work for Cathara Consulting - no matter what their role - pursue meaningfulness and a higher purpose. We all work to make ourselves what we know we can be, with no compromise to our values and ethics.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose - Robert Byrne

Each person who works for Cathara Consulting enriches our company and is recognised as a diverse, unique, invaluable individual.

We embrace diversity, and we do not tolerate discrimination in any form – Oh, and you will never be seen as ‘just a number’.

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference. - Tom Brokaw

Every person who works for Cathara Consulting is passionate about his or her chosen field, and are empowered to be innovative and creative in order to deliver.


We are not quick buck artists.

You will work with people who will inspire you, whom you can learn from, and whom you can truly respect.

WHAT makes us different?

Solutions, quality and value Cathara Consulting is different from every other consulting firm, in that we are a VALUES-DRIVEN consulting firm. Everyone cares and wants to see their colleagues and clients succeed in work, business and in life. And we often put our clients interests ahead of our own, at times even choosing to work for free. If a client has a business problem, we will sit down with them at no obligation. We will listen, gain an understanding, design and tailor a solution, and then focus on continually delivering quality and value, rather than aiming for short-term profits.

We do not employ sales people At Cathara Consulting, our focus is on providing solutions and results, and not simply charging by the hour like other consultancies.

We promise quality results – we do what we say we are going to do, and we do it well. Our services are risk free, and we deliver more value than we cost. However, we do offer a money back guarantee IF we don’t deliver. Oh, and above all, we are honest, accountable and transparent. The key to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability. - Simon Mainwaring

Training and development is important to us. We learn as individuals and as a consulting firm through formal training, networking and mentoring, as well as through capturing insights, which are then also shared with our clients. We offer every employee training and development in order to enhance their skills and expertise, for personal development, and to keep them motivated and loyal. We also focus heavily on the development of our own capabilities and intellectual property (IP). We are working on being the best and most reliable consulting firm in its field, and providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

Our Workforce We recognise that the right person may be at any point in their life, of any age, gender, race, cultural, religious or other background. Cathara Consulting employees possess the following qualities: • They are a team player • They live to a high moral code • They are good natured and approachable • They have the ability to see a problem holistically • They are focused on delivery - not on what is cool, fun or new • They respect others and value relationships • They are natural leaders. They don’t necessarily stand out of a crowd but they DO demonstrate leadership in work and in life • They are natural communicators, able to engage with a range of people through various means.

We welcome the chance to get to know you, to help you, and to add you to our growing community.


to keep in touch

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Cathara Consulting Client Handbook  
Cathara Consulting Client Handbook  

This handbook is not a comprehensive company manual. It will, however, provide you with an insight into Cathara Consulting – where we came...